Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pas Whipped Up By Storms

ALOR SETAR (Sinar Harian) - Lebih 150 rumah rosak manakala sebuah daripadanya ranap sama sekali akibat dilanda ribut kencang yang disertai hujan lebat petang semalam.

Tiga kawasan yang dilanda ribut itu ialah di Kuala Kedah, Alor Setar dan Pokok Sena.

Ribut kira-kira dua jam bermula pukul 6 petang itu meranapkan sebuah rumah Projek Perumahan Rakyat Termiskin (PPRT) milik Shafie Chat, 70, di Kampung Simpang Empat Kuar, Mukim Padang Lalang, Alor Janggus.

Penolong Pegawai Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat Kota Setar Rusmini Meh berkata, pegawai-pegawai jabatan itu telah dihantar ke kawasan terbabit untuk mendapatkan butiran lengkap bagi membolehkan bantuan disalur kepada semua mangsa.

Sementara itu, Timbalan Ketua UMNO bahagian Kuala Kedah Datuk Abdul Mutalib Haron melawat mangsa ribut turut menghulurkan bantuan segera kepada mereka sehingga pukul 1 pagi tadi.

Beliau berkata, UMNO Kuala Kedah juga akan menggerakkan Persatuan Belia 4B di kawasan terbabit untuk bergotong-royong membaiki rumah yang rosak itu.

Before taking over Kedah, for decades pas has been connecting any sort of weather turmoil, or natural disaster in Kedah as the wratch of God unleashed to punish Kedahans for electing Barisan Nasional to power. At the same time, when the same thing happened to Kelantan under their rule, it is just a test by God.

When Kedah was hit by floods in 2005, there they were, pas making remarks on how Kedahans were punished by God for electing Barisan Nasional to power. The floods of 2010, well, they tried to keep their mouths shut, but busted open when Kedahans remarked how they were punished even worse for bringing pas to power in Kedah.

Strange that under pas, it seems Kedah got hit by natural disasters again and again, and each event reveals the true face of pas. Who can ever forget pas evicting 103 flood victims from the evacuation center, taking back their aid of sardines from one relief center, disappearing for almost 3 days after Taman Wira Mergong was hit by a twister, and to name a few.

Now with 150 reported property damages, God knows how long pas representatives will disappear. Well, we did hear that UB Nasir of Kuala Kedah went to visit the grief-stricken area. We're not surprised about that as he doesn't have much to do anyway. What surprises us is that he is in Kedah for once. So far, the pas government has always been known to visit disaster areas and victims, but that's about it. Up to now, only UMNO has offered aid to the victims in any way possible.

Maybe pas should realize that everything in life can come to a full circle: what you labeled as God's wrath on other people can catch up on you as well. Worse of all, where BN succeeded in tackling the flood issue, pas government sank beneath the waves, ending up with water on the brain and blowing more hot air. pas should realize that they are not God, nor are they interpreters for God. The weather phenomenal is a global matter, not just Malaysia. We do hope, once in their lives, try to think with an open mind. Maybe should learn to use their knowledge of religion, if any exists, and use it in appropriate proportions. Either that, or tell mahfuz to stop singing; pas has already been raining crap in Kedah.

Monday, March 28, 2011

When ANWAR Met Eskay...Like He Didn't

I was always made to understand, and I have always observe that, everytime anwar cries conspiracy against him, it always means that anwar is conspiring something, and his so-called truths have always been blatant lies. But who doesn't know that?

The is an interesting article by AIDC on anwar ibrahim denying that he knows Syazril Eskay Abdullah, and I am including the whole article here for all to scrutinize the details:


When Anwar Denied Knowing Datuk Syazrly Eskay
AIDCNews – 28/03/11 – Anwar’s denial that he had ever known Datuk Syazrly Eskay Abdullah has brought back memories of three years ago, when the sodomy II case first came to the fore in June 2008.

At that time, like now, Anwar denied ever knowing that young man Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan.

It was only after three years that the public came to know of Anwar’s relationship with Mohd Saiful.
Fast forward to the present, we are looking at a replay of the same modus operandi.

On the afternoon of March 21, 2011 Anwar called for an urgent media conference at the PKR headquarters to categorically deny being the man in the sex video clip which had taken the country by storm.

Subsequently, pro-Anwar news portal, Malaysiakini reported that Anwar denied knowing who ‘Datuk T’ was that he was not the man portrayed in the video by virtue of not having an obvious paunch. Anwar made all these denial despite not watching the video in the first place.

    Malaysiakini: “I was informed that the man in the video looked like me…the only thing is his belly is much bigger than mine,” he said to around of laughter from PKR leaders present…commenting further, Anwar said he had never known “Datuk T”, who was reported to be involved in the screening of the said video.
Johari Informs Anwar

During the media conference Anwar confessed he was informed about the contents of the video clip by someone, and that was why he confidently declared that it was not him. Who told Anwar? Johari Abdul?

Two days after that, YB Johari Abdul, PKR Member of Parliament for Sungai Petani emerged confessing that he had watched the video at 4 pm on March 21 at the Hotel Flamingo in Ampang.

    Johari’s media statement: “I was brought to Hotel Flamingo, Ampang and promptly ushered to a Junior Suite room. I met Tan Sri Rahim Thamby Chik and Dato’ Eskay Shazrly Abdullah who were waiting in the room. I was also accompanied by an acquaintance…Dato’ Eskay Shazrly Abdullah began talking to me. He said I was the first Member of Parliament to watch the video, which was being played. He asked my views of Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim…”

In the media statement dated March 23, which was published by many pro-Anwar internet portals, Johari was never reported to have mentioned the presence of his uncle Datuk Shuib Lazim, who was one of the “Datuk T” trio.

In that first media statement he only focused on Dato’ Eskay Shazrly Abdullah and Tan Sri Rahim Thamby Chik, but on March 24 he did an about turn and confirmed his uncle’s presence.

Now, why would Johari’s statements vary according to the situation?

Hence, it can be concluded that it was Johari who had informed Anwar because he was, invariably, the first among PKR leaders to view the video clip.

And so if Johari had told Anwar how much bigger the belly of the man was compared to his, it seems quite impossible for Anwar not to have asked him who brought him to the viewing? It is also unbelievable that Johari had not told him about the Datuk T trio, comprising Datuk Shazrly Eskay Abdullah, Tan Sri Rahim Thamby Chik and Datuk Shuib Lazim.

If all these had been reported to Anwar, it is also impossible that the de facto leader could deny all as though he did not know the trio.

It was because of such discrepancies that the public saw Johari’s media statement as posing much disadvantage for Anwar.

This was due to the fact that Johari had acted as the conduit for Syazrly being privy to Anwar’s liking for brothels and clubs in Thailand, as well as Syarly’s checking into the room next to the one where the video was recorded.

Blogger ‘Another Brick in the Wall’ (ABIW) said Johari’s statement was a lie, and that he lied on the name of his uncle, Shuib Lazim.

    ABIW: When asked about Johari’s statement, Shuid told this blogger that, “Son of a pig…I handled all…obviously I hold responsibility…”

The Long Relationship between Syazrly Eskay and Anwar

“I have known Anwar since 1996,” said Shazrly Eskay to the media. “I have long been used by this person named Anwar Ibrahim. However, I was not treated like how Mohd Saiful was treated. I am a normal man“, he said at the media conference at Impiana Hotel, which described his personal connection to the de facto PKR leader since the time he was the Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance.

Although Anwar had tried to deny ever knowing Syazrly Eskay, nevertheless individuals close to Anwar would say otherwise.

A former PKR blogger who claimed that Syazrly Eskay was very close to Anwar said he even followed him to Oxford in 2004 after his release from prison, when the de facto PKR leader was appointed Visiting professor at St Anthony’s College.

It was during that time that Anwar introduced Syazrly Eskay to his friends as a physiotherapist engaged to attend to his back problems.

Blogger Kickdefella who had once worked for Anwar’s crony YB Husam Musa corroborated this information.

According to him Syazrly Eskay was a physiotherapist engaged to help treat Anwar’s back problems due to a fall from a horse when he was the Deputy Prime Minister.

Meanwhile, blogger “MulutMelayu-Realiti” produced two newspaper clippings on Syazrly Eskay’s background.

One of the clippings was from NST dated May 2003, which reported about Dato’ Shazrly Eskay Abdullah and wife Toh Puan Ramzah Kassim’s visit to Oklahoma and working temporarily there.

A more detailed background of Shazrly Eskay can be found at “” (PAO). Here

    PAO: While visiting Langkawi, he (Anwar) suffered a fall from a horse. Datuk SEA (Shazrly Eskay Abdullah) became his physiotherapist or masseur. It happened in 1996…it was history…Remember how Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim often complained of back pains when he was in Sungai Buloh? And so, Anwar had required the services of Datuk SEA, who commenced treatment for his ailment. That was his reason for requiring Datuk SEA’s services until now.

According to the blog, based on the close relationship between Anwar and Shazrly Eskay as physiotherapist or masseur, it would not be surprising to know that he would ask for a physiotherapist for special massage at a spa.

    PAO: They were together at a hotel with a spa. Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim required his services again. Datuk SEA came and booked a room next to Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s room. After the massage session they retired to their respective rooms. Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim had then asked for extra services from a China Doll…the following day both friends left the spa, but unfortunately his client (Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim) left his Omega wristwatch.

    PAO: The rest can be found in the sex video preferred by Datuk T…now it makes sense why Anwar had asked Datuk SEA to fetch his watch for him. He (Datuk SEA) was his physiotherapist and masseur…

Blogger Papagomo who said he, too, had seen the video agreed that the man committing adultery was Anwar Ibrahim, despite the latter’s vehement denial.

According to Papagomo the video was recorded from four positions and Anwar’s face and that of the Chinese woman could clearly be discerned due to the use of the latest technology, which would have been imported from Taiwan.

The chronology of the sex video began when Anwar Ibrahim directed Datuk Shazrly Eskay to get his Omega wristwatch from the room where he committed the adulterous act.

According to Papagomo, in the video it was shown how the Chinese prostitute stole Anwar’s Omega watch and placed it in her handbag.

After failing to find the watch around the room, Datuk Shazrly Eskay searched the TV rack in front of the bed where he found several wires, which led to the source.

Further investigations found the wires embedded within the TV and hooked to four hidden tiny video cameras.

Datuk Shazrly Eskay, henceforth, unhooked all the wires and then left the room taking only the CATCH video recorder that contained the recording of the activities in the room.

Papagomo said Datuk Shazrly Eskay finally found Anwar’s Omega wristwatch when he threatened the prostitute that he would report her to the captain of the Chinese prostitutes, if she did not return the wristwatch.

Datuk Shazrly Eskay informed Anwar that he had found the Omega watch, but he did not tell him about finding the CATCH video recorder.

Anwar then told Datuk Shazrly Eskay to keep the watch, while at the same time jokingly said, “Don’t you lose it, or else I will have a big problem with Kak Wan.”

Apabila Anwar Nafi Kenal Datuk Syazrly Eskay
Anwar's lies will be eating himself...

Friday, March 25, 2011

Pakatan's One-Eyed Truth, Whatever The View

So it has begun, yes, pakatan and their one-eyed supporters will be having a Solat Hajat session on the 28th of March 2011 at 7pm. Where? It will be at Stadium Malawati. Well, let them begin the beguine.

Some might wonder why this writing is in support of what they will be doing. Well, nothing should stop the truth from coming out. Truth that they want, Insya'Allah, truth will be what they'll have. But pakatan really should be ready to accept the truth in any form it may be. History has shown that they have so far prayed for the truth, and yet denied it.

I still remember clearly how pas started jeering, shouting, hooting, revving up motorcycle engines and even jumping up and down when the liberal Islamic figure, Astora Jabat talked when they challenged him to a so-called debate. It is understandable that they were much below his level to debate on anything, but they also chose to act so when he tried to spread the truth. That was bad, worse was when they bragged about it. That reminds me of a part of history when our Prophet Muhammad tried to preach the teachings of Islam and the Quraisy did similar things (except the motorcycle bit) to drown his voice. Imagine that, pas wanting the truth, and they start behaving a heated baboons in mating season when the truth comes.

They did a similar action back in 1998/99 during anwar's first sodomy charge. Truth came raining in so many ways, but they chose to repel it away. What if, truth comes down in one big thud in front of them, and they don't like what the truth is, would they turn away from what they prayed for? Certainly they are still frustrated when their prayers to have Tun Mahathir die just like that didn't come true. Definitely more frustrating is that Tun is still around, Alhamdulillah, and kept serving them cans of whoop-ass, especially to n.ajis and kapal sink.

Shouldn't they pray for individuals like anwar ibrahim and johari abdul try to at least tell the truth, even a wee smidgen? Aye, that's the rub people might want to hear more. But let's face it, the prayers will just be just something that they hope to be the truth, no matter how wrong it may be. I mean, pakatan has always been selective in their accusations. What am I saying? Let's see: to demand a sample of DNA from anwar is wrong and unlawful, and the judge's decision has been condemned by pakatan as unfair. Will it be unfair to rape and sodomy victims when they find out that their chances of bringing sexual predators to justice deemed dead and buried because the DNA found has been deemed illegal?

Come to think of it, why is anwar fighting tooth and nail about the admission of the DNA samples? Shouldn't it be a relief if the samples can clear him...? Really...and who knows, it can finally acquit him from those treacherous accusations that he fathered shamsidar's daughter?

Pakatan even has their own committee on the so-called selective prosecution. That's nice, they should be protesting on why anwar has always been given so much chances that other people who was brought to court? Postponement upon postponement, till the public are sick and tired of anwar. But then again, the committee has always been if they will ever demand thatn tiang chua be brought to justice for crashing into a motorcyclist.

The latest sex-tape scandal really opened up a new can of worms in pakatan. We now know how many pkr MPs are willing to cross-over for a fee. Wow, MPs for sale...well, what new with pkr anyway? Johari Abdul tried to sell his version of the story to the press about his uncle, Shuaib Lazim who, according to him, tried to buy him over. That sounds nice, but the problem is: people of his own parliamentary constituency has never believed him. Basically, you can still hear the public in Sungai Petani laughing at his version. Worse of all, he received a phone-call full of tongue-lashing from his uncle. Well, maybe Johari should teach his children and nephews never to tell fibs about somebody elder.

Just like a pkr to ask for something as a "lubricant" and I was referring to it financially. He even brought friends to claim more too. That is the true mark of a leader. Well, just like any Sungai Petani member of the public, we all know that johari is a thing of nothing, and his days are numbered. Let's hope his uncle will forgive him one day, and stop giving his nephew an earful everytime they talk.

There is no stopping the truth if God chooses to grant it upon us, but to deny it is a travesty. Will pakatan ever learn this? As I have mentioned before, pakatan has always been looking for crisis to champion, but the crisis is now upon them. What version of truth will they be out searching for now? The truth will be here, just make sure you actually are ready to embrace it.

Well, all I can say about anwar and pakatan's version of truth is, I quote the Al-Qur'an, Surah Al-Baqarah, Ayat 6:

إِنَّ الَّذِينَ كَفَرُواْ سَوَاءٌ عَلَيْهِمْ أَأَنذَرْتَهُمْ أَمْ لَمْ تُنذِرْهُمْ لاَ يُؤْمِنُونَ (2:6)

BEHOLD, as for those who are bent on denying the truth - it is all one to them whether thou warnest them or dost not warn them: they will not believe.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Trio Of Datuk T - Raw & Recorded

There you have it, from surprises to shocks. What a week it has been; from the sex-video, to the admission of the 3 items as evidence in anwar's sodomy trial to the final revelation of the day: the one-time elusive Datuk T. Now we know, it is not "a" person, there are 3 of them.

I need not write more and comment on what they were or are up to, let's just listen for ourselves. On a strange note, we read with amusement how Sungai Petani MP, Johari Abdul saying that the video is a bunch of tripe...that statement, which came out from the mouth that has always been full of tripe. Why I say so? Well, ask people of Sungai Petani, they've been calling him a liar for the past 3 years, and for a liar to brand somebody, well, maybe RM1 million....we'll see more of that story soon.

...and what does wan jijah want with the video anyway? does anwar know the features of the studmuffin in the video without watching...anyway...

On to the video...

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Anwar, His DNA & Kedah La Nie At The End Of The tether

Is there any where for anwar ibrahim to turn to without somebody shoving the question whether he will submit his DNA sample or not? I guess not, and that's what anwar has been condemned to. Gone are the days where his paid (sponsored) supporters rallied to his cause, which none of them had any idea what they were, and on cue from the cash-controllers, riot through the streets of KL.

Anwar is so incensed that he could no longer sponsor anarchists to riot outside the court where his sodomy case is being tried. His sponsored bloggers are not only running out of steam, but remain flaccid and rigid on this issue. Everywhere there are demonstrations demanding that anwar submit his DNA sample. Everywhere across the country, including in kampung areas, people talk of how scared anwar looks. Well, I guess anwar's acting is not up to par lately, he tried smiling, but his eyes and his body language tells a different story. A senior citizen I met in Kuala Nerang even stated, "You want to know when anwar is lying? When he opens his mouth." To add to anwar's ire, even a number of PKR officials joined the demonstrations.

DAP are trying hard to ignore or be dragged into the anwar issue. Sure, now they'll be saying that they'll be behind anwar all the time...and I'm sure anwar definitely loves that expression. Just like anwar's western sponsors, if anwar is sent to prison, dap will sever all ties as he cannot be of any use to them.

It is just surprising to see that, a party who demands to be known as being "more Islamic than Islam" has been dilly-dallying on this issue. It is understandable that the factions are at odds as the ulama faction agrees that anwar should submit his DNA sample, while the erdogan faction...well, let's look at this: anwar goes, erdogan faction collapses.

I read AloQStaQ's blog (for full article, click here ), on which he takes on another blog known as Kedah La Nie . Kedah La Nie tried to insinuate on how UMNO is trying so hard to ensure anwar's conviction. Gee, I wonder if they realized that pas, via mat sapu is the first to label anwar as Al-Juburi? Of course, just like everybody else, Kedah La Nie knows that there are many pas members who joined the demonstrations as well. In short, they're trying hard to rally a support for anwar and ignore anything about anwar's backdoor life. I think that's far cry from azizan's statement of "you want to do your work, do it in the Islamic way."

Maybe Kedah La Nie has been sitting to snugly and pretty in their office in Wisma Darulaman and receiving their paychecks for too long to see anything with both eyes. In fact, we do know that a few of the team detest anwar, but since the cheques come from the pas government, and pas still has a ring on the nose, tethered by anwar, they simply have no choice but to submit to anwar. Well, it's just too bad, while many bloggers enjoy their freedom to write, Kedah La Nie incarcerated themselves by bowing down to a master that even many in pas hates. I guess bloggers like AloQStaq, Kedah times and many more do enjoy themselves in writing and criticizing who they want, be it on Barisan or the odious Pakatan. The Kedah La Nie office at Wisma Darulaman and the money must be that good for them to sacrifice their freedom to write.

Everything aside Kedah la Nie, wouldn't it be Islamic to ensure justice is carried out? Or did you sacrifice Islam like what pas has done when they sold their soul to anwar?

Oh yes, anwar, before you start bull-crapping the Sarawakians, don't forget to submit your DNA sample.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Video: Gelombang Merah Kedah Darul Aman - Masa Untuk Berubah

Three years of pas ruling Kedah has only revealed more and more of their incompetency and shortcomings. Kedahans are sick and tired of pas' drama and bull, and the time has arrived to make a change; a change that will determine the future of Kedah and the people, free of pas and their inept administration and deceitful follies.

The wave is here...Gelombang Merah Kedah Darul Aman : Gelombang Kebangkitan Rakyat

Hanging Out With Azizan and His Pas Boys.

'Tis the weekend that Malaysians await with bated breath over what's going to happen in the next few days. Yes, will Mr. Y provide his once-free-flowing DNA sample for justice or not. Well, deep in my heart, I feel that it will never happen. Sources close to PKR have revealed that Mr. Y is having sleepless nights, what with the demos held over several locations demanding that he provides the samples. I think there will be more demos to be held, most probably at the court. Despite most pas members feel the same way like most Malaysians, the party bigwigs are still trying to act as if anwar is innocent. Nice try, pas, but not doing that well, Malaysians know you need anwar despite being a liability.

The past few days, Kedahans have been flocking to the Karnival Kedah Sejahtera. Pas Kedah is currently celebrating their 3-years of ruling Kedah. Many of the stall-owners enjoy the brisk sales. Sadly, pas still had to import supporters in order to fill up the huge space during their ceramahs carried out during the fair. It's not that Kedahans are not interested in their ceramahs; it's just that they don't care. Who, in their right mind, would want to see a stuttering khalid ibrahim talk? Even bob lokman's name is not pulling in the crowd this time.

Words are going around fast in Kedah, and there are many who know that pas is desperately looking for support. An NGO known as Perkasa is gaining support from the Malay masses, and many from pas have joined the organization, much to pas Kedah’s chagrin. Why is that? Perkasa has been responsible for the Malays' return to UMNO, which seems to be kicking pas in the nuts during the previous by-elections. Maybe it's understandable why pas chose to use "Perkasa"kan Kedah Sejahtera" for the carnival, and part of Gelombang Merah's "Masa Untuk Berubah" tagline.

Despite the charade of a united front in pas Kedah, things are not that rosy, and I wouldn't even say that's behind-the-scenes. The person in the center of the quagmire is none other than azizan, the mb himself. By not conforming to pas pusat's wishes, azizan has earned the ire of hadi; and not giving in to the erdogans earned him the wrath of n.ajis and anwar. Anwar? Well, it came as no surprise, Azizan's relatives still remark how much Azizan hates anwar. Among the biggest trait of azizan that made almost everybody in pas hopping mad, is his admiration of Tun Mahathir. Azizan has been known to have met Tun on several occasions for advice. That could've been the last straw. Adding insult to injury is that azizan not only didn't bother when na.jis received the world-wide slap from Tun, he also put his thumbs up.

Azizan's choleric temper is also not helping pas Kedah’s cause...whatever they are. Wisma Darulaman's staffs have stated that azizan's exco meetings are legendary, and his choice of words used in anger pictures him as anything but Islamic. Betting on whether azizan will be using choice words during exco meetings nowadays have been considered lame, and they might expand the business to bets on which choice words he will choose.

Azizan's extreme short fuse and temperamental disposition has kept other Kedah pakatan members away, and only phahrolrazi is the only one willing to be close to him. Azizan has usually been described to a famous European, Rip Van Winkle, while most of his job has been carried out by amiruddin. Understandably, ameruddin has been claiming himself as the "Deputy Menteri Besar" despite there is no such position under the Kedah constitution. Adding to the turmoil is that lately it has been revealed that azizan has hand-picked and grooming
phahrolrazi to be his successor. This definitely does not gel well with amiruddin. That might explain why amiruddin "usurped" azizan's position during DYMM Sultan Kedah's birthday by being the head person to introduce members of the state government to HRH The Sultan of Kedah, while azizan stares from the back.

It's bad enough azizan is at odds with his exco and the other pakatan state assemblymen, it's worse when you know that he is also at odds with Taib Azamudeen. Well, he is also on the worst terms with mahfuz, but like pas always say, "Why bother, it's only mahpoos." If you're a pas Kedah member, maybe you'll understand why pas Kedah regards mahfuz as a comic relief. Great, who knows? Anwar might give Kedahans a clown for an MB like Selangor...not that we're far off at this moment.

It was told by Wisma staffs and media members how azizan was extremely angry after the Kedah flood of 2010, due to his administration in handling it. The inability of his exco members to answer and/or explain their whereabouts (or disappearance) during the flood only fueled the fire. The fuse was really lit when the reporter asked Azizan about his state government's failure. The media only tried to highlight the plight of the flood victims and that's how azizan reacted. Wow!

It is understandable how the fractured state government failed time and time again in dealing with the issues that really matters. With all the in-fighting, power-struggle within pas Kedah itself, we might see its disastrous result popping its head up soon. At this moment, pas Kedah are also roasting in their own juices with the Gelombang Merah, a wave brought by Mukhriz Mahathir. Why does it worry them? The younger generation has been flocking to the wave since it first landed, and they're still losing more. The so-called celebration held at Stadium Darulaman? That's a shameful sham, their 3 year rule is a disaster, judging from their failures in handling anything, from the nitty-gritty, right down to economy.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Is Mine Longer Or Yours? Measuring Bob Lokman's Yardstick

Islam is a religion that teaches us that all human are created equal, without prejudice to rich, poor, or even the color of your skin. We saw this past few weeks how local celebrity, Bob Lokman joined Pas to a loud fanfare, trumpeting from north and south and carrying him on their shoulders from one campaign to another. My neighbor's nephew also made the unfortunate choice to join pas, and to further his unfortunate choice, the receptionist at his local pas branch told him to drop his membership form on the counter and check back in a few days. I'm glad pas has nothing to do Islam, despite their poor acting.

There might be some of you who asks "who in the world is Bob Lokman?" I understand, I don't know anything about him either. I was told by a friend a few days back that Bob was the lyricist for the  mega-hit by local rock-band, Search. Maybe that serves me right because I was more into a France-based Malaysian superstar back then. I understand also that Bob was involved in many local shows and was also one of the critics/judge for the reality show, Raja Lawak.

I've read about individuals looking for salvation by converting to Islam, such as cat Stevens. The way Bob lokman described his intention, it was quite strange that a Muslim tries to find salvation by joining a political party. Does that mean that all of those who changed their lives by converting to Islam will be condemned because they never joined pas for salvation? I don't know, I'm not a pas member, I'm just a Muslim. Come to think of it, how does one redeem himself by campaigning for political parties?

The political party known as pas practises a bizarre religion. They pride themselves as either deity or god-like figures where they have the authority to label people as Muslims or infidels. They are even proud to have their supporters bragging that they will go to heaven because they have voted for pas many times in their lives. They have the authority to judge already qualified Imams as unworthy on the basis of political party leanings. They judge anybody who co-operates with non-Muslims as infidels...but of cpourse, if pas works with the anti-Islamic dap, it is considered Islamic. I'm not sure whether this double-standard practise is ever part of Islamic teaching, but I'm sure n.ajis might be able to wiggle his way out of that too. Worse among all, pas is now an ardent supporter of the pluralism king...yes, the back door guy, anwar ibrahim. And this is what Bob Lokman chose to sink his feet in.

A man is judged by his amal ibadat and his duties to God, and not the political party they choose. Pas, mind you, is just another political party. If they are so Islamic, why split Muslims in Malaysia apart just on the basis of political choice? I'm not sure whether Bob is aware, but there are various Islamic organizations that can guide him down the road of righteousness, without having to involve himself in political parties that disguise themselves as Islamic. There are Islamic scholars who provide the guidance needed. Perhaps if he tried to set himself straight first, then he wouldn't be complaining about whether his family might end up in hell or not. Y'know Bob, it might surprise you that many Muslims became better Muslims without having to join or get anywhere near pas.

Nobody has any idea of what his intentions are, it could be noble, it could be political, but only God, and of course, Bob knows on why he chose what he chose. But from his descriptions on why, one might wonder how he measured his yardstick of life. By the way Bob, why not invite people to join Islam instead of splitting Muslims in pas and Muslims in the rest of the world? Now THAT'LL be something noble.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wanted : Anwar's DNA's The Key...

There you have it: the attempt by the Prosecution to admit the DNA obtained from a towel, mineral water bottle and comb as the comparison to the DNA obtained from Saiful's specimen has been struck out. One might think that anwar and his cohorts, along with his half-blind supporters are rejoicing, but no. Looks like anwar just got himself out from the pothole and might be driving straight into a ditch. Well, maybe pakatan people might go to kampung areas and spin the story anyway, but they might be surprised to find that kampung people are never stupid...unless if we're talking about mahfuz.

For many legal beavers, they were quite surprised that the Prosecution pressed their luck by submitting that evidence. Police procedural drama lovers such as CSI, Bones, Criminal Minds and other shows might remember authorities getting DNA samples from evidence disposed by criminals. But there is no such thing in Malaysia as we have not passed that law yet. Any samples for DNA must be obtained in the most legal way, with full knowledge of the accused.

DNA works both ways, it can incriminate or exonerate the person accused. There have been cases where wrongly convicted individuals finally found innocent after being locked up for many years in prison, as the DNA evidence technology increases. How precise is DNA? As the building block of all living things on earth, it gives a 99% positive identification from who the sample came from, that's saying it in layman's term.

Anwar still cannot raise his fists in the air and jump with joy. As the DNA evidence that was used for comparison have been deemed "obtained unlawfully", will we finally see the DNA sample finally be obtained legally? I think that's what everybody wants...well, we can't say for anwar though. Frankly, after watching him fled from the proximity of Ummi Hafilda's speech and having to duck from anybody asking about the contents of her speech, submitting DNA wilfully might be a question that can tear his hair out.

But hey, anwar should submit, as it will clear up a lot of things that he has always claim as conspiracy against him. All those bloggers who accuse him of fathering Afifah (daughter of Shamsidar and nobody knows for sure) can be finally answered, and maybe he can prove those bloggers wrong. Who knows, he can make a few bucks from it too. Best of all, he can finally clear up the court case and get back to his campaign to wrest Malaysia away from Muslims. Like what we wrote before, DNA is the building block of ALL LIVING THINGS. anwar's DNA seems to be the building block for his future, and so far, also a stumbling block for him. C'mon what is he worried about? Give them a sample and get on with it.

If he still refuses, more people will be suspicious to as why wouldn't this chap try to clear his name? So far, why does anwar seem to think that "he'll be damned if he does, damned if he doesn't"?

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Checkmate, Anwar? Your Move Next...

Ok, so I don't really need to explain in this posting, Ummi is telling all about the butthead known as Anwar Ibrahim and his triangle of...well...

There are so many things people can say about her, anwar said she's a mosquito, and you can sense that she has more bites than what anwar can swat. Now, we shall wait for your move, Anwar, will you sue?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

May The Farce Be With You, Hindraft and pakatan

The stage was already set; it might have been the greatest stage show on the earth...well, maybe on a patch of cow-dung, at least, Mallott's signal could've been answered, it could've been something to talk about at Kerdau and Merlimau, and it could've given anwar and pakatan the crisis they needed. Plus, it might have been the storyline they needed for the puppet-masters to provide them the middle-east-style riots for pakatan to "champion" for. But in a blink of an eye, hindraf became the chumps they never thought they would be.

PDRM pulled the rug from under hindraf when they arrested more than 100 supporters and their leaders. These self-claimed leaders of the Malaysian Indians were even jeered when they were taken that's pure dung falling on their heads. To make matters worse, more and more Indian NGOs denounced these fools, stating that hindraf were never their champions, nor do they have any right to talk for the Indian community. Well, hindraf, the gig is up. Who is hindraf trying to fool anyway? Everybody knows that they're championing somebody, but Indians were never in their mind. Being one of the tools in the complex structure of pakatan's sly armaments, hindraf champions the pakatan, and being so, in their Top 10 list of what-to-do, championing Indian community falls at number 65.

When anwar and dap ordered them to back their asses up back during pak lah's time, the timing was impeccable, there were a lot of disgruntled voices. At this moment, the disgruntled voices were about them. Their dramas were romantically bollywood at best; the detained leaders claiming that they were not treated for ailments...until it was revealed that they refused to take medications. Well, if those diabetic ones get gangrene from their refusals, don't blame us for having your legs chopped off. Even today they claimed a similar storyline. Unfortunately, PDRM has everything on camera...hmmm, those bollywood wannabe superstars forgot they were on camera. Well, you have to always learn that storylines must be kept fresh, using the same storyline again and again might not bring the blockbuster result that you want.

There were those who saw hindraf protesters making provocations which they hoped will result in police brutality, but with a sad ending. The western media cameras were rolling but nothing of the sort happened. I guess not only pakatan was upset with the peaceful ending, even their western media friends who are hoping to create more story-selling riots, middle eastern style, were hopping mad as well.

Where were they when anwar and guan eng bull-crapped the residents of Kampung Pala in Penang? While most Indians rejoiced when Najib announced the formation of Little India in Brickfields, they never thanked him, yet tried to denounce what had happened. That is just the tip of the iceberg, but it has clearly shown that hindraf hinders the Indian community. They only bow to their pakatan masters.

Let's see: pas' attempt to create crisis using religion, well, they were given a public caning so severe that it might take them a few years to find their balls. dap tried to incite racial tension by distorting the Ops Lalang history received a failed when their butts got medievaled by Tun Haniff and Tun Mahathir. It seems that hindraf's attempt to create a crisis with a grand spectacle, the greatest bollywood show on earth were doused with an anticlimactically ride to downtown without the much needed violence and brutality. Back to the drawing board with anwar, n.ajis, lim kit siang, guan eng, kapal poo-singh and many more. I guess this lack of crisis for them to champion is really a crisis for pakatan and their sponsors.

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