Wednesday, April 25, 2012

NWO's Bersih 3.0 - Tears Up Malaysia

It had to happen. How could it not? The sponsors have released the funding, the strategy has been drawn, the agent provocateurs have been paid to provoke riots, tiang chua, anwar and his cohorts have already mastered their acting classes and the spectators have already been tempted with generous cash. Now how can anwar and the ambiguous ambiga ever turn the whole thing around.

Bersih this time has taken the initiative to make this a bit more dramatic, as it has been taught to her. They have a new anthem called "Tears of Malaysia." No, it has nothing about orphans, OKUs, the disregarded senior citizens or even the suffering Palestinians. It's more about trying to get sympathy for their event. It's not much of We Are The World, and worse, the lyrics don't even rhyme. Yes, definitely not an  M. Nasir and S. Amin Shahab collobration. We spent the few minutes with tears in our eyes...yes, we laughed too much There were those who were rolling on the floor, but that's another story. I wish those twits who came with the song and video will come up with something patriotic for a change, and not play to the tune of the New World Order.

There were concerns of why Dataran Merdeka was chosen as the venuw for the caucasian-jewish sponsored program (for full article, click here ). Hishamuddin was quoted as saying that the dirty Bersih program is allowed to proceed, but the issue is now about location. Despite DBKL offering a few stadiums for the location, anwar and ambiga desperately want Dataran Merdeka as its venue. To Hishamuddin and others, we hope they understand that Dataran Merdeka is most strategic for the bersih organizers:

1) To start a nationwide riot, it is easier to spread from an open space. Anwar is really banking on bersih to put him in PM's chair this time.

2) anwar and ambiga have already met with certain foreign diplomats or their representatives (for full article, cleck here ) and sponsors. It will be a better angle to see the "oppression" of the Malaysian government with FRU personnels surrounding the area. If you have that event in a stadium with your own paid supporters, it might look more like a Siti Nurhaliza concert, and I don't think anwar, ambiga or their sponsors want to look like that in front of the whole world.

3) Also, being surrounded by armed forces will give a lot of space for anwar and ambiga to strategize their acting as directed by foreign NGOs. We will definitely see a repeat performance by tiang chua, anwar and, if time permits, mat sapu provoking the police and start taking pictures once the police retaliates. These juicy pictures will be seen around while anwar and his pakatan will try their best to conceal the truth. Hey, anwar wants riot and power, truth is not what he wants anybody to know.

A splatter of anwar's supporters, most of them leftovers from the failed mansuh PTPTN demonstration, have already set up camp at Dataran Merdeka. Most of them are very much engrossed in each other's warmth...and body. I am sure their parents will be proud to learn that their children has perfected the wham-bam-boogie....if only they learned something useful for their intelligence. Safe to say, anwar's sponsors are very happy that, despite the majority of the blinded students are Muslims and Malays, they have no qualms about embracing "human rights" such as pre-marital sex and experimenting homosexuality back to pun intended. Do some of them even know that some of them were set-up by sexual advances to be involved in the NWO-sponsored event? Of course, the students know that they committe no sins because pas is behind them. Maybe it's better than having anwar behind him/her. Pas' deliberate "about turn" from religion, not even voiving out the vice happening at Dataran Merdeka only goes to prove how blinded they have become with anwar's pocket. Or is it fear? Well, anwar did kick-out the once-most-influential ulama faction from pas...

anwar is facing problems bersih 3.0 is approved by the government, making it a legitimate assembly, and this does not sit well with him. His only salvation to make the whole event look rebeliious about location, and even that carries a more devious and selfish agenda of its own. Riots, deception and wishing for a regime change are his game plans with bersih 3.0, just like the doomed mansuh PTPTN demo. He doesn't care about reforms or even the PTPTN, he just wants power, and it doesn't matter if he gets there by riding on people whose agenda is even darker. At the moment, he's riding high on students who have been sponsored to attend the event, although with those kids too busy humping each other do give him a miserable stress. He might just hope that those students' knees might just hold up after all that slam-bam thank you ma'am activities. Bersih 3.0 is his Custer's last stand to be a President without having to go to elections. If bersih turns out to be a dud, then he will have to pray that the west will intervene and place him on the throne.

Maybe my tears will flow on during bersih 3.0. No, not because of the manufactured struggle of bersih or its deceitful music video. I might just cry to see Malaysians, young and old, folled and blinded in one eye by a man whose intentions are dark and selfish. Worse of all, he made his people, whether they're willing or not, tools of an ancient tribe of barbarians to achieve their main objective, Pax Judaica. Bersih is indeed a very filthy program, designed for destruction. With anwar as President of the Republic of Malaysia, the Malays thrown from their pedestal of power, their lands and property, the we will welcome you to The New World Order. Bersih 3.0 has no tears of Malaysia, it only tears up Malaysia.

Oh yes, about students who just hate to be pointed out as wrong? Here's a video below to demonstrate a pinch of what I said. It was recorded at a university during a lecture by Sheikh Imran Hoesin. Imran Hoesin is a noted Islamic scholar and writer who wrote extremely mind-opening books such as "Jerusalem in the Qur'an" and "The 20th Century View on Gog and Magog." For those who have read these books, they might find its strong influence in many, if not all of the articles in this blog. For pas, and the university students who were pointed by him, might find Imran Hoesin as a foe.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mansuh PTPTN To Bersih 3.0 - Our Money Against The Sponsored

I must say that the surprise is gone. There's no more shocks or suspense. The scripts have been lame, cliched and mass-produced. No, I'm not talking about Malay movies, I'm talking about anwar's strategy.

People like anwar and his one-eyed sponsors such as NED and Open Society must be wondering on what is wrong with Malaysia? And why won't the population explode into a full scale riot for anwar everytime they sponsor a demonstration or unrest? Millions have been spent, but no results has been satisfying. Will the caucasian sponsors finally pull the plug and abandon anwar?

Every unrest has been carefully designed since 1998. Agent provocateurs were surreptitiously planted during demonstrations in order to create the chaos. To generate award-winning sympathetic pictures, they will charge threateningly at the police, and the police retaliates by shooting tear-gas, pictures will be taken to manufacture "police brutality." True to NED's design, everything is news, even if cut yourself while shaving before the rally, it will be used to portray brute force used by the police. I am sure there are plans and directives by pakatan to have those students "attacked" or something similar by "UMNO" to provoke sympathy. It's an all too familiar story by anwar.

University students have always been the target by these foreign NGOs as they have learned the strength and power that these students have to generate impacts and changes in a country. The US in the late 1960s and 1970s had their policies influenced and sway by the university students' movements. Theone-eyed organizations have harnessed its power and used it to their advantage. Now that they have the issue of PTPTN, they feel that the time is ripe to unleash their fury via the students.

The meddling of these foreign NGOs in the Middle East has yielded its results: bloody, chaotic and shattering, but that's the design. The university students play quite a large and significant role in places like Egypt. It is the same plot and script being used in Malaysia by them via pakatan. Let us just hope that it will not end in the same bloody gore that we saw there.

It is quite unfortunate for anwar and pakatan to have only 200 students attending, although half of them is still unverified whether they're there as students and for the money or just for the money. They were cursing at the rest of the 200,000 students who never bothered to attend. There were also those who went there looking for romance and a chance to get laid, but that's another story. So now, while nurul izzah is embarking on an oddyssey to solve the greatest mystery amongs all...yes, whether he has another sister or not...the students are camping at Daran Merdeka, waiting for Bersih 3.0.

There are many in pakatan who feels that bersih 3.0 is unnecessary, but for anwar and his sponsors, there is no turning back. The strategy has been drawn, the money has been allocated, the provocateurs have been trained, and anwar is hoping that this might be the one to lead him to Putrajaya. It will look good for him, being portrayed as being led to the leadership of a country on the shoulders of his paid-people. Wolfowitz, Gore and other accomplices might just sing praises of him for that.

The crux of the matter remains that both demos, Mansuh PTPTN and Bersih have nothing to do with their names. Why do I say that? Simple: looking at the banners and placards of the demos, they reflect nothing about the issue they're supposed to carry. Most of their banners are condemning Najib, his wife, UMNO and BN. Maybe anwar feels that with 200 students extra, he has the momentum to launch a full scale assault on Malaysia for his sponsors.

The things about university students...well, I was at one time too, is that they are idealistic, yet easily manipulated. They can easily be swayed to go against PTPTN but without any clue on the objectives and mechanism on why PTPTN is like that. Of course, there are some who are there for selfish reason like, they know that they're just aberage in their academics and they feel that paying back loans is a pain just like studying. It's always "we want this and/or that" but never considering what the majority wants. They are the best candidate for liberalism and the so-called human rights as they feel that, as university students, they are the smartest people on the planet. These are the students who become tools for these foreign NGOs without realizing it as they are so engrossed in doing what they do instead of studying. Would they ever wake up from the unreal slumber and realize that one of their eyes are blind? Yes, for most of them, but it will be years from now. Many of the university students who became Reformasi activists in 1998/99 have realized what they had done, but then a decade has passed. A few even commented on how they almost destroyed a country for a man with skeletons in his closet. Will the present crop of tumbleweeds at Dataran Merdeka realize? They will, but along the way, they might just be the collapse of the country and play into the hands of pax judaica.

What has happened and what is happening only further proves to us that, these people might be students who could be doing well in academics, but fails to use their brain in the real world. If they succeed in putting anwar on the throne, anwar will be taking care of them for a short time before saying "go to hell" after getting what he desires.

Is there at any time, our tax dollars can ever defeat the money coming in for pakatan via the NGOs? Can our billions of RM ever defeat their trillion of USD? They have the resources to replicate strategies which they succesfully used in other countries, they can hire provocateurs to play racial cards,

religious enmity, dissatisfaction towards the electoral system, the government and even the armed forces. All of this done to ensure cracks in the Malaysian integrity, weakening them so that their plots can move along without opposition. They also hope that there will be a total abolition of ISA asit has been a bane in their existence, making their task difficult.

As taxpayers, we work very hard for our money, and being glad that we have the basic necessity, benefits and infrastructure in the country, we pay our annual income tax. There are other taxes that we pay. All the monies, along with the one collected from other government bodies such as EPF, Petronas etc are used for so many things, such as benefits for the disabled, subsidies, maintenance of infrastructure and many more, including the PTPTN loans given out to those students. So, can the students who are camping at Dataran Merdeka return our money then? If they refuse, go back to your studies then. We expect them to get good grades and go on to become somebody useful, not as tools of the new world order via anwar. I don't care how small the percentage of our tax is involved in PTPTN, I want it back since the students are against it. Why would I want to pay my taxes so that some dimwitted ingrate who ends up being a pawn for the foreign NGOs misuses it?

Bersih organizers claim that Dataran Merdeka belong to the rakyat and not DBKL, in that case why are we letting those who are a proxy and pawns to foreign NGOs with dark agendas rule our hard-earned-tax-RM-maintained area? Even now it's full of students who use our money to do everything but study. We have a right to go to the students' camps and pull out the camps, roll the canvas, turn them up sideways and cram it up their candied behinds. Who gave them the right to ruin our hard-earned money-maintained-area with their sponsored agendas anyway? If they work for money from outside of the country, move there then.

To the students who complaint about PTPTN loans, give us back the money, there are thousands of students out there who wants the place in the university and need the loan. Their money, on the other hand, will flow more from today to Bersih and who knows, to the next General Election.

Hansard shows opposition supported PTPTN - Thasnks To The Mole

This is an excellent article from The Mole on the PTPTN issue:

Hansard shows opposition supported PTPTN
The Mole Wednesday, April 18, 2012

KUALA LUMPUR: The Parliament's hansard showed DAP Adviser Lim Kit Siang and his son Guan Eng had supported the bill of the National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN), when it was tabled in the parliament in 1997.

The hansard, dated 14 May, 1997 stated that, Kit Siang and Guan Eng had both proposed that a higher allocation be provided for the PTPTN instead of RM100 million startup as proposed in the bill.

The hansard reads: "(Tuan Lim Kit Siang [Tanjong]: Tuan Yang di-Pertua, saya mengalu-alukan Rang Undang Undang Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional untuk memperuntukkan satu tabung bagi membenarkan anak-anak kita berpeluang melanjutkan pendidikan tinggi dan menyediakan bantuan kewangan melalui pinjaman pendidikan atau selainnya kepada pelajar yang menuntut di institusi-institusi pengajian tinggi.(Tuan Lim Kit Siang [Tanjong]: Tuan Yang di-Pertua, I welcome the Bill of the National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) to provide the opportunity for our children to pursue higher education and provide financial assistance through loans or otherwise to the education of students who are studying in institutions of higher learning.")

The hansard had stated that Kit Siang had said that the RM100 million startup allocation for the PTPTN as contained in the bill was insufficient and it should be increased to RM500 million.

His son Guan Eng was reported in the hansard of proposing a higher quantum than that by his father.

Guan Eng, was recorded as saying: "RM100 million is not enough. If the government is really sincere, they should consider to start at least with the amount of RM1 billion".

The bill was then tabled by Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Tun Abdul Razak who was the Minister of Education.

Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim who had raised issue with the PTPTN and had promised to abolish it if the opposition takes over the nation's rule, was the Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister when the bill was tabled in 1997.

In fact, he was the acting Prime Minister then.

This was pointed out by Dr Mahathir who said he was on a two-month leave when the bill was tabled and Anwar was then the acting Prime Minister.

Dr Mahathir in a Bernama report, said: "That is Anwar. He doesn't know what is he talking about; he is forgetful".

Blogger Ruang Bicara Faisal pointed out that Anwar held the post of acting Prime Minister from May 19 until July 26 1997, adding that Anwar should have cancelled the plan to establish the fund if he had doubts about it.

"At that time Anwar had the power as a Finance Minister who gives approval to PTPTN to start the operation, he also had the power as a Deputy Prime Minister and more importantly, he had the power as the acting Prime Minister. Even Dr Mahathir had said that Anwar had the full authority as a Prime Minister.

"And now he tries to influence the public that the PTPTN is a cruel act?," the blogger said.

Anwar's promise to abolish the PTPTN had led to a group of university students from the Solidariti Mahasiswa Malaysia to organise a demonstration at Dataran Merdeka last Saturday.

Higher Education Minister Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin, as reported by Bernama, said students involved in the demonstration should repay the loan to prove that they do not want the PTPTN loan scheme.

"Universiti Selangor (Unisel), owned by the PKR-led Selangor state government, must also declare whether the PTPTN should be abolished," he said.

P.S.: Well, every time there's something that is beneficial being politicized, you can almost always expect that it will be from those three: Larry, Curly & Moe.

Et in nomine Patris et Filii et sancti bos

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Do We Need This Aggression? On The Defence of Kedah Times

What in the world is going on? What is all this aggression all about? I do understand there are bloggers quarreling with each other despite being from the same party. Just like Kedah La not seeing eye to eye with Kedah La Nie just because the latter's writing team were given a cozy office in Wisma Darul Aman and comfortably paid by pas Kedah, and Kedah La getting only about half of the latter makes. But I would go with Kedah La Nie because they have a more professional way of weaving their stories, although the facts are usually suspect.

Despite being a part of Kedah Times, I have always maintained my own independence and chose to write my own blog. Despite friends from both government and opposition did comment on why I would write a blog, based in Kedah and be writing in English, I was undeterred. My blog never has that many hits but I am satisfied. Kedah Times has a more hands-on approach while my blog...well, one can say it's a combination of conspiracy theories and religious apocalyptic warnings. I must say I do get some comments that I did not have the heart to publish. No, I can take the foul languages, but the grammar and vocabulary was extremely terrible that I e-mailed him several brochures for intensive english classes. Rumours that it was mahfuz who emailed me is still unfounded.

I never liked being involved in tiffs between any party. I avoid blogs who seem to pick each other, but I guess what has happened this time did go a tad too far.

Being with Kedah Times from the beginning, I have personally experienced the tumultuous loggerheads between Kedah Times and some other bloggers. This time, KT has been hit with the ultimate slander, and definitely involving money and being accused of being "big-headed" by elitist bloggers. On the question of money, for those who knows Kedah Times well, will know that KT has always been an independent group, unchained and uncommitted to any individual politicians, and they never will. This is the principle that they have never compromised, and this is the integrity that kept KT in top condition. Well, there was a time when one of KT members was offered to write for a certain elite blogger for cash but he rejected the offer.

Bloggers should respect each other, paid or not. There are many bloggers in Kedah who write for the basics: Perjuangan Alif Ba Ta. Being part of Kedah Times, I never demanded, took and/or received any payment for my writings and other services. I make money from my business. we have gone to places upon invitations with our own money, be it for fuel, food and/or accomodation. In most places, we never even reveal who we are, except as Kedah times.

On the money issue, I would suggest that his lordship the blogger show us what this "misused" allocated money is all about, where and when did Kedah Times ever received any single cent from it. Of course, who is that "oghang ataih"? Rest be assured that Kedah Times will never sacrifice the independence they have enjoyed for years. If hislordship fail to back his claim, we can of course make some appointments in court.

There are pro-government bloggers who feel that they belong to the upper-crust of the blogging society, maybe because the amount of money they made, that they seem to brand bloggers from Kedah as peasants and riff-raffs. I would like to disagree but I fear I might be sent flying by a kick by a grandfather's grandson. Maybe they're right, why would anybody want to read the ramblings of a blogger who never made a single cent from his writing, those who pay for their own fuel, food, toll and accomodation just to get to events? Why in the world would anybody in their right mind read articles by those who have 9-5 jobs? Part-time bloggers, plus one macabre-inducing writer who makes videos at the same time? Too low class, right? Maybe KT is low class because the offer by some elitist blogger who claims to be former PKR member was rejected then and there.

Political bloggers, from any party will write on what they believe, guided by their principles, and some by their paymasters. By and all, what matters most is what information has been presented to the end users: the readers. No one blog can claim that he/she is the ultimate, be it based on the number of hits or the number of digits on his paycheck. But if one wants to make claims and accusations, do back it up or one might just end in the gutters, the fight will be in vain. Maybe it is time to remember that, to all pro-government bloggers, "our ships must sail in the same direction" must be adhered to. How it is sailed, be it by the free monsoon wind, or handsomely paid crew rowing it, is entirely up to them.

I don't care being labelled as Jurassic or whatever, you can even label me Ban-ban-ca-caliban, I don't care. I made my stand with KT then, and I still stand by that today. The fight will continue in our very design: no paymaster and no sponsors, as it has been for years.

I shouldn't garble that much, my insidious usage of peasant English might offend the supercilious bloggers who are too pompously elite in the blogging world. Fine, bloggers from Kedah might be inferior and even Jurassic to the elitists, but make no mistake that they are passionate in their fight. We are in Kedah, too bad those who made the comments and accusations are never here.

I hope this is the last time I write on something like this, ever.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Mansuh PTPTN Demo - Proof of Unintelligence...

I was reading some books which begs the absolute answer to the boggling question, "Are there any intelligent beings out there?" However, whenever the name of mahfuz and mat sapu crop up, I must say that there's not much intelligent beings here on earth in the first place. Worse of all, after reading about the failed demonstration of 200 or so organized by the jewish sponsored pakatan rakyat, the event became a stronger proof that, despite some of them attend universities, it doesn't mean that they're intelligent either.

The Malays always have a good saying, and one of them is "Beri betis, nak peha". where in basic understanding displays the never-ending unsatisfaction of one (or more) even he/she/they have been given something beneficial. In this case, the PTPTN. The government has allocated billions to ensure Malaysians, especially the Malays, every opportunity to extend their studies, they made an issue of their student loans.

The Malays of the peninsular have always been the lucky ones: they have the government giving them almost every assitance in so many things in their lives. This is not surprising, the coming of the British brought in mass immigration of Chinese and Indians, with the former dominating the business power in the country. The Malays who retreated more and more became very deprived of so many things, and were in danger of being a minority in their own land. Even the communists, during the Emergency, found the Malays to be very annoying, always refusing to discard their religion, culture and family for the sake of communism. This usually is resolved with the communists venting their frustrations on the Malays: murder and property destruction. The British were happy enough to teach the Malays to be peons, drivers and servants. They also teach the younger Malays on how to do what their fathers did slightly better. In short, if a father is a fisherman, his son will be taught to be a slightly better fisherman while the riches of Malaya was spirited away across the ocean and the economy was dominated by the immigrants. Not surprisingly, there were more Chinese and Indians from Malaya went to universities compared to the Malays. Even the early days of Universiti Malaya in Singapore in the 1950s saw a small number of Malays.

After independence, the government continued scholarship programs on a bigger scale, although being a 3rd world country, the budget was not that much to send many students to study. The 1980s and 90s saw a drastic change where more and more Malays getting into universities, locally and internationally. MARA, Petronas, Sime Darby, JPA and even TNB were giving out student loans and scholarships to those who met the grade. With the growing numbers of local universities, such as UiTM, the future of the Malays in achieving a bright future seem to be promising.

The setting up of Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional (PTPTN) was made in 1997, during the dire financial crisis. Ironically, the body was incorporated during anwar's tenure as the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance. Now that he's not the Finance Minister anymore, and in his campaign to spread discontent among the population of Malaysia, anwar and pakatan rakyat want to abolish the PTPTN scheme.

What I cannot figure out is what the mechanism is anwar basing himself with? True that his scheme will depend on Petronas' revenue, but how much it will hurt the other social spectrum covered by the revenue has never been satisfactorily explained. Looking at the speed of how they demolished Selangor's coffers, I dread to think of how fast pakatan's grabby hands will empty the Petronas accounts. Will that scholarship to thousands of students per semester per year take its toll on other things such as, say, benefits for the disabled (OKU)? Or will anwar remove subsidies on all controlled items in Malaysia, or worse?

But hey, I guess it should be a good move. Let's use Petronas for that purpose, and that purpose alone...yeah, right, like he would. If ever Petronas runs out of cash, there's always anwar's favorite piggy bank, the IMF, or even World Bank. Better still, why not let tiang chua reprise his job as the go-between for anwar and soros and get more cash. There's more from NED, NDI and even USAID. What's to be worried about? Anwar is already heavy in debt after all the provisions given that led to failures upon failures. What, you think the millions of RM provided to start a revolt via bersih and the pitiful demonstration today comes free of charge? Just like PTPTN, the "loans" from the foreign NGOs need to be repaid as well, and unlike PTPTN, he will not be paying them only by cash.

The absence of thousands of university students, and the attendant of less than 1% of the targeted spectators have definitely frustrated tiang chua, nurul izzah and even anwar. However, this has proven that most university students are level headed, and at the moment, making their parents extremely proud by studying. There are also reports by those who attended that they doubt that 40% of the attendants were even students. Maybe anwar should have offered a higher pay for those people, then he might have more people coming in. One guy who attended stated that the pay was dreadful this time around. Maybe pakatan is trying to reserve their sponsored funds.

What's the most important issue here? As commented a pas member, "kalau tak mau mengaji keluag la, belambak lagi orang nak masuk." (If you don't want to study, get out; there are many more who wants to get in." It's a bizarre world: when one gets a place in a university, he works hard to get the PTPTN loan. When he graduates and gets a good paying job, the loan suddenly becomes a burden. Still, the government still proceeds to assist students who are in need without fail. Maybe they fail to understand that the money they pay is meant for younger generations when their turn comes.

For anwar and his pakatan, it has always been clear that he is only eyeing the PM's chair. How he gets it, well, it's no-holds barred, even if it means having students run a riot for him. His orchestrated demonstration today, just like his previously foreign-NGO-sponsored riots, failed miserably. In fact, this demonstration failed so exceptionally bad that nurul izzah and tiang chua never had any chance to fake anything, or provoke any police to get nice juicy pictures to their western media friends.

It's strange, when I was studying abroad, I did meet students from many different countries who were studying there on student loans, either from their government, organizations or even banks. They worked hard, most even taking part time jobs to cover daily personal expenses and studied even harder. Their lifestyle were very basic, no fancy stuff, most of their equipments such as tv, pc or cd players were bought used, usually from students who graduated and were leaving. I don't know whether they were top of their classes, but I do know they graduated. I kept in touch with some of them through Facebook, and found out that they're doing very well. One of them, Steve H., from New York, owns his own investment company and he told me that he finished repaying his loan about 10 years ago. He never regretted taking the loan and stated how the experience taught him independence and the value of money. Maybe the students, if there are any, spend their time and study wisely, practice an average lifestyle and spend less time politicking, maybe they'll learn that too.

Maybe it is time for those 200 or so get back to their studies...well, if all of them are students in the first place. You can use the money paid by the demo sponsors as pocket money or something more beneficial, like buying books. Think for a while, appreciate what you have been given which so many never had the chance 30 years before. It is bad enough that so many people are labelling the demo as "an excuse to do anything but study."

Anwar has so far attacked everything there is as listed and strategized by his jewsih-sponsored NGO friends, such as racialism, the police, the army, the Muslims, the electoral system, the Monarchy, the government's credibility, Najib's personality, and so far, anwar's losing more and more ground. What's next? Who knows, he's been shooting his own foot so far. Looking at the whole scenario again, the failed Mansuh PTPTN was extremely unnecessary, but hey, the budget has already been allocated by those people behind anwar, just like the upcoming bersih 3.0.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Immoral Of The Story Is...

It was an amazing read. There were several opposition MPs who behaved so badly during the installation of the Yang Dipertuan Agong recently. How could that be? With all the foreign dignitaries, and I mean foreign, all prim and proper and on their most dignified during the event, how could we have fellow Malaysians, members of Parliament, acting like monkeys on crack?

For full articles on who the MPs were and how they behanved, click here, here and here

Malaysia is a country rich in culture and tradition, being made up of the major groups of Malays, Chinese, Indians and many other ethnic groups. None of these cultures have ever taught their respective groups to ever disrespect a leader, or an elderly, or in this case, the Head of the Country. Is this the beginning of of the end of Malaysians as we know them? However, I was told that, nobody was really surprised about it.

Pakatan has always been proud to be known as a proxy for certain movements that have been trying to mold the world into the shape that they want. The saying "money corrupts" should have been something they should be aware. When pakatan sold their souls to these foreign powers for fundings and consultancy, they inadvertently sold everything that they own.

Look at pas, for example, so afraid of being cut off from anwar's bottomless pockets, necame a pariah in the Malaysian politics where Islam was thrown out in favor of anwar's design of a so-called negara kebajikan, up to a point that they become so toothless to make any stand against anwar's pro-Israel statement. They even let their balls be cut off by anwar when he ousted the ulama faction from the party. Anwar knows that the ulama faction of pas has always been influential, and they stand in the way for anwar and his sponsors in their grands design for Malaysia.

With haji hadi having his guts wrenched by anwar, the latter ensures pas is ruled by anwar's equal: mat sapu. Mat sapu, scandaous and lacking in anything Islamic had his victory ensured by anwar and his cohorts. Now we have the vice president of pas, who usurped somebody's wife in the past, going around talking about how great the communists were...ironically, communists worked hard to extinct any religion from their countries, including Islam.

I can't say much about dap, as they have always been socialists...that's a spin-off from communism, but with money as religion. Morality? Well, when dap ruled Perak, they ensured that the Malays were sidelined when it comes to land distribution. When they fell off the pedestal, suddenly you can find dap leaders quoting the Qur'an to the Malays. PKR? Well, with anwar at the top of the party and chinadolls and at the back of somebody, I rest my case.

Anwar has always tried to be liberal in so many ways; he has adapted an American presidential style of campaigning, a western-lifestyle-inspired approach of politics, such as supporting Israel instead of Palestine, saying yes to apostacy and supporting Lesbians, Gays, Bi-sexuals (not surprising, ain't it?) & Trans-genders. Anything that the west promotes, anwar has embraced it. Whether it is because of his principles or pre-requisite for the foreign-fundings is anybody's guess.

Let us look at the morality of these foreign hands that hide behind pakatan. The caucasian jews have long been at work, reshaping the world. Was World War 2 and the killing of 60,000 jews or a bit more in Europe worth it? Yes, they got Jerusalem. Who says crime doesn't pay...for them, at least. Konrad Adenaeur Foundation (KAF), the International Republican Institute(IRI), National Endowment for Democracy(NED) and Open Society had their offices raided in Egypt and arrested. In United Arab Emirates, they were kicked out. The unrest in the Middle East were instigated by these groups. How high are their morals if they start bloodshed between Muslims, or even between the same ethnic groups? But that's what they're doing here. We have seen Muslims going against Muslims, and if this goes on, we'll just be South East Asia's very own Palestine.

For article on PKR and Konrad Adenauer Foundation, click here and here

The moral of these immoralities is, the incredibly bad behaviour of the opposition MPs during the installation shouldn't even be suprising to us. When they embrace the foreign NGOs agenda, their morality went out the window. Let's face it: how Malaysian and/or how Islamic are you if you embrace agendas set by people whose intentions are for the worst for Malaysians and the Muslims. Anyway, didn't we learen from hadiths that, during the end of days, there will be leaders who are both immoral and ignorant? I guess, their behaviour at the palace is a prelude to what's coming up next. We shouldn't even worry how bad their behaviour was, we have to worry more on what these people with bad behaviour have in store for Malaysia, on behalf of their western masters.

P.S.: They will only be on their best behaviour if people like Obama is in front of them, or Benjamin Netanyahu.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Support Bersih 3.0

The time has come; let's throw in our undivided support for the planned Bersih 3.0. Forget about from which jewish supremacy group the money is from, don't bring up the fact about NED and foreign NGOs who have painstakingly designed and strategized this event. Let's go and give our undying support. For that, I have completed a promotional video on why we should be there, at Dataran Merdeka on 28th of April 2012 for the event.

Bersih 3.0 - Leading Malaysia To A New Era Under....

Thursday, April 12, 2012

HRH YDP Agong Officially Installed...and Kedahans Celebrate ABAI Too

It is official; Almu'tasimu Billahi Muhibbuddin Tuanku Alhaj Abdul Halim Mu'adzam Shah Ibni Almarhum Sultan Badlishah has been officially installed as the 14th DYMM Seri Paduka Baginda Yang Dipertuan Agong in a lavish ceremony filled with Malay traditions. As a Kedahan, we are proud to have the 27th Sultan of Kedah to reign again as the DYMM YDP Agong. He was the 5th Agong who reigned from 1970-1975. Kedah has again created history: it produced 2 Prime Ministers, one who achieved Malaya's independence and the other who brought major development to the country. Now, history notes that, for the first time, the same Sultan of Kedah is elected to the throne of YDP Agong twice in his lifetime, an achievement never attained before.

Many even noted another point of history made, where during Tuanku Abdul Halim's first reign, the Prime Minister was Tun Abdul Razak and during his second, Tun Razak's son, the Prime Minister is Datuk Seri Mohd Najib bin Abdul Razak. God is great, his wonders abound and we pray that God will grant Malaysia the peace and prosperity it deserves.

The ceremony was colorful, steeped in tradition and splendour. Of course, there were reports of several opposition MPs making quite a ruckus, poking fun at dignitaries and royalties. Funny how foreign dignitaries can be very polite and dignified while Malaysia's own opposition politicians can act like some diabolical cows. But what can we expect from the sponsored pakatan? PKR is only concerned with Israel's well being, they don't care about Malaysia. The socialist dap...well, there's no need to comment further. I guess Phahrolrazi was a bit more dignified, well, of course he has to be. If anwar's plan to oust azizan goes through, he will have to get in the Agong and Sultan Kedah's good books.

While Kedahans celebrate the installation of their monarch as the new King of Malaysia, they have also been celebrating the arrival of a movement that has been going strong: A.B.A.I. or Asal Bukan Anwar Ibrahim. You can find posters of ABAI appearing almost everywhere, even in pas' stronghold areas. You can even see one at the TNB sub-station at the airport in Kepala Batas. Yes, it's not new, Kedahans just simply hate anwar ibrahim.

Maybe anwar shouldn't have supported Israel. He should've realized that he is not supporting the same Israel owned by the semitic Insraelites which were mentioned by the Al-Qur'an. He is supporting a non-semitic secular state created by the descendents of the tribe who were walled-up behind a barrier between 2 great range.

Anwar might not be surprised with pas' very own support for ABAI in Kedah. After all, anwar did, and is still, trying to oust the ulama faction in pas from the party. In fact, Kedahans are not even surprised with pas' ulama faction giving its full and yet hidden support to get rid of the israel-supporting and foreign-ngo-sponsored anwar. Many in pas Kedah can never forgive anwar and his cohorts for trying to derail azizan.

At the moment, anwar has been reported to be very disturbed by the movement, yet seems calm like a rabbi on a saturday. Not surprising, he has been taught well by organizations such as NED and NDI (who brought us turmoils in Middle East and death of Gaddafi) to act calm, but everybody can see from his face how dark and stormy his mind is. For anwar's wannabe leaders of Kedah, anwar's seemingly indifference to the ABAI movement is not giving them sweet dreams. Mahfuz and even phahrolrazi are worried that the ulama faction will oust them in the next general election via ABAI, which will destroy any chances for any of them to be the next MB. Even mat sapu, who can be seen hopping on and off Firefly Airlines to Kedah scouting for suitable areas to contest might find this disturbing. For a wife-grabbers like him who has been rejected by Kelantan, he will face an uphill battle to convince the many ulama faction of pas Kedah on why he should contest in Kedah. We would strongly suggest him to contest in Penang, but then again, with his bleak history and dark secrets at that he might try to hide, may we suggest Johor then?

Of course, there's also Johari Abdul, PKR MP of Sungai Petani. Then again, he is lost cause, with his penchant of self destruction and inability to utter a single word of truth, I think he goes down even without ABAI.

Maybe anwar shouldn't have been so high-handed in getting rid of the ulama faction of pas. Hassan Ali's ceramah in Sungai Petani was attended by...well, there were more people there compared to those who attended the pakatan rakyat convention in Kedah a few months ago. I would've compared it to Nasir Mustafa's (Kubang Rotan - PAS) ceramah in Langkawi, but I don't want people to injure themselves laughing. The ulama faction is still smarting from Hassan Ali's expulsion from his position.

Even anwar's attempt at painting a bad image of a Kedahan businessman, Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary via his beautified daughter, Nurul Izzah, backfired when more Kedahans loathing anwar and his family more than ever...while Gardenia is always sold out in most parts of Kedah. Without Syed Mokhtar's double tracking project and the Durian Burung project made pas Kedah look as if they are busy in the development of Kedah, even when pas is actually sleeping on the job. The pas state government of Kedah has, in the past 3 years, been warming up to Syed Mokhtar, and nurul izzah's statement might just give them a black eye and a backlash.

With ABAI gaining momentum in Kedah, embraced by so many, anwar is left with a weak piping time of peace. He will now have to orchestrate a tight control on his visits to Kedah to avoid any embarrassing moment. I guess, even while watching the installation of the new King, he was wondering why he is not on the throne yet. In fact, I can guess that he's wondering where is the regime change that he has ordered for Malaysia, and where are the jewish-sponsored NGOs? Maybe they're busy campaigning ABAI as well.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Friend of My Friend (Anwar) Is Our Friend...Or Do We See The Dark Of The Moon?

I have indeed missed a week or two of events in Malaysia due to my travels. Upon return and updating myself, a few reports caught my attention.

Pas' spiritual advisor was quoted as saying, that Islam does allow its followers to work together and/or have business relations as long as they have no bad or evil agenda behind it. (For complete article of this, please click here ) With certain rarity, I am bound to agree with this statement in general.

From the Holy Al-Qur'an, Hadith and history, we mostly distinguish the Jews as the Israelites, from the same Semitic line as the Arabs. By the time Muhammad S.A.W. began his mission in Mecca, there were several groups of "Arab Jews" in the Arabian Peninsular. Despite the majority being descendents of Israelites, there were a smattering of them comprising of Arabs who converted to Judaism before Islam. Most of these Arab Jews came to be there:

 * after the collapse of Kingdom of Judah in 586 BCE,
 * after the Roman conquest of Judea and the destruction of Jerusalem by Titus in 70 CE, exiles found a home in the desert,
 * being survivors of the Bar Kochba Revolt, in 135CE, who sought religious freedom in the Arabian desert rather than live under oppression by the Romans,
 * immigration, around 300 CE, by people who are known in Islamic literature as the Banu Aus and the Banu Khazraj who fled the Ghassanids in Syria.
 * migration from Judea into southern Arabian Peninsula to ride the ascent of the Himyarite Kingdom around 380 CE.

Other descendents of Israelites made their homes in other Arabic countries and even in north Africa. Their expulsions, again and again from Jerusalem or Bait-ul-Maqdis were the result of their arrogance and their intolerable attitude and disregard towards God and their blatant persecution of the Prophets appointed by God. This was made clear in the Qur'an:

“But there is a ban on a town which We have destroyed: that they (the people of the town) shall not return (to reclaim that town as their own);
(Qur’an, al-Anbiyah, 21:95)

There were conflicts before between the Jews of Mecca/Medina during Muhammad's prophethood. Bani Qaynuqa, for example, were expelled from Medina by Muhammad S.A.W. for breaking the treaty today known as The Constitution of Medina. Despite their early indifferent towards the Muslim world, for more than 1,000 years, Muslims have done business and even lived side-by-side with the Jews. In the past, we have even seen a few Jews involved in the administration or governance of Islamic countries in the Middle East and North Africa. When the Christians captured Jerusalem during the First Crusades in 1099, they went on a bloody rampage, where thousand of Muslims and Jews were massacred as the Christians have no idea how to distinguish between the two. The Jews who fled knew that as long as they stick with the Muslims, they will be safe.

With the collapse of Spanish Muslims Cordoba Caliphate , the Spaniards introduced the Spanish Inquisition in 1480 that saw thousands of Muslims and Jews in Spain tortured to death in order to force them to convert. Again, the Jews fled with the Muslims, mostlt to Turkey and other Islamic countries. Among the favorite methods used by the Inquisitors to detect the Muslims was serving pork at banquets as both Muslims and Jews are forbidden to eat them.

Today, these descendents of Israelites comprise only 20% or less of the population in the modern state of Israel. So, who are the biggest jewish population of Israel?

History notes a bizarre twist in the Israelites' fate and a decline in their fortunes. The Israelites' Kingdom in Jerusalem were destroyed by the combined forces of Babylonian and Scythian army under Nebuchadnezzar in 597BC. The Scythians did most of the destruction, leaving behind a completely destroyed nation, almost wiping its trace from the world.

The Scythians were a powerful group, originating from the northern part of the world, behind a great mountain range of the north, the Caucasus. They were very destructive in nature and caused a lot of death, misery and damage wherever they attack and pillage. Their only way in and out of their homeland is a pass between the two mountainous range. Manybiblical prophets wrote in their testaments of these people, one even referring them as "a boiling cauldron from the north." Scythians can trace their line back to Noah through Japeth or Yafet bin Noh.

Israelites were captured and brought to Babylon where the Israelites spent the next 57 years as slaves. When a just king, Dhul Qarnain (Dzulqarnain) conquered Babylon in 540BC, he proclaimed the freedom for Israelites whereby returning them to Jerusalem where they remained until they were expelled again by the Romans in 70CE.

The rampage and destruction brought on by the Scythians drummed fear into almost every civilization in the then-known world. Some Islamic scholars believe that it was the Georgians who met and implored help from the just king, Dhul Qarnain to stop these barbarians, despite not being part of his empire. The just king constructed a dam-like wall of iron and copper that cuts off the pass between the two range which disallowed the Scythians from going in or out to the then-known civilization.

They said, "O Dhul-Qarnayn, indeed Gog and Magog are [great] corrupters in the land. So may we assign for you an expenditure that you might make between us and them a barrier?" He said, "That in which my Lord has established me is better [than what you offer], but assist me with strength; I will make between you and them a dam. Bring me sheets of iron" - until, when he had leveled [them] between the two mountain walls, he said, "Blow [with bellows]," until when he had made it [like] fire, he said, "Bring me, that I may pour over it molten copper." So Gog and Magog were unable to pass over it, nor were they able [to effect] in it any penetration.

[Dhul-Qarnayn] said, "This is a mercy from my Lord; but when the promise of my Lord comes, He will make it level, and ever is the promise of my Lord true." And We will leave them that day surging over each other, and [then] the Horn will be blown, and We will assemble them in [one] assembly.
Surah Al-Kahfi 94-99

As time passes, the Scythians evolved and cultured themselves, officially embracing Judaism in the 8th century. Their kingdom was known as Khazaria. The attacks by the Russians drove the Khazars away into Europe where they blend in with the population, "surging over each other. Yes, I agree with some of the Islamic scholars that the iron and copper wall is no more. Is there any surprise that most white people are known as Caucasians? Despite the Jews flooding into eastern europe, the German Jews became quite dominant, especially the Ashkenazi Jews. Yiddish, which is a high german language of the German Jews, written in Hebrew alphabets became the almost official language of the non-Semitic European or Caucasian Jews.

The Caucasian jews replicated the Israelite jews so much, to a point of perfection, up to a point that they feel that they are Israelites and the land prmosed to Abraham's children is theirs, and theirs alone. The land stretches from the Nile to the banks of Euphrates. They were almost solely responsible for introducing usury-based systems in banking and insurance to Europe where it flourished. Migrations to the new world (USA) gave them more opportunities to control significant elements that will influence and shape the future, such as mass-media and the entertainment industry. The caucasian jews-controlled media manipulated the term Semitic to include them, and exclude the Arabs. Movie studios, controlled by these jews churned out movies which in the long run, plays into their favor, amplifying their manufactured wars on the plight of the Jews in Europe to gain sympathy. They loaned billions of dollars for US to fight the war, and in return, the British Mandate of Palestine fell into their hands.

Caucasian jews were already accumulating in areas surrounding Jerusalem in the late 19th century. Is it strange to see how jewish terrorists and all the jewish heroes of Israel in Palestine of the past were comprised of non-semitic jews? Moshe Dayan was a Ukrainian Jew, and none of the Prime Ministers of Israel are Israelites. Even the founder of Zionism is non-Semitic. The very organized Jewish Mafia of Israel comprise of non-semitic jews as well.

Let's understand a few basic elements here:
1) Not all Israelites are Jews, some have converted to other religion such as Islam and Christians throughout time
2) Not all jews are Israelites (semitic), the Caucasian (Russian/European) Jews are descended from Japhet Bin Noh.
3) Not all Caucasians are Jews
4) Not all Jews are Zionists; there are many Jews (both Semitic & Non-Semitic) who are against the killing of Palestinians and there are also Jews who feels that there SHOULDN'T even be a state of Israel.
5) Not all Zionists are Jews; many Christians are Zionists as well, such as Al Gore, Joe Biden and Madeleine Albright (despite her background of being Czech-jewish parentage, she is a Roman Catholic)
6) Lastly, a very well known but less spread information : Being an anti-jew is never anti-semitic. To be anti-semitic means that one has hatred and against the children of Sem bin Noh, namely 2 ethnics (brethrens): Arabs and Israelites

By a strange twist, or perhaps, irony, the tribe that destroyed the Kingdom of Israel and Judah became the saviour for the Israelite descendants. The Caucasian Jews brought the Israelites back to Jerusalem, fulfilling the prophecy stated in the Qur'an:

“But there is a ban on a town which We have destroyed: that they (the people of the town) shall not return (to reclaim that town as their own); until Gog and Magog are let through (their barrier), and they swiftly spread out in every direction (replicating themselves amongst all the peoples of the world).”
(Qur’an, al-Anbiyah, 21:95-96)

The requirements were completed. The Israelites were returned to Bait-ul-Maqdis by the already-blended Caucasian Jews who were freed from the iron-copper wall. The end of times are here, the countdown has been on even when Muhammad S.A.W. was appointed as the final Prophet by God. We are currently living in a Pax America world, but we can already smell the coming of Pax Judaica, a world run by the the children of Scythians for their one-eyed master, ruling from Jerusalem.

After all of these long walks into history, let's go back to nik aziz' statement. His statement seems to be double edged, and I am not absolutely sure who it is really meant to. If he was supporting Haji Hadi when the latter stated that it is okay to deal with Jews, it certainly is a selfish one, as pas usually is. I don't want to bring up the Israeli cricket team issue of the 1990s anymore as other blogs have dealt with it. However, I would like to see nik aziz stating this to anwar ibrahim over his choice of friends and allies. Why does anwar chose to ally with people like Paul Wofowitz, a Polish Jew, also a neo-con who master-minded the attack on Iraq? He is a strong supporter of the Zionists and associated with the think-tank known as Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA). He is responsible for the attack on Iraq.

Another good friend of Anwar and pakatan is Madeleine Albright, a daughter of Czech-Jewish parents who converted to Roman Catholic when Hitler invaded the country. Long considered as a "close friend of Zionists", she was quoted on 60 Minutes, on 12 May 1996, in reference to genocidal sanctions against Iraq,

Questio: "We have heard that a half million children have died. I mean, that's more children than died in Hiroshima. And, you know, is the price worth it?"

Madeleine Albright responded, "I think this is a very hard choice, but the price, we think the price is worth it."

Anwar's other friends include Joe Esposito, Michael Camdessus and many more who are long associated with the close relationship to Zionists. Also included are his association with National Endowment for Democracy, Council for Foreign Relations, Accountability, Foundation for the Future and Open Society which receive funds from the same piggy bank that donates billions to the Zionists. These are not the zionists who has no evil agenda behind them.

Nik aziz and pas, along with the Muslims in pkr, must ask themselves, "Is the friend of my beloved leader is our friend?" Or has the moon darken itself in pas? Talk to anwar then, does pas really want to be another so-called Islamic party that is run by and bows down to Zionists? At least, if nik aziz stands his ground, he can finally carry out his responsibilities as a caring Muslim for once. Are anwar's allies the friends that we Malaysians need? Or should we understand more on what Surah Al-Rum is trying to tell us?

Nik aziz's statement is like a blanket too short, it covered Hadi, yet it uncovered anwar's butt, opening it to slaps and pokes.

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