Sunday, March 11, 2012

Jawatankuasa Pemandu : Driving Kedah To Utter Confusion

Much has been said about this Jawatankuasa Pemandu which was suggested by phahrolrazi's zionist-loving pakatan group. It has always been anwar's dream to have any pakatan state obey and adhere to anything that he says and supports him in any wrong-doings. With this Jawatankuasa Pemandu, his dreams move a step closer with phahrolrazi as his dummy.

Pas' offcial schwarz-schtick, mahfuz was quoted in Sinar  as saying that the MB's power will not be usurped in any way. This is because the Jawatankuasa Pemandu is appointed to advice the leaders and not in the matters of administration...really. Seriously, can pas, next time, send somebody with an IQ of more than 25 to make statements? I could almost swear my cat committed suicide the moment mahfuz said that.

So, the Pemandu Committee does not usurp the MB's power? Let's see, contrary to mahfuz' statement, on March 5th Phahrolrazi was quoted as saying that (full article, click here )

“Yang paling penting matlamat kami tercapai iaitu inginkan perubahan dalam corak pentadbiran negeri, di mana kuasa bukan lagi dominan pada Menteri Besar dan mesyuarat Exco semata-mata. Kini, jika ada pandangan berbeza, boleh dirujuk pada jawatankuasa ini,”
(What is most important is that our objectives are achieved which is to see a change in the pattern of state administration, where power will not be dominated by the Menteri Besar and the Exco exclusively. Now, should there be any difference in opinion, it can be referred to this committee)

For a chap who claims to be a professional like phahrolrazi, ignorance and anwar must've blinded him. The constitution recognizes the Menteri Besar as the state leader, and his power over the running of the state administration is in his hands. Executive decisions are made by him and his exco. The majority in the exco over-rides the minority, and if phahrolrazi does not agree on something but the majority of the exco does, then know your role and shut your mouth. You are running a state and there's no time for you to run and cry to your mama just because other exco members do not support you.

Where will the Jawatankuasa Pemandu be placed in the constitution?

The Menteri Besar is appointed by The Sultan, usually the leader of a party which won the election, or somebody nominated by the respective winning parties. The Sultan, with advice from his council, will choose and endorse the suitable candidate.

The MB, in turn, appoints his exco, and there is no provision how many they are and what portfolio they hold. Exco members hold a term of 1 year of office. Little known fact is, the State Secretary and State Financial Officer from the State Civil Service are also part of the exco. It was also known that, during Dato Syed Nahar Shahabuddin's tenure as MB, the Pengarah Tanah & Galian was also an exco member to facilitate the many inquiries on land matters.

Unless it is by royal commission, or appointed by the MB, the Jawatankuasa Pemandu has no where to be placed in the state constitution.

Is the committee above the Sultan? Well, even pas members know well never to go there...unless they're contemplating suicide.

Is the committee above the MB? Only the Sultan is above the MB as he reports directly to the Sultan and take any advice from the Sultan without any buffers. Is the committee above the Exco? Exco is appointed by the MB and in no way, can have the committee in between.

So what if phahrolrazi and maybe one or two more do not agree with azizan? If 3 out of 10 disagree and the rest agree, what more do you want to say? You're out-voted. To have the committee referred to everytime one or two disagree with the MB will only lead to the state not having any progress at all...not that it has any in the first place.

So, how does phahrolrazi want to deny the powers stipulated by the state constitution? The committee will be political, not executive or administrative in any way whatsoever. So, what terms of reference will phahrolrazi bring if he tries to bring the committee into the picture? In fact, wouldn't it be downright rude and unworthy for anybody to usurp the power of the crown by placing themselves as the power to advice instead of the Sultan? Isn't it also unconstitutional to bring a group of people, elected or not, from this state or not, to interfere the running of the state? Kedahans will ask then who's running the state; the government they chose, or the sponsors who contributed to anwar's funds along with the massacre of palestinians?

How fair will the committee be? Even among pas' supporters, talks are rife that the Jawatankuasa Pemandu will be filled of anti-azizan members, hell-bent on ousting him from the seat. Plots have also been drawn to name azizan as the sacrificial lamb if pas loses Kedah in PRU-13. Even that doesn't really surprise me. In the hunt for power, and with anwar poking in from behind, do you think pas cares about Islam? That'll be the first thing that is thrown out the window.

Safe be said, Jawatankuasa Pemandu is unconstitutional, as stated by azizan. It has no place in the governance of the state nor does it have executive and administrative power. As many concluded, the committee is a ploy to sabotage the running of the state just because one or two key people who are pro-anwar LGBT pakatan disagree. Where is the democracy then?

Maybe phahrolrazi and his jewish-supporting pakatan cohorts should stop assuming that Kedahans are gullible and stupid. Never ever assume that, just because many Kedahans are from kampungs doesn't mean they have no idea what the constitution is all about?

For Kedahans, all of these events have the elements that mark the coming of change to Kedah. The demolitions, the destructions, the conspirings, the in-fightings and the hunger for power amongst pas leaders only serve as the catalyst to a countdown. Kedahans are ready for a change, and Gelombang Merah is coming with it.

Progress, No Demolitions Like Pas Kedah : Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir's Media Statement

While azizan and his excos are busy trying to demolish a historic 102-year old surau and replace it with a shopping centre on a waqf land bequeathed for a surau, and while phahrolrazi and his pro-israel pakatan erdogan group try to find new ways of destroying azizan's administration, here's something that even they might find as diverting.

Finally, progress that comes in without any demolition and far from breaching any condition on a waqf land. This media statement from YB Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir only goes to show how dedicated BN is especially in serving the needs of the people.

Kenyataan Media:
YB Dato' Mukhriz Mahathir Ahli Parlimen Jerlun

Saya telah menyerahkan surat setuju terima tender kepada dua kontraktor untuk pembinaan masjid baru di Telaga Batu, Ayer Hitam, Jerlun dan membaikpulih Sekolah Menengah Nahdatul Hasanah, Melele, Jerlun. Kos pembinaan masjid tersebut adalah RM1.4juta manakala kos baikpulih sekolah pula RM1.5juta.

Dua projek ini antara beberapa lagi yg telah dipohon oleh rakyat Jerlun melalui YB Dato Mukhriz & ADUN Kota Siputeh YB Dato Abu Hasan Sarif, yang membuktikan kesungguhan BN utk mengotakan janji. Biarpun negeri Kedah ditadbir oleh PR, namun BN tetap berkhidmat memenuhi aspirasi rakyat.

Wakil rakyat BN di Jerlun bagi pihak rakyat mengucapkan terima kasih kpd YAB Perdana Menteri atas kelulusan khas yg diberikan utk dua projek ini. Majlis tersebut yg dihadiri oleh Dato Abu Hasan, Dato Azmi Lateh, Pegawai Kemajuan Negeri Kedah Darulaman, Dato Osman Aziz, Setiausaha UMNO Kedah, kariah masjid & warga sekolah bermula dari solat maghrib berjemaah disusuli solat hajat dan bacaan surat yasin.

 Dato' Mukhriz Mahathir
 Ahli Parlimen Jerlun

It must've riled the state government to find that, despite their friendly name of pakatan rakyat, they find themselves becoming more of pakatan menentang rakyat when all they do is bicker amongst themselves and conspiring for power. As a result, the infrastructure of Kedah has been left in disregards: nobody fixing the damaged roads despite Federal's allocation of money, water supply is still bad at many places despite rates going 45% up and many more that pas never bothered to count. Perhaps trying to get that RM600million to anwar's campaign fund has become a priority over the people. Shame on you! Maybe phahrolrazi and his cohorts should take the money, roll them up, turn it up sideways and cram them up their candied...ummm...nose!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Pas Kedah: Everything's Okay Now....Riiightt!

 I read a very interesting article by columnist on NST today, click here

Is Kedah in shambles? Let's see...

There were more speculations that became too much even for me. The bad blood between MB Azizan and the anwar-worshipping parasites of pas, headed by phahrolrazi came to a stronger head when he chided Amiruddin for accepting the exco position. The central pas decided to intervene for the sake of PRU-13. actually thought the intervention was for the people of Kedah? Oh dear.

Supporters of azizan, phahrolrazi and ismail respectively were worried of what's going to happen. It was a strange situation as most coffee-shops and stalls are filled with people discussing on how bad the Kedah football team has gone down to. You're right, they don't really care. The worry was evident amongst the 3 pas stalwarts, and with the appearance of anwar's riders of apocalypse such as salahudin ayob, mahfuz and mat sabu led to the bubbling hot speculation that azizan will be ousted. However, the appearance of Haji hadi, more or less, calmed the situation. By the way, can somebody go and check the MB's Residence in Mentaloon? Mahfuz got lost on his way to the toilet again...

How long will azizan last on his throne before the usurpers come in with the ides of march? Well, nobody can say when, but from what is going on, it won't be that long maybe as phahrolrazi's faction is sharpening their daggers by now. His supporters are reportedly saying that there will be scandals exposed within these few weeks. Excellent...there's always excuses from doing their job. There'll be fire and brimstone, all coming from the parasite's faction. Imagine that, all of this, and UMNO is just sitting at home, watching, while having tea. Bloggers like Kedah La, under the hollow-headed saiburi sudin must be hiding inside a trench somewhere, his blog claimed that the issue between azizan and phahrolrazi is over despite pas supporters acknowledging otherwise. He has sheepishly turned to other issues such as attacking Tun Mahathir as other pakatan bloggers laugh at him.

It was an error of Haji hadi to send mat sabu in the first attempt to quell things down in Kedah. He is more suitable as somebody to calm things down in dewan muslimah, not at high-stakes power struggle. But the results, despite of failing to achieve any legitimate conclusion, were released by pas, that azizan remains and MB and phahrolrazi and ismail are to return as exco. It could be a pyrrhic victory for the ulama faction of pas, and it could be a burning amber for the anwarista-parasite of pas faction. Phahrolrazi, in a statement, said that he wants a body or a committee to oversee the decisions made by azizan and the administration of the state, also known as Jawatankuasa Pemandu. Really?

In theory, it was stated that Jawatankuasa Pemandu will assist and even monitor every aspect of the decisions made by the Menteri Besar. In short, the Menteri Besar has no power to administrate his own state.  It is even easier to sabotage, what with anwar's orders and instructions, which will lead to non-performance (well, not that they perform anything in the first place) and force the MB to quit. But in reality, the MB is not a position that a committee can stage a blockade. Despite its democratic origin and subject of a state's Ruler, he does have the executive power to decide. He has the right to accept or decline any advice given by the exco. The excos are appointed only to assist the MB and carry out the specific tasks and duties as detailed by their portfolio. To have the committee means, it is better to get rid of the excos and replace with the people in the committee. The committee is unconstitutional, but can be done only as non-executive. Safe to say, the committee will only bow to one person, and it's not azizan. Of course, a regime change will bring peace and stability in theory, but in reality, it brought destruction, years of fighting and your country being run by the New World Order.

By now, it is a common fact that Kedah has never been a conformed pakatan state since 2008. The hatred of Azizan towards anwar ibrahim is never a secret, and with anwar's pro-israel stand, the hatred has turned hostile. With azizan's statements that belittle anwar's status of the pakatan leader, the Jawatankuasa Pemandu suggested by phahrolrazi is one of the best tool to interfere azizan's running of the state. Well, azizan IS the MB and anwar cannot make him disappear like the others. Oh gee, do you think the committee will definitely disagree on demolishing a 102-year old surau and building a shopping complex on a waqf land? Who knows? So far, pigs have wings...yes, they flew to their new mega-home in Kuala Muda.

Look like, for the time being, anwar's attempt to wrest Kedah away from the ulama faction has met some temporary setback. But, with the setting up of Jawatankuasa Pemandu, he might be smacking his lips as he can finally exert some control on Kedah through his parasites. First through the committee, then through somebody who he can pull the strings. Yes, the dummy will be phahrolrazi.

Perhaps with the Jawatankuasa Pemandu, phahrolrazi can put things right what he once feel wrong. Maybe he can finally give the million-dollar projects that has been promised to cronies because azizan has been wrong to give projects to people with actual capability of carrying the tasks out.

At this point, anwar thinks that he has what he wants, Azizan feels that he has moulded the situation to what he needs...although he now has to put more eyes on the back of his head; phahrolrazi thinks he'll get what he lusts for. So, everything's good, right? Well, what about Kedahans? They never got anything so far; all the complaints made by Kedahans before and during the power struggle have so far been uncared for: the roads are still damaged, certain spots are still flooded with the unpredictable weather, water supply is still bad, the economy still stagnates, Kulim Hi-Tech is still spiralling downwards and many more.

The point? Well, while the pas buffalos are fighting to be the MB, Kedah still remain in ruins, at least we know where the priorities of the pro-Israel pakatan are. And where will Jawatankuasa Pemandu drive Kedah to? Most probably to anwar's New World Order. People of Kedah are the biggest losers in this struggle, they had hoped for something different when they chose pas over Barisan in 2008. Pas is definitely different, but not in the way people wanted it.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Hamas Rolling Over Anwar's Spins...Hamas Never Agreed With Anwar's Stand

I always remember my friends who were involved in volunteer aid groups, who spent time helping Palestinian refugees who had been victimized by the vile regime of the non-semitic zionist jews. Many of them keep telling how, everytime they tell the refugees that they are from Malaysia, the name Mahathir is uttered from their mouths. The same happened in Bosnia during the Balkan conflicts.

Tun Mahathir did so much that he can in standing up for the rights of the Palestinians and Bosnians. Even now, despite no more as a Prime Minister, he still dedicate a lot of his time for their plight. Undoubtedly, he is a celebrated statesman, although he himself never admitted to be one.

On the far side of the scale, we have the questionable anwar ibrahim. Since his release from prison, we have seen him working hard to pass himself as a statesman as well. He has even instructed his writers and bloggers to label him as a statesman, although nobody can be sure whether he's even fit to be an estates-man. Since Palestinians and Bosnians have no idea who he is, anwar dedicated himself as the champion for human rights, the new religion that is spreading fast around the world.

However, with his remarks about supporting Israel's security hitting Muslims in the face, anwar got more than what he bargained for. His name became famous, strangely not for the reasons he wished. Palestinians now know his name, though it can be assumed that they wish they never heard it. Anwar's name was even celebrated by Jerusalem Post, while Muslims were shocked and appalled. Well, I guess that's why sometimes you have to be careful with what you wish for, you might just get it albeit on the wrong end of the spectrum.

I have written, earlier this week, on anwar's supposed meeting with Hamas and sharing the same stand (article here ) Anwar has claimed that his stand, based supposedly on Ismail Haniyeh's statement, was understood and shared by Hamas. Given the timing and the events happening, it never really made sense. Let me recount them in chronological order:

2006 - Ismail Haniyeh, who was about to become the Palestinian Prime Minister, was quoted by Washington Post as saying:

“If Israel withdraws to the ’67 borders, then we will establish a peace in stages... Number one, we will establish a situation of stability and calm which will bring safety for our people — what (Hamas founder) Sheikh (Ahmed) Yassin called a long-term hudna (truce). If Israel declares that it will give the Palestinian people a state and give them back all their rights, then we are ready to recognize them.”

2006 (a day later) - Ismail Haniyeh refuted the interview, saying that Washington Post misquoted him as he never made any statement saying that he will recognize Israel as a state. In short, the supposed stand stated by Washington Post never existed.

26 January 2012 - Anwar made his famour remark on his support for Israel - and starts using the Washington Post misquoted article as the basis of his stand

Early February 2012 - Hamas and Fatah signs and endorses an agreement in Doha, reconciling after years of conflict. Agreement stipulates only ruling and administrative details with nothing pointing to any stages or intentions of recognizing Israel as a state whatsoever.

11 February 2012 - Anwar Ibrahim's blog released 2 pictures showing him meeting the Hamas Leader, Khalid Mashal and Sheikh Dr Yusoff Qardhawi. No details were given, and no other media in the world reported the meeting. Anwar's supporters mostly assume and claim that this is the meeting where anwar explained his stand, which is purportedly "in line" with the stand taken by Hamas on Israel.

11 February 2012 - Ismail Haniyeh, who was visiting Iran, announced that Hamas will never recognize Israel

14 February 2012 - Ismail Haniyeh and Hamas officials conveyed their shock and dismay to anwar's support for Israel through Nasharuddin Mat Isa, MP for Bachok. Message was conveyed to him in Kuwait.

21 February 2012 - Anwar met with nik aziz, and during interview, he reiterated his stand, quoting almost all the points based on the Washington Post misreporting. In fact, he used the misquoted Washington Post report to justify his stand.

The update that burst anwar's bubbles is that Hamas, through the deputy chairman of its political bureau Dr Mousa Abu Marzook, denied sharing a similar stand as Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, who supports the security of Israel. (Full report here )

Dr Mousa also said Hamas will never recognise the Zionist regime as its existence is invalid.

Should anwar reiterate on somebody missing the part about "contingents" or "stages", let it be known that Dr Mousa has simply stated, "In any case, Hamas will not recognise Israel.” Period!

So what was anwar's meeting with Khaled Mashaal and Sheikh Yusoff Qaradawi all about? With their extreme stand, especially by Qaradawi on Israel and anybody who supports Israel, I don't think they will take anwar's stand kindly, let alone his claim that the stand was based on Hamas'.

Anwar's so-called human rights stand has so far taken him to Malaysia's dark alleys so far. His support for Lesbians, Gays, Bi-sexual and Transgendered, and now for Israel, has drawn fire from the Muslim community not just from Malaysia. Of course, by doing so, he has drawn himself as the darling of the west. It matters so much to him about the security of Israel, but not to the genocide brought about by the descendents of the tribe who were locked away behind a wall of iron and copper between the two ranges, who tried to pass themselves off as semites.

Let's face it: Tun Mahathir was branded as "anti-semitic" for his "Jews kill by proxy" statement. Even that label was ridiculous as only 21% of jews in Israel are semitic, while the rest of the semitic world are the Arabs. Anwar ranted during the Freedom Flotilla rally on the cruelty of Israel, yet bundles off to meet up jewish lobbyists in US to apologize and get support.

Anwar's statement of defence for the pro-Israel was riddled with pot-holes. It never made sense how leaders of Hamas with extreme views, such as killing any person who supports Israel, can even share and support anwar's position, and how anwar claimed that the stand was Hamas'. If it were, then Ismail Haniyeh wouldn't have announced that Hamas WILL NEVER recognize Israel during his visit to Iran shortly after that.

The jig is up, anwar. Where will he go from here? Many are betting that anwar will be spinning stories such as:
1) UMNO paid Hamas to say that statement
2) Hamas' policies/stand changed after he met them
3) Dr Mousa did not read anwar's whole statement
4) It was not Dr Mousa who made the statement, but an actor paid by UMNO
5) Hamas is like UMNO
etc etc...

I wonder how many times anwar has bamboozled Qaradawi into defending him since the famous "Qaradawi defended Anwar" vcd a few years back.

But who cares what anwar will spin. His spin on his pro-Israel statement has so far reached its end of its tether. Even before Dr Mousa's statement, it can be detected from their spins on how stressful it has become for pro-pakatan bloggers to defend anwar on this issue.

I am sure anwar and his cohorts are much busier, trying to spin Dr Mousa's statement, trying to sift through Tun Mahathir's letters so that they can twist it around, look for major plots to clear the "your-wife-is-my-sleeping-partner" badrul aming. We also understand that a major shipment of omega-sized panadols are being shipped to their office every now and then...well, at least they don't need lubricants.

Well, I have always noticed how anybody who has a scandal and issues that can threaten anwar's position "vanish" until such time. With Hamas still shocked and upset over anwar's statement, maybe anwar should just disappear...

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Letters From Tun Mahathir

While anwar is strunggling to prove himself to his one-eyed sponsors that he is affable as a leader of a country, his problems are more compounded than ever with a string of "mishaps."

Pkr is facing flak from the public with the chap who had proclaimed him as the Mahdi. Yes, the self proclaimed ustaz who found it hard to keep his robes on, who claimed to be beaten by 20 men who never were and now suffering from injuries that doesn't exist. Not to mention, Kedah's Menteri Besar made it obvious through his statement that he's not bothered of anwar ibrahim and opted to follow hadi. Not enough with the tight slap from Azizan, anwar got stubbed up his behind when Haji Hadi chided the MP for Kuantan, Fuziah Salleh openly for not referring the Lynas issue to the right people as Pas has Che Rosli, a nuclear scientist who is also the MP for Hulu Langat. Then again, how can Hadi contend with Fuziah's arrogance in being ignorant?

As anwar has been taking swipes, accusing Tun Mahathir of being openly friendly with Israel, and of congratulating Israel. Well, anwar is facing a backlash now with the government releasing the letters by Tun to 2 Israeli Prime Ministers on seperate occassions.

Dr Mahathir's Letter To Benjamin Netanyahu

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 29 (Bernama) -- The following is the letter written by former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad to Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel in 1997, as released by the Foreign Ministry here today.


14 March 1997

His Excellency
Mr Benjamin Netanyahu
Prime Minister of Israel

Your Excellency,

Your letter dated January 23rd only reached me yesterday. I appreciate very much your taking the trouble to inform me on the situation in Palestine and the region. Unfortunately much of what you have written has been overtaken by events.

Malaysia believes in peace and in settlement of problems between neighbours through negotiations. As a last resort, we turn to third parties. In disputes over territories between Malaysia and Singapore and Malaysia and Indonesia we have agreed to get the World Court to decide. Dispute between Malaysia and Thailand over territorial waters was resolved by agreeing to share the non-marine resources equally.

Within the country, disparities in wealth distribution between the indigenous people and those of immigrant origins were resolved through affirmative action in which the have knots would have a bigger share of a growing economic cake but there would be no expropriation and redistribution of what already belonged to the descendants of immigrants. Everyone has very nearly a fair share now and everyone is fairly satisfied. Relations between the different races in Malaysia are good and not disruptive.

The important point I would like to stress is not to take what already belongs to others even though historically they may be yours. Lately, Israel has been pulling down Arab dwellings in order to erect houses for Israelis. The whole world, including your ally, the United States condemns this. But Israel has gone ahead.

You condemn Syria for making threats. But their threats are the response to your own action. If you forcibly take over land and property belonging to the Palestinians, the only response if they are not to violently act against you, is to threaten to act against you. If they cannot retaliate and they cannot voice their intended retaliation, than they would have to submit to all your action no matter how wrong. What you are doing now is against the spirit and the letter of the peace process agreed to by your predecessor. How can we trust Israel if a change in the government negates solemnly given undertakings by a Government of Israel. Please reconsider your decision to build new Jewish settlements on Arab land.

The Israeli youths are here. Our intention is to show them that Muslims are normal rational people who want to live in peace and freedom. We hope that they will have a new impression of Muslims and Islam. There will be aberrations among Muslims but there are also aberrations among Jews and Christians and people of every religion. No religion should be judged by these aberrations. We hope that the youths will understand Muslims better and will want to be at peace with them. To have peace you have to make sacrifices. The Palestinians no longer demand the elimination of Israel. They are even prepared to share Jerusalem with you. They have made sacrifices.

We should remember that when Jews were persecuted in Europe, they had always found sanctuary among Muslims in Muslim countries. We don't regard Israelis as eternal enemies. But we cannot help but sympathise with the Palestinians because their land is being taken away from them now. It may have belonged to Jews three thousand years ago. A lot of traditional Malay land have been made part of Thailand. But we are not claiming Southern Thailand as part of Malaysia. If we go too far into the past we cannot live with our neighbours.

We are ready to have economic and technological cooperation with Israel but we cannot do so yet because you have not honoured commitments made by a legitimate Government of Israel. We would like to think that once we have established relations with you, it would be permanent.



Dr Mahathir's Letter To Ehud Barak

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 29 (Bernama) -- The following is the letter written by former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad to Ehud Barak, Prime Minister Elect of Israel, in 1999, as released by the Foreign Ministry here today.


8 June 1999

His Excellency
Mr Ehud Barak Prime Minister Elect of Israel

Your Excellency,

May I extend my congratulations on your victory in the recent elections. With this impressive mandate, I hope that you and your coalition partners will be able to guide the destiny of the people of Israel at the threshold of a new Century.

I would like to take this opportunity to reiterate that Malaysia has always sought peace and the settlement of problems between neighbours through negotiations. It is therefore our hope to see the mutual implementation of the agreements signed between the PLO and Israel. We also believe that if the peace process is to be salvaged, sincere and effective steps must be taken to honour commitments.

As an important partner in the peace process it is crucial for Israel to be more accommodating. The Palestinians have made major sacrifices. They no longer demand the elimination of Israel. They are even prepared to share Jerusalem with you. It is therefore timely that Israel respond positively so as to sustain the hopes of the people in both Palestine and Israel. Solemn commitments made by a previous Government must be honoured. The alternative I am afraid, would be a permanent state of conflict and regional instability extending into the next Century. This is certainly a prospect that must be avoided.

The crux of the problem is that no party should revert to the old ways of taking what belongs to others, on the one hand and instigating hatred and violence, on the other. Malaysia cannot countenance aggression by anyone, whether friend or foe. Any country that forcibly takes over land and properties of others, or demolishes dwellings belonging to others in order to set up its own settlements cannot be said to be sincere in wanting peace.

Malaysia is of the firm conviction that the security of all countries in West Asia can only be assured with the establishment of a just, lasting, and comprehensive peace in the region. This must be based on the principle of "exchange of land for peace" and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital.

The world looks forward to Israel under your leadership, to push forward the peace process with true determination. It is my sincere hope that the attainment of a comprehensive settlement in the region would allow Malaysia to realistically envisage a positive move towards the establishment of normal relations with Israel.

Yours sincerely,



Maybe Tun's less than friendly but diplomatically toned letter drew ire from anwar, as both letters proves that there was nothing friendly between Malaysia under Tun Mahathir and Israel. So far, the only one supports Israel using a non-existent Hamas stand is anwar ibrahim.

Anwar's headache is now apparent, he will now have to rely on his spin-master, the deluded saifuddin nasution to find any way to turn this story around. Most probably, he will take something out of context, as usual, and spin it around to any imbeciles that might believe the pro-Israel leader of pakatan.

That's anwar, in 2008 he looks like he is running a country; now, well, he looks like he's trying to run away from the country.

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