Thursday, December 29, 2011

Bebas Anwar 901...Why?

So Pakatan has launched a campaign, to anybody who might give them the time of day, to free anwar in the name of justice. Of course, if they realize what justice is all about to every citizen in this world, we know they'll just let anwar rot in piece.

Is there so much injustice done upon anwar? He stabbed people in the back...err...somewhere else in the back, and he got what he deserved. Then he got out on technicality. Now he's back at it again, allegedly. He also has some videos requiring answers. Quoting an MB from the north state, "Sedap buat, berani tanggung la."

Perhaps we should bow down to al gore, human rights watch, and the jewish lobbyists, we should let anwar go free, even if he did screw somebody up. They're europeans, caucasians and all mighty and all powerful, formerly our colonial masters. I mean, a lot of Malaysians feel that whatever caucasians do, they are right because they are "divinely" so, and all asians are bad and corrupt, unless we're talking about dap and singapore. Singapore is the fairest asian country because CIA is based there.

Do we have to bother about all this? About who anwar and/or his goons in pakatan bow down to? Why do we even complicate ourselves in realizing that a premiership for anwar means a welcome to the New World Order for Malaysia? The prophecies are all there? Do not fight, resistance is futile. We will fall, along with other Islamic countries; then the world will see the real leader of the world, who has been hiding in the shadows and the open for centuries, it may be too late then. But it's okay, let anwar go, maybe we'll get a seat in the all caucasian country club.

Between 2006-08, under the rule of the lame pak lah, we saw how pakatan stirred the scenario to portray a chaotic turmoil in Malaysia, from racial unrest to economic mishap, and just like expected, Anwar was portrayed as a saviour. But who doesn't recognize the NED stench behind that scenario? Hoqw do we smell it? Well, the stink of jewish gun oil and Palestinian blood were quite strong. Well, he told Kampung Pala people that in his right hand, a cold refreshing river flows, and his left, hellfire rages. The squatters chose the river, and they fell into the fire.

The scenario pakatan and anwar painted back then is not new. We read something like that before, and it was told more than 1400 years ago. It foretold of a world full of chaos, socially, politically and economically, until the appearance of a saviour who offers them water in his right hand and fire in his left. Those who chose water fell into the fire. No I never said anwar IS that leader, I said the story is not new, to those who reads and remembers. What anwar's scenario was back then, is such on a miniscule scale to be exact.

Of course, PKR also doesn't want to tell you that, just like YB Zulkifli Nordin has always stated, anwar's rallies are always specially designed to create chaos and riot, which Anwar hope to trigger his ascension to the Prime Minister's seat.

Libas Anwar 901

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

As Pas Clowns Around, The Madrasah Shall Fall...

Just like pas to have it their way, not in a religious way. To them, the end justify the means, or shall i say it more approproately, matlamat menghalalkan cara. To me, this is never a surprise, remembering that pas has always bowed to their old codger called nik ajis, who always try hard to claim himself as an ulama.

I remembered how n.ajis stated that it is alright to use money contributed by the jewish-controlled NED to operate Bersih 2.0 because in the end, Malaysia will be free...of course, we have no idea from what. Yes, maybe free from Barisan but right into the hands of the New World Order. It doesn't even matter if the money comes from the same piggy bank that is used to fund the unrest in the middle east and killing of more Palestinians in Palestine, the end justifies its means.

There are times that we feel humbled, especially when we enter God's house, where we see how insignificant we are and how everybody is equal as you are. Of course, with pas as a religion, that can be very hard. Why is that so? Well, anybody who chooses pas as their path instead of Islam usually has their status elevated to that of an ulama' or at least Ustaz (teacher).

Take Bob "The Clown" Lokman for example. Many people consider him the king of clown on the networks, but now his status has been elevated, he is now a high priest of pas, branding Johoreans infidels and so on. In short, he is now the chief clown of the masses, equal to mahfuz omar. The choice of bob, mat sapu, mahfuz as leaders of a so-called religious party only goes to show how close we are the prophecy on the end of days, where people who are not even educated religiously (or primarily) will be appointed to lead the Muslims or a group of Muslims.

A man passed away, bequeathing his land to his children/heir, intends its use as a surau/madrasah, and along comes pas with a high-profiled developer, wanting to demolish the madrasah so that a shopping mall can be built. Of course DAP will not step in, unless pas is destroying a nature conservation and replaced with a parking lot. Is the need for a shopping center that great for pas that it chooses to sacrifice the madrasah? What type of kebajikan is that?

Madrasah Salihiah was built in 1909 on a wakaf land. For 102 years the madrasah has become the religious point for its qariah within 5-8km radius, and now, after a century or so, the Pas State Government sent a notice to vacate the building so that it can be demolished. Say, weren't they the ones who made such a big noise to have the old, rotting shophouses in Penang NOT to be demolished for heritage's sake? But then, dap has always been self-centered, racist and selfish anyway.

It is quite strange that in 2010, the Jawatankuasa Fatwa Kedah declared that the madrasah should be preserved and continue its religious activities. But what is Jawatankuasa Fatwa Kedah against the might of a party who has the power to brand non-pas supporters as heretics and infidels? Pas is indeed the all powerful, never do wrong, never make mistake kind of people...most of them with one eye blind.

According to the state government, the madrasah will be replaced by a surau in the shopping complex. Savvy, huh?

To those who would want to see the Madrasah Salihiah continue its existence as a religious center of the area, and/or as part of Kedah's heritage, we would invite you to this event:

Date : Saturday 31st December 2011
Time: 12noon - 5 p.m.
Location: Madrasah Salihiah, Jalan Tambang Badak, Alor Setar, Kedah

- Zohor and Hajat Prayers
- Talks on "The Honor of Jihad" by Al-Ustaz Fathul Bahri Mat Jahaya
- Marhaban & Selawat Nabi
- Food & refreshments
- Signature campaign for Save Madrasah Salihiah

Come one, come all.

It's a sad affair, the revered Sultan Kedah is now KDYMM Seri Paduka Baginda Yang Dipertuan Agung for the 2nd time in his life, and the state government, controlled by seemingly professional and religious people, giving a black eye to Islam so that they can have their "Orchard Road of Alor Setar."

Perhaps it is the time for many in pas to return to Islam as their way of life. Just maybe, maybe, they can find a way to make the end justify its means when they answer to the Everlasting?

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

DYMM Sultan Kedah Is Malaysia's New King...Kedah Sejahtera Now?

 Historically, one might simply assume that Kedah is a sad and morose state. Despite being the first state on the peninsular to receive Islam, Kedah spent years and years of political interference, mostly from Siam...well, actually from Ligor (where Narathiwat is now). The Raja of Ligor attacks Kedah quite a lot, in the name of the King of Siam. Honestly, the king had no idea what Raja Ligor was up to until much later.

Kedah was one of the biggest state on the Malay Peninsula, that include Setol (Kedah: Setoi, Thai: Satun) and Jala (Thai: Yala). However, with the Anglo-Siamese Treaty of 1909, the two provinces were ceded to Siam, despite the British's attempt to keep it within Kedah. The Siamese King claimed that 2 provinces contain a large number of Siamese population. Of course, in reality, there were (are) more than 88% Malay population in that area.

The British could not have done better: they tricked the Sultan of Kedah into leasing Pulau Pinang to the disoriented buccaneer, Francis Light, and later parts of the mainland, now known as Butterworth. When Siam ceded Kedah to the British, for the first time Kedah had an Advisor to the State Government. Why Advisor, I never knew, because he never gives advice, he orders and dictates, and everybody is expected to bow to his wishes. When the British built a road from Kuala Ketil to Kulim (rubber industrial area), Kedah had no money to pay them. For that, the British ceded parts of south Kedah to the Federated Malay States, namely Parit Buntar.

Historically, Kedah is one of the most abused state by foreign powers.

It must also be said that, despite all of that, Kedah gave Malaysia 2 leaders who shaped Malaysia: Tengku Abdul Rahman and Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. The two of them shaped Malaysia prominently, one who achieved independece for Malaysia from the thieving british, and one who modernized Malaysia and slapped the west at the same time.

At midnight, 13th of December 2011, Kedah again made history when the Sultan of Kedah, KDYMM Tengku Abdul Halim Muazzam Shah, became the KDYMM Yang Dipertuan Agung for the 2nd time. The first time he held that position was between 1970 to 1975. The rotation came to a full circle in 36 years, and Tengku Abdul Halim stepped into annals of Malaysia history when he was proclaimed the Yang Dipertuan Agung again, as the article below, from Utusan Malaysia: 

KUALA LUMPUR 13 Dis. – Sultan Kedah, Tuanku Abdul Halim Mu’adzam Shah hari ini melafaz sumpah memegang jawatan sebagai Yang di-Pertuan Agong ke-14 dalam upacara penuh adat istiadat di Istana Negara di sini.

Ini merupakan kali kedua baginda dipilih sebagai Yang di-Pertuan Agong.

Kali pertama ialah dari 21 September 1970 hingga 20 September 1975 semasa berusia 43 tahun.

Tuanku Abdul Halim, 84, dipilih oleh Raja-Raja Melayu pada Mesyuarat Majlis Raja-Raja yang ke-226 (Khas) di Istana Negara pada 14 Oktober lepas untuk tempoh lima tahun berkuat kuasa hari ini, bagi menggantikan Sultan Terengganu, Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin yang tamat tempoh pemerintahan sebagai Yang di-Pertuan Agong ke-13 semalam.

Sistem penggiliran Yang di-Pertuan Agong dalam kalangan sembilan Raja Melayu dimulakan sejak negara merdeka pada 31 Ogos 1957.

Istiadat hari ini merupakan istiadat seumpamanya yang pertama kali diadakan di Istana Negara yang baru dibina bercirikan binaan Islam dan tradisional Melayu di kawasan seluas 96.52 hektar yang mula beroperasi pada 15 November lepas.

Upacara bermula pada pukul 11.15 pagi dengan Mesyuarat Majlis Raja-Raja ke-227 (Khas) sempena Istiadat Melafaz Sumpah Memegang Jawatan dan Menandatangani Surat Sumpah Jawatan oleh baginda di Balairong Seri.

Mesyuarat Majlis Raja-Raja itu dipengerusikan Raja Perlis, Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin Putra Jamalullail.

Penyimpan Mohor Besar Raja-Raja, Datuk Syed Danial Syed Ahmad kemudian menyembah surat sumpah jawatan kepada Tuanku Abdul Halim yang memakai pakaian Diraja Kedah yang dikenali sebagai Sikap terdiri daripada jaket pendek, berbelah di hadapan dan berkolar tinggi lengkap dengan tenggolok, seluar, sampin dan bengkung serta berkeris.

Baginda kemudian melafazkan sumpah jawatan dan menandatangani surat sumpah jawatan itu di hadapan Majlis Raja-Raja.

Sultan Perak, Sultan Azlan Shah dan Sultan Pahang, Sultan Ahmad Shah menjadi saksi.

Istiadat hari ini juga melibatkan upacara melafaz sumpah dan menandatangani surat sumpah jawatan sebagai Timbalan Yang di-Pertuan Agong oleh Sultan Kelantan, Sultan Muhammad V.

Ia diikuti bacaan doa dipimpin oleh Imam Besar Masjid Negara, Tan Sri Syaikh Ismail Muhammad.

Penyimpan Mohor Besar Raja-Raja, Datuk Syed Danial Syed Ahmad kemudian memohon menangguhkan Mesyuarat Majlis Raja-Raja ke suatu masa yang ditetapkan.

Ini disusuli istiadat menandatangani surat pengisytiharan memegang jawatan oleh Tuanku Abdul Halim sebagai Yang di-Pertuan Agong, diikuti dengan pembacaan pengisytiharan tersebut oleh Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

Istiadat diteruskan dengan Sultan Muhammad V menandatangani surat pengisytiharan memegang jawatan sebagai Timbalan Yang di-Pertuan Agong dan diikuti dengan Najib membaca pengisytiharan tersebut.

Istiadat hari ini dihadiri oleh Raja-Raja Melayu kecuali Terengganu yang diwakili Tengku Sri Temenggong, Raja Tengku Baharuddin Ibni Almarhum Sultan Mahmud Al-Muktafi Billah Shah.

Turut hadir kesemua empat Yang Dipertua Negeri, Timbalan Perdana Menteri Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, menteri-menteri kabinet serta ketua-ketua jabatan. – BERNAMA

There are certain quarters of pas who already banging their empty cans and telling those who gave them time, that it is during pas' rule that the Sultan of Kedah becomes the YDP Agung. Well, I guess they forgot to mention that it is during their rule also that the flood got worse, water supply got so bad, the road got so many potholes to be counted and the water catchment areas of Pedu and Sik got so bald.

Kedahans are very proud, the state produced 2 Prime Ministers, a number of top administrators in the government, and now their Sultan is the YDP Agung for the second time. Of course, pas can also brag that produced two nitwits from the north, such as mahfuz and mat sapu.

Kedahans have wished prosperity, a happy and eventful reign, and to safely carry out his royal duties as the Yang Dipertuan Agung. It is with that hope and wishes, and humble pride, Kedahans look forward to the state government to provide a better infrastructure, a solid utilities and maintenance system and good governance, because so far, with what the state government under azizan has given, it's all wishful thinking.

In the meantime, we offer our sincere and humble congratulations to KDYMM Tengku Abdul Halim Muazzam Shah to be proclaimed the 14th Yang Dipertuan Agung of Malaysia, the second time in his reign.

Daulat Tuanku!
Long Live The King!
Vive Le Roi!

Berpanjangan Usia Di Atas Takhta.

Monday, December 5, 2011

How The Mighty Have Fallen

It's been such a delight to be away, out of reach and out of sight for a few weeks. The days go by slowly, and mostly at your own pace. No politics, no world events, well, there was sports of course. What, you think I'd miss Malaysia kicking Indonesia's behind for the Sukan SEA Gold Medal?

I got back in time to see the UMNO Assembly, and update some political updates from the media and blogs available. It is nice to see the changes that have happened in time. Some actually evolved for a while, but it's now more visible.

What caught my attention, among the many, is the remark by Nga Kor Ming (yes, dap's very own ulamak who popularized Surah Aura to the Muslim masses) on the Perak MB, Datuk Seri Dr. Zambry Abdul Kadir as "hitam metalik" (metallic black) and "haram jadah" (either bloody bastard or bloody idiot). He even remarked Perak as Darul "kartun" (City of Cartoon). I guess Darul Kartun is much much better than having Perak Darul Sosialis.

Curiously, it's neither the tenacity nor the audicity of Nga's remarks that I find amusing. Why? Dap has always been a racist party, who doesn't know that? Even a seasoned politician like Zambry takes it like a man, and the fact that he's striding daily carrying out his duties is a proof to that. The fact that a man who tried to deceive Muslims into supporting the socialist dap by using the Qur'an has resorted to name, when you thought nga could never go any lower, he sure proved us wrong. Whatever it is, he just turned dap into the non-Muslims' own version of pas. Now that's a guy who used to share the MB of Perak position with Ngeh. What? Nizar was just their Manchurian candidate.

Even these few months and weeks has seen the crumbling pakatan desperately looking for fresh and mind-blowing issues, but everything seems to kick them in the ass. The Seksualiti Merdeka fiasco gave them a severe black eye. So far, the big hoo-hah about Teoh Beng Hock fizzled out when dap backed out with their tails between their legs. They tried to make him a martyr to topple the government, but even then, truth opened a can of whoop-ass on the diabolical pakatan. Recently, we hear dap complaining about the 1Malaysia stores and menu...boy, the list gets more and more trivial from there. They keep complaining without any suggestions for resolution, and a few more mosquitos keep buzzing around the parliament.

I'm not sure where pas is, seems that after the mat sapu/mat indera debacle, the pas deputy president got a bit shrunken when it comes to making statements. Even their greatest coup of the time, bob lokman made a boob of himself, earning enmity from the people of Johor. The former entertainer and self-proclaimed ustaz declared Johoreans who lives in certain patys of Johor and work in Singapore are apostates, or murtad. I guess he elevated his status from self-proclaimed ustaz to a self proclaimed god as well, since he can freely make that decision without the aid of witnesses. Then again, like the rest of Malaysia, who cares? It's only bob lokman! Maybe if he deepens his knowledge on Islam instead of pas, maybe then he will understand.

Oh yes, and anwar? Well, anybody noticed that he's spending more time talking nonsense in Indonesia? I guess Najib's administration really neutralized him is US, and with the neo-cons out of power in Washington and his Freedom flotilla action, anwar is fast becoming a political pariah in the eyes of his once-supporters. Even back at home, a survey by Unit Kajian Media dan Pilihan Raya Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia (UIAM) revealed that Anwar's popularity is at all time low while Najib remains strong as time goes by. Well, with all the scandals and his court cases, I'm sure Indonesia will provide him a fresh break, fresh audiences and Sukma.

UMNO is gearing up for the coming polls, and pakatan is already whipped, whoop-assed and crapped upon.

At one time, anwar and pakatan were riding high, but how the mighty have fallen. Worse, they got kicked when they were face down in cow dung.

Hey, it's good to be back.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The New Religion Rising...A Front To Back Look On It

The much talked-about Seksualiti Merdeka 2011, promised to be an explosion to the minds of Malaysians, went off with a whimper. There were already talks about several political figures and celebreties going to "come out from the closet" on that auspicious day. Well, now we'll never know...well, we might know some of them already anyway...

We do commemorate certain events or days together, such as the Eid-ul Fitri, Eid-ul Adha, National Day, Remembering Sabra and Syatilla; well, maybe the oeganizers of Seksualiti Merdeka should rename their event to something a bit more sentimental, or patriotic, such as Sadum and Amorah Day, or National Pompeii Weekend. That might just give them a deeper insight on those who had perished while fighting for their right to maintain that type of lifestyle.

Is it a big surprise that anwar ibrahim refuses to oppose the Seksualiti Merdeka 2011? No one was shocked when he refused. Everybody had anticipated that, what with his front-to-back doctrines, and he has spent millions in promoting himself as a very liberal man to the world, and as a strong supporter of Human Rights. We will always remember his strong principle of human rights when he ordered the arrest of Ummi Hafilda under ISA...Anyway, if he opposes Seksualiti Merdeka, he will find people like Al Gore kicking him out of his network, and who knows, sponsors will stop coming in.

I always remember that around 40% of the Bar Council are Muslims, whether they support this event remains a mystery. They have said nothing so far, giving everybody the assumption that they are together with the ambiguous Ambiga and the bar council in wanting the event to proceed. Who doesn't know anything about Bar Council anyway? Then again, nobody really cares about them.

With the beginning of the anwar demos a few years back, we have seen the emergence of a new religion, which is promoted by the west. It is called as Human Rights. It is the religion that unites people from almost all walks of life...although they still find it hard to penetrate Islamic countries fully. In order to convert Malaysians into this new-fangled religion, they must create the illusion of oppression first. That'll be where we find anwar and his cohorts acting hard that will make any academy award nominee cry. Making speeches, interviews with international broadcasts are only a bit of it. Finely acted drama completes the job. Who can ever forget a fully fit anwar disguising himself and strapping himself onto a wheelchair to create an illusion of a very sick man? Well, he has always been morally sick anyway. Who can ever forget the scene where anwar dramatized his "injury" during the failed Bersih 2.0? We do have clangers like Tiang Chua provoking the police during the demo and immediately instructed his people to snap pictures the moment the police acted to protect themselves. The world then paints unrest, riots and oppression in Malaysia, although the majority of Malaysians have no idea of what they are talking about.

People like Zulkifli Nordin, Rahimi, Chandra Muzaffar, Gobalakrishnan and other former close associates of anwar have become a deadly threat for anwar and his attempt to spread this new religion. They know too much, and despite anwar discrediting them, more and more people from all walks of life flock to their roadshows to find out more on anwar's dramas. Does one even stop to wonder why anwar's balls shrunk everytime Ummi Hafilda is around?

Human Rights is the religion that will bring about the much awaited New World Order for those who had designed and set it in motion. Is it that strange to find that any movement controlled by the One-Eyed always talk about justice, liberty and equal rights? Of course, people in DAP will love this, promote liberty, equal rights and never practice it when they win. Yes, really, the Emperor of Penang would have punished his Crown Prince if he is fair and practices equality.

While countries in the Middle East such as Libya will have to gear up for a long, non-stop unrest in their countries, Malaysians will have to contend with the fast flowing ideology of the human rights religion. No other religion has ever offered human rights. We would love to say that Islam does, but God destroyed Sodom and other places like it, so, I guess, Islam is out of the running. This Human Rights religion is by people and for people of any walk of life and will depose any other monotheistic religions in this world. God has no right to choose for them. Thanks, I'll just remain with Islam, so bite me.

When this is all done, we'll have more sexual freedom under human rights. There'll be introduction to such as "what i do with my body is my own rights" and "virginity is not honor, it is a shame." When that's done, well, you think the end of days will see a lot of illitigemate children? Think again, the world will be run by them then. 

Human Rights turns your focus from looking at a community as a whole to looking at just yourself, where you will have no right to decide on your spouse or your children. In this new religion, there is no such thing as "remaining neutral." It's either "you're with us or against us." In today's world, an act such as ISA will be considered draconian, but whatever the west does, such as the so-called Patriot Act, where they arrest and imprison people without any charge is considered fair. If you are against the "alternative lifestyle", you can always be considered a "pariah." Gee, I wonder why Sadum (Sodom) was destroyed....

So, you think that you've seen everything with Bersih 2.0 and Seksualiti Merdeka 2011? That's just the tip of the iceberg; there's more that can sink more than a few Titanics. To the Muslims who has converted to this religion, I hope they will feel comfortable to be in the same group of people who would face the wrath similar to Sodom and Pompeii, and enjoy the moments being with the sponsors who donate enough time and money for you and the at the same time, ensures enough money flows to Israel, so that can never be short of ammunition to butcher the Palestinians.

Welcome to the New World Order...

Monday, October 31, 2011

A Kedahan In Kedah, Like A Stranger In A Strange Land...

As time drives on, it seems to reveal more and more of the unbecoming of the Kedah State Government, led by the sleeping "giant"...who still has no clue whether he's coming or going, and administered by a group of Excos who claim themselves as professionals...such as professional back-hoe driver and previously professional unlicensed reflexology center owner.

For once, let's step into a lighter note...well, it was lighter, but with the news on Sunday night, Kedahans mumblings are starting to grumble. When pas took over in 2008, it marked the final success of the Kedah football team achieving one of the greatest accolades ever, the Double Treble. They won the Super League, FA Cup and even the much coveted Malaysia Cup back to back in 2 years.

Noticing how much money can be made with that type of an incredible team, Kedah pakatan leaders were scrambling to take over KFA, pressuring the then Team Manager to resign, followed suit by Azrai Khor, the team coach. It was quite strange to see how different pas leaders keep appearing at the stadium at different times, including those who had never kicked a ball in their lives, and those who have no idea how to get to the stadium as well.  The new leadership simply balked at them for leaving and believed that they can do better...and I'm sure, in their world, they did. In a short span of time, around 3 years, Kedah went from champs to chumps. They had become volatile and unpredictable...well, knowing that they will lose crucial matches is not really unpredictable.

It is quite unfortunate that the only category that Kedah has been proud of in the past few years, has gone down the drain, along with pas' inept ability to run the state. To rub salt into the already painful wounds, Negeri Sembilan, under Coach Azrai Khor, won the Malaysia Cup 2011 edition. No first prize for anybody on why KFA members are getting dirty looks from football fans...

Getting away from sports before somebody kicks mahfuz' head and anwar's ass, at one time, the pas state government claimed that they have been more efficient than the previous BN-led government. There are of course, some minor anomalies to their claims, but I guess that can easily be explained.

Pas claimed that are more efficient at collecting revenues from Hasil Tanah and Cukai Pintu. Of course, we are not sure why their collection is much less than the previous state government, but we are assuming that the term efficient is used because with less people paying, there will be less queue and hassle at the payment counter.

Even more efficient, there were claims by pas state government that they made bigger revenues from timber concessions, almost double the amount of what BN government did. Well, if it's true, then I take my hats off to them. However, on another note, it is quite worrying. What type of concession did they give? Up until today, people in Padang Terap/Sik regions still bear witness to the in and outgoing timber lorries, and the ever so balding landscape in that area.

With all those efficiency and claims of collecting more, comes the question of "Where is the money?" What has it been spent on anyway, other than pas' lavish open houses and functions. The condition of the road in Kedah, are steadily munching up people's wallets, and they're not happy about it. I can safely say that the smoothest ride available in Kedah (so far) is between the airport in Kepala Batas up to Wisma Darulaman. It's not that surprising as Istana Anak Bukit is in the middle of both locations. 

One of the most foolish actions ever taken by the pas government is to spend only one third of the federal allocation for road maintenance in Kedah and keeping the rest to pay salaries. It was a callous move as salaries for the state civil services must come from state funds, and by doing so, pas is treading on dangerous grounds. But this shows the difference between those who goes to school to learn and those who goes there to sleep...okay, so the mb is always asleep...anyway, somebody should lead phahrolrazi to the State Legal Advisor's office so he can learn the legalities on that matter. Basically, pas ensures that our vehicles damaged from the widening potholes just to make sure that they can pay a group of people who spends a lot of time away from the office. Hmmm.....well, what can I say, just like the civil service, none of the Excos can be found in their respective offices anyway. Perhaps when it doesn't rain, you can find most of them at the Kedah Club golf course.

Still on the question of money, why is pas Kedah government asking for federal aid for the coming flood season? With all the money they claim they have made, shouldn't preparing for the worse be a snap? With all the millions upon millions that pas Kedah government made, I am sure they can buy many boats, prepare shelters and many more. Well, maybe somebody should really send a serious accountant to assist azizan and his numerical-impaired excos in calculating their affairs straight.

It can be understood why pas Kedah rebuked the lethargic and badly damaged n.ajis of kelantan on the question of Hudud. I mean, how could they ever conform to his whims with all the entertainment outlets and karaoke bars popping up here and there. The pas Kedah government seems to be more interested in approving pubs and entertainment outlets more than Islamic centers. Who can blame them? Pas has never been Islamic, it's just a rallying cry during elections, and worse, today, it's in the hands of one who makes mischief on the face of Malaysia. I mean, if pas is actually Islamic, they would really care about the faith of fellow Muslims and definitely support HIMPUN. But then again, HIMPUN is all about Islam, and not being sponsored by hidden jewish organizations like NED (main sponsor for Israeli weapons to kill Palestinians and Bersih 2.0), so, why should anybody from pas go? No riots or chaos to create, then, they'll just stay home

Where do Kedahans go from there? The state is being ripped asunder by the incompetent hands of pakatan, and in any category, they got left behind. Kedah seem to be losing much of its charm and charisma.

Talk about charisma, I guess we can be...umm...strangely proud to have a very charismatic exco member. He has usurped the MB's power every now and then and he also wants to be the next MB one way or the other. I wouldn't say he's a crowd puller, but if the crowd consists of husbands and wives, he might just be a wife-puller, literally. His amazing power is such that a wife (or husband) can up her (or his) mind to leave her (or his) husband (or wife) and rush straight to his house without much hesitation. But what's new about this pas? mat has sapu somebody else's wife last time, with nik aziz fully supporting him from behind, it has become pas' sanctioned practice.

 But I am sure that is still okay for consenting adults, unlike the northern island emperor, whose crown prince decided to practice his itchy massaging hands upon another girl's budding...errr...part of the chest. To avoid complaints and scandal, the emperor, through his vizier decided to drop a bundle of monetary influence over her parents so that they would shut up. Is that the price of being Muslims? How easy, a pack of Ringgit Malaysia, and maybe you can send your daughter out again. The crown prince, when confronted by the disciplinary teacher was proud, "I am the Emperor's son!". Well, I always thought that the emperor is the type of man who defends people victimized in any sort of sexual endeavors. He did claim that he was defending the honor of a girl who supposedly had an affair with Rahim Tamby Chik back then. But this time, as an emperor, he made the 180 degrees turn. Well, I understand, family comes first, and the crown prince must be protected at all cost.

Somebody did draw the line, stating that, compared to Kedah, the islanders are not passionate, but lusty. But the islanders were very upset over this, because they said that the emperor is NOT a Penangite, he's from further south, and he's a socialist. I understand...I think...

Back in this state, looking at the increasing number of closed shop lots, and with a lot of housing developers going out to look for projects outside of Kedah, it is beginning to feel strange. At times, you feel like a stranger in your own state, and there are times you feel like a stranger in a strange land, run and administered by inept least the ones in the circus were funny.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Gaddafi Is Dead, Anwar Ass-Kicked, NWO Is Coming - Bugger Me...

Wild, bloody and violent; that's one way to describe how Gaddafi died. Whatever his sins are, he'll be answering to God when the time comes. For the people who killed him, they'll be bragging on how they squeezed the life out of Gaddafi and justify it, but before God, they might just plead for mercy over murder.

Muammar Gaddafi is the longest reigning non-royal leader in the world in the 20th century. He deposed King Idris 1 in a bloodless coup de tat in 1969, led Libya to an economic boom from oil sales in the late 1970s, defied the west in 1980s and paid the price in 2011. It must be said that, Gaddafi has a not-that-special place amongst the Syeds and Shariffs around the world: Gaddafi deposed Idris 1 of Libya, who is a Sayyid of the Sanoussi family, descended from the same line as the Syeds and Shariffs. There were stories of Gaddafi desecrating the tombs of the Sanoussi family, but I don't know as I could not find any facts on that. The Sanoussis emerged as the family who strengthened Islamic values in Libya back in the 18th century, and they led the Libyans against the invading French and Italy. Fighting Italy alone cost around 250,000 to 300,000 Libyan deaths, which ended in 1943. The Libyans still affiliate themselves to the Sanoussis, even during the uprising in 2011. That definitely be a balancing factor.

Somewhere in the land of the people who descended from the tribe who were detained behind the iron wall between the two ranges, they'll be applauding and slapping each others' backs for a job well done. The west has made all too many attempts to get rid of Gaddafi. Yes, I know what you're thinking: it was the west who put him on the top, but Gaddafi, back in the 1980s defied the west, and that is unforgivable. You don't invest in a chap only to have him hurling a bag of crap at you. No, no, no, that's intolerable. The punishment for these type of people and those who have outlived their usefulness is usually a mess.

It must be said that getting rid of Gaddafi has been very economical for the west. This time, they don't have to use assassins like they used to back in 1950s and 60s. No need to send air-strikes like in 1980s. All they need to do is monitor, have their people instigate the already-furious Libyans and place their whole support. The people of Libya carried out the tasks for the west, and they don't even have an inkling about what lies beyond it. The west suffered no losses, but thousands of Libyans perished battling each other.

So, now that Muammar Gaddafi is gone, the Libyans will settle down, have free and fair elections, choose a leader smongst themselves, rebuild their lives, country and economy and live happily ever after. Of course, that's what most western newspapers are saying, but in reality, we know too well that this will never happen. Just like when we thought when Israel granted autonomy to Palestine to self rule will bring peace, it brought only further splits and in-fighting between political factions. That will happen to Libya. There will always be pro-Gaddafi factions causing trouble and the anti-Gaddafi factions will soon be split into several factions such as the pro-transitional government factions and pro-Sanoussis. The leader? Well, it depends on who bows to the west first. Anyway, the Libyans are still out for blood as they continue hunting for Gaddafi's son, who managed to escape. Maybe once they kill him, the country will go back to normal again...and camels will have wings...

Leaders like the late Muammar Gaddafi and Hosni Mubarak should recognize why their subjects or citizens must be held as a priority. Basic democracy and human rights should be recognized and a free and fair election must be held. Failure or refusing to recognize even a single basic human right can lead to so many implications, depending on the significance of the country to the west. If your country produces bananas instead of oil, the west might be too busy on other matters.

But there are still problems when you have power-lust people like anwar ibrahim acting as if Malaysia is like Libya. They demanded human rights and free and fair elections in a country that, you guessed it, have been practicing human rights and free and fair elections for the past 50 years. He has gone so far to instruct actors to portray as if there are police brutality and cruel and barbaric acts against him just to get some nice juicy pictures needed for his western friends to sell to the world. Since the back and front pusher like anwar is always an actor, I wonder who the actual director is? It seems that anwar never cared what his sponsors are up to, all he cares about, is getting to power. That might just spell doom for us.

I wonder if anwar and pakatan ever realize Gaddafi's fate can be theirs if they ever defy their sponsors? The west can invest in them and they can get rid of them in many ways. Maybe anwar's poor acting over Freedom Flotilla protest deserves only a slap on the wrist, but a bigger defiance might just be too fatal...well, anwar has met, bowed, groveled and pled for mercy from them already. With anwar's sodomy case in the fore, sex video in the rear, the unseen hands might just had enough of him.

In the meantime, we should always remember, the chaos in Libya and other Middle eastern countries that led to Gaddafi's death has been brought to you by the same groups that gave us the deaths of Palestinians and Bersih 2.0, all for the benefit for a New World Order.

What do the riots in Middle East have to do wit NWO? Everything. The NWO never meant a free country running their own business and taking care of its own people. It means that all nations must bow to one, failure to do so will be dealth with severely. Imagine how easy for a country like US to have all leaders of the Islamic countries bowing down before them, carrying out thir orders and live and die only for them. One of the basic strategy they will need is definitely check and balance.

For a New World Order, check and balance is highly crucial. Imagine how the modern gadgetery of US can't get rid of the Talibans? Can they really? But it is just the simple equation: US placed Hamid Kharzai at the top, if Kharzai ever decide to defy them, the Taliban can always "take over" Afghanistan again, and he might just meet an unpleasant end in their hands. If the new leader of Libya fails to comply with the west, other factions can take over and so on and so forth.

We have been watching a major part of history in making. It is part of the creation of the long-dreamed New World Order. In its process, more heads will roll, more blood will flow.

For those who had enjoyed their romps during Bersih 2.0, they should take note that what is happening in Libya and other Middle East countries is their future if they do not wake up. Yes, we understand that the money from the jewish sponsored NED is sweet, but the lives lost because of it is not. The money for bersih and the money to create chaos in other countries usually come from the same bank. For them, the might just wake up from their sweet slumber one day, only to be greeted by anwar, "Welcome to the New World Order." It'll be too late by then.

We have to understand that Islamic countries are destined to  slide further and further down the drain by the infighting until the day the Mahdi arrives. It has also been proven that pakatan components like pas, who tells anybody who who listens, that they are the most Islamic in Malaysia, never bother about the upkeeping the faith among the ummah when they never bothered to support HIMPUN. It has been foretold, but then again, who ever listens nowadays?

Sunday, October 9, 2011

When Truth Comes, Do You Embrace It?

There was a time back in 1998/99, when I was in a mailing group on the internet, known as, this was way way before blogs and social networking sites ever existed. Still, at that time, the on-line fightings were already fiery and furious. I used to advocate that all the s-called Reformasi riots were carefully designed and planned by anwar ibrahim...of course, with a little help from his sponsors. Pas, of course, were already doing the Solat Hajat for the truth to appear before them.

More than a decade have passed, and now, the secret of planned riots were thrown into the open by none other than YB Zulkifli Nordin, who admitted himself that he was one of the designated instigator by anwar. I wonder where pas is, as the truth that they prayed for is already here. Here's a clip of Zul Nordin, speaking in Terengganu. Listen well, and get to know anwar a step closer...

Pas, well, with one eye blinded by anwar and still hungry for power and glory, they will remain ignorant to the truth.

Allah Senantiasa Bersama Dengan Orang Yang Benar

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Agenda Kehancuran Islam & Melayu Dibelakang Kisah Mat Sabu, Komunis dan Mat Indera

Has there been any time that anwar, or even anybody in pakatan rakyat, does something out of nothing for nothing? Well, the answer is a ridiculously easy "no." Whenever they open their mouth, that always mean that they're up to something, and when they're up to something, it's always no good...but then again, that is why they're pakatan rakyat.

The same concept applies when mat sabu opened his big fat mouth to state on mat indra and the glorious communists, and how the policemen, their wives and children and villagers deserved to die by the communists. One might perceive him as as a blithering idiot...and he is. But all in all, it was a nice script, one written so well by those who hides behind pakatan, those who work hard to ensure the split between Muslims become wider and wider. What are these all about? What is the agenda all about? For whom the bells toll? Who gains? Who is the one who thinks that he gains? Is Mat Indra a hero? Can communists ever be trusted? Let's find out in this new video:

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The International Brotherhood Of Mat Sapu's Idols - A Track Record

Mat sapu said communists were the actual freedom fighters of Semenanjung Tanah Melayu. It will make more sense if mat sapu actually knows what he's talking about  instead of having his brains fed by anwar and dap. Any whoo...he claims that  history about certain characters have been erased from the books. Well, I did learn  about almost everybody back in school and university, I think we left no stone  unturned, and that includes the highly duped mat indra. Yes, the communist member.

It's strange to have pas johor promoting mat indra as a very pious man, wherever he  went. That's nice, although considering that none of the communists were ever  recorded as converting into Islam, and we are not sure how he justifies killing  innocent people as if it is just collateral damage.

One thing that I must state is that, Islam and communism can never gel together, like oil and water, or pas and Islam. I mean, you can never combine it together, it  will never mix. History has proven that communists always have a special place for  Muslims. A word of caution, this is part of history, both hidden and plain sight,  so please tell mat sapu that this might just bore him:

Communist Freedom Fighters' Resume

1) Believe it or not, Lenin, the leader of Communist Russia was very lenient on the  Muslims. However, after he died, the policy was changed. The campaign against  Muslims started with the issue of the face veil worn by women which were branded as  a sign of oppression. However, the more the communists pressed against it, more and  more women wore it. In the end, more than 200,000 Muslim Tartars and Uzbeks were  moved out from their homes. More than 10% of that population perished in the  freezing winter and starvation.

2) Despite the fact that Islam went to China more than 1,000 years ago, Communist  China were never that negotiable with the Muslims. Two revolts happened in the  1950s with the Muslims demanding an independent state. Mao Ze Don was gracious  enough to send the Red Army and viciously got rid of those Islamic freedom  fighters.

The Cultural Revolution saw tumultuous times in China. The patriotic Communists  almost destroyed the Nunguang Mosque in China. Mao's wife even proposed that all  mosques and other worship houses should be converted into pig sty. Lucky Mao still  had a brain at that time and he went against it. Anyway, anybody who follows the  struggle of the Muslim Uyghur’s will understand how the oppression on Muslims never   really stopped even after Chairman Mao's death.

3) Pol Pot of the Khmer Rouge committed genocide, where he brutally murdered more  than 2 million Cambodians, either for political reasons or paranoia. Among his main  targets, also the easy ones, were the Chams. History recognizes the Chams as a  Malay race who at one time, established the Kingdom of Champa. That was then, and  after their defeat to the Khmers, the Chams lived peacefully, mainly in Kampung  Cham, carrying on their religion, culture and way of life. Pol Pot exterminated  almost 500,000 Chams during his bloody rule. Why Chams? Well, they were the most  difficult to be swayed by communism, they eat differently (only halal food) and  have their own language. As a result, the number of surviving Chams today are  estimated to be less than 200,000.

Was that brief enough, Mat? So tell us, how does Communism work for Malaysia and the Muslims?

Those are the type of people and ideology that mat indra got himself involved with. Maybe we shouldn't blame him for that as the Asian communism was still young, but they already did a lot of killing. But he should know better than to choose a group of godless people to fight for independence.

Mat indra was a duped man. If he was really pious, the communists really wanted him, no, not as a leader, but as a bait to get Muslim Malays to join the communist movement. If that dream was achieved back then, mat indra will definitely be discarded after that. People like chin peng will be one of the leaders of Tanah Melayu, and the Muslims might just suffer the fate as other Muslims who lived under communist rule.

Let's look at Bukit Kepong strategically: so mat indra wanted the guerillas to capture the policemen at the Rumah Pasong, but going there with more than 100 well-armed troop? Come on, even a high school student can sense that blood was going to spill. It only proved that the communist never took mat indra seriously, and in one straight shot, they stabbed him in the back. What do I mean by that? Killing and butchering policemen and villagers of Bukit Kepong was what the communists intended, not what mat indra wanted. But for their actions, mat indra was hunted, arrested and executed. The guerillas didn't even raise a finger to help him as his usefulness time frame has expired. Mat Indra was used, screwed and sodomized by the communist terrorists. That's the price he paid for the life he chose.

History recognized him in that light, and if mat sapu gave it a thought without giving himself a considerable headache, he will recognize those traits. History will always recognize, one way or the other, mat indra as the freedom fighter who shot his own foot when he chose communism over Islamic or Malay nationalism. Yes, I agree, he screwed himself.

Strangely, by now, even many more pas members recognize that, what mat indra was back then is what mat sabu is. Mat sapu wanted to prove to his paymasters so much that he sacrificed Islam and praised communist guerillas who have butchered and murdered so many without regards to religion, race or even political leanings.

Funny how money and power can blind a stupor like mat sapu. You can bow to anwar, his sponsors and dap, but I understand that there are so much anger brewing in pas over anwar and mat sapu, let's hope he survives that. Let's bring back history into the school syllabus, the younger generation needs to know their own country.

Since you want to talk about history in the alternative light, or hidden history mat, tell me:

a) Who was the actual sponsor for the foundation of pas? And what was the actual objective of the sponsorship?

b) Why did anwar choose an eye for his logo?

c) From which religion was communism actually base upon?

d) Who sponsored, Karl Marx during his writing of his famous 2 books.

I could've given more questions, but those 4 alone might give you sleepless nights.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Di Ambang Merdeka 2011 - The Video

I have decided to come out with a Merdeka-themed video of my own...of course, it's nothing like the tear-jerking petronas ads, or the comical TNB and/or TM ads. However it is, the point is, I hope we will realize the importance of not being colonized in any way whatsoever, and why it is so important to kick anwar, his pakatan and sponsors out of our country.

Here's  wishing to all a Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri, Maaf Zahir dan Batin, and Selamat Hari Kebangsaan ke54. To those who are driving long distance, remember to get enough rest. Drive safely.

Mat Sapu: Islamic Communism or End Of Days Coming Soon?

There were times I was always reminded that one of the signs of the end of times is that leaders and Imams are not chosen because of their knowledge and qualifications, but because of their voice. When mat sabu was elected, it sent a chill down my spine. It could be a close resemblance; a party claiming to be Islamic in nature, choosing a twit who has no lnowledge or qualifications on Islam. Why did they choose him? His oratory skills...well, that's the sugar-coated version, there's that story about anwar made him...

Scarier than that, another sign is that a leader is chosen despite his immorality and telling lies and fitnahs without shame; I don't have to amplify this point when it comes to anwar and mat sapu. Both of them have a lot to answer after the they actually care. Mat sapu lying about being rammed by a truck is enough to prove that.  It is sad to see mat sapu doing this:

So now we have two useless bags helming the so-called Islamic party, which happened to throw out the Islamic struggle from their objectives after the erdogans wrested the leadership away. Sorry Hadi, it was never a secret that you are now just a powerless cow at the top of the party hierarchy.

It saddens me to watch how mat sapu has finally, not only kicked Islam and Malays into the drainage ditch for dead, he is now praising the communists who wreaked havoc in Malaysia since the end of the Japanese occupation.

What is it about Islam and Communism that you do not understand? Communists do not have any religion, and regard religion as an opiate, something that people turn to during hopelessness. If they have any sense of respect to any religion in their lives, they wouldn't have turned mosques and holy places into pig farms during China's Cultural Revolution. If they have compassion, they wouldn't have tried to extinct Muslims in the USSR back then. Where, in Islam, gives the right for infidels to murder them just because they are defending their country? Give me something Mat, anything, from the Holy Qur'an or Hadith. How many Muslim Malays were killed by Communists, military or civilians? How many lost their limbs just to make sure a twerp from pas succeed as a van driver, cavort somebody else's wife and become an assemblyman, member of parliament and a pas leader?

Okay Mat, here's a few trivia for you:

1) Who made Communism popular?

2) It was said that Karl Marx wrote Das Kapital, and as he was very poor, he was sponsored by a group of "wealthy aristocrats", who were they?

3) What was Communism based upon?

Give up? Karl Marx wrote the book, but he was sponsored to write the books by wealthy Eastern European Jewish businessmen. Communism is based on the Jewish religion's aspect of a communal life and order. Yes, communism was brought to us by the same group who destroyed the lives of Palestinians and many more.

Funny you said that Onn Jaafar and others were just "British officers." Did you ever read history? Who armed the communist during the Japanese Occupation in the first place? It was the British. When Japan surrendered, they came out of hiding, marched openly as if they were the one who fought the Japanese and started massacre on who they suspect to be working with the Japanese. In fact, you should know that the communist never gave a crap from which party you are if they want to shoot.

The late Tengku Abdul Rahman wrote in his book on the May 13th incident that a socialist party disguised as a democratic one received sponsorship from Communist China, and pas unwittingly joined hands with them to enjoy the sweet taste of communist cash. But I guess pas leaders at that time realized their error of judgement, leading them to join Barisan Nasional in the 1970s.

Again, as mat sapu never learnt history, and he is doomed to repeat the error over and over again...or does he know all along? I mean, it is sweet to be anwar's office boy; you get a high position and with that, his followers lap up everything that he says, never mind if it's against Islam or not.

One might smell that the same strategy used back in 1969 is back on track, but this time, it is run by Muslim Malays themselves, and that will make it look less racial.

Mat, you truly have been blinded in one eye. No wonder anwar put you up there. Somehow, I still think that it is awkward for anwar to have the chap who personally labeled him as Al-Juburi as his apprentice. For mat sapu, I think he knows that it pays better to collaborate with anwar rather than calling him names. I don't know why you want to change history, I thought telling a lie is forbidden in Islam, but you would've known that if you knew anything about Islam, wouldn't you?

Whatever it is Mat, if you have a shred of knowledge on Islam and history, you would at least have a sliver of integrity to defend Islam. I hope those who has suffered in the hands of the communists will be lenient on you. To pas, you are a wretched lot to bow down to anwar and dap. You shunned fellow Muslims away for not supporting your party and yet embraces socialists and praise communists. The more pas and anwar steps up to achieve their lust for power, the more the signs of the end of times comes to light.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Ever Ready 5 (And Pass Anwar More Paracetamol)

They're all geared up and ready, ever so ready to spill the truth...but where's the invitation? Where's the sub-poena? Karpal and anwar gone blind?

Anwar used to rant about having 4 witnesses, now we have 5 who really wants to volunteer as witnesses to anwar's sodomy trial. So, what can be such a boggle for anwar to have them in court? Putrajaya getting farther and farther away? Your sponsors and supporters in hiding starting to turn away from you? Well, which one is it? It's the holy month of Ramadhan, so please, for once, do tell us the truth, anwar. Well, karpal is a well known lawyer whose gabs needs filtering over and over again, so just know your role and shut your mouth.

YB Zulkifli Nordin is virtually screaming to be called in as a witness for the trial. (Refer link for the complete story at Echoing Zul Nordin, yes, why not him? So far we have seen anwar listing people who were not around to question in the trial, like Najib and Rosmah. The late Augustine Paul, the presiding judge at anwar's previous trial, a stern man who defines law to the word, will definitely declare this as "Irrelevant." But a different trial, a different judge, follow his judgement as he sees fit.

Why would anwar be calling najib and rosmah for? The 5 volunteers stated that they were more involved with the Saiful Bukhary issue more closely as they were there, making them very relevant. Who are they?

1) YB Zulkifli Nordin
This is the man who used to be in anwar's defence team. Despite being in PKR, Zul is more of an Islamic firebrand, who gave no quarter to any of anwar's attempt to dull off Islamic dominance by introducing the one-eyed-supported Inter-Faith Commission, which was organized by...surprise, surprise, Ambiga. And at the moment, he has a lot to tell about anwar...unfortunately, not what anwar really wanbts to hear if he still wants to ruke Malaysia.

2) Mohd Ezam - the guy who used to worship anwar so much that he even went to jail for him before finding out later that what he did was in vain. Like Zul Nordin, he had been with anwar for a long time, and this is the guy who has been going around spilling the truth about anwar behind the curtains during ceramahs.

3) S. Gobalakrishnan - the former PKR vice president. This guy has questioned again and again on why do anwar need to postpone his trial time and again if he is innocent.

4) Anuar Shaari - former private secretary of anwar ibrahim. He has even stated that, in his 12 years experience with anwar, he knows a lot and willing to testify...much to anwar's chagrin.

5) Muhammad Rahimi Osman - a former personal assistant to anwar. He is still wondering why he is not called to testify, instead Najib and Rosmah were called.

Since we are into calling people who are not there, maybe we should call shamsidar's daughter to the stand and have her DNA tested as well. Maybe anwar and kapal sink forgot to call Ummi Hafilda. But that is vintage anwar: always bringing a duck to a cock fight.

I am just sarcastically guessing that what anwar needs for his trial is definitely not the truth to come out in the open. What he doesn't need arfe 5 people that he had crossed and who knows him inside out. But then again, I'm not a lawyer. I remember that anwar did attempt to call the then-Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahathir during his 1999 trials. Perhaps it was to his surprise that Tun was ever so willing, the idea was scrapped.

Maybe anwar should really be serious in trying to clear his name, like question the DNA identification. Strange to see that his supporters just love watching CSI series, marvelling at how DNA reveal the unsub and solve the cases. When Malaysians do the same procedure, they say it's a conspiracy. Well, maybe they always believe that white men are very fair and just. Sure, they can answer that to the Native Americans and Hawaiians for their almost-extinction.

Come on Anwar, it's Ramadhan, do something good for once in your life, not destroy a country dominated by Islam by embracing the idealogy promoted by the one-eyed.

"Dad, the Ustazah said that in Ramadhan, Iblis and Syaitan are bound and chained away from human, but how come you still see people like the pakatan leaders still do treachery and worse things?"

"Well son, my ustaz used to tell me that if you stir water vigorously in a glass and stop abruptly, the water still stirs because of the motion made. The parable he meant was, for 11 months the devil stirs the bad things inside a human to lead him astray, and even when the devil stops for 1 month, the water is still stirring around. It is just the evil that men do."

Say, have you found your Omega?

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Negara Kebajingan Pas - Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir's Media Statement

1 OGOS 2011

Negara Kebajikan Pas - Rumah Urut Bercambah di Kedah

Tahniah dan syabas di atas pengakuan Exco Kerajaan Kedah PAS yang mengakui bahawa pusat-pusat hiburan termasuk rumah urut memang bercambah di Alor Setar, Sg Petani dan beberapa bandar di Kedah.

Tahniah juga kepada slogan Negara Berkebajikan dan Kedah Sejahtera. Mungkin di atas berkat ke dua-dua slogan ini telah melahirkan lebih banyak pusat hiburan dan rumah urut semenjak tiga tahun yang lalu. Apa pun, pertambahan mendadak pusat-pusat hiburan di sekitar Alor Setar, Sg Petani dan beberapa bandar di Kedah ketika ini boleh dianggap sebagai sesuatu yang mengejutkan bagi sesebuah kerajaan yang melaungkan slogan suci seperti ini.

Persoalannya, kenapa pentadbiran PAS hanya mengakui wujudnya pusat-pusat hiburan yang disyaki menawarkan khidmat tidak bermoral, setelah ianya didedahkan kepada pengetahuan umum? Apakah PAS akan mendiamkan saja isu ini dari pengetahuan rakyat Kedah yang majoritinya Melayu-Islam, jika tiada pihak yang mendedahkannya?

Walaupun wakil Kerajaan PAS memberi alasan pusat hiburan ini tidak berlesen, ianya tidak sekali-kali melepaskan mereka dari tanggungjawab bagi membanteras kegiatan kotor ini. Kenapa tindakan tidak diambil terhadap pusat-pusat hiburan yang tidak berlesen? Ke mana hilangnya sistem penguatkuasaan Majlis Kerajaan Tempatan di bawah pentadbir PAS hingga sesiapa juga bebas untuk menjalankan aktiviti tidak bermoral secara haram?

Persoalan yang lebih menimbulkan kemusykilan kita ialah, apakah faktor yang menyumbang di sebalik kegagalan pemimpin PAS membendung pertumbuhan pusat-pusat hiburan ini, sehingga mereka dilihat seolah-olah tidak berbuat apa-apa untuk mengekang gejala ini dari berleluasa?

Lebih menarik lagi ialah, apabila rakyat melihat bagaimana gelagat tokoh PAS Kedah tarik brek kecemasan dan "go-stan" keputusan awal mereka yang tidak membenarkan pusat hiburan beroperasi sepanjang bulan Ramadhan, setelah menerima tekanan DAP yang turut disokong oleh PKR. Pernahkah para pemimpin atasan PAS merujuk kepada ahli akar umbinya dalam perkara ini? Saya tidak percaya penyokong PAS yang alim akan menerima penjelasan dan justifikasi pemimpin atasan mereka dalam isu ini.

Adakah kebenaran "flip-flop" ini dikhususkan hanya untuk pelanggan bukan Islam?  Melihat kepada percambahan ketara pusat hiburan yang paling dibenci oleh PAS sewaktu partinya memperjuangkan hukum Islam, ia seolah-olah menggambarkan penduduk bukan Islam telah bertambah berkali ganda sejak Kedah ditadbir di bawah PAS, walaupun ini sebenarnya tidak berlaku.

Adakah pakatan "Three Stooges" DAP-PKR-PAS berpendirian begini kerana mereka memikirkan bahawa budaya melanggan rumah-rumah urut, beli arak, berjudi dan lain-lain kerja tidak bermoral ini memang menjadi budaya penganut bukan Islam? Dan, adakah kegiatan ini dianggap suatu hak keistimewaan yang tidak boleh ditarik balik?

Mungkin juga pemimpin PAS Kedah beranggapan tindakannya menarik balik keputusan menutup pusat hiburan pada bulan Ramadhan ini dianggap konsisten dengan konsep Negara Kebajikan mengikut definisi mereka. Walhal konsep negara berkebajikan ala BN selama ini telah memberi fokus kepada usaha membaiki atau membina rumah baru untuk rakyat miskin, meringankan kos sara hidup nelayan, memberi elaun bulanan kepada penjaga OKU atau pesakit terlantar, membina dan membaikpulih masjid dan surau, membantu mangsa banjir dengan memindahkan mereka ke pusat pindahan dan memastikan keperluan mereka cukup, dan banyak lagi. Itupun belum diambilkira, antara lain subsidi berjumlah berbilion ringgit yang telah diberikan untuk faedah rakyat sejak berpuluh tahun lamanya.

Pemimpin PAS tidak sedar konsep negara berkebajikan yang dijanjikannya sudah lebih 50 tahun ketinggalan dibelakang BN. Apabila semua keperluan dan kebajikan untuk faedah rakyat sudah berjaya diangkat dan dimartabat oleh BN, PAS baru terkial-kial mahu mengorak langkah. PAS baru tersedar dari lamunan perjuangan Islam retoriknya dan mengakui realiti bahawa berkhidmat dan melakukan kebajikan secara konsisten dalam memastikan kehidupan rakyat terbela adalah perkara paling pokok dan pra-syarat untuk rakyat menerima perjuangan sesebuah parti. BN telah melakukannya dengan berkesan tanpa perlu pun menjenamakan perjuangan sucinya dengan retorik Negara Kebajikan!

Tindakan flip flop PAS membatalkan keputusan asal ini pada hakikatnya telah mewujudkan persepsi umum, seolah-olah rakyat bukan Islam memang cenderung melakukan aktiviti tidak bermoral.

Saya tertarik dengan aduan yang telah dibuat oleh Profesor Dr Clara Chee. Wakil pertubuhan bukan kerajaan wanita ini bimbang dan telah membuat aduan mengenai kehadiran rumah-rumah urut yang disyaki menawarkan khidmat seks yang tumbuh seperti cendawan selepas hujan di sekitar negeri Selangor. Aduan beliau ini jelas membuktikan apa yang kami di BN perakui bahawa masyarakat bukan Islam juga sebenarnya menolak keras kegiatan tidak bermoral ini. Mereka juga tidak rela melihat pusat-pusat hiburan ini turut dilanggani oleh suami-suami atau anak-anak mereka, termasuk pelajar-pelajar IPT dan remaja belasan tahun.

Berdasarkan aduan ini, jelas kepada kita bahawa, rakyat dari pelbagai agama menolak alasan kerajaan negeri PAS, yang memberi jaminan bahawa kewujudan pusat-pusat hiburan ini adalah semata-mata untuk memenuhi permintaan masyarakat bukan Islam.

Pendirian mereka itu sebenarnya telah menghina kebijaksanaan (insulting the intelligence) rakyat. Kita juga ingin bertanya kepada pemimpin PAS yang telah acap kali tunduk dengan kemahuan DAP,  bagaimana mereka mahu memastikan pusat-pusat hiburan itu tidak turut dilanggani oleh umat Islam, termasuk di bulan puasa al-Mubarak?

Rakyat Kedah juga mahu bertanya kepada pemimpin PAS, apakah kerajaan PAS hari ini sebenarnya takutkan tekanan DAP atau lebih takut dengan ugutan pengusaha-pengusaha pusat hiburan yang berselindung di belakang DAP? Atau apakah pemimpin PAS lebih bimbang dengan risiko kehilangan sokongan undi masyarakat cina sehingga terpaksa mengkompromi hukum Allah SWT dengan menutup sebelah mata terhadap segala kegiatan tidak bermoral yang sememangnya ditolak oleh semua agama ini?

Apapun, pengakuan berani ini memang kita dialu-alukan. Tahniah kerana hasil transformasi negeri berkebajikan di Kedah (Selangor dan Pulau Pinang), kini telah menyaksikan peningkatan pusat-pusat hiburan dan rumah urut. Ibarat kata pepatah, "lain yang ditanam, lain pula yang tumbuh". Mungkin PAS juga prihatin dalam menjaga kebajikan mereka-mereka yang dahagakan aktiviti tidak bermoral ini. 

Mampukah pemimpin PAS memberi alasan atau jawaban dalam perbicaraan di akhirat kelak dengan menggunapakai alasan dan jawaban yang diberi sebagai halwa telinga semasa di dunia ini?



Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Orchestration of Bersih 2.0 - A Small Sample

I have to admit that it is not that easy trying to write about the puppet masters behind anwar ibrahim, pakatan and the recently failed bersih 2.0. For those who know what I do, they might understand, or else, it'll be just one long rambling article that seems to blame everything on a group of people whose faces can never be seen.

Anyway, after my last article (May The Force Be With You When The Empire Strikes), I received a few FB messages asking me for clarifications, and some even wanted proof that the whole event was orchestrated for Anwar's western masters from the start. Which part? They were saying that the police acted violently for no reason, and one even said that bersih 2.0 suppoters' suffering are alike those who suffered to bring Islam to this world during the jahiliyah times. I got news for you, those who suffered in those days were not sponsored by enemies of Islam and forebearers of the end of times.

I scrutinized a lot of videos on Youtube since the 9th of July 2011 for reference. With the FB messages, I remembered a particular video of the bersih demonstrator charging at the police despite the police did not do anything to them, and were repelled by tear gas, as shown below:

1) If it was intended to be a peace demonstration, why did they charge at the police who did not do anything to them?

2) Anybody notice that after the police fired tear gas, suddenly you can hear people saying "Ambil gambar, ambil gambar" (Take pictures, take pictures). If the person is a Bersih supporter, why take pictures only when FRU has fired the tear gas and not during charge of the bersih supporters?

3. Anybody notice that the shot of demonstrators charging will never appear on CNN, Fox, BBC or even Al-Jazeera? Ever! But the shots of police firing tear gas will always be on air whenever they talk about Malaysia.

That reminds me of, rule number one, provoke the police to the point that retaliate, because that retaliation will be a good eye-candy for the west. Thank you to FikriAdie for posting this video on Youtube.

The "unseen hands" behind anwar wants people to see only the portions where FRU fires tear gas and the bersih supporters scrambling. They should because they want everybody to see things the Al-Masikh way: one-eyed, one way and single minded. This video in its entirety poses a danger to them, because it shows the TRUTH as it is.

P/S: Yes, yes, I understand that many are sick and tired of the picture of one eye with pyramid and the novues orde seclorum picture. Somehow, I feel that we should always remember about the Al-Masikh because he will only make his appearance when his name starts to disappear from the Muslims' mouth and mind.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

May The Force Be With You When The Empire Strikes

The long-standing bad theatrics by pakatan has suddenly been shut down. The Royal Commission Report on Teoh Beng Hocks’ death has been published, and dap’s bathing in their own cesspool now. For me, it has been long predicted: everybody knows Teoh has been supplying facts and naming names on corrupt practices in pakatan’s Selangor state government. Wouldn’t it be incredibly stupid of SPRM to have him killed when he is able to reveal more dirty linens of pakatan?

Even the dirty bersih 2.0 claims have been debunked. Mat Sapu rammed by police truck my foot; the claims of police brutality, amiga’s claim, nurul’s claim, the death by so-called police custody, everything has been proven otherwise. It has so far proven that bersih 2.0 was just a dirty drama, and directed by a cheap director with low-grade actors…possibly worth about RM300 a pop. I did hear the young participants bragging about bersih 2.0, but shamefully they were bragging about how many girls they shagged the night before. The girls were complaining about the guys who couldn’t tell whether they were coming or going, and most of the guys who came too soon. In other places people are still laughing about bersih 2.0. So, what’s the point of having bersih rally again? Nobody seemed to remember about it.

I still could not understand why the Muslims actually follow the likes of ambiga, despite the insult she laid on Islam in Malaysia. Worst among all, how could they eat and breathe the sponsorship of foreign powers who have been wreaking havoc in other Islamic countries. How do people like pas accept the sponsorship of people who have been supplying arms to Israel to injure Palestinians and try to talk about the plight of Palestinians at the same time? How do they look at their own reflection in the mirror?

Who are these “powerful” people? They have been around for thousand of years. Many theories are abound that these are the people who were locked behind an iron wall which was built to seal the path between the two barriers (Surah Al-Kahfi). Once the wall crumbles, they came down from high places, blended themselves with the European continent. They even took home a race to a town which was banned for them after it was destroyed a long time ago. And of course, they continued their legacy of creating mischief all over the world. Does one ever wonder why the Zionist terrorists who used to cause damage in Palestine in the early 20th century and all the prime ministers of Israel are non-semitic jews?

With the fall of the Ottoman by those people’s hand, they have finally edged the Muslims out from world political monopoly. Arabia was split asunder under them, placing people who are “pro-West” to lead. They used King Farouk of Egypt to their advantage, and when he is out of their favor, have him deposed and Egypt became a Republic under Gamal Nasser and later Anuar Sadat, who recognizes Israel as a state. Who will lead Egypt after the present turmoil? Just look for the Egyptian who bows to them, he’ll be the one.

Who are THEY? They have many names, be it CIA, OSF, National Endowment for Democracy, Council for Foreign Relations, they are controlled by the same force.

Okay, that's enough of brief hidden history. Somebody please give mahfuz some Panadol, I think we lost him somewhere during the Teoh Beng Hock story.

The strategy drawn up for anwar and his troops are more or less the same. Comparing the riots they created in 1998, the anti-ISA rally and the dirty bersih 2.0, it certainly can be proven they are just recycling the old script:

1. A demonstration must have a riot
2. Any program by anwar and his goons must have the western media invited
3. All western media must be placed in angles where they can take shots of seemingly police brutality.
4. For a good show, buy anybody who are willing to act as demonstrators, be it foreigners or some horny youngsters with a promise of a good time
5. Always try to show the western media that the police created the chaos:
     i) Basic method is by provoking with nasty words
     ii) Should that fail, start shoving and pushing
     iii) If police are too darn patient, start throwing heavy and/or dangerous items at them
6. If police retaliates, always lead them towards the western media for excellent shots
7. While running away, if there are small traders along the way, damage or destroy their business items and blame the police
8. In the chaotic situation, one can claim of anything, even when it never happened, i.e. the mat sapu and the death by police brutality claim.

Like I said before, it's an old script recycled over and over, and this time, it looks like the script got rebutted. In the true tradition of police procedural dramas of CSI, NCIS, Bones etc, the police gathered all videos available, and this must've shocked pakatan and their sponsors, because they never realized that there were that many. Mat sapu got shamefully exposed, nurul and ambiga;s claim got debunked and even the death of bersih 2.0 supporter was proven to be a heart attack.

Western media, yes that includes the Arabic CNN known as Al-Jazeera as well, tried hard to portray anwar in a positive light. They are more interested to show the world what they had been scripted and sponsored to do and ignore the truth. It is for the world to view the vision of The One Eyed, looking with one eye while blinded on the truth. It is something like they were portraying anwar sadat as a great man while ignoring his oppression on the Egyptians.

One thing about these people who support anwar: they never give up until they achieve what they have targeted. They might support anwar now, but who knows what they'll do to him later. They have spent millions trying to create the bersih 2.0 riots, but it was such a dismal showing. Worse, to have low-caste asian goys exposing the truth behind their well-scripted strategy might be such a slap in the face. They'll be back, whether with anwar or somebody new. They will note what went wrong this time and make sure not to repeat the mistake.

Will we be ready when they come back? Maybe the Muslims should look at anwar and his sponsors with both eyes instead of being blinded in one. Maybe reciting the first and last 10 verses of Surah Al-Kahfi can help them too see the truth. At the moment, they look but never see, but believe it as truth anyway.

 Maybe I ramble too much, or maybe the truth is too deep...

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Video: Bersih 2.0 - Perjuangan Yang Kotor

We hope that those Muslims who had been supporting the jewish sponsored bersih 2.0 might watch this video and think for once.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

We Congratulate Bersih 2.0 (Hey, It's The End Of Days)

That's how it went. More than 1,000 demonstrators were arrested, including the Bersih cows such as Ambiga, the powerless hohoho-hahahadi and even the nothing-to-do-with-Islam Mat Sapu. Even the odious KJ was arrested...well, we hope he'll be in there slightly longer.

As expected, the demonstration by Bersih turned predictably chaotic, but quickly contained by the police. The chaos has been orchestrated by bersih anyway, and the pro-soros media has been busy clicking away and labelling acts of treason by bersih as something a bit more sympathetic for the west to devour. All of this, in order to paint a picture that might look similar to what is going on in the Middle East. Of course, the western media and the pro-pakatan media refuse to recognize the damages they did to the nation's capital, socially and economically. Of course, bersih claims they are fighting for people's trampling on everybody else's right to a peace and tranquility. Well, what do you expect from people who has been eating and drinking sponsorship by conspirators who are bent on world domination?

Oh, I'm sorry, there's no such thing as world domination. It's just the west promoting democracy by placing their hand-picked people to rule the country and play it to their tune.

It is at this time that I must congratulate bersih 2.0 supporters, especially the Muslim supporters. Despite being sponsored by groups led by Soros on behalf of the one-eyed, the Muslims are the majority in the demo anyway, supporting a lady who insulted Islam, initiated a group that promoted that Allah should be used by all religions, played to the tune of a sodomite who is hell-bent to be the country's President...wait a minute, after watching news on tv and internet, where in the world are the socialists of dap? Let me guess, hiding again? Let Muslim Malays go against Muslim Malays again? And the Malays took the bait? Wow, how dense can they get?

I always read that, in the end of times, the arrival of Al-Masikh the one-eyed, scores of people, Muslims or not, flock to his side. I used to think that this is impossible because, as Muslims, we were taught to recognize the false messiah. Then again, after witnessing the Malays especially from pas erdogan in bersih demo, I think I now understand how the world will go.

Trying to figure this can be a wonder as well: How does one Muslim justify himself by attending a jewish-sponsored bersih 2.0, supporting a lady who has been insulting Islam and a leader who is morally corrupt and sponsored by unseen hands. It's quite a pickle.

Who are the actual victors of bersih 2.0? The answer is below.

May I suggest that every Muslim make it a habit to recite the first and last 10 verses of Surah Al-Kahfi so that they will not be blinded in one eye?

The Filthy Behinds of Bersih 2.0

The clock seems to tick away slowly since the last time I got back. His Majesty the Yang Dipertuan Agong has spoken. In short he wishes for a peaceful nation...or indirectly, take that bersih 2.0 and shove it. The majority of the public has expressed their disapproval of such a demo. In fact, everybody knows the reason for any anwar-influenced demonstration leads to anarchy.

Let's face it: anwar has nowhere to go. His pending sodomy case is waiting, with DNA waiting toi be answered. His other sex-oriented case is coming up, with his usual tactic of delay coming up short. The only way to become a leader of a nation? Chaos, of course. And that's where his dreams lie, in bersih 2.0. For Malaysians, that might just be a nightmare waiting to happen.

There is nothing strange about anwar appointing the ambiguous ambiga as the leader for bersih, he has hidden behind her time and again. But pas? That's the main shocker. I mean, there is no surprise with the erdogans embracing her as the pretender but to find the mainstream pas members supporting her as well can be a diffcult morsel to swallow. Wasn't it not many years ago when ambiga initiated the Inter-Faith Council that propagated the seminar about apostacy and thenrelentless support for Lina Joy? Weren't the pas members assembled outside the building where the seminar was going on shouting Islamic slogans and taunting ambiga for insulting Islam? Ah well, maybe it's just plain pas to forgive and forget the infidels who threatened and insult Islam but condemns fellow Muslims for not supporting their party.

Reiterating on Tun Mahathir's famous remark, "Melayu Mudah Lupa", here's a video clip of YB Zulkifli Nordin speaking to his friends from pasand Umno.

Let's take an analytical look into who we are supporting in Bersih, or as Zul Nordin puts it, Bershit 2.0...okay, somebody tell mahfuz to go for his nap as all this thinking might give him a migraine.

As we can see from the...ummm...organization chart above, if you can call it a proper chart...let's see:

1) Bersih's so called leader is the lady with the ambiguous look, Ambiga.

2) Ambiga bows to the actual leader, yes, the man who poked his fingers (?) in one pie too many,Anwar Ibrahim.

3) Anwar's plans are supported by the usual stooges, Larry, Curly and Moe...oops, I mean, PKR, Pas Erdogan and the socialist DAP.

4) Pakatan's strategic planning are courtesy of National Endownmen for Democracy...yes, yes, the same people who brought us the "regime changes" in countries throughout the world, including Iraq, Afghanistan etc etc.

5) Funding and sponsorship is, of course, who else but the anwar's personal cash-cow, George Soros, the non-Semitic Jew through his Open Society Foundation.

 6) Both NED and OSF kneel to...I don't know, we have not seen his face yet, but he does have one eye bulging and the other damaged beyond repair.

Now was the explanation too technical for you, Mahfuz? Ok, so it was a bit...well, let's have a spelling contest then.

What can we gather from this. Those who thinks they support anwar ibrahim via bersih 2.0, are actually supporting the unseen hands that have been making changes to the direction of countries around the world. Yes, they made Iraq and Afghanistan to a more "western-friendly" countries. It's not something new anyway. Do bersih supporters know this, or have they been blinded in one eye as well?

Time seems to be running out for anwar. His court cases seem to be penetrating his behind without the KY. I wonder what'll happen to anwar if bersih fails to put him in the PM's chair.

To those who are getting ready to attend bersih, especially the Muslims, think! Think of who you will actually support, because if you support any party involved in bersih, you're screwed. The filthy bersih can never justify its own end.

P.S.: By the way, MB Azizan and his cohorts' houses and vehicles have been vandalized with red paint and a warning not to attend Azizan actually has time for that. Judging from Azizan's statement of not being responsible for any Kedahan being arrested during bersih, many are still wondering why the houses and/or vehicles of Mahfuz and Amirrudin were spared from any paint-job?

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