Monday, August 29, 2011

Di Ambang Merdeka 2011 - The Video

I have decided to come out with a Merdeka-themed video of my own...of course, it's nothing like the tear-jerking petronas ads, or the comical TNB and/or TM ads. However it is, the point is, I hope we will realize the importance of not being colonized in any way whatsoever, and why it is so important to kick anwar, his pakatan and sponsors out of our country.

Here's  wishing to all a Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri, Maaf Zahir dan Batin, and Selamat Hari Kebangsaan ke54. To those who are driving long distance, remember to get enough rest. Drive safely.

Mat Sapu: Islamic Communism or End Of Days Coming Soon?

There were times I was always reminded that one of the signs of the end of times is that leaders and Imams are not chosen because of their knowledge and qualifications, but because of their voice. When mat sabu was elected, it sent a chill down my spine. It could be a close resemblance; a party claiming to be Islamic in nature, choosing a twit who has no lnowledge or qualifications on Islam. Why did they choose him? His oratory skills...well, that's the sugar-coated version, there's that story about anwar made him...

Scarier than that, another sign is that a leader is chosen despite his immorality and telling lies and fitnahs without shame; I don't have to amplify this point when it comes to anwar and mat sapu. Both of them have a lot to answer after the they actually care. Mat sapu lying about being rammed by a truck is enough to prove that.  It is sad to see mat sapu doing this:

So now we have two useless bags helming the so-called Islamic party, which happened to throw out the Islamic struggle from their objectives after the erdogans wrested the leadership away. Sorry Hadi, it was never a secret that you are now just a powerless cow at the top of the party hierarchy.

It saddens me to watch how mat sapu has finally, not only kicked Islam and Malays into the drainage ditch for dead, he is now praising the communists who wreaked havoc in Malaysia since the end of the Japanese occupation.

What is it about Islam and Communism that you do not understand? Communists do not have any religion, and regard religion as an opiate, something that people turn to during hopelessness. If they have any sense of respect to any religion in their lives, they wouldn't have turned mosques and holy places into pig farms during China's Cultural Revolution. If they have compassion, they wouldn't have tried to extinct Muslims in the USSR back then. Where, in Islam, gives the right for infidels to murder them just because they are defending their country? Give me something Mat, anything, from the Holy Qur'an or Hadith. How many Muslim Malays were killed by Communists, military or civilians? How many lost their limbs just to make sure a twerp from pas succeed as a van driver, cavort somebody else's wife and become an assemblyman, member of parliament and a pas leader?

Okay Mat, here's a few trivia for you:

1) Who made Communism popular?

2) It was said that Karl Marx wrote Das Kapital, and as he was very poor, he was sponsored by a group of "wealthy aristocrats", who were they?

3) What was Communism based upon?

Give up? Karl Marx wrote the book, but he was sponsored to write the books by wealthy Eastern European Jewish businessmen. Communism is based on the Jewish religion's aspect of a communal life and order. Yes, communism was brought to us by the same group who destroyed the lives of Palestinians and many more.

Funny you said that Onn Jaafar and others were just "British officers." Did you ever read history? Who armed the communist during the Japanese Occupation in the first place? It was the British. When Japan surrendered, they came out of hiding, marched openly as if they were the one who fought the Japanese and started massacre on who they suspect to be working with the Japanese. In fact, you should know that the communist never gave a crap from which party you are if they want to shoot.

The late Tengku Abdul Rahman wrote in his book on the May 13th incident that a socialist party disguised as a democratic one received sponsorship from Communist China, and pas unwittingly joined hands with them to enjoy the sweet taste of communist cash. But I guess pas leaders at that time realized their error of judgement, leading them to join Barisan Nasional in the 1970s.

Again, as mat sapu never learnt history, and he is doomed to repeat the error over and over again...or does he know all along? I mean, it is sweet to be anwar's office boy; you get a high position and with that, his followers lap up everything that he says, never mind if it's against Islam or not.

One might smell that the same strategy used back in 1969 is back on track, but this time, it is run by Muslim Malays themselves, and that will make it look less racial.

Mat, you truly have been blinded in one eye. No wonder anwar put you up there. Somehow, I still think that it is awkward for anwar to have the chap who personally labeled him as Al-Juburi as his apprentice. For mat sapu, I think he knows that it pays better to collaborate with anwar rather than calling him names. I don't know why you want to change history, I thought telling a lie is forbidden in Islam, but you would've known that if you knew anything about Islam, wouldn't you?

Whatever it is Mat, if you have a shred of knowledge on Islam and history, you would at least have a sliver of integrity to defend Islam. I hope those who has suffered in the hands of the communists will be lenient on you. To pas, you are a wretched lot to bow down to anwar and dap. You shunned fellow Muslims away for not supporting your party and yet embraces socialists and praise communists. The more pas and anwar steps up to achieve their lust for power, the more the signs of the end of times comes to light.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Ever Ready 5 (And Pass Anwar More Paracetamol)

They're all geared up and ready, ever so ready to spill the truth...but where's the invitation? Where's the sub-poena? Karpal and anwar gone blind?

Anwar used to rant about having 4 witnesses, now we have 5 who really wants to volunteer as witnesses to anwar's sodomy trial. So, what can be such a boggle for anwar to have them in court? Putrajaya getting farther and farther away? Your sponsors and supporters in hiding starting to turn away from you? Well, which one is it? It's the holy month of Ramadhan, so please, for once, do tell us the truth, anwar. Well, karpal is a well known lawyer whose gabs needs filtering over and over again, so just know your role and shut your mouth.

YB Zulkifli Nordin is virtually screaming to be called in as a witness for the trial. (Refer link for the complete story at Echoing Zul Nordin, yes, why not him? So far we have seen anwar listing people who were not around to question in the trial, like Najib and Rosmah. The late Augustine Paul, the presiding judge at anwar's previous trial, a stern man who defines law to the word, will definitely declare this as "Irrelevant." But a different trial, a different judge, follow his judgement as he sees fit.

Why would anwar be calling najib and rosmah for? The 5 volunteers stated that they were more involved with the Saiful Bukhary issue more closely as they were there, making them very relevant. Who are they?

1) YB Zulkifli Nordin
This is the man who used to be in anwar's defence team. Despite being in PKR, Zul is more of an Islamic firebrand, who gave no quarter to any of anwar's attempt to dull off Islamic dominance by introducing the one-eyed-supported Inter-Faith Commission, which was organized by...surprise, surprise, Ambiga. And at the moment, he has a lot to tell about anwar...unfortunately, not what anwar really wanbts to hear if he still wants to ruke Malaysia.

2) Mohd Ezam - the guy who used to worship anwar so much that he even went to jail for him before finding out later that what he did was in vain. Like Zul Nordin, he had been with anwar for a long time, and this is the guy who has been going around spilling the truth about anwar behind the curtains during ceramahs.

3) S. Gobalakrishnan - the former PKR vice president. This guy has questioned again and again on why do anwar need to postpone his trial time and again if he is innocent.

4) Anuar Shaari - former private secretary of anwar ibrahim. He has even stated that, in his 12 years experience with anwar, he knows a lot and willing to testify...much to anwar's chagrin.

5) Muhammad Rahimi Osman - a former personal assistant to anwar. He is still wondering why he is not called to testify, instead Najib and Rosmah were called.

Since we are into calling people who are not there, maybe we should call shamsidar's daughter to the stand and have her DNA tested as well. Maybe anwar and kapal sink forgot to call Ummi Hafilda. But that is vintage anwar: always bringing a duck to a cock fight.

I am just sarcastically guessing that what anwar needs for his trial is definitely not the truth to come out in the open. What he doesn't need arfe 5 people that he had crossed and who knows him inside out. But then again, I'm not a lawyer. I remember that anwar did attempt to call the then-Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahathir during his 1999 trials. Perhaps it was to his surprise that Tun was ever so willing, the idea was scrapped.

Maybe anwar should really be serious in trying to clear his name, like question the DNA identification. Strange to see that his supporters just love watching CSI series, marvelling at how DNA reveal the unsub and solve the cases. When Malaysians do the same procedure, they say it's a conspiracy. Well, maybe they always believe that white men are very fair and just. Sure, they can answer that to the Native Americans and Hawaiians for their almost-extinction.

Come on Anwar, it's Ramadhan, do something good for once in your life, not destroy a country dominated by Islam by embracing the idealogy promoted by the one-eyed.

"Dad, the Ustazah said that in Ramadhan, Iblis and Syaitan are bound and chained away from human, but how come you still see people like the pakatan leaders still do treachery and worse things?"

"Well son, my ustaz used to tell me that if you stir water vigorously in a glass and stop abruptly, the water still stirs because of the motion made. The parable he meant was, for 11 months the devil stirs the bad things inside a human to lead him astray, and even when the devil stops for 1 month, the water is still stirring around. It is just the evil that men do."

Say, have you found your Omega?

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Negara Kebajingan Pas - Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir's Media Statement

1 OGOS 2011

Negara Kebajikan Pas - Rumah Urut Bercambah di Kedah

Tahniah dan syabas di atas pengakuan Exco Kerajaan Kedah PAS yang mengakui bahawa pusat-pusat hiburan termasuk rumah urut memang bercambah di Alor Setar, Sg Petani dan beberapa bandar di Kedah.

Tahniah juga kepada slogan Negara Berkebajikan dan Kedah Sejahtera. Mungkin di atas berkat ke dua-dua slogan ini telah melahirkan lebih banyak pusat hiburan dan rumah urut semenjak tiga tahun yang lalu. Apa pun, pertambahan mendadak pusat-pusat hiburan di sekitar Alor Setar, Sg Petani dan beberapa bandar di Kedah ketika ini boleh dianggap sebagai sesuatu yang mengejutkan bagi sesebuah kerajaan yang melaungkan slogan suci seperti ini.

Persoalannya, kenapa pentadbiran PAS hanya mengakui wujudnya pusat-pusat hiburan yang disyaki menawarkan khidmat tidak bermoral, setelah ianya didedahkan kepada pengetahuan umum? Apakah PAS akan mendiamkan saja isu ini dari pengetahuan rakyat Kedah yang majoritinya Melayu-Islam, jika tiada pihak yang mendedahkannya?

Walaupun wakil Kerajaan PAS memberi alasan pusat hiburan ini tidak berlesen, ianya tidak sekali-kali melepaskan mereka dari tanggungjawab bagi membanteras kegiatan kotor ini. Kenapa tindakan tidak diambil terhadap pusat-pusat hiburan yang tidak berlesen? Ke mana hilangnya sistem penguatkuasaan Majlis Kerajaan Tempatan di bawah pentadbir PAS hingga sesiapa juga bebas untuk menjalankan aktiviti tidak bermoral secara haram?

Persoalan yang lebih menimbulkan kemusykilan kita ialah, apakah faktor yang menyumbang di sebalik kegagalan pemimpin PAS membendung pertumbuhan pusat-pusat hiburan ini, sehingga mereka dilihat seolah-olah tidak berbuat apa-apa untuk mengekang gejala ini dari berleluasa?

Lebih menarik lagi ialah, apabila rakyat melihat bagaimana gelagat tokoh PAS Kedah tarik brek kecemasan dan "go-stan" keputusan awal mereka yang tidak membenarkan pusat hiburan beroperasi sepanjang bulan Ramadhan, setelah menerima tekanan DAP yang turut disokong oleh PKR. Pernahkah para pemimpin atasan PAS merujuk kepada ahli akar umbinya dalam perkara ini? Saya tidak percaya penyokong PAS yang alim akan menerima penjelasan dan justifikasi pemimpin atasan mereka dalam isu ini.

Adakah kebenaran "flip-flop" ini dikhususkan hanya untuk pelanggan bukan Islam?  Melihat kepada percambahan ketara pusat hiburan yang paling dibenci oleh PAS sewaktu partinya memperjuangkan hukum Islam, ia seolah-olah menggambarkan penduduk bukan Islam telah bertambah berkali ganda sejak Kedah ditadbir di bawah PAS, walaupun ini sebenarnya tidak berlaku.

Adakah pakatan "Three Stooges" DAP-PKR-PAS berpendirian begini kerana mereka memikirkan bahawa budaya melanggan rumah-rumah urut, beli arak, berjudi dan lain-lain kerja tidak bermoral ini memang menjadi budaya penganut bukan Islam? Dan, adakah kegiatan ini dianggap suatu hak keistimewaan yang tidak boleh ditarik balik?

Mungkin juga pemimpin PAS Kedah beranggapan tindakannya menarik balik keputusan menutup pusat hiburan pada bulan Ramadhan ini dianggap konsisten dengan konsep Negara Kebajikan mengikut definisi mereka. Walhal konsep negara berkebajikan ala BN selama ini telah memberi fokus kepada usaha membaiki atau membina rumah baru untuk rakyat miskin, meringankan kos sara hidup nelayan, memberi elaun bulanan kepada penjaga OKU atau pesakit terlantar, membina dan membaikpulih masjid dan surau, membantu mangsa banjir dengan memindahkan mereka ke pusat pindahan dan memastikan keperluan mereka cukup, dan banyak lagi. Itupun belum diambilkira, antara lain subsidi berjumlah berbilion ringgit yang telah diberikan untuk faedah rakyat sejak berpuluh tahun lamanya.

Pemimpin PAS tidak sedar konsep negara berkebajikan yang dijanjikannya sudah lebih 50 tahun ketinggalan dibelakang BN. Apabila semua keperluan dan kebajikan untuk faedah rakyat sudah berjaya diangkat dan dimartabat oleh BN, PAS baru terkial-kial mahu mengorak langkah. PAS baru tersedar dari lamunan perjuangan Islam retoriknya dan mengakui realiti bahawa berkhidmat dan melakukan kebajikan secara konsisten dalam memastikan kehidupan rakyat terbela adalah perkara paling pokok dan pra-syarat untuk rakyat menerima perjuangan sesebuah parti. BN telah melakukannya dengan berkesan tanpa perlu pun menjenamakan perjuangan sucinya dengan retorik Negara Kebajikan!

Tindakan flip flop PAS membatalkan keputusan asal ini pada hakikatnya telah mewujudkan persepsi umum, seolah-olah rakyat bukan Islam memang cenderung melakukan aktiviti tidak bermoral.

Saya tertarik dengan aduan yang telah dibuat oleh Profesor Dr Clara Chee. Wakil pertubuhan bukan kerajaan wanita ini bimbang dan telah membuat aduan mengenai kehadiran rumah-rumah urut yang disyaki menawarkan khidmat seks yang tumbuh seperti cendawan selepas hujan di sekitar negeri Selangor. Aduan beliau ini jelas membuktikan apa yang kami di BN perakui bahawa masyarakat bukan Islam juga sebenarnya menolak keras kegiatan tidak bermoral ini. Mereka juga tidak rela melihat pusat-pusat hiburan ini turut dilanggani oleh suami-suami atau anak-anak mereka, termasuk pelajar-pelajar IPT dan remaja belasan tahun.

Berdasarkan aduan ini, jelas kepada kita bahawa, rakyat dari pelbagai agama menolak alasan kerajaan negeri PAS, yang memberi jaminan bahawa kewujudan pusat-pusat hiburan ini adalah semata-mata untuk memenuhi permintaan masyarakat bukan Islam.

Pendirian mereka itu sebenarnya telah menghina kebijaksanaan (insulting the intelligence) rakyat. Kita juga ingin bertanya kepada pemimpin PAS yang telah acap kali tunduk dengan kemahuan DAP,  bagaimana mereka mahu memastikan pusat-pusat hiburan itu tidak turut dilanggani oleh umat Islam, termasuk di bulan puasa al-Mubarak?

Rakyat Kedah juga mahu bertanya kepada pemimpin PAS, apakah kerajaan PAS hari ini sebenarnya takutkan tekanan DAP atau lebih takut dengan ugutan pengusaha-pengusaha pusat hiburan yang berselindung di belakang DAP? Atau apakah pemimpin PAS lebih bimbang dengan risiko kehilangan sokongan undi masyarakat cina sehingga terpaksa mengkompromi hukum Allah SWT dengan menutup sebelah mata terhadap segala kegiatan tidak bermoral yang sememangnya ditolak oleh semua agama ini?

Apapun, pengakuan berani ini memang kita dialu-alukan. Tahniah kerana hasil transformasi negeri berkebajikan di Kedah (Selangor dan Pulau Pinang), kini telah menyaksikan peningkatan pusat-pusat hiburan dan rumah urut. Ibarat kata pepatah, "lain yang ditanam, lain pula yang tumbuh". Mungkin PAS juga prihatin dalam menjaga kebajikan mereka-mereka yang dahagakan aktiviti tidak bermoral ini. 

Mampukah pemimpin PAS memberi alasan atau jawaban dalam perbicaraan di akhirat kelak dengan menggunapakai alasan dan jawaban yang diberi sebagai halwa telinga semasa di dunia ini?



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