Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Clean Up Your Own Backyard, Zul

We did hear thunder up north, but there seems to be no rain in sight, still. It was just some angry rumblings from certain pas quarters when they found out that their gig was up. The incredible revelations by Kedah bloggers that the pas State Government of Kedah never built any of the 12 mosques that they proudly listed in their "book of achievement", Sayangi Kedah Sejahtera was indeed too bitter for them to swallow.

“Siapa yang politikkan isu ini? Yang penting dalam isu pembinaan masjid ialah mengimarahkannya bukan berbangga kononnya pihak mereka yang membina, sedangkan sumbernya adalah dari duit cukai yang dikutip dari rakyat.”

That statement was from Zulkifli Yahya, who unleashed brimstone and treacle over the issue through Warta Kedah, the State Government's official publication.

So, who is this Zulkifli Yahya? He is the Pengarah Urusetia Penerangan Kerajaan Negeri Kedah...usually the master of misinformation. Some of you might recall him from information disasters such as "the Al-Bukhary Complex was built on the former Alor Malai Mosque", among the most famous.  It was during that time when he alleged that the Alor Malai Mosque was demolished for the purpose of building the commercial business centre known as Kompleks Al-Bukhary. He was, after all, trying to justify pas' means of demolishing the 100+ year old Madrasah Salihiah for the purpose of building a shopping center. It was amazing that, with all the technology at hand, he couldn't see better, as below:
Will he visit this place and repair the damages?

As we can see from the satellite picture, the commercial and business centre known as Souq Al-Bukhary, the social and religious centre known as Kompleks Al-Bukhary is nowhere on the former site of the Alor Malai Mosque. (For full article, click here ). Even if he ever visits the Al-Bukhary Mosque, he will find a spot in front of the Muslim cemetery with the sign saying "Tapak Asal Masjid Alor Malai". In fact, many times, pas supporters from out of state were left speechless when they saw the sign...or was it the cemetery?

Did he learn his lesson? If he did, he wouldn't be stating what he stated in Warta Kedah lately.

The booklet Sayangi Kedah Sejahtera is an indicator for the achievement of the Kedah State Government under pas, namely under the tyrannical old flop called azizan. Of course, there are many claims of what they did, along with cumulative gains, but that will be discussed later. One fact that remains clear at the moment, the State Government under Pas never played any role in building mosques. No, apologies...their only role in building mosque is just the claim to fame. They can always show the picture of HRH The Sultan of Kedah officiating the opening of mosques, but Kedahans know that officiating new/newly renovated mosques are within his power as the Head of Majlis Agama Islam Kedah, and under that, no person(s) of political party are allowed to do so as mosques are to remain apolitical. In any case, none of these can justify pas' blatant fib over building the 12 mosques.

Zul Yahya claimed that it is of no importance to be proud over building the mosques...really, then what was the Sayangi Kedah Sejahtera for? To quote their own people:

The young, the proud...hey, where's the truth?
“Objektif utama penerbitan buku Sayangi Kedah Sejahtera bertujuan mendokumentasikan dan mempromosi siri-siri kejayaan dan pencapaian Kerajaan Negeri Kedah di bawah pimpinan Menteri Besar, YAB. Dato’ Seri DiRaja Ustaz Azizan Abdul Razak sepanjang tempoh sepenggal bermula Mac 2008 sehingga 2013 meliputi semua aspek, jabatan, agensi dan GLC,” ujarnya.(Pegawai Khas (Penerangan) Kepada Menteri Besar Kedah, Ustaz Musoddak Haji Ahmad - Warta Darul Aman Khamis, 28 Februari 2013 )

"Series of success and achievements"? If that is not a proud statement, then pas really is an idle boaster. In fact, if pas never lied about building these mosques, it wouldn't even be an issue. But hey, Zul did say that the book never mentioned that the State Government built them. Okay,, as I understand from Zul's statement; Sayangi Kedah Sejahtera listed 12 mosques that they never built as their achievement in administering Kedah...anybody has an Omega-sized headache yet?

While Zul Yahya stated that the Federal Government should not to be proud about this, his statement "Yang penting dalam isu pembinaan masjid ialah mengimarahkannya bukan berbangga kononnya pihak mereka yang membina, sedangkan sumbernya adalah dari duit cukai yang dikutip dari rakyat” is just one of the million ways of admitting that pas built nothing, and it is just another political way of throwing his tantrum at the truth. Money collected from you and me in taxes, in however form it may be, with whatever name it is called, it still came from the Federal Government.

It is strange, though, to see that all the money from the entertainment outlets that pas approved, logging concessions and many more failed to even trickle towards building a single mosque. In fact, where is all the money?

So, who politicized the issue? Think of it. Why would pas need to include 12 mosques that Zul Yahya indirectly admitted they never built as an achievement by that political party if not for political mileage? Pas started it, now they have to live with it. As I understand it:

If you prick us, do we not bleed?
If you tickle us, do we not laugh? 
If you poison us, do we not die? (Merchant of Venice : Shakespeare)
and my own addition:
If you bluff us, do we not demand the truth? (Hmmm, doesn't even sound classical...Hey, I'm no Shakespeare)

Mendaulatkan Islam? So much for that. It's strange how a person like Zul Yahya can appear on record, talking about mosques twice, and misleading on both counts. It was bad enough that pas tried to spread their propaganda using sermons in mosques, now they even include mosques in physical form into their propaganda.

I guess it is about time that I place Zul Yahya into the same category of the people whose information must be verified first before becoming regretful. Concocting falsehoods about the houses where we worship God is wrong, and that's evil.

Monday, March 25, 2013

pas Kedah Building Mosques With Hot Air

Synonym with being an Islamic country are the abundance of mosques or the Islamic worship house. Derived from the word "masjid" (prostration in prayer), the mosque has long played its role in the religious, social and political structure in any Muslim society. Satill, there is denying that there are certain groups who prefer to use the mosque as a place to spread their ideology. During the Umayyad Caliphates, the mosque was used to humiliate Ali Bin Abi Talib and his family, along with his descendants, every week during the Friday sermons. The practice was stopped many decades later, although the same modus can still be seen today in Malaysia when it comes to pas promoting themselves.

I am sure when we talk about PIS (Parti Islam Semenanjung), there will be people connecting the party to mosques as they are assumed to be pious and well-read in Islamic knowledge. Without any surprise, pas Kedah published a book listing their successes in administering Kedah since 2008, titled "Sayangi Kedah Sejahtera."

In the book, it was listed that the Kedah State Government under pas built 12 mosques around Kedah. The listing is as below:

So, what's wrong with building 12 mosques? Wouldn't it be good compared to anwar ibrahim and his jewish-funded pakatan's pluralism's agenda? Of course, it is good, but the problem here is that, pas built none of the mosques. All the mosques were built by the federal government, and pas didn't even have the courtesy to say thank you.

So, what did pas build in the 5 years they are in power. Even the surau for KUIN was never built despite having the allocations for it. Here is an interesting scenario :

The request for the repairs and expansion of Masjid Telaga Batu in Kubang Pasu, Kedah was made by the Mosque Committee via Dato' Mukhriz Mahathir about 2 years ago, and it was approved by the Prime Minister, from which the Federal Government provided the necessary funds for the building. How in the world did the mosque landed under pas' achievements?

For decades, pas has used mosques to instigate their propaganda to those who are fooled by pas' "Islamic" image. Pas also pioneered the 1 Mosque, 2 Imams and 2 Jemaah concept when hadi declared that UMNO supporters are infidels. Wresting Kedah from BN has been their long dream, but their rule has only proven that pas is anything BUT Islamic, despite azizan's smart but shrewd strategy by not conforming to either n.ajis nor hadi...anwar? Azizan hates anwar, nuff said.

So, if they never built any single mosque in Kedah, where is the money? The Sayangi Kedah Sejahtera listed how revenues are increasing, that all investments are returning profits, but still, Kedah ends up in debt.

We have always understood that lies and fitna has essentially been pas' flesh and blood, but lying about mosques? I think pas Kedah has stepped a bit too far? Will they end up up walking in the path of the one-eyed, like how n.ajis and hadi found themselves in? If you didn't build it, just keep quiet, and nobody will layeth the smacketh down at you, but nooo...they had to poke their dirty fingers up to somebody else's nose.

The only link betwee pas and worship house? It's that 100+year old madrasah that they were adamant to demolish in order to build a shopping complex. The other one was when pas tried to justify their means by claiming that the Souq Al-Bukhary was built on the former Masjid Alor Malai site which has no bearing at all, as seen here .

That is pas' Kedah Sejahtera. It is of no wonder that there are a growing number of ulama who decreed it as Haram voting for pas. Where is pas Kedah headed? If they can create stories about mosques, I wouldn't dare to predict what fitna they will derive from later.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

In The Eye Of The Hurricane...

Stand back! There’s a hurricane coming through...!

I has been a...well, interesting few weeks. Of course, what caught everybody’s attention was the intrusion by the suluk army which led to a bloody battle that saw suluks buthering our armed forces and scampering like dogs. But there were other things that caught my eye along the way that provokes the mind.

I was intrigued with the articles by alternate  and foreign medias linking several individuals and/or groups to the Lahad Datu intrusion by the so called “Royal Army of the Sulu Sultanate” who claim that they are there to reclaim Sabah for the Sultanate of Sulu...which may or may not exist.

What is this Sulu Sultanate? It does have an auspicious start when a Hadhrami by the name of Syed Abu Bakar Abirin came from Johor and settled in Sulu. He married a dayang-dayang (princess), Palamisuli (might not be her name as Palamisuli is the Sanskrit feminine word for Princess, opposite Palamisuala or Parameswara, which means, Prince) and established a Sultanate, using the title Shariff-ul-Hashim. It was assumed that the Sultanate is from the Ahlul Bayt family as Syed Abu Bakar is purported to be a descendent of Muhammad (S.A.W) and used the title Shariff. However, unlike the Sultanates in South East Asia where the Ahlul Bayts became rulers, such as Johor, Terengganu, Perlis, Aceh, Pontianak and many others, there are no surviving records to go on, and no Salasilah has ever been found. Even prominent Ahlul Bayt record-keepers are not sure of Sulu Hashimite claim, and the debate continues.

The Sulu Sultanate suffered a heavy blow to its rule amongst the Moros after the Bud Dajo (Mount Dajo) Massacre about 100 years ago. It was at Bud Dajo that the Sultan of Sulu gave his blessing to the American troop to shoot and kill 1,000 Moros who had found shelter at Bud Dajo as they refused to pay taxes and obey the one-sided colonial laws. Men, women and children alike were slaughtered. There are some versions that state about 4 of them survived while official records stated none. The Sultan of Sulu lost his grip on Moros because of this incident, and in 1936, Jamalul Kiran II died without leaving an heir.

The Sulu Sultanate is not recognized as any kind of governing organization in the Philippines, and their main income, at one time, was selling titles to gullible Malaysia businessmen. Without any proper income, the present self-claiming Sultan, Jamalul Kiram III share the RM5,300 annual cessation fee with the rest of the descendants of the original 9 heirs. In short, as Jamalul Kiram III admits it, he is the poorest Sultan in the world, and he even had to apply for charity to help him fund his dialysis treatment.

What made the situation turn suspicious is that, within one day of recognizing who the terrorists were, tian chua, as instructed, went around claiming that this was all a government set-up.

Things turned nasty when the shootouts began when tian chua stated "Serangan tembak menembak di Lahad Datu dipercayai konspirasi terancang kerajaan Umno untuk mengalih perhatian dan menakut-nakutkan rakyat" - For the full article, click here

As predicted tian chua denied making the statement and at one point, accused the media for misreporting, but Keadilandaily stuck to their guns. Tian chua’s other claim that he made the statement before the shootout made him look worse. However, as his court case is on-going, let him settle it first, maybe after that he can assume his role again, like how he was involved in Timor Timor years back.

And here's something to refresh your memory on who this tian chua is.Remember he stated to the international media that the police opened fire on demonstrators without provocation:

I believe Sabah has become part of a multi-layered plot, with the Malaysian opposition standing to gain.

1) Sabah has so far been the constant majority provider, along with Sarawak, to Barisan Nasional and UMNO. It is therefore, such a bane to pakatan’s existence. This trend must be broken.

2) Sabah has also been the active place for Christian missionaries for the past few decades, landing there secretly with a mission to convert Malays and Muslims.

3) Sabah is also the most desired location for a new US base as they had to move out of the Philippines. With the increasing power of China, US will need somewhere in the centre of South East Asia, which is not Singapore, to place their war equipments just to keep China in check.Of course, to open up a base, they will need a huge tract of land with a good ocean-view. It will also cost a lot, not to mention rental, which will definitely sound good to some broke and penniless ruler in some island.

Could you imagine this? A country being intruded by terrorists claiming something which is not theirs, using weapons they could never afford and transported here on ship they couldn’t pay; killing our armed forces and making widows and orphans of their families, butchering their dead, and yet the opposition media (except for pas) chides and criticizes the armed forcesand the government. Why is that? Even on the first day of the shooting, the pakatan media alleged that Malaysia fired first and opposition leaders chided the death of the 2 VAT69 commandos. It was then revealed that the suluk army drew first blood and the 2 died from mortar shells. Insensitive doesn’t even start to describe these pakatan media. At times, they sounded more like Jamalul Kiram’s newspaper...if he ever can afford one.

Was it a coincidence? Anwar met Misuari (yes, union of the can’t see me) in July 2012, they met, and in December 2012, for the first time on video, anwar was singing about “losing Sabah”. Of course, anwar’s disciples are adamant that he meant Sabah will fall to pakatan, but evidence has shown that this doesn’t hold water. Anwar and pakatan’s lukewarm welcome to that state was telling, despite having 2 BN Members of Parliament jumping to pakatan. Even his suggestion that Sabah should be granted autonomy was ignored...Sabah falling intopakatan’s hand...really?

Suspicions that Misuari is a frustrated and bitterly angry man over his deportation a few years back and snubbed during the peace treaty brokered by Malaysia for BangsaMoro is quite evident with his statement today that Malaysia is a hurdle towards peace in Southern Philippines.He also stated that Sabah is the Moro’s “holy land.” So, why they ceded their only holy land to the North Borneo Company, even he never bothered to explain.

There are also evidence found thatm not only the Suluk terrorists are deviants in Islam, they are also from MNLF, despite denials from Misuari. So,  that makes sense why Misuari is so “defensive” over the issue.

Still, where did they get the money? It has been alleged that SUARAM, as ordered by the head of pakatan, paid USD2 million to the Sultan of Sulu to finance the “war.” () Mind you, the suluk terrorists did not come to Lahad Datu with bows and arrows. They have machine guns, grenade launchers, sniper guns etc; one thing for sure, they ain’t cheap
Is it surprising to see how Jacel Karam is now travelling with a private plane? Hey, she might join in anwar’s jet later.

Where did the weapons come from? It is as bizarre as the story of the intrusion itself, according to many theorists. On the 29th of January 2013, a modern warship by the name of USS Guardianm despite having sophisticated navigational system, with guidance from the Philippine’s coastal authority, ran aground at Tubbataha Reef, located in the center of the Sulu Sea. It was very strange, and if it naturally happened, then the master of the ship must’ve been worse than the Captain of the Titanic. The crew was whisked off to Japan almost immediately and the salvage team is still “slowly” progressing in cutting up the ship. Many believe that this is the location where the suluk terrorists collected their weapons, and indication that the supplier was well paid. What? US is always innocent? Well, you can always look back in history, especially Iran-Contra. Anyway, it’s an Islamic community against an Islamic country, so they don’t have anything to lose.

On the local front, Sabah became an issue because pakatan needs to deny the BN majority, at any cost. Even if it takes a foreign army. In fact, christianization agenda is still in full force by pakatan, especially with the crusading dap, who had already envisioned a Christian Malaysia in 10 years. It is some sort of revenge as well because in the 1960s, the population of Sabah were around 60% Christians while Islam was only at 31%. By the 1980s, the religious landscape changed with Islam at 66%. Looks like the crusades are still on. Among the factors of the increase in Muslim population is the migration of Muslim Moros to Sabah, escaping the Marcos regime and fighting. The majority Muslim population of Sabah is a threat to pakatan and especially dap. To destroy UMNO and BN’s hold in Sabah, they will have to attack the Muslims.

But at the time being, pakatan will need a way to stop Barisan’s victory via Sabah. With pakatan’s influence waning even further with the intrusion, the only option pakatan has is to ensure a bigger intrusion that can lead to a state of Emergency in Sabah and suspending elections for the state.

Waning? Despite the show pakatan performed, such as inviting Jacel Karam for discussions on their claim to Sabah . Really, 2 former somethings meeting as unauthorized representatives over a state they do not rule. Hmm...

Then again, never look at anwar’s antics with an open eye. Does he want jacel here to discuss, or is it for political purposes. Jacel just figured out how to use Twitter and has started condemning Malaysia. Somehow with anwar and pakatan also condemning Malaysia over their actions on the terrorists, my gut is telling me that their meeting is not about Sabah claims only.

On a bigger scale, this issue also involves Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and her feud with the present President of Philippines, with Misuari as well. It also involves the MNLF and MILF and their spat against each other. It also involves trying to find a place to base themselves to subdue China. Imagine how the one-eyed one event to fool us all, and in darkness bind us.

But I can smell something else brewing in this event, and it is coming from pakatan’s camp. It was the smell of fear. I wouldn’t blame them. For 5 years anwar and pakatan condemned, criticized and chided the Malaysian security forces. But in a blink of an eye, through their own handiwork, we suddenly see thousands upon thousands of grateful Malaysians supporting the groups that pakatan took so long to smear. Not a day goes by without having people giving their undying support to the police and the army. Pas is the only pakatan component that has been supporting the armed forces (either they were instructed to or honestly) while the others went green with envy. Whatever pakatan planned in this, it sure shot them in their own foot.

But that smell of fear was not new. Since the planted hoax that the Parliament will be dissolved on the 22nd of Fenruary 2013, pakatan went into premature ejaculation, manufacturing one news after another until it looked so unnatural. When anwar was exposed as the possible link, he started shooting wildly, threatening legal actions, but it only gave way to more international media linking him to the intrusion. Najib’s transformation has been accepted and cheered by the people while pakatan has only infra-red ice-cream video shots to show, and their manifesto was disastrous when they were reminded by their own quote that their manifesto is not a promise, and made worse by leaving out important claims.

What is known is that pakatan now MUST win the 13th General Election in 2013, which is the Chinese year of the snake. For years they have enjoyed smooth fundings for their activities, with their strategies planned and deviced in another country, and now it is time to pay the piper. With the political scenario such a woe to pakatan, they might have to move to desperate moves. Their master is not really a forgiving being.

By the way, jamalul kiram and jacel, the both of you are just a patsy, as required by the pawns of the game. Win or lose, you'll gain nothing. The kirams will just remain relics of a forgotten kingdom, turned from piracy to patsy to serve a couple of Luciferian pawns.

Would pakatan go all the way, would they ever create chaos in their own country? Of course not...really? Those who believe that might want to listen to what certain leaders of pakatan are capable of. For that, here's Zulkifli Nordin, exposing what anwar instructed him to do back in 1998. By the will of Allah, the plot failed, what anwar is capable of, is explained in its grim details at Minute 6:

Are we supposed to be scared?

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