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Out of Sundaland: Here Beginneth The Malays' Saga...

It has been an age-old mystery: how long have they been here? Where did they come from? How did they get here? Why are they always ignored by the western historians? Why do they always end up on the beating stick? Why, how, etc are the combination of inquiries. Who am I talking about? Well, the Malays, of course.

It's quite strange to see ancient civilizations are being recognized and preserved in the timelines of world history, but the Malays are always kept out despite having a history as long and jagged, although could be less glamorous compared to European and Middle Eastern ones.

Yes, yes, I understand the boggle in some you...what, a cheap paranoid-ridden conspiracy theorist writing about origins of the Malays, in a theoretical aspect, of course. But bear with me, maybe you can give your view on this too.

Who are the Malays? They can be found from the regions of South China, Taiwan, the Mekong Delta, the Malay Peninsular, Borneo, Philippines, Indonesia, Madagascar, The Pacific Islands (Polynesians, including Maoris) and even the South America (Rapa Nui), although they are refered to by so many names depending on where they are and the clans they are in.Nobody seems to know where they come from, but western historians theorized that Malays came from Yunan, China and spread southwards, and later, everywhere. Did they? Today, the study of DNA gave strength to another theory, the "Out of Sundaland" theory.

Between 110,000 to 12,000 years ago, the Ice Age melted and revealed the actual land masses under them. South East Asia was vastly different then: there was Sundaland, a bio-geographical region of Southeastern Asia, encompassing the Sunda shelf, with the islands of Indonesia and Philippines. This makes Tanah Melayu as part of the central mainland of Asia. It was a huge piece of land which can be a continent by itself.

Theological historians placed the Prophet Noah somewhere between 14,000 - 12,000 years ago, where the Great Flood reshaped the world and its population. Noah had 4 sons, but only 3 of them had off-springs that populated the world, as below:

Shem/Sam (meaning "renown/prosperity"): forefather of the middle peoples, or Semitic, largely the Israelites and the Arabs.

Ham/Hem (meaning "warm"): forefather of the southern (Hamitic) people, such as Africans

Japheth (meaning "open"): forefather of the northern peoples (Japhetic) such as Europeans, Turks, and most of the Eastern European Jews who call themselves as Israelis.

With the population scattered around the Middle Eastern, Africa and European continent completed, more human migration began. A study was carried out by Leeds University on mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) concluded that around 12,000 years ago, there were human migrations from the south of Africa to Sundaland via India. This timeline might eliminate more popular theories on Malays either originated from the Prophet Abraham and Keturah, or that Malays are descendants of one of the lost tribes of Israel. What is proven is that there is a possibility that Malays are Hamitic.

On the subject of the lost tribes, it's interesting to note that there are no actual facts that 10 of the tribes of Israel disappeared and mtDNA failed to find any of them.

But this also marks the beginning of a few mysteries:

For around 2,000 years the Malays (or Austronesia, as westerners call them) settled on Sundaland without any single hint of civilization? If there is, we wouldn't know as there are no records of any civilizational activity in that area. However, we do know that a sudden catalysmic event happened that sent the Malays scattered accross Asia, Pacific, South America and Africa.

It was 9,000 - 10,000 years ago when the geography of Sundaland suddenly changed, either by tsunamis, earthquake or even volcano eruptions. The huge piece of land was broken up into a peninsular and thousands of islands, as today can be seen in South East Asia. The population dispersed via any possible means: those living inland moved further north, while others made it by their boats or ships. Among the first settlement by the Malays after Sundaland are Taiwan and the Philippines. These people repopulated the South East Asia via Yunan, the Mekong Delta and further south, while other migrated to islands of Indonesia, New Zealand, the Polynesian Islands and Madagascar.

Impossible? Asian civilizations tell a fable about a lost continent called Mu, although of a slightly different location (in the Pacific), it tells a story about highly advanced people who became to proud, arrogant and warlike and ultimately the continent sunk beneath the waves. Several researchers claim its similarities to Sundaland. Mu was supposedly the "cradle of civilization" and its society was very advanced. The survivors of the sunken continent of Mu resettled elsewhere, bringing along the remains of their knowledge and technology to their newly resettled places. Supporters of this story claim that the Mus were responsible for bringing the knowledge to build pyramids and similar structures that still stand today.

Here's another story which will make you feel that I am stretching this even further. Before 347BC, a Greek philosopher by the name of Plato spoke of an advanced civilization by the name of Atlantis, which he estimated sank beneath the waves in 9,000 years ago. In this version, Atlantis was described as Hellenistic, which is not surprising as he is Greek. However, his story was not original, Plato wrote that he heard the story from Egyptian priests, which source today cannot be traced. According to his story, Atlantis was populated by an advanced race who became arrogant and warlike, despite their abilities to create and build great monuments. It was also claimed that, after Atlantis sank, its survivors re-established themselves in various parts of the world with their knowledge and technology. Again, it was claimed that pyramids and ziggurats were built by Atlanteans.

Were the civilizations of Mu and Atlantis actually be the Malays of Sundaland? We do know that these are the people who built the astounding Candi Borobodur in Indonesia, but that can be considered as more recent. A mysterious monument was found underwater off Japan Sea, near Yonaguni Island, less than 100km of Taiwan was found about 3 decades ago, and received more global attention with the popularity of the internet. The monument is estimated to be at least 10,000 years old. It has been claimed that the monument includes structures like ruins of a castle, a triumphal arch, 5 temples, and one large stadium connected by roads and water channels, with a part of a retaining wall still intact. The area covered spans about 984 feet by 492 feet. Also found there are triangular bath-pool structures, platforms, gates, ditches and even stairwells. Who built this monument? It seems that the fabled Mu civilization might just have a basis after all.

By now, I guess many are saying this monument is in no way related to the Malays of Sundaland despite a concurrent timeline, but bear in mind that Sundaland was broken into pieces by cataclysmic effect and the movement of tectonic plates. If the monument was already built by the side of the sea, how far would the tectonic movement cause it to move in 9,000 - 10,000 years? In fact, the area where the monument is found is very active in earthquake and tectonic shifts. Was Plato's Atlantis referring to the Egyptian priests version of the civilization who built the monument from Sundaland? Or was it built as a colony of Sundaland?

The story of a town or city destroyed with survivors feeing by sea is not a strange possibility. The Holy Quran relates a story of an unknown town which dwellers were punished for their transgression, especially for rejecting 3 Prophets/Messengers who came to guide them, and for killing a man who tried to help the Prophets/Messengers. Their town was destroyed by a blast, but some of them were saved in arks. This Quranic history can be found in the Surah Yaseen, but the name of the town and the people remain unknown. Some historians suggested that the town is somewhere in Antioch, but there are those who profiled the town to be the lost city of Atlantis.

If these are the Malays, wouldn't it be astounding to find out how modern the ancient Malays were? For now, we know that when Merong Mahawangsa arrived in Kedah in the 5th Century BC, the Malays have already been there for a much longer period, planting rice and raising livestock, and possibly iron smelting. Were the skills for the industry taught, or inherited? It seems that the Malays are not as primitive and backwards as history made them to be. How do we prove all of these? One thing for sure, the Malays didn't just appear out of nowhere. They were here for a very long time, but what they did back then, nobody can give a definite answer. If they did have a glorious civilization, it might be at the bottom of the sea surrounding Tanah Melayu and the Indonesian Islands. Perhaps the Yonaguni monument can shed some light on this matter, or perhaps a chance discovery of certain monuments underwater or on the ground that will prove their past civilization.
Destruction of Sundaland?

By now I am sure that you might have at least a certain angle of the idea on the origin of the Malays. There is more about the Malays than meets the eye, but that will be another article, of course, as we have beginneth the saga of the Malays in this world.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Allah Is Great, But Whose Picture Is That?

So, it seems that strategy changes from time to time. At one time, the Catholics force Muslims and Jews of Spain to convert by persecution and murder. The Spanish Inquisition overall changed Spain into an almost all-pork consuming nation. Pork was used a lot to seek out any Muslims in disguise, where banquets were thrown with pork in every serving, and anybody who skips the banquet or not eat the delicacies, will be arrested, tortured, and if still do not convert, killed, and this went on for 400 hundred years, ended only in 1834.

Isn't it strange to see the same Paulene Sect Christians now demanding the use of the Kalimah Allah. And they finally managed to get it out in the open: the posters proclaiming the greatness of Allah but with an image of a person who they claim as Jesus. Mocking, or just simply a provocation?

For me, there are 2 main questions that I would like to inquire from them.

Firstly, based on the images, how would anybody know how Jesus looked like, or would look like? Is that picture supposed to be the Al-Masih, or the other one?

So, how did Jesus look like? Does he have long flowing hair, wearing long flowing robes with blue eyes and a Caucasian look? Is he as handsome as the picture presented...if you can call that handsome...ask anwar ibrahim.

Here are some facts that we know about Jesus: he is an Israelite, a carpenter by trade, followed closely the Israelite culture but never submitted to the much-perverted doctrines of the Jews of that day.

Is this what Jesus actually looked like?
How do Israelites look like? If you say, like Israelis today, you're way off course. Today's Israel population consist of non-Semitic Jews of the Japhetite stock, mostly from the Caucasus. Israelites share the same father as the Arabs, the Prophet Ibrahim A.S. Unless if he has Roman-blood in his family line, his eyes will not be blue. Like most Israelites, he might have a beard and moustache.

Does he have long hair? In fact even a person like Paul knew that it was customarily a shame for an Israelite man to have long hair (1 Cor 11:14) and being a carpenter, it will be such an obstacle in his work.

Jesus might just look like his fellow Israelites, as the bible often gave example of Jesus disappearing among the crowds. If he had long flowing hair (in some version, the hair is white), Caucasian features or anything like in the picture, he would've been easily spotted. The bible quoted a description of him as:

“he had no form or majesty that we should look at him, and no beauty that we should desire him.” Isiah 53:2b

A Hadith by Abu Dawud gives the another close description of Jesus upon his descent:

"No Prophet shall come during the period between me and the Prophet Jesus (pbuh). And the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) shall descend. Recognize him when you see him. He is a man of medium height and of a ruddy, fair complexion. He will be dressed in two pieces of a yellow garment. The hair on his head will appear as if water is trickling out of it, although his hair would not be wet."

Note that there has never been any detailed description of how his face looked like.

So, how come almost all Paulene Sect churches accross the world share this Caucasian-like image?

It's interesting to note that all Abrahamaic religions foretell the coming of a Messiah to stop another notorious character who pretends to be Messiah and God? The Christians call him the Anti-Christ, while the Jews refer to him as Amilus, and we Muslims recognize him as the Ad Dajjal Al-Masih.

Hadiths foretold not only the second coming of Jesus, but also the coming of the Dajjal. The hadiths described a civilization of chaos and the fall of mankind, and the appearance of Dajjal as the Saviour. It is he who will pretend to be the Al-Masih, and proclaim to the world that he is God...much like what the Paulene Sect is claiming now about Jesus.

So, are the images they are using the image of Jesus, or an image of the One Eyed in the form that he will one day appear in front of us?

Secondly, out of curiousity, why are the Malay Muslims targeted for deception by these Paulene Sects? The methods used by Christians have been deplorable by far, as I have explained before, even worse during the capture of Jerusalem during the crusades by the Christians and they now intend to lure Malay Muslims in South East Asia into christianity by means of trickery. There has been never any doubt amongst Muslims in knowing the hidden intentions behind the use of the Kalimah Allah in the bible but to deceive and confuse. What type of religion is based on such? Strangely, why the Malays? I noticed that, in Asia, the Christians never used such tactics when it comes to other race and religion. Has there ever been any claim that Krishna or Vishnu or any other deities in Hinduism as Jesus. Any pictures of Buddha, deities of Tao and Confucianism depicted as Jesus? Never.

So, what is it about the Malay Muslims in South East Asia that the Catholics desperately want them to be deceived into converting? The British never had much success in converting Malays despite their bible classes and missionary schools, even the foreign pirates who colonized Malacca in the past never had much success either.

Based on these, are the Malays actually led into believing Jesus as their God, or somebody else? Based on what pakatan has been up to, there's a huge chance that they have been following that "somebody else" already, since they themselves choose to be blinded in one eye. Or are they simply looking to convert the rest of Malays into slaves for the disciples of the One Eyed?

But we know that pakatan is strongly behind this in order for their strategy to work to wrest Sabah and Sarawak in the next state elections, since there are quite a number of Christian Bumiputras there. The church? Well, they jump on the bandwagon hoping to get more congregation and funding with more Muslims converting to their brand of christianity.

Anyway, as Muslims, we already know what the Christians do not want us to know about Jesus:
Jesus answered: 'Believe me, Barnabas, that every sin, however small it be, God punishes with great punishment, seeing that God is offended at sin. Wherefore, since my mother and my faithful disciples that were with me loved me a little with earthly love, the righteous God has willed to punish this love with the present grief, in order that it may not be punished in the flames of hell. And though I have been innocent in the world, since men have called me "God," and "Son of God," God, in order that I be not mocked of the demons on the day of judgment, has willed that I be mocked of men in this world by the death of Judas;, making all men to believe that I died upon the cross. And this mocking shall continue until the advent of Muhammad;, the Messenger of God, who, when he shall come, shall reveal this deception to those who believe in God's Law. Having thus spoken, Jesus said: 'You are just, O Lord our God, because to you only belongs honour and glory without end.'
Gospel of Barnaba - Chapter 220

Whose is the image that they try to fool Muslims, is he the Al-Masih, or will he be the Al-Masikh?

I would recommend this:

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Masked Intentions...Who The Fawkes Is Da Guy?

Ever since the movie, “V For Vendetta” became a hit a few years back, we began seeing the emergence of this mask at demonstrations, riots andprotest rallies in the western world. But as usual, what is fashionable in the western world, will always be imitated even in the Islamic world, and in Malaysia, it's already here. In fact, they are even promoting this mask for the up-coming staged riot, the Guling coup-de-tat of 31st December 2013, which they hope will be the symbol for them to establish the New World Order for their one eyed master and extinguish Islam in Malaysia for good.

So, whose face is that on the mask? What the significance of it? Actually, the face and its significance are 2 seperate and different entities.

The face on the mask is Guy Fawkes, an English Catholic,born in York in 1570, who is well known in the British history as one of the conspirators of The Gunpowder Plot which failed, resulting in his capture, trial, torture and execution. Fawkes was a stauch Catholic, and he plotted to preserve the Catholic line of the British monarchy. Along with his fellow conspirators, Fawkes devised to blow up the Parliament, in doing so will assassinate the Protestant King James and his Government and replace the monarch with his daughter, third in the line of succession, Princess Elizabeth.

There is no actual or physical evidence on how the conspirators were going to blow up the Parliament, but 36 barrels of gunpowder were stored by Fawkes in a house rented by him near the Parliament building. According to Prosecution documents, Fawkes admitted that they were tunneling their way from the rented house to the Parliament, but no tunnel has ever been found. Understandably, the admission was made under torture.

Gunpowder Plot Conspirators: Guy Fawkes is third from right
Concerns of blowing up fellow Catholics MPs and staffs by fellow conspirators ledto the discovery of the Gunpowder Plot. Guy Fawkes, along with a few others were arrested and tortured. He was sentenced to death by Hanging and Quartered for everybody to see. This means, he will be hanged by the neck, then cut off from the noose while still alive (barely), and his body chopped into 4 pieces. If he is lucky, then he dies instantly, or if not, me might live to see his body in seperate pieces. Did Guy Fawkes die a hero? Well, he did escape his punishment in a bizarre way. On the gallows, when the trapdoor was opened, he jumped instead of falling into the trap, snapping the line hard and breaking his neck. In short, he escaped the harsh punishment that he was sentenced to. Still, his body was quartered post-mortem.

On 5 November 1605 Londoners were encouraged to celebrate the King's escape from assassination by lighting bonfires. An Act of Parliament designated each 5 November as a day of thanksgiving for "the joyful day of deliverance", and remained in force until 1859. Although he was only one of 13 conspirators, Fawkes is today the individual most associated with the failed Plot. In Britain, this date has been known as Guy Fawkes Night, Guy Fawkes Day, Plot Night and Bonfire Night, today accompanied by fireworks and burning of effigy, normally of Guy Fawkes. Nowadays, they include other political figures that is most mistrusted, such as Margaret Thatcher.

V For Vendetta Graphic Novel
Despite being the most loathed man in the history of England, his legacy took a bizarre turn that gave his face a new life, making him quite a paradox. While his name and history remain unknown and obscure throughout the world, a graphic novel by Alan Moore titled, V For Vendetta introduced the protagonist, who appears in the novel wearing a Guy Fawkes mask and costume almost all the time. The character was only known as V. The character V exploded in popularity when V For Vendetta became a blockbuster movie in 2006, spurning the sales of millions upon millions of Guy Fawkes' masks.

It must be noted with irony that, in the movie, as it differs from the novel, England is ruled by a Fascist party, and permanently a police-state, Muslims were the target for persecution,and the character V fights the totalitarian government through his overly-theatrical methods.

Here's the irony in this: Guy Fawkes, despite his horrendous plot for massacre, will always be known as either a religious zealot, or as in popular history, a conspirator. If the conspirator is, let's say, Ahamd Ali Al-Ansari, then he will be branded, and preserved in history as a terrorist. The twist in here is, the much loathed character of terrorist has today, by the magic touch of Hollywood, became a symbol of "freedom" fighter or a fight against tyranny. In short, nobody really knew who Guy Fawkes is, but most of them knew his face and his movie-persona or theatrical representation. In their fight, the face will symbolize the oneness and faceless spirit...of a man who tried to commit massmurder and then commit suicide to escape punishment?

If we stop and ask any of the twits on this staged Guling-guling rally on 31st December 2013 and ask them what they know about Guy Fawkes and what they know about the mask, I think we can safely guess what their answer will be. Will the blinded Malay rioters realize that they are using a symbol without knowing anything about it? What is it about these glitzy western style that the Muslims seem to have their fasicantion on? Perhaps the Prophet was right when he said, "You will surely follow the ways, steps, or traditions of those who came before you, span by span and yard by yard (very closely) even if they entered into a lizard's hole you will enter it."
The companions asked, "O prophet, you mean the Jews and Christians?" He replied, "Who else!?" [Imaam Bukhaari]

Which reminds me of the luciferian-infested poster for the rally, I noticed that it specifically calledupon the youngsters, who are the always the easiest prey amongst the population. They are easier to manipulate and less likely to think rationally as they are vastly inexperienced. A new nation will need its strength from the youths, and the same goes to the New World Order as politicians alone cannot control the whole country. Since they need to take the country by force, these "faceless" twits will comein handy...not to mention, easier to disguise their agent-provocateur as well.

Do You Know Where Your Enemy Lies In Waiting?
When will Malaysians ever realize that they cannot believe or understand things at face value? We seem to follow every single thing they do, but any fight that a Muslim does seem to be an act of terrorism for them. They want us to take them as allies, but burn us at every possible moment.

They wish you would disbelieve as they disbelieved so you would be alike. So do not take from among them allies until they emigrate for the cause of Allah . But if they turn away, then seize them and kill them wherever you find them and take not from among them any ally or helper.
Surah An-Nisa, Verse 89

Why do we need or even desire to be like them? Again and again, we had been warned:
"If one imitates another nation or people, he will be from them." [Imaam Abu-Daawud]

Will they ever realize the mask they wear is just a mask of deceit that eats away their faith and who they are? Or will it be too late for them when they finally take off their masks and find out that they have intended is the destruction of their own people and religion?

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