Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pas For...Who??? Just PIS Off Then....

It was, and it is still a simple question:

But I'm still getting that popular U2 song, "...but I still haven't found what I'm looking for.." Say, come to think of it, let me just listen to that song over and over again while writing this. Groovy!!!

PAS, or the so-called Parti Islam Se-Malaysia (wouldn't that be PIS?) claims to be fighting and/struggle to create an Islamic country (in an already Islamic country) and represents all Muslims in Malaysia. It was set up by a group of disgruntled UMNO members who were very upset when the UMNO majority did not want to follow their lead. This represented certain "powers that be" to assist the creation of pas. This is a strategic move after those powers divided Indians into Hindus and Muslims in India.

The evolution of Pas can be a bit spooky to look at. The blurred line between being a political party and Islam undoubtedly blinded most of their party members. The infamous so-called "Fatwa" of Haji Hadi branded UMNO as apostates for co-operating with non-Muslims. This created the undeniable split between Muslims in Malaysia. Friday prayers with two imams, kenduris and events boycotted because other Muslims don't want to be in Pas, and so many other things happened. It became a fight between brothers and families because this. Strangely, despite the fact Pas claims that they're very Islamic and declares non-Pas member are apostates, I don't think they realize that their actions are against the teachings of Islam. But of course, we cannot say that to their face, they will threaten you such, "What do you know? You're UMNO member; don't talk to us about Islam!" I pity those ulamas from other countries who never supported Pas; they must've been condemned to the pits of Pas hell.

As the brotherly split has already been done, a split amongst them happened. The 2008 elections gave Pas a lot of seats, victorious in many places. Although the majority of Malaysians still don't know who their Pas MP/ADUN is, Pas became a force to reckon with, thanks to Anwar Ibrahim.

It is not an easy step to follow Anwar Ibrahim and the outlines set by the people who "assisted" him. Firstly, Pas has to be liberal. The first step to that is to throw out anything and everything about Islam from the party. This actually led to a very confusing turnaround in an already confusing turnaround; you ask Pas, "When are you going to set up an Islamic state?" They'll answer, "We never had any intention to set up an Islamic country in our manifesto." Then somebody from kampung asked them, "Malaysia is an Islamic country, right?" They'll start swearing and ranting, "Only Pas is Islamic and we will establish an Islamic country!" Hmmm, maybe they think kampung people are stupid.

As events seen from 2008 onwards, DAP is the actual winner in Selangor, while Pas is just the legalizing
agent. What does that mean? Okay, when DAP threatened the staccato MB of Selangor that if the Mega Pig Farm is not built in where they want, PKR and Pas can kiss their majority goodbye. Despite the fact Pas was always busy shooting down state governments for allocating sites for pig farms, now they had to go on a whirlwind tour to say that it is alright to have the farm and it is okay by religion to allocate for the non-Muslims. However, everybody can see that the villagers (majority are Muslims) at the allocated sites have different views. Maybe that's why the tour never passed by there.

Elizabeth Wong was the other example. The young chap who nailed her down split and pictures of her was
spread across the net. Strangely it was Pas again who took Elizabeth on a whirlwind tour to explain how she was victimized and how she was a victim in a conspiracy. It was quite amusing to see Muslim ladies hugging her and crying profusely. Didn't she commit zina, or at least khalwat? Whatever happened to talks about brimstone and hellfire? Of course, looking with one eye, pas might not and might never see it at all. So, it is okay to hump around, but if any evidence appears, let's just say we are victims.

We're still waiting for any Pas state government to turn into a super-competitive and business booming state. Unfortunately for a state like Kedah, development seems to be lower than that of Kelantan (well, that's what Kelantanese told me) as of late. Investors leaving Kulim Hi-Tech Park, the water supply problem and many other things. I guess maybe that's why Anwar Ibrahim had to kidnap those ADUNs who were about to jump ship last Sunday. Wow, is it that bad that you need Anwar's one and only expertise to do it? People are tired of Pas Kedah's typical answer of "This is all the previous government's fault!" to every problem that they forward. They want prompt action. Although Pas Kedah did say that they will mosques after mosques to accommodate Muslims in Kedah, I must state here that the Al-Bukhary Mosque in Jalan Langgar started construction almost 10 years ago and fully financed by Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary and has nothing to do with pas' manifesto. Even then, people are still waiting for sign of mosque, or any sign of any building to be actually built by the Kedah's Pas government.

Getting back to the subject, we would ask, if Pas has already thrown out Islam out of their manifesto, why bother calling themselves an "Islamic" party? In the first place, they've never been Islamic. And with the Erdogan Team moving in, they'll never be anymore. Last year's party elections saw UMNO indirectly helping the Ulama faction of Pas defeat the Anwar Ibrahim or Erdogan Faction, Husam Musa. However, they're back, and there'll be nothing to stop them this time. The erdogans are more flexible: they promise Islam to the Muslims, and they deny anything about that in churches, temples and synagogues (maybe).

Maybe it is time to overhaul the party. 50 years of hatred and deviance has caused severe damages to the party. And with Erdogans steering at the helm, everybody can see that Pas cannot hide the fact that not many have seen before: Pas has nothing to do with Islam or being Islamic. Do they ever realize that a lot of PKR and DAP members usually disguise as Pas supporters during riots? Did they ever realize that they were the only klutz who took to the streets yelling "Allahu Akhbar" on the streets of Kuala Kangsar to stand before the fallen DAP socialist government?

Pas needs a new logo as well. One big white circle might be seen as an eye; maybe they should add another
one. Why? Nobody can see the truth when they look with one eye.

So, who do you think PAS represent in Malaysia? We know, it's not Islam.

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