Tuesday, January 22, 2013

What Pakatan Wants Us To See, What We Actually See...Do We See What’s Coming?

So, what’s with 2013 for anwar and his pakatan? They opened the new year with a ho-hum rally called Himpunan Kebangkitan Rakyat on the 12th of January 2013. Of course, the date was not that far after Hadi making a pas edict that the kalimah “Allah” can be used by other religions. I wonder if everybody will share the other names of their respective “gods” from their religion in conjunction with pas’ generosity in sharing. I wonder why dap never simply used Hallelujah as it is the Latinized version of the name Allah as well. Perhaps guan eng should go to his church and start praying, “In nomine, Siva, Buddha, es spiritu vacca...” Well, since he wants to share...say,how come joseph lim (guan eng) never demanded other names such as Elohim, the Roman gods such as Zeus, and many many others to be shared by his church?

So anwar and his pakatan had another rally (Yawn...), this time to save Shamsidar, Azmin's wife, who many people speculated that he had an affair with, and allegedly siring a child as well. Of course, how this rally is  going to stop her from being on the witness stand, I'm really at a loss.  So, the rally combined all other desperate, eye-blinding designed objectives (boringgg!) such as anti-Lynas, Oil Royalty, Kelantan Gold Royalty, anti-desforestation of Pedu...wait, the last two was not allowed there....

We were made to understand by paid pakatan bloggers and media that the rally was attended by more than 100,000 people (lame!!!) who filled the stadium up to the roofs. Really...

Malaysiakini led the west to believe that the Malaysian government is worried and scared with the success of the event...zzzz!!!

Ok, let's cut this crap and return to the real world. While anwar and pakatan try to put a blind spell on Malaysians, they should also realize that Malaysians are not stupid as they thought. At most times, they forgot that with all their disinformation, there are people spreading the truth on the other end of their spectrum.

So, what have we seen? What does pakatan want us to see? I'm sure a lot, but what were we made to see? Of course, I am always reminded by the Quran that while the disbelievers working for the one-eyed plotted and planned, Allah too planned, and He is the best of planners.

The planning seemed meticulous, and the marketing campaign was both viral and open. Posters and banners were everywhere throughout the country. However, anwar and pakatan could pull a WWE’s John Cena “You Can’t See Me”, some of the posters caught the attention of certain groups . Great conspiracy theorists like AfterDark and his friends and minor ones like me do agree on certain things: What is the significance of 12th of January? Why is the pictureof KLCC taken at a slanted angle with light in the middle? Of course, why even put a picture of the twin towers in the first place when you are having a rally at a stadium? Why is the fist yellow? Everything, when it is designed by Luciferians (or Masons, or Illuminati etc etc) has meanings behind it. I must personally thank Afterdark for most of the facts on this issue.

We should choose what we want to see; do we want to see what pakatan and their sponsors want us to see, or what we were intended to see in reality. God gave us the power of sight, and the ability to think where we can never take things at face value.

The supposedly spectacular event targeted and audience of 1 million, and they ended up with only about 3.5-4% of that figure.  Of course, the pakatan sponsored media barked that there weremore than 100,000 turn-up...if they count in the police personnelon duty, media jornalists, birds, bugs etc etc yada yada yada...The rally’saudience swelled to about 100-500,000 by afternoon when delegates upon delegates turned up from the Photoshop department of the pakatan media. I find it strange that two pictures appeared at the same time, with different sets of audiences. Really anwar, 500,000 fit into a 40,000 capacity stadium. Then again, if they couldn’t count correctly using MS Excel spreadsheet for dap’s CEC elections, how do you think they will calculate the number of people there?

The announcement by Hadi on the kalimah “Allah” issue drew so much flak from Muslims in Malaysia. I was about to say how shocked I was, but then, that was the guy who divided the Muslims in Malaysia for his political gain with his Amanat about 21 years ago. So, there they were, the poor supporters of pakatan, trying to show a brave face in the light of so many harsh criticism. You must admire them for, no matter where they are or how busy they were, the solat was never ignored...if only they can find the qiblat.

Not really a sight to see: 3 jamaahs, 3 Imams in one closed area, with each jemaah
Anti 1Malaysia is one thing,not able to find 1 Kiblat is too much
carrying their solat in theirown direction of the qiblat. Can we even figure out whether they’re coming or going? Are we being told in a metaphoric manner on the splintered direction of pakatan? Are we looking at our future and the futureof the Muslims from the 3 groups performing the solat? There are reasons we see what we want to see, but there may be reasons for seeing what has been intended to be seen. Pas, pkr, dap, all ships supposed to sail in the samedirection, but have we seen that?

Even while the rally was still on-going, there werealready claims made by pakatan sponsored media on how the government wasrocked and scared to the core with the rally. Contrary to that, foreign medias reported that the government actually lauded the rally for not being unruly this time around, not to mention the success of government transformation in amending the Akta Perhimpunan. One can almost hear anwar and his pakatan stomping their feet in frustration. Well, I’m sure we understand pakatan’s wound when they got shot in the foot by their own “allies.”

Perhaps the main reason there was peace is because the Federal Reserve Unit was not there, PDRM made a wise decision not the place FRU there. In the end, the agent provocateurs and the terrorists-formerly-known-as-Unit-Amal-Pas had nobody to provoke and the pakatan media had an important element taken away from their usual high point: no "police brutality." It is of no surprise to see, in the end, the fightings that occurred, were amongst pakatan supporters themselves. There were several occassions when pakatan supporters try to provoke the police personnel who were there, but unfortunately for them, the police didn't take the bait. It is quite a wonder that we didn’t hear shouts of war like “If you smellll...”or “Rest in peace” despite watching several suplexes, dropkicks and tombstone piledrivers inflicted amongst pakatan supporters.

Anwar got hit hard, again...no, not a segment of Raw Is War...it happened many times before, and this time it happened again. Despite having paid crowds for the rally, he could not stop them from leaving the stadium even before he can start his speech. Looks like what happened during previous rallies is happening again. We understand that a huge number of pas supporters walked out on him, and een his paid supporters decided to be somewhere else as well. Does that tell you something anwar? Pas supporters have no time for you, and the paid ones...well, they just want money.

So, after all the blood and tears the Muslims in pas and pkr had to carry, where were the dap supporters? Isn't it amazing, pas had to face so much flak over the kalimah Allah issue, all for the benefit of dap, and only a few turned up. Imagine that, out of an attendance of 30-45,000 people, only 5-8% were Chinese. I am sure dap has more members than that. will pas never see that they are just dap's bitches? Rumours that dap leaders were discussing the kalimah Allah issue at a nearby eating place while having bah kut teh has so far been unfounded. In fact, where was Joseph Lim (Guan Eng)?

What have we seen? Of course, the deluded twits in pakatan will try their best to deny the things that they do not want us to see, but even they can go only so far. With the Prime Minister to announce the date for General Election anytime, anwar and his pakatan are scrambling in desperation to get anything that will promise them power.

I was amazed with an article from Rusia Today which chronicles the foreign fundings by the west to the Malaysian opposition to force a "regime change." Of course, knowing that it's from the west, the change actually means that the country changes from the people to a regime that is controlled by the west, or The New World Order (NWO). The article is very interesting in its details. We have already known the fact that the pakatan and its media are receivers of huge fundings via George Soros. No, Soros is not a big man in the Luciferian circle, he is just a tiny hand that executes a tiny portion of their investments to their "agents" who are even further down the line. But here we are, the Muslims and Malays, too busy fighting each other to notice anything that one day they will regret.

I think this guy idolizes anwar's support for the security of Israel too much
It’s 2013, and Luciferians, or the guys working for the one-eyed with the goal of achieving New World Order, are quite fanatical on the numbers 11 and 13, as they are their power numbers. These luciferians believe that a carefully planned event must be carried out according to the correct numbers, or it may not be successful. The numbers 11 and 13 is the essence of all that is sinful, harmful, and imperfect. It is also a number of the antichrist as the Bible refers to him as the '11th horn' [see Daniel 7:7-11], and not to mention, the biblical belief that the 13th person during Jesus' last supper was the treacherous Judas Ischariot, who betrayed Jesus to the Jews and Romans. What am I on about? Well, the date of this Himpunan Shamsidar was on the 12th of January (12/1), and 12+1 equals...13, of course. And the year is 2013, so Malaysia MUST fall into the New World Order, or they have to wait again. It was, by design, perfect. The masonic posters, the date with a 13 element, but in the end, it was for naught. Mat Sabu even admitted that the rally was designed to overthrow the government. Watching how the west has been manipulating political scenarios in the Middle East, we can conclude that all of anwar's rallies have always been designed to overthrow the government. But there were no "Arab Spring" riots; people came, people get paid, people leave...that's it. Anwar and pakatan still have no massive riots to boast about, they had to pay and ferry supporters to their state rallies, and all their attempts to deconstruct Islam and Malaysia have fallen flat on their noses. Looks like anwar has become dead weight for the west.

I almost forgot: I followed the so-called issue of the “Sharifah Zohra-Bawani” spat on Youtube and blogs since it began spreading. Understandably, pas made a huge meal out of this, trying to conceal their burden of issues piling on them. I must say that, both individuals are no politicians, and their conduct might not be as professional as one might suppose, but extra details on the event gave more insight...usually not something pakatan wants. Many of the reports stated that Bawani was nowhere in sight during the event, she only appeared at the end, making a grand entrance. With her background rooting with pakatan, and her methods, and the way pakatan media ralied around her, I realized that she was planted there to disrupt.  What they had planned might not happened as Sharifah took control and the audience did not give her the response that she wanted, but the uploaded video was good enough for pakatan. Pakatan could at least plant somebody more professional instead of the airhead by the name of Bawani...then again, this is a normal practice of the west.

Despite the little boo-boo dap made during their vote counting for the CEC, they have appointed Zairil Khir Johari to be in charge for Malay affairs. On paper, that sounds perfect, exceptfor the fact that he is a Chinese. He changed the name when he was adopted by the late Khir Johari. The Malays won’t takethis kindly, but hey, do you think dap cares?

Contrary to what anwar thinks, the New World Order conspiratorswill never place anwar as Malaysia’s leader.A hopeless "high risk" as Prime Minister/President? No chance in hell. The real chosen leaders of Malaysia by the NWO is none other than those in PAP's sister-party, DAP. Anwar will never be what he has always lusted for.

“Only Malays can destroy the Malays”, yes, it’s an old adage, but anybody notice how we aremoving in that direction? All the demonstrations and rallies were attended by Malays mostly, pakatan wants to get rid of GLCs, PTPTN, Malay businesses and many more. The only reason why dap wanted elections of local council is so that they can be in and manipulate the government, but dap keeps this hush hush...To many degrees, the Malays in pakatan fail to see that what they are cheering for to be destroyed are actually the things that keep the Malays above water all these years. So, in the meantime, dap needs anwar to rope in pas to keep them divided. If the Malays were ever to unite, it will spell death to dap and the rest of pakatan.

Dap’s victory over Malaysia will be the hard work of the Malay Muslims in pas and pkr, and in fact,they will cheer and applaud when their rights, their riches and their land are scraped away. Then again, maybe they will never see this coming.

Do we still not see? Do you see what pakatan and the one-eyed want you to see? Will those who have been blinded ever see what’s coming for them? Have you seen what was intended to be seen?


  1. so true. but then again, those who read yr writings are those already have their eyes opened. I wish this kind of writing will reach others as well. Wake up, bangsaku !

    1. Dear Anonymous, thank you for visiting. I agree, and i always wish that somehow those who had been blinded would at least give an effort to discover the truth. We tried and tried, but we usually end up being labeled paranoid, madmen, and many other names that i don't want to mention.

  2. May Allah Bless u for ur effort to convey the truth...n thanx 4 da Info..

    1. May Allah bless you too bro. Just like your blog, we try our best.

  3. This should be written in bahasa......to reach all kebangkitan rakyat supporter who only read harian metro & malaysiakini

    1. Salam,and thank you for visiting and the comment. I agree,but many times I get frustrated for not being able to write articles in Bahasa Melayu. Then again, I feel that it is not the language barrier that made those pakatan supporters not wanting to read this.


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