Monday, May 24, 2010

Malaysia Post-PRU13 According to the Soothsayer - Resistance Is Futile

The year shall be 2012, while climactic changes shall take over the world, Malaysia will face the unavoidable political change.

The PRU-13 sees the ousting of the doomed Barisan Nasional to the internally-combusting Pakatan Rakyat. Despite protests from the Presidents of the other component parties and his own, Anwar Ibrahim is plucked out from jail to become the omnipotent President of the new Republic of Malaysia, while the court is forced to overturn his convictions.

Most of BN's leaders will be placed under corruption charges, and it doesn't matter whether it's true or not because it will mark as a historic event to show the west that the new government has eradicated the old archaic one. In short, it's a show to tell the west, their investment has paid off.

The first President and his showcase Cabinet will steer Malaysia into a new western-friendlier country, pending on how the west pulls our strings.

The ever "apa pun tak-apa" and always so accommodating Malays will be, as usual, in the front crowd to cheer this new "chapter" in their lives. Now that there are no more interrupting monarchies and/or ethnic based groups, the prosperous new Malays set a new destiny for their ethnic group. A new path without subsidies, without government grants or aids, no more Malay Reserve lands and no more Malay supremacy. This is so because despite their education under MARA, JPA, Petronas, UiTM and others, the new Malays always believe that all the chances and success of themselves are given by themselves individually and nobody else helped.

It won't be surprising after this; there's no official religion in Malaysia, no official language either (most probably English), only liberal Islam is to be practiced. With the long obstacle of Malay protectionism taken off, it is easier to buy cheap land from the Malays and move towards a more developing nation. Beautiful buildings and environmental friendly parks will be built everywhere in the country. The Malays will be packed off into government flats in places that do not interfere with progress. It shouldn't be much of a problem: Malays are mostly laborers, drivers and clerks, they'll fit well there. The new liberal Malays will be enjoying
themselves in the suburbs, criticizing archaic laws that favored Malays more and the oppressive syariah laws. The main target now is always equality to all, without barriers. The cities and towns are more peaceful now as environmental laws take effect, no more azans from mosques to pollute the clear skies.

It is all fair to the Malays, unlike the Israel and Palestine conflict, Malays are allowed to purchase properties, if they can afford. Either that or the government flats as there are no such things as the Malay quota, or Bumiputra price for properties, because that will be racial and/or unconstitutional.

Any racist talk, especially by Malays, will be met by a severe punishment. Any talk about Islamic supremacy will be labeled as terrorism. Of course, the President shouldn't worry about this as UMNO might be banned by now and Pas is just another party without fangs or balls ever since Islamic struggle has been removed from their manifesto. No more chaos when there are talks about Muslims committing apostasy, no more gibberish murmurs about an individual having to convert to Islam before marrying a Muslim.

No way anybody can stop this. RESISTANCE IS FUTILE!!! We already know from hadith that during the end of days, only 1 person is a true believer and 99 are not. Furthermore, the "sun" is now rising from the west, they are so powerful and can make "regime changes" anywhere they want in the world, making any country to be more democratic (actually, bow to them) and friendlier to the west.

Malaysia is now truly an open and fair country, and peaceful too.

Hey, don't blame me if you don't like this!!! Blame the one-eyed soothsayer!!!

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