Monday, February 4, 2013

Pakatan's A Bit Confsued...ForTheir Sake, They Shouldn't

No, I didn't misspell that title.

What in the world is going on with pakatan lately? They have been going off the rocker for quite some time...although that's not really a surprise, and it seems that with Najib's announcement that election is anytime in this short span of time, pakatan went into a frenzy, with their media churning one nonsense after another, while internal spats happening within a party and alliances. Let's see now:

The election-jitters caused much confusion in Kedah too; the cracks between pkr and pas has turned into an all out spat and virtual brawl between the two groups over who should stand as candidate in DUN Bakar Bata, the seat currently occupied by Dato Bashah. Can it be a surprise? This issue has been around since 2011, when we received news that an ANSARA member, who is an insurance agent, jumped parties from pas to pkr for the sake of being a candidate there. So far, we have seen spats on-line, but I have a strange feeling we might just see a Royal Rumble, with a few pkr members layeth the smacketh down on pas, and a few tombstone-piledrivers laid around. If that happens...hey, who needs WWE? If you smelllllll.....!

It's either diplomacy, or azizan confused between his medications and his date for dialysis again, as he was pictured with Dato Bashah, at times, hand in hand...or was Bashah assisting Azizan during a state program, and with the biggest sin, wearing a IM4U t-shirt. If Nasharuddin Mat Isa was kicked out of Majlis Syura for helping Palestinians via Yayasan Aman Palestine, I wonder what will happen to azizan. Rumours that the heavily medicated azizan confused of which party he belonged to still remain unfounded. And we must also state that, with reference to our constitution expert, azizan's declaration of the dissolution of the Kedah State Assembly is not legal in any way whatsoever, mainly because declaring it while being flushing in the public toilet of Wisma Darulaman is definitely not constitutional.

Even the thugs who were constantly hired by pakatan are getting confused as well. The days of splashing paint on pakatan's own vehicles or acting as "victims of police" are certainly gone, and they are now left to a more actual thugonomics work, such as berating and try to scare off the youth in Jelajah Anak Malaysia. Gone are the easy money days of bringing red paint or bricks to splash or throw at pakatan's members vehicles and blame UMNO for it.

The old adage, all work and no play is really led by example
Anwar and his pakatan must have really confused the meaning exposé. Ever since the days when they planted Gwo Loh Burne to entrap VK Lingam in a video exposé, the message seem to blur from there. We have only seen other things being exposed...although not the one pakatan and their masters expect such as Elizabeth Wong and her lords of the flatbush, anwar ibrahim-chinadoll and his double exploding crooked spear of density, azmin and his "I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice-cream" and it seems that other bloggers have uncovered more...but that, we'll have to wait for the exposé. At this rate, even Gwo Loh might find himself Burne-d by his own method.

Do these boys know whether they're coming or going?
But I must say, credit must be given to all those who joined the recent flop year opener, the Himpunan Kebangkitan Rakyat, attended by the pakatan-paid-public. As the research by many indicates, most who attended had no idea what the event was all about, with many leaving the stadium while the pakatan leaders start talking, while many can be found loitering around shopping complexes while the event is going on. The state of confusion among the participants were almost artistic. I am guessing that some youths thought that when anwar supported the security of Israel means that he is patriotic...or maybe he was carrying the wrong flag...or perhaps the shop ran out of Palestinian flag. Of course, the award for confusion-gone-wild surely has to be the groups prayers with multi-qibla in the stadium. Four jamaahs, four imams, and none of them could figure out where the qibla is...which strangely reminds me of the story of the Tower of Babil, where Nimrod wanted to build a mighty tower to reach God, only to have his architects, engineers and builders abandon the project when they could understand eachother's language.

Pas is still confused over their role. There are times they thought they are gods on earth, there are times when they thought they are a supreme political party where every Muslim must bow down to them. So when the Prime Minister was well received and celebrated during the first ever official visit to Palestine, pas, and even anwar went ballistic. Well, anwar understandably confused his job, he is still in a stupor thinking that he is a prime minister. The praises from Hamas and Palestinians for the ever present helping hand of Malaysia basically drove many in pas insane. Being Malays, those in pas were green with envy. Nasruddin Hasan even condemned Najib's visit as selfish, and he tried to create impression that Malaysia has a back-door diplomatic relation with Israel. With sourness taunt-towing him, he basically got a lemon from his social network followers where they condemned him for un-Islamic actions. Maybe he got confused...the one who had anything to do with Israel is his big boss, yes, the one who supported the security of Israel. Statement that nasharudin is currently having a mental alignment at the tire shop is still considered a rumour.

However, the confusion in pas is still rampant:

i) They couldn't figure out a logical reason why they needed to sack Nasharudin Mat Isa from the Majlis Syura. It is a well known fact that anwar and his flower boys in pas have been trying to get rid of Nasharudin for a very long time. The time was ripe: Nasharudin was in Palestine for his foundation, assisting the Prime Minister and helping the Palestinians who had been persecuted for decades, and for this, he was removed. Not only that, he will not be contesting in the next General Election as well. However, there is still confusion amongst pas members: one says Nasharuddin has been kicked out of  pas altogether, and another says no. The debate rages on despite our advice for them to ask the President went unheeded.

ii) Pas could not figure out in which category the Kalimah Allah should stand. Differing from the ummah's view, pas chose to be god's representative on earth by announcing that pas allows the name Allah to be used byother religions. While their social network supporters went on a rampage telling everybody this news and defending it with such spirit, the Majlis Syura announced that the kalimah CANNOT be used by any other religion than Islam. It was a confusing move forpas supporters who had been crusading on the social network. Their silence and avoidance in this issue till todays reflects the deep confusion among them...and total embarrassment. Lucky for the Malaysian Muslims as they follow Islam, not pas.

iii) The confusion over kalimah Allah is surely deepening. Pas commanded everybody to stop discussing the issue and claim that it is over...and so the party who thought they control everybody thinks. Karpal Singh has been barking that the issue is not over, and far from being settled. This also shows the confusion that pas transfered to dap. Even dap thought the kalimah Allah issue is political and can be decided by a committee in a political party.

iv) Despite harping around, telling people that the government aid, BR1M is haram, pas supporters came out in droves to claim and collect it. Even certain branches of part tried to decree that donating the BR1M money to pasis Wajib...although that part was never received well. But hey, the pas religion is simple: haram or not, when it is about money, all the haram will be halal...okay,that's confusing even for me...

There are many more but I might run our of brain cells trying to describe all. So, that's enough examples. Let me introduce you to who doesn't seem to be confused over anything. You might recognize this group from their global and local handiwork such as the Malaysian currency attack of the late 1990s, the funding of pakatan and their media associates, the Great Depression of 1927...okay, that might be too old to remember, but hey, these are the work of the Luciferians, or Illuminati, or whatever fanciful name they use throughout the centuries.

Why do I involve these people? Well, Najib announced in Kota Bharu last week that the election will be called any time, and it is a short time span. Barely 3 days pass by and on the 22nd of January, the FBM KLCI saw a40+-point plunge that puffed away RM35b worth of shares. Amazing, it had been long predicted by those who have been watching the movement of these groups. It isdefinitely not a coincidence when anwar appeared almost a week later, beaming and smiling like never before stating that pakatan will win the elections. Well, now they had to. It has been an expensive affair for pakatan, and to repay huge investments with another loss for pakatan is virtually unforgivable.

Unforgivable? Well, you don't get these groupsto invest in you and your group and give them crap in return. It IS 2013, and it IS the 13th General Election, the number 13 must NEVER be used in vain for these people. Hey, these people refer themselves as the 13th tribe of Israel too...although we know that will be genealogically impossible. What price is there if pakatan still fail in the auspiciously numbered year and election? I would like to say that life is cheap with reference to their people like Saddam and Benazir, but let's go a little deeper:

There are some Islamic scholars and writers who theorized that the Mayer Amschel Rothschild is the only man in the modern world who met the one eyed and became his main disciple in establishing the foundations for the targeted New World Order. However, as a disciple, the family, for generations must adhere to strict principles which must not be broken.

As the Rothschilds rose to the top of Europe in the 19th century, the unthinkable happened.

Hannah Mayer Rothschild, a 3rd generation, broke the principles by marrying a goyim, or a non-jew. It is a strict practice where the Rothschilds never marry outsiders as their businesses are protected, and are run only by jews. Despite marrying a noted man, Henry Fitzsimmons, a Christian who holds a respected Secretariat position in Queen Victoria's government, she was rebuked and expelled from the family. In just a few years, Henry lost his job in 1852. Six years later, their son died when he fell off a horse and a year later, Henry died of mysterious circumstances. In 1864, Hannah herself began having swellings on her back, her face paled and wrinkled, and in just a fewmonths, she died at the age of 49. Oh yes, anybody who wishes to check this story out on Wikipedia, it has been mysteriously replaced by the biography of her grand-niece, Hannah Primrose, a more faithful, loyal and obedient Luciferian.

Even the odd one out is not tolerated. The generations of Rothschilds have always been vicious in their nature, especially when it comes to business, always with a "killer instinct", so to speak. It was unfortunate that Amschel Mayor James Rothschild had none of the above. A man best described as "gentle", he didn't even join the family business until his early 30s. In contrast to other Rothschilds, he is jovial, friendly, sociable and enjoys his farm, his family and almost always a family man. In July 1998, he was found dead, and it was claimed that he committed suicide, apparently over the death of his father.

The one-eyed's representative on earth even has his children killed or sacrifice for not toeing theline, what mercy can one who is a non-jew (goyim), and in a rank much much lower than their janitor can ever get? You can't repay their investment, but with your soul already pawned to them, they can do anything with you. No confusion there.

So, anwar and his pakatan are putting a brave face to the media, trying to hide away all the in-fightings and confusion within the coalition. All the help, assistance, planning and even funding have been delivered well for them, and now they have no choice but to win the election. Maybe it makes sense why anwar stated last year that, on election day, he will ask (force?) the SPR Chief to declare him a winner before voting can be completed. Maybe it also makes perfect sense why there are those who predicted that the New World Order will be established in Malaysia this year, even if pakatan loses all seats. With all the confusion happening right now, pakatan might need a more "divine intervention" to win anything. Dap seems to be the only one who is steady and seriously ready, but then again, they are the ones who are primed to takeover Malaysia.

Little do Anwar and pas know that their time might be up earlier than scheduled, maybe the confusions were deliberate. Or maybe they were thrown into confusion by the fact that they are going nowhere and they are beginning to see one eye looking at them...and it is not pleased...


  1. another well-written and thought-provoking article which i always look forward to. but this is way too much of a 'brain-strain' for the malays in pr to understand.

    1. Thank you again for your kind visit to my blog, I really appreciate your comments. Although we all try hard to makepeople see the truth, I have to agree that certain things might just be too difficult for them to see, although one really not need to have "sight beyond sight" for this matter. Then again, I guess we know a lot about their state of mental health.

  2. you are absolutely right..Mereka dalam Pas takan penah sedar dimana mereka tgh masuk kedalam perangkap yang sangat besar..


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