Monday, April 22, 2013

#savekedah Prolog - Ilusi Kedah Sejahtera #TolakPR

Ever since pakatan took over Kedah in 2008, they have lived the life of their slogan called "Kedah Sejahtera"...and so far they have not woken up yet. The "Kedah Sejahtera" is a myth and it is currently being broken as truth is being revealed. Here is a prologue, or a short introduction to the up-coming video, which also goes to remind pas Kedah that those who they claimed to have been dead and buried, have returned

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

On The Tightropes To The Elections #TolakPR

After all the drama we saw by pakatan demanding that the parliament be dissolved, they are now sweating bullets, despite putting a brave face.

Pakatan has been on the receiving brunt for the past many months. One of the biggest blow, especially for the ulama-impersonating pas, came from the coalition of Ulama Pondok, who proclaimed an edict that it is HARAM to vote for Pakatan. (for full article, click here ) It is not an empty edict. It is the obvious fact that pakatan promoted pluralisme that associate Allah with other beings. For pakatan, this is a major blow. They had looked to pas to deceive the Muslims of Malaysia into voting for them and further their cause for "religious equality", ignoring the fact that Islam HAS, IS and WILL ALWAYS BE the official religion of Malaysia. The edict further questions and damages pas' credibility and their claim that they are an Islamic party. This is not new; a few months back, religious leaders such as the Imam of the Masjidil Haram questioned pas' basis in justifying their manipulation of Islam for political gains. N.ajis and hahadi's very credibility as pas leaders have never sunk to this new level of lowliness before. Of course, Malaysians know too well that people like n.ajis and hohohahadi and other pas figures are just politicians, dressed up in robes, lift themselves up as "ulama" while they pervert Islam to justify anything they do as long as they get political advantage. That explains very well about the Amanat Hadi, Heaven for those who vote for pas, all UMNO members are kufr and many other political edicts by pas.

For many, it is just that pas was dealt in that fashion after decades of manipulating religion for their own gain.

But it is not all about religion in pas. Their decision to field mat sapu in the Pendang parliament in Kedah drew blood for many. Pendang residents have so far resisted outsiders, let alone a Shi'ite. There has been a crisis amongst Muslims in Pendang as they are well aware of the existence of Shi'ites in Pendang, and this is not a party matter alone. Muslims there are worried that with mat sapu helming the parliamentary constituent, the spread of Syiah will be unstoppable. But word has it that mat sapu has already rented a house for long term in Pendang. Maybe he can win the parliament the same way he won his post in the party. Of course, why Pendang residents are starting to restrict their wives and daughters from going out when mat sapu arrived is anybody's wonder.

Here's an odd one: anwar almost immediately flew off to US after the dissolution of Parliament, which raises so many questions among Malaysians. There are those who say that he went off to plead for election funds, or at least extra funds. That might be strange because all the while the fundings have been provided via pakatan's agents such as Suaram or Malaysiakini. More worrying, there are those who said that he went there to finalize plans for election day, whatever it might be, though it won't be pretty.

So far, anwar doesn't seem to be bothered about his wife's party, PKR, which has been wrecked by so many scandals and bad blood. Most of their divisions in Malaysia have been bleeding members badly and there are even branches which has been shut down. Wan Azizah and Azmin seemed oblivious to what is happening around them, which raises so many questions even among the party supporters. It seems that PKR candidates rely more on the votes of dap and pas supporters than their own.
The revelations that came; anwar and his sex aventures with women (and guys), azmin and the creaming of his popsicle, the mysterious existence of nurul izzah's video, azizah's jealous antics, badrul amin and his "consultation" of somebody else's wife, the revelation why rafizi was sacked and many more seem to ground pkr down to the ground.

But anwar seem to be taking his position of the de-facto leader of pakatan seriously. He did announce the candidancy of several figures in parliamentary constituents in several states, unfortunately, which was taken in very well. In Sabah for example, his choice as candidates was balked by party members as he dismissed the popular candidates and placed his favorite people only. His announcement that the chairman of Pahang PKR was met by boos and hisses as again, anwar ignored what his own people wanted and insist on everything his own way. Word from Kedah has it that pas members are complaining because anwar chose nurul izzah's relative to contest in Merbok. It was made worse when azizan found out that anwar demanded pas Kedah's list of candidates behind his back.

After their failure in their attempt to have Sabah declared a state of Emergency by Suluk terrorists, pakatan tried to destroy another state with BN majority, Sarawak by sending Global Witness to entrap Taib Mahmud and the issue of "corrupt dealings." Again, this plan fell apart when their deception was uncovered. Global Witness, which pakatan bloggers have made it so distinguished by saying that it nis "UK-Based" was funded primarily by none other than George Soros and his Open Society, and the 2 cousins of Taib Mahmud were not even close to angels as they had people believe. (More on this here ) The only state left for pakatan to destroy is now Johor, the birthplace and heartland of Malay Nationalism. It is a many pronged attack. Apart from destroying the UMNO majority, pakatan intends to humiliate UMNO by wresting the birthplace of UMNO.

It is strange but Lim Kit Siang is purported to be contesting for the Gelang Patah parliament. Why strange? Knowing Kit Siang as one of the main instigators of the racial riots of 1969, and how the racist anti-Malay politician demanded that the Malay Special Privileges to scrapped, what is he doing, contesting in the heartland of Malay Nationalism? Gelang Patah has a 52% majority of Chinese voters, and many of them work in Singapore, and disturbing news that these Singapore-employed voters will ensure kit siang's victory are now rushing in. Of course, who can ever deny that that Singapore's ruling pap has always been dap's godfather, and Singapore has been very supportive towards pakatan and has always ever so condemning on the Malay-dominated government of Malaysia.

Dap has always been, pakatan's master's choice as rulers of Malaysia, whether anwar knows it or not. Their strategies have been outlined and organized by people outside of Malaysia, and I am not talking about the island nation down south. Perhaps we should always remember that Singapore has and still is South East Asia base for their all-time-good-friends such as CIA and Mossad. Maybe that's why dap can have their seminars and strategic planning done in Israel with Singapore's actual security consultant. To Muslims and Malaysians who take this lightly, here are some revelations by former DAP Malay Affairs Strategic Planner. He is currently living with his family under round-the-clock security detail, all because he betrayed dap and pakatan's master.

Devil in disguise?
More or less, the facts spoken in the recordings reveal the strategy by dap in Penang. Of course, at the moment, pakatan Muslim supporters worship Lim Guan Eng for providing allocations for Islamic developments in Penang, giving money to those who can recite the Qur'an. It is a similar strategy, but much amplified to when Lee Kuan Yew wearing a songkok in the past. It is an action compared to pedophile  luring kids with candies and later doing unspeakable things. We will not see it in 5 years, but once that happens, there will be nothing the Malays and Muslims can do.

Anwar will never know that he will never be the Prime Minister of Malaysia. The most he will get may be as a the powerless President for life of the Republic of Malaysia, under the New World Order, and even that is just a slim "may be." The one-eyed wants to him to win Malaysia, but never for him to lead, and no Muslims or Malays will ever be a Prime Minister, ever again.

The social networks virtually exploded when Najib dissolved the Parliament. All of a sudden, those pro-government users who had kept quiet for years got up and started being active. Pakatan was extremely concerned despite the fact that they have been the one calling for thunder. Pakatan cybertroopers faced a gargantuan task when every issue they tried to spin was revealed and shred to pieces. Even harakahdaily was not spared. But just in case pakatan could not win the elections, it seems that they still have a plan that will make sure they rule the country. It was revealed today that, through a letter from PKR HQ, that pakatan is indeed organizing unrest on election day itself. This complies with the long profile of pakatan instigating unrest and violence to get what they want. Muhyiddin has stated about pakatan plan before, and Zulkifli Nordin revealed the same not long ago. This also falls in line why anwar had the gall to claim that, on election day, by 3 p.m., he will have the SPR Chief proclaim him as the winner. (For full article, click here)

The election campaign will be filled with dramas staged by pakatan, all for the purposes of political advantage. Anwar might even find a hitman to start a shootout that will injure either his wife or his children, or maybe even him, most probably a flesh wound. For what? Lo and behold, he will blame the government. It is quite unfortunate for him and his pakatan, as his plans have been leaked, as seen below.

Keep your eyes and ears glued. Who knows what anwar will do in his desperate scramble to be the Prime Minister (so he thought) and deliver Malaysia to his and pakatan's master.

So, will anwar really do all of this? Well, based on how at one time he ordered Zulkifli Nordin to burn down Stadium Bukit Jalil during Commonwealth Games while the PM, the Queen of England and other dignitaries in there, I don't think it's a problem to him. His time is running out anyway. It is 2013, and the 13th General Election, in the Chinese year of the Snake. Pakatan's master has provided everything possible to further anwar and pakatan's cause, and it is time to deliver the goods. The New World Order MUST be established in Malaysia. I think anwar found this uphill task getting steeper and steeper. His plans in Sabah faced a severe backlash, his scam in Sarawak dissolved and the plan for the conquest of Johor is not going as smoothly as he planned. He lost a major chunk of Muslim support when pas was denounced by Ulamas. Capture Putrajaya by force seems to be the only choice left.

If all of these plans fail, I think it will be very interesting to see what fate awaits him by his "friends in the west". They have so far, been relentless, and failure is never an option.

I have read again and again on social networks, of how pakatan leaders block anybody who stated anything against them. It is almost similar to journalists who were warned that, "You ulang, I saman" issue. To those who had to endure that, I say, Welcome to the New World Order...or at least that is just a small taste of what pakatan and their master's New World Order will be...and that's just for starters...
Welcome to the New World Order

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