Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pas Kedah: MB Azizan’s Year Of Living Dangerously

The worried business and commercial community yesterday heaved a sigh of relief after 8 exco members were sworn in with Azizan leading the way as the Menteri Besar of Kedah. Most of them were quite worried as there were speculations that the state government might be in limbo with certain exco members sabotaging the event. This did not happen, and the good news is, Kedah State Exco were retained while 2 opted not to accept. The bad news for pas is: the business community doesn’t care which party you are from, as long as somebody is there to sign, approve and validate their proposals and submission for projects, all can have their sighs of relief.

So what happened after all the big hullabaloo? It has been a very long open secret that there have been factions in Kedah pas, working so hard to oust Azizan from his post. Kedahans know too well that phahrolrazi was Azizan’s favorite successor, with Amiruddin, Taulan and the odious Mahfuz Omar also eyeing on how to wrest that seat away.

Despite interference by the jewish-supporting pakatan leaders, Azizan has proven that he is the enfant terrible of them all, by publically stating that he only obeys his leader, Haji Hadi, who is the President of Pas. (For full article, click here )

Somehow, with that statement and his explanation, many now believe that Azizan might suffer from the consequences of his own actions. He has, this time, slapped the butt-stabbing anwaristas of pas by not heeding what the other pakatan leaders have instructed. But Azizan has been well-known to Kedahans to be somebody who does not conform to any of the pakatan factions.

Haji Hadi and n.ajis were swiped by him at one time, when they were told to take care of their own state administration rather than interfere with his.

Azizan’s loath of anwar ibrahim was never disguised. He is one state-pakatan leader who never bothers to meet anwar at any time. Even when anwar visits Kedah, almost everybody in the audience notice how he never even turn to look at anwar, and even there were some who can feel the icy chill wind blowing between them. By now, many have already known of azizan’s many quips on anwar during the sodomy trials, such as “berani buat, berani tanggung la.”

Among his exco members, Azizan has always been known as “a mean old bully”, shouting and swearing his way to get things done. According to doctors, this is one of the major factors that lead him to be hospitalized every now and then. For a man who is diabetic, with high-blood pressure and a heart problem, being temperamental is not really a good way to relieve stress. I guess that is easier to diagnose than finding any traces of injury on this one self-proclaimed ustaz who claimed that he was beaten for 20 minutes by 20 men Anywho…most of his members have been known to stay away from him before and after exco meetings as nobody can stand him. Only 2 exco members, phahrolrazi and amiruddin can stand and tolerate his massive, ear-shattering, non-Islamic rantings. It has been very popular among the Wisma Darul Aman stewards to bet which exco gets shouted and sworn at during the weekly exco meetings. Who can ever forget the day when Azizan flared his temper and nostrils when a journalist asking, on behalf of the 2010 Kedah flood victims, about the failure of the Kedah pas State Government’s in helping them? That was legendary, and his rantings have become a staple of jokes with Kedahans…of course, it still cannot beat the jokes on mahfuz.

Among the matters that burns a deep anger in both anwar and his Kedah MB choice, mahfuz, is Azizan’s friendliness with Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. It is no secret that Azizan, upon being appointed the Menteri Besar of Kedah, went to meet Tun Mahathir and sought his advice. Meeting a trusted leader and statesman of Malaysia (Tun Mahathir) for advice instead of seeking them from a PM-wannabe and self-proclaimed statesman (anwar)? Whoa!!! That’s sacrilege in the Israel-backing pakatan! Making things worse, Azizan presented Tun with Permanent LIFE Patron and First Insaniah-IRTI 2010 award, which picture was printed respectively in international media. Meanwhile, despite anwar’s non-stop meetings with his jewish and one-eyed counterparts, he keeps receiving rebukes, sodomy charges, sex-video allegations, rocks and fingers from Malaysians all over Kedah.

Phjahrolrazi, in a press conference yesterday has admitted that he has “problems with his boss. The friction, according to the former heir-apparent of the Kedah MB, has nothing to do with the speculation that he will oust Azizan and be the next MB. Azizan’s former blue-eyed boy even told the press that if he wanted to be the MB, he would’ve stayed in the exco, and is still willing to work with his boss if the situation calls on him. (For full report, click here )

The admission was made calmly, although after the official press conference, the heat was turned on when Phahrolrazi met his supporters. (Click here for full report) What was a serene and melancholic atmosphere turned…ummm…choleric with shouts of “Let’s dig Azizan’s grave” and sorts. There were also complaints of Azizan giving more to UMNO entrepreneurs compared to Pas members, and many more. While they’re at it, I hope they can dig a few holes in garden as well as I really need to plant my vegetables…hey, as long as they are not digging anwar's ass, why not?!

Azizan knows that he cannot put his trust in everybody in his exco either. With 2 head factions, Amiruddin and Taulan in there, nobody knows for sure how long Azizan’s tenureship will last. Whiloe Amiruddin and Taulan can press and oust Azizan from the inside, meaning, legally, Phahrolrazi has a distant third with launching na coup within Kedah pas itself. Of course, in the last place, will be mahfuz, who is still fighting for a state assembly seat, in order to fight for the MB’s seat. Like most pas supporters, Kedahans share the same thought if mahfuz succeeds. Yes, it’s known as “God Help Us!”

The situation is currently very volatile within pas itself as pas kedah has been suffering by factional rifts, with the main factions of the ulamas, the professionals and the anwaristas, and within those factions, we have the rift within a rift of the Amiruddin, Taulan and Mahfuz factions respectively. The latest event has added another faction, which is the Phahrolrazi one, splintered from the Azizan faction. Many of these factions have vowed that they will bury Azizan if he runs in the next elections.

Even the pro-pas Kedah blogs have been treading this issue carefully, while some just simply label UMNO as the culprit behind the chaos. If anybody knows who Bashah is, I would say those who claimed it…well…must be lower in intelligence compared to mahfuz, but that’s it, there’s nowhere lower to go. The comfortably-officed and handsomely paid Kedah La Nie played safe by, although seemingly pointing out to Azizan’s administrational flaws, they were quick to deviate the issue into a PRU-13 rally. The other blog, Kedah La, with the mentally-blind Saiburi Sudin tried to downplay the whole issue, stating that there is no problems. Then again, it is the cock-crowing saiburi sudin with his turkey talk. Azizan’s statement must’ve blasted his feathers off.

Surrounded by those who can turn on him anytime, where will Azizan lead to in Kedah? Sure he abides with Hadi, but if Hadi tries to tell him something which is none of his business, Hadi might feel a kick up his backside…no, not from anwar. Although there are rumours that Azizan and Hadi are the 2 major proponents that are trying to lead pas away from the pro-Israeli pakatan. Azizan knows very well that anything can happen to him and cannot rely on all of his cohorts of eye-in-the-back assemblymen. Which way will Kedah be led with all the factions in pas Kedah?

With daggers and arrows being sharpened from many sides and corners, and some enemies unseen, Azizan is, or might as well be, left in the year of living dangerously.  Or is this the worldly retribution for his intent on demolishing a surau and building a shopping complex on a waqf land meant for a surau?

I guess the next election in Kedah will see, not UMNO against Pas, but a fight within pas itself.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lynas - The Importance Of Knowledge and Who To Ask

Here's an interesting video on Lynas, self explanatory:

I guess, it's typical of that pkr twit, she wants to know about chicken, she talks to Donald Duck...what a dweeb. But that is what prk is known for. With dap in it, we can all guess who's actually trying to deepen the issue. Don't be surprised, once Lynas is completed, prk and dap will definitely be barking their weapens of mass deceptions to US that Malaysia has weapons of mass destruction. Of course, if Lynas project is stopped, then pkr and dap can always harp on the issue of the PM never bothered about investment and employment to the people of Kuantan.

Pakatan Rakyat - Creating The Perfect One-eyed Deceptions

Kedah Exco Sworn In - Former Heir-Apparent Kicked Out

ALOR SETAR: Menteri Besar Kedah, Datuk Seri Azizan Abdul Razak, dan lapan anggota EXCO kerajaan negeri hari ini mengangkat sumpah jawatan di hadapan Pengerusi Jemaah Pemangku Sultan Kedah, Datuk Seri Tunku Annuar Sultan Badlishah di Istana Anak Bukit, di sini.
Lapan EXCO itu ialah Datuk Amiruddin Hamzah, Datuk Mohamed Taulan Mat Rasul, Datuk Dr Hamdan Mohamed Khalib, Lim Soo Nee, Abd Ghani Ahmad, Tan Joon Long @ Tan Chow Kang, Datuk Siti Ashah Ghazali dan S Manikumar, yang masing-masing menerima tawaran pelantikan semula.
Azizan sebelum ini mengumumkan hanya lapan EXCO akan mengangkat sumpah jawatan bagi sesi 2012 walaupun lazimnya EXCO kerajaan negeri dibarisi 10 anggota.
Dua EXCO sedia ada yang tidak termasuk dalam senarai mengangkat sumpah sumpah hari ini ialah Datuk Phahrolrazi Zawawi dan Datuk Dr Ismail Salleh.
Turut hadir pada majlis hari ini ialah tiga lagi anggota Jemaah Pemangku Sultan Kedah iaitu Tan Sri Tunku Sallehuddin Sultan Badlishah, Datuk Seri Tunku Abdul Hamid Thani Sultan Badlishah dan Datuk Seri Tunku Puteri Intan Safinaz Sultan Abdul Halim. Kedah adalah satu-satunya negeri dengan jawatan pengerusi jawatankuasa peringkat negeri (EXCO) perlu diperbaharui setiap tahun.
Sebelum ini, Phahrolrazi dan Dr Ismail sudah menghantar surat kepada Azizan bagi menyatakan keengganan mereka dilantik semula ke jawatan itu.

Very smart on Amiruddin's side, isn't it?

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Anwar Met Hamas? When Did Who Say What?

It all began with his statement to the Wall Street Journal:

"I support all efforts to protect the security of the state of Israel," said Mr. Anwar, although he stopped short of saying he would open diplomatic ties with the Jewish state, a step which he said remains contingent on Israel respecting the aspirations of Palestinians. Malaysia has consistently refrained from establishing diplomatic relations with Israel, although limited commercial ties exist between private companies in the two countries.
Full article here

From his statement above, it can be clearly seen that anwar is a proponent of the "two-state solution", which has been championed by the west, whereby 2 states will be recognized, Palestine and Israel.

Anwar was quoted as saying that he had explained to pas spiritual leader, n.ajis what he had explained to the leader of Hamas, Khaled Mashal during his meeting with Khaled and Sheikh Yusuf Qardhawi.

In short he stated that he met Khaled Mashaal and Khaled understood that Israel will only be recognized once all the contingents or pre-requisites are honored, or obeyed.

It should be a nice ending with anwar meeting the top leader of Hamas and Qardawi, we were even treated with nice pictures of anwar and the two leaders. In fact, all of these would be a very sweet ending to the whole "Anwar-pro-Israel" statement that he made to the Wall Street Journal.

Anwar posted on his blog, 2 pictures of him meeting Khaled Mashal and Sheikh Dr Yusof Qardawi but kept mum on what were discussed. Other pro-anwar blogs followed suit with the pictures, but with no explanation. It's very strange that no media in Palestine and the world reported or mentioned this meeting in their newspapers, television, radio and/or their on-line publications. We spent hours searching the net for any news on the meeting itself and/or what they discussed about.

All searches on the net on anwar meeting Hamas leaders only return to anwar's blog. So, how come only anwar's blog claimed that he met Khaled Mashal without anydescription of what transpired? To say that all other medias in the world were on leave is highly speculative. When exactly did they meet?

We find it bizarre: when anwar stated his infamous remarks of supporting the security of Israel, it was reported on a global scale. The Islamic world views it as a sort of a death wish on anwar's part. Anwar should be pleased, after years of self proclaiming himself as a statesman, he finally got a reaction like one. The man stirred the Muslim world, and yet when he meets Hamas leaders, nobody bothers to report on the situation. In fact, no where can be found that Hamas met, discussed or even agreed with anwar's stand.

So, what did anwar claim he told n.ajis? Basically, what he claimed that a view shared by Hamas and himself: Anwar said he had explained that his stand on Israel is consistent with that of the Palestinian political factions Hamas and Fatah.

"I feel good as I could explain. In the end I said I follow the desires of Hamas and Fatah and what was negotiated among them in Doha two weeks ago," he said.

Anwar also, in the video above, quoted Ismail Haniyeh, the prime minister of the Palestinian Authority representing Hamas:

“If Israel withdraws to the ’67 borders, then we will establish a peace in stages... Number one, we will establish a situation of stability and calm which will bring safety for our people — what (Hamas founder) Sheikh (Ahmed) Yassin called a long-term hudna (truce). If Israel declares that it will give the Palestinian people a state and give them back all their rights, then we are ready to recognize them.”

Anwar also claims that the Hamas leader is clear on his stand and understands it.

We have searched media archives on the net looking for this, as we could not find this stand made by either Hamas, but we did find that the quote was made by Ismail Haniyeh in 2006, just days before becoming the Prime Minister, which was reported by The Washington Post. (An copy still available here)

However, a day later, Ismail Haniyeh made a statement that Washington Post misquoted him; that he never made any statement or has any intention of recognizing Israel. Full article here 

Alleviating anwar's problem, on 11th of February 2012, while in Iran, Ismail Haniyeh announced that Hamas will never recognize Israel, full article here 

How could anwar claim that what he has explained is the stand that Hamas took, when Ismail Haniyeh himself refuted it? Whose stand did he share, Hamas or Washington Post? How come he used a refuted 6-year old interview as his basis?

Does N.ajis share his view on the "two state solution"? This report clears the air, here

So, anwar, when did who say what? His interview in the video above clearly shows his support for a two state solution, a stand that Hamas clearly condemn. Did anwar actually explain his stand to Sheikh Dr Yusoff Qardhawi? If he did, I'm surprised anwar got back to Malaysia fully intact. Here's part of a profile on Qardhawi:

Qaradawi similarly expressed his desire to see a "conquered" Jerusalem in a January 24, 2011, fatwa in which he negated Jewish attachment to Jerusalem and stated that it is the duty of Muslims to"defend" Jerusalem with "their lives, their money and all they possess, or else they will be subject to Allah's punishment."

This fatwa is part of Qardhawi's long record of inciting violence against Jews and Israel. During a sermon that aired on the Arabic satellite channel Al-Jazeera TV on January 28, 2009, Qaradawi told his audience, "I will shoot Allah's enemies, the Jews, and they will throw a bomb at me, and thus I will seal my life with martyrdom." In another sermon on January 9, 2009, Qaradawi lashed out at Jews, including calling on God to "kill them, down to the very last one."

He has also refused to dialogue with Jews. Qardawi declined to participate in the 8th annual conference organized by the Doha International Center for Interfaith Dialogue because of the participation of Jews.

In a statement released by Qaradawi's office, he reportedly said, "How can we conduct a dialogue in a time when they seize lands, shed blood, burn farms, and demolish houses? Palestine's conundrum has to be resolved first before we sit together at the same table."
(Reference taken from Dr. MIM, here)

Even anwar's attempt to have the contingents honored before giving recognition to the state of Israel contravenes the 1988 fatwa issued by 66 mufti that any action that gave recognition to Israel's existence is an act that opposes Islam, or does anwar really not bothered? Doesn't his action also swipe Sheikh Yusoff Qardhawi in his face?

Anwar claimed that his stand is in-line with Hamas and Fatah's stand when he met the groups in Doha two weeks earlier. The Hamas-Fatah Deal signed and endorsed in Doha has nothing about a "two-state solution" nor any mention or intention of recognizing Israel as a state. The Doha Agreement by Hamas and Fatah is a move to reconciliate both parties after years of conflict. (Read here) In fact, check out the Hamas Charter here. No where we can find anything on the terms and recognition.

For Hamas and Fatah to reach and seal the agreement in Doha, they would have to be unanimous in their stand and secisions. Any terms or attempts to recognize Israel as a state in a slightest way will end up with more hostility between the two groups. Do you think any of these 2 share the stand that anwar claim?

What was the point of accusing Malaysian media of twisting his statement on his support for Israel by deleting the word "contingent" when anwar himself twisted and used a misquoted statement made 6 years ago by Ismail Haniyeh to The Washington Post, and disguising it to make it look as if it is the stand stated by Hamas?

Despite all that anwar claimed, we understand that the Prime Minister of Palestine Authority, Ismail Haniyeh was outraged and saddened by anwar's support to Israel's security. How did we know that? Well, Ismail Haniyeh was told by YB Nasharuddin Mat Isa,when he met with Haniyeh in Kuwait. Nasharuddin was there as Pengerusi Pentadbiran Yayasan al-Quds Malaysia, a Malaysian foundation in aid of the Palestinian plight, chaired by YB Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir.

Let's simplify all of this chronologically, so that even Mahfuz can understand:

2006 - Ismail Haniyeh was quoted by Washington Post saying:

“If Israel withdraws to the ’67 borders, then we will establish a peace in stages... Number one, we will establish a situation of stability and calm which will bring safety for our people — what (Hamas founder) Sheikh (Ahmed) Yassin called a long-term hudna (truce). If Israel declares that it will give the Palestinian people a state and give them back all their rights, then we are ready to recognise them.”

2006 (a day later) - Ismail Haniyeh refuted the interview, saying that Washington Post misquoted him as he never made any statement saying that he will recognize Israel as a state.

26 January 2012 - Anwar made his famour remark on his support for Israel - and starts using the Washington Post misquoted article as the basis of his stand

Early February 2012 - Hamas and Fatah signs and endorses an agreement in Doha, reconciling after years of conflict. Agreement stipulates only ruling and administrative details with nothing pointing to any stages or intentions of recognizing Israel as a state whatsoever.

11 February 2012 - Anwar Ibrahim's blog released 2 pictures showing him meeting the Hamas Leader, Khalid Mashal and Sheikh Dr Yusoff Qardhawi. No details were given, and no other media in the world reported the meeting. Anwar's supporters mostly assume and claim that this is the meeting where anwar explained his stand, which is purportedly "in line" with the stand taken by Hamas on Israel.

11 February 2012 - Ismail Haniyeh, who was visiting Iran, announced that Hamas will never recognize Israel, putting more holes into anwar's claims

14 February 2012 - Ismail Haniyeh and Hamas officials conveyed their shock and dismay to anwar's support for Israel through Nasharuddin Mat Isa, MP for Bachok. Message was conveyed to him in Kuwait.

21 February 2012 - Anwar met with nik aziz, and during interview, he reiterated his stand, quoting almost all the points based on the Washington Post misreporting. In fact, he used the misquoted Washington Post report to justify his stand.

Again, anwar, when did who say what? Why was it so difficult for you to retract the Israel support statement? I guess to be the one-eyed's bitch is better than being a group of displaced and oppressed people who are fighting with their lives for their freedom. Why? Hey, the one-eyed's organizations can one day make him a Prime Minister!

It seems that n.ajis distanced himself from anwar's statement, and yet pas remains in the totally misleading pakatan. According to anwar, the pas spiritual leader accepted his stand. One question arises: does anybody in pas ever make references and research over what anwar stated? If anybody has any reference that Hamas did actually make their stand as what anwar claim, please send me a link.

Looking at how the religious ones are abandoning pas, I wonder if n.ajis will be the solitary figure to demand retractions and apologies from anwar over the Israel remark? Or keep himself quiet in fear of reprisals from anwar followers in pas? 

Anwar might need to explain more, such as when was his meeting with the Hamas leader and maybe some clarification from them. In the meantime, can we send somebody to meet up with Hamas and/or Ismail Haniyeh and clarify anwar's story...or shall I say, work of fiction?

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Much have been said about the mistreatment of the pas-led Kedah State Government to Kedahans. If it weren’t for the projects carried out by the Al-Bukhary Group for the Federal Government, Kedahans would have witnessed a period of nothing but decays and rotting of the present infrastructure. While the double tracking project t and road-up-grading to Durian Burung are taking place, the normal roads in Kedah are left to rot. The pas Kedah State Government seemed unhinged as no effort has been taken to repair them. Perhaps after somebody dies from the terrible potholes, it looks like the holes are there to stay.

Since 1998, the strict land development requirements have made property developers to skip town, especially in Alor Setar. With property value in most parts in Sungai Petani still at a record low due to over-development, many developers headed to Kuala Lumpur, looking for greener pastures. Many developers are shocked to find that the pas government has given Belview (Sony Ho of Penang) a major chunk of state land and Tengku Yaakob’s for development. Many are still grumbling for the state’s decision not to give the development chance to anybody from Kedah. But now, they are very relieved that they’re not involved as the project oversteps its boundries and encroaches into a Waqf Land that is meant for Surau or Madrasah. In fact, many local Chinese developers, out of respect and superstition, prefer not to be involved in this mayhem.

We have read again and again on small businesses suffering in the hands of pas Kedah, especially Malay traders. Numerous times, the state government took action of demolishing small food stalls because it is illegal. This is a good move, if you’re in a cosmopolitan environment like Singapore, but the problem is, this is Kedah, where 80% of the stalls are owned by the Malays. Worse still, the state government led by pas seems to be prejudicially selective in where they choose to raid and demolish.

Demolition works were carried out in Kuala Nerang, Kulim and Alor Setar itself, where many Malay traders lost their main income. Even the building of Aman Central saw the ousting of several Malay stalls in the area, including the popular Atap rembia. Lately, the stalls in Taman PKNK has received warnings by the City Council to dismantle their stalls or face the consequences. Now Taman PKNK is a Malay majority housing area, understandably, all the stall owners are Malays. For more than a decade, the stalls there became a happening area with big crowds at night, especially on weekends. Once pas took over, the stalls received warnings every now and then.

In contrast to the case, another area which has a lot of stalls, and quite a happening area, but at daytime, is at Jalan Tengku Abdul Halim. Not many people in Alor Setar know this name, so, I’ll rephrase it to jalan Market Koboi. It has a Chinese majority, with old shops and an old market, which is very dirty (especially the drains), littered with stray dogs and a garbage dumping area behind it. The stalls are located about 50-60 meters away. Although the traffic has always been bogged down by the market and the stalls’ customers, nobody has ever seen anybody from City Council coming in even to assess the situation. In the past few months, the stalls made their structures more permanent. They have been operating there for more than 20 years without any interference from the State Government.

It is strange that pas chose to create such enemies with small stall owners in Malay areas, consisting of Malays. Perhaps knowing that Chinese voters’ loyalty can shift like standing in mud made pas press the Malays more. Ironically, according to some stall-owners, pas candidates use to stop for a drink or two at their stalls while campaigning at the same time. Now, the same person who won the state seat suddenly turned his back on them. Well, I guess he feels better turning his back on the Malay stall owners rather than anwar.

So far, nothing has been achieved by the pas government, despite their empty drum clanging antics. They had claimed that they built Menara Ukir, but people knew the project started 2 years before pas took over. They claimed that they built a university which sent people laughing and rolling on the floor because it is Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar’s project. Even the much acclaimed Insaniah College Campus in Kuala Ketil stopped after the ground-breaking ceremony. To counter all those, and to leave a lasting legacy in Kedah, pas has decided to build Aman Central, which, on paper, is to leave a long-lasting impression that pas is a party for all…yes, jews included.

Somehow, anything by pas seems to be a bane to Malays and Muslims of Kedah. In chasing their dreams, another scandal was born when pas wanted to demolish a 102-year old surau (Madrasah Salihiah) and reclaim the Waqf land so that a shopping mall can be built on it. It seems that pas cannot turn away from demolishing and/or destroying anything belonging to the Muslims and Malays. Trying to soothe the Muslims’ dissatisfaction, pas Kedah sent its war dogs to paint a disrepute image of the Madrasah Salihiah. Blogs from the likes of the comfortably-sponsored Kedah La Nie, the blogger Saiburi Sudin (plagiarized from Dr Sobri Sudin’s name, but Saiburi Sudin’s writing…well, he can’t even pass off as a university janitor), where they huffed and they puffed, but only managed to blow pas’ cheap toupee down. How could pas debate on this issue? While they talk slanderous things (as usual) about the surau, people are talking about the Waqf land. Still, it is a normal situation where, during a cock-fight, pas comes in with a duck.

Who is pas for? They don’t even seem to care about Kedahans. Even those stall-owners who were staunch pas supporters had to admit that Umno/BN has never disturbed their businesses, in fact, they were known to bring more business to them. Those in pas Kedah, maybe are too busy demolishing something to realize that.

In the same vein, Kedahans complaint previously that UMNO was getting too comfortable and callous about the people’s plight after more than 50 years in power in Kedah. Now, they admit that pas, within 4 years, struck the unnatural disaster in almost anything they do, and the victims? The Malays and Muslims. What is all this for, and for whom do the bells toll? We know pas has nothing to do with Islam, let alone stand for justice and/or Malays. Why does pas Kedah bring so much destruction?

In short, Kedahans have opened both their eyes and have seen pas Kedah for what they are: Pas did not come to build, they are here to destroy.

Who would ever thought that a sleeping MB, his golf-addicted excos, his misleading information exco and the never-seen pakatan state assemblymen can bring so much disaster and destruction to Kedah?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

As The Sun Rises From The West, Anwar Rises With One-Eyed?

Perhaps it is true, Anwar must be the Anugerah Tuhan and Mahadi, all in one. He has the power to capture people's mind, and his strength is doubled with the strong support of 3 groups that Muslims have read in the Al-Qur'an and Hadiths:

1) The chosen tribe: Bani Israel, or the Israelites

2) The descendents of a destructive tribe who were at one time enclosed behind a wall between two mountain range. At the chosen time, the wall crumbled and these people came running down from high places. They try to pass themselves off as "The Thirteenth Tribe" of the lost tribes of Israel. In trying to make themselves more Semitic, the brought the tribe in No. 1 above back to a town which was destroyed at one time and forbidden to them. Today, with inter-breeding, Caucasians populate half of the world and controls the world. As the hadith says, only God can destroy these people.

3) At a few times, they were destroyed in apocalyptic punishments; then they were hush-hush about themselves, but now they are slowly gaining power and exerting their power. Yes, they are the perverted tribe who Lot was sent to.

Now who dares to go against somebody who has power endowed by these 3 groups? Even with anwar supporting the safety of Israel, nobody in pakatan dares to challenge it. Even the decrepit n.ajis found himself lacking in balls, at first showing off authority demanding anwar retract the statement, then stating that it is not pas' concern for the statement. Now that's a guy who has been a Menteri Besar of Kelantan for more than 2 decades, proclaim himself as ulama despite his many shortcomings, and tried to pass himself as such a holy man. Of course, if Umno backs Israel, we'll see massive demonstrations and riots, but because it's anwar, nothing goes.

Now why doesn't that surprise me? Seriously, this is the guy who stated that:

i) It is better to be friends with the devil than being with their Muslim brothers in UMNO

ii) It is okay to slander and use cursory foul long as it is not directed at pas...

iii) Funds provided by enemies of Islam, such as for Bersih 2.0 to topple Muslim majority government is allowed because the ends justify its means...also, it enables pas to make money by being federal government officials.

Well, according to the dingbat known as mahfuz omar, n.ajis will be meeting with anwar today to discuss their stand on the Israel issue. Most probably anwar will use his claims that the Palestinian President is okay with it.

In what is labeled as a very unsurprising move, mahfuz has also claimed that the Israel issue is UMNO's fault and UMNO should apologize. Seriously, dude, I wouldn't blame pas kedah for calling mahfuz stupid, although I prefer the term "intellectually-impaired." Who said what? Who quotation was it in Wall Street Journal? Anwar has repeatedly in the past stated that he is for the establishment of two entities, Israel and Palestine existing together. By stating so, he recognizes Israel and the monstrosity that they wouldn't that contravene the fatwa issued by ulamas of the Islamic world? Why does UMNO has to apologize? Mahfuz should be the one apologizing for his disappearing act during the 2010 floods in Kedah.

N.ajis might be too much of a gutless clod in the Anwar-Israel issue, but Malaysian Muslims seem to be more vocal. So far, we have seen how anwar claims that his car was attacked when he was at a ceramah in Mersing. As usual, he blames UMNO.

Somehow, noticing that this is anwar, along with his spin-master extraordinaire, Saifuddin Nasution, I would take that with a pinch of salt...well, maybe more. Pakatan has always made so much drama about being attacked, jeered and many others. The one eyed, via organizations such as NED taught pakatan very well. Acting, drama and manufactured reports can sell very well abroad. What are the examples? Let's see:

1) It was during Bersih 2.0 that anwar (as usual) claims that he was brutalized by some "thugs." It is strange that he spoke very well after that and before posing as a half dead sodomite, as sown below:

I have to say this again, I'm sorry, but it is always important that anwar must have his followers blinded in one eye, like him. In the same video, you can hear his supporters shouting the Takbir during Bersih 2.0, an event sponsored by a group whose funding also goes to the killing of Palestinians and creating unrest in Islamic countries, where thousands of Muslims are slain.

Accordin to the good doctor who treated anwar's back, anwar is still in pain and should not do any sudden and straining movement...really?

Of course, his back also seems extraordinarily fine with a chinadoll around.

2) Everybody knows Tiang Chua as the loyal bitch...well, maybe better labeled as "Right Hand Man", which better than being at the receiving rear end. One can see his his acting clearly in this video, despite tiang chua's cowardly hesitation. He charges, although always looking back, towards the police, and once the police takes defensive action, commanded his people to snap pictures, then selling to western media as "police brutality."

It is interesting to see that, judging from his cowardly turn arounds, we feel that if he turns around and sees nobody charging with him, he might just flee. He has always been popular with provocation, such as biting and bashing the police. Still, what goes around, comes around. At a ceramah in Gadek, a very frightened tiang chua had to actually ask help from the Police against a hostile reception.

Well, that's what he gets for his racist days.

Anwar will be explaining...or in the process of explaining his stand for Israel to the Majlis Syura Pas today. He will be explaining why he stands firm on it and the consequences that will befall on pas if they don't follow what he says.

What does anwar possess to create so much fear in his his pakatan? Is it his ability to make people vanish? Or is it something to do with his pockets?

Is the one-eyed's favorite pet really rising? He has, after all, qualified and passed through all the western requirements with flying colors. He has supported Israel, got himself sponsors from the west and even made alliances with LGBT? So, when will they make him PM? But is that all enough to make anwar the PM? Is he required to do more? We wouldn't be surprised anymore.

One day, the "sun" will rise from the west...actually, it is in the process right now. So far, poerful nations such as China and Rusia is making it difficult to happen. But the day will come where either both countries will be vanquished physically or certain "regime changes" will happen that make both countries submit to the west.

What's happening in Malaysia has only revealed a more sickening scenario: the cancerous anwar is getting more and more desperate for the west to instigate the "regime change" for him as his popularity plummets down the IWK sewage pipe. In his heart, he might just be shouting that he has supported all the groups that Islam has singled out to be dangerous deviants and perverts, why isn't he a Prime Minister yet? But even support and money coming from jewish-sponsored organizations cannot guarantee anwar will ever be a good leader. Is he that good? Why then did all close friends chose to leave PKR while anwar was busy selecting his family and close friends to become leaders?

The question is also asked on whether Malaysians can see him for what he really is through BOTH eyes and not one eyed like himself and his organization's true boss? There are evidences that Malaysians are finally seeing the truth about anwar, but time will tell.

I'll leave this article with a good video on the rise of the brave and couragous Muslims towards anwar in Gadek.

and on Anwar, this:

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Anwar & The New World Order: No Time For Palestine, Only For Power

"I support all efforts to protect the security of the state of Israel," said Mr. Anwar, although he stopped short of saying he would open diplomatic ties with the Jewish state, a step which he said remains contingent on Israel respecting the aspirations of Palestinians. Malaysia has consistently refrained from establishing diplomatic relations with Israel, although limited commercial ties exist between private companies in the two countries.
The Wall Street Journal Jan. 27th, 2012

And from the political world, I personally liked the news of the high regard that Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim gave to the Jewish State when asked whether he would open diplomatic ties with Israel.
(Article by Michael Ordman, highlighting Israel's latest achievements in the fields of technology, health, business, co-existence and building the Jewish State.
The Jerusalem Post 6th Feb. 2012

Where does he go from here? Anwar claims that he was in Mecca, although there have been disputes. But there is no dispute that he was in Bangkok after that. What a place to go after Mecca...Bangkok...well, let's hope it's not anywhere near Patphong

Many in Malaysia are not actually perplexed with anwar's statement, neither are they surprised by the support by the Jerusalem Post. After all, the Israeli newspaper has long anticipated anwar ascend to the Prime Ministership of Malaysia (Anwar Ibrahim: Malaysia's Future Prime Minister? ) since 2008. After all, anwar introduced the pas for all logo for pas, plagiarized from Israel For All logo. After all, his closest aids and strategists are mostly jews such as Wolfowitz, Cohen and Soros. Anwar has already made waves with his support for LGBT during his interview with the BBC, who strangely he did not sue but tried to scare Utusan Malaysia when they reprinted the story for Malaysians.

I guess that's why anwar embraced the religion of human rights, and force pas to worship his ideology as well. For him, it is better. Maybe he found that religions like Islam points out that a wrong is a wrong, and what its consequences will be. In human rights, a wrong can be a right by promoting it as a basic right for any human to practice it. As a result, the once-self-proclaimed Islamic party is in a dilemma, not sure whether they're coming or going. Now hadi says he's not contesting again. It can be safely said that if hadi retires, pas will safely be taken over by any scmuck who has no inkling on religion, just good at talking. Mat sapu is the proof of that.

But seriously, where is anwar heading? The man who has powerful jewish and/or neo-cons in his sleeves is making remarks against the majority of Malaysia. Even the pakatan spinners are running out of gray matter trying to defend this. Pakatan blogs have tried to deviate by stating that Tun Mahathir and even Malaysia is affiliared to the Zionists, one way or the other. Well, those are pakatan bloggers anyway. Their blogs would've been believable if they write something factual for once.

I was drafting this article in a different vein earlier, but Tun Mahathir wrote a beautiful piece on his blog, precise and straight to the point on what the New World Order has been doing, here.

Anwar Sadat was killed for signing the Camp David Agreement that recognizes Israel. Anwar Ibrahim made that statement in an election year. How does that gain him support for the elections? Even the half awake N.ajis demanded a retraction from anwar. Even former pas leaders like Nasharuddin find themselves boggled. Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh has also conveyed the unhappiness over anwar's statement. (Pengkhianatan terhadap Islam, Palestin). It is therefore ironic of anwar to turn his back on Palestine and yet talk about human rights. Then again, since his masters perpetrated the genocide of the Al-Quds (Palestinians), do you actually think anwar would dare criticize them for their treatment of the Palestinians?

I am just guessing that with this statement, anwar will definitely be the next Prime Minister of Malaysia, without having to go to elections. To US, Europe and Israel, it will just be a Regime Change exercise. What's so difficult about it? NED has already invested a lot in Anwar and pakatan to sow the seeds of hatred and destruction through pakatan's drama and over-acting to discredit the government, the same method they used in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, currently in Syria, tried but failed in Iran and many other parts of the world. Malaysia is never out of the picture; every country is studied thoroughly and weaknesses will be identified and methids to destroy will be remedied and implemented. If the methods fail, there is always the United Nations which they will use and legitimize their actions. Wolfowitz and Gore are part of the neo-conservatives who called for these regime changes. Even the idiotic Bush agreed to make regime changes before he became the president.

The studies by NED (or their one-eyed owner) revealed that the weakest link in Malaysia has always been the Malays - the never-satisfied lot despite all the subsidies, grants and aid given by the government. They can be succesful at what they do but always green with envy at anything succesful their brethren does. Independence, power to rule and being the majority lulled them to sleep, and the agents for New World Order have managed to splinter the Malays into bits, ousting Islam from the Malays to be replaced by the new religion called "human rights."

With anwar managing to blind his Malay supporters in one eye, the time is ripe for Malaysia to be the next in line for a "regime change." Malaysia will be the next entry into the New World Order. Will we see anwar's supporters go in the same way as what had happened in the Middle East? The west needs no assassin now as the killing can easily be carried out by the nation's own people, like what happened to Suharto and Gaddafi. It can easily be labeled by the west as "People's Rising" and be used to gain support. Once that is done, then anwar shall take his place as the New World Order's Prime Minister of Malaysia, and as usual, the minority shall rule the majority to ensure unrest for decades to come. Malaysia shall take its blood-spattered journey into the age of Pax Judaica. After all, only the Malays can destroy the Malays.

Now why would The New World Order need to do so? It is the simple equation that "all ships must sail together." All must toe the line that US, Europe and Israel have set, or face the painful consequences. Pinochet of Chile failed to toe the line, he was shot and replaced by the odious Pinochet. If the US says stand, you stand; if the US says jump, you say how high. All allegiance will be for only one. But even that is just a tip of the iceberg. The New World Order will actually lead the world to live in a post-Pax America era, which shall be known as Pax Judaica, where the leader shall be the Great Deceiver who sees badly with only one eye. Who else would be the best choice to lead Malaysia who has pledged his allegiance to the human rights, to America and the west and swore his best to defend Israel? You got it, it is anwar.

Anwar has outdone himself this time. For years, he tried to be a stateman, something Tun Mahathir has been with such ease, much to the envy of Anwar. Palestinians, Bosnians and Islamic countries identifies Tun whenever Malaysia is mentioned...just like tuk-tuk drivers identify anwar in certain part of Thailand. anwar has even gobe to the extent of making his bloggers label him as a statesman. I guess he has almost achieved that notoriety when he supported the security of israel, despite sounding more like an estate-man. I wonder if he can walk safely in the streets of Palestine?

Till then, will anwar usurp leadership of Malaysia from the back (ironic, ain't it?), or he might just meet some backlash from the Muslim world over his actions?

Monday, February 13, 2012

Vanishings - For The Sake of PKR's Mahdi?

So now we know where he has been. Well, we know where he was in when he was working for dap's elly wong, it's the question where he disappeared to after the scandal of elly wong's less-than-desired photos exploded.

As we have all noticed, since 2008 that pakatan keeps "disappearing" their people, especially those with troubles in pkr. We do have ideas of why but only the malevolent anwar knows why he wants them away.

Looking back at the case few years ago, when the exposure of the pictures of the exposed elly came about, many ask who could do such a thing...and how she could let him. Well, we don't really care anymore about elly and helmi having a knick-knack paddywhack, give a dog a boner part. Anwar, in strict principle of the one-eyed strategy blamed UMNO. Seriously, who gains from the issue? And for goodness sake, please tell mahfuz that Britney Spears looks nothing like elly wong!!!

Looking, not into elly wong's hair-raising pictures, looking deeper into the issue, how would the scandal benefit BN? They have no majority still even if elly resigns. There was an issue of elly wong supporting the complaint against mosques using loud-speakers but even that is too trivial. However, I did notice that elly has always been vocal about the racist dap's stand in selangor. She issued the typical threat of dap pulling out of pakatan if the lkatter refuses to adhere to dap's whims and design, i.e. the mega pig farm for selangor.

The explosive nature of the scandal seem to neutralize her fangs as she became less vocal about everything. What, is it "message received"? Anwar was the one who refused to let her resign, and even that was a strong yet strange questionionable move. Is that another message saying "Now you do what we want or worse things will happen?" Even pas, the pakatan's office boys" were instructed to support her despite committing...well, naughty things with hilmi. Well, at least her strength in facing that gave her the legendary title of Zina The Warrior Princess.

So, who actually benefitted from the scandal? UMNO gained nothing but the blame while the actual perpetrating party reaps its benefit. They are well organized definitely.

PKR is no stranger in making people disappear. So, who else has disappeared so far?

The former Bukit Selambau PKR assemblyman, V. Arumugam, was made to disappear when strong indications hinted that he will join Barisan. He was "vanished" to Mumbai and has since returned.

The private investigator who made 2 statutory declarations, one accusuing and the latter, retracting, P. Balasubramaniam. He was believed to be sent to a neighbouring country and later, London as well. Ah yes, jolly old London, where else.

The PUSRAWI general practitioner, Dr Osman Abdul Hamid, whose modified report was used partially to show that he did not commit sodomy, which sounded nice in fiction.

They all went missing at one time. India, Thailand and God-knows-where have been their selected destination, they disappear overnight, just like that, before authorities have any chance of taking action on whatever they did. Almost all of them claim that, despite Anwar and the one-eyed dominated pakatan gaining from it, "being threatened by government agents." I do recognize that method: it was all scripted, and only one guy can direct such a production...and he's off searching for more money from his friends and his jewish-sponsored groups.

The questions that many ask have been consistent: how could they afford to disappear away to foreign countries at a snap of a finger? It's not cheap, those involved are not that rich, but they seem to be able to bring them and their families there at ease. Where did they get funding for that? Or were they funded? In Hilmi's case, the Indonedian police revealed that he was staying in Indonesia at the expense of an opposition mystery thickens...well, not so, we already know which opposition party has a bottonmless pocket, pouring in from their "friends" with one eye.

In elly wong's case, she didn't disappear, but the pkr boy toy did. That's that, it's good to be there. Get married, have fun with wife, have fun with boss and get sent to live in Indonesia...more fun there, and of all places, Batam...Singapore's favorite vice den.

Looking at the disappearaces, and the alleged murder over illegal sand mining in Selangor, I have to agree with Selangor Bangkit bloggers that pakatan is nothing more than an organized crime. Send people in create damages, get them out to safe houses. If you are about to lose your own people, "vanish" them at keep them at bay until such time when the coast is clear. Of course, this all depends on the Godfather's wishes, such as where to send them, let them live or not, will it be a beauty boy or a china-doll tonight and such.

Maybe I shouldn't write too deeply on this matter, I might just "disappear,"

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