Sunday, May 5, 2013

Started With An Eye, Now Are We In The Last Hours of Freedom? TolakPR

The campaign is on its last trail as I write this. Every meal I share with my family, I keep telling them to enjoy the meal and be thankful for what we have had and the life we had. Despite what we have seen on the ground, who knows, this could be our last hours of freedom before the New World Order is established in Malaysia. Yes, I know the election is tomorrow, and the Fenomena Biru is going strong but, bear in mind, nobody ever said that pakatan needs to win elections to wrest Malaysia into their clutches and establish the NWO.

Sometimes it is unbelievable and sometimes it is predictable. As expected, search on Google so far yielded results where the western media gave impressions that pakatan will win and the Government is using dirty tactics. It is not that surprising, we have long predicted that the western media will come up with something like that, given the fact that most of those western medias are the same group that were promoting the Bersih riots and anwar Ibrahim. They do work under one boss anyway. What’s surprising is that western journalists are rarely found covering the campaign by BN, and they seem oblivious to pakatan’s provocative methods, which include violence, bombs and many more provocations…and the intention for an Arab Spring in Malaysia. In fact, they have been trying hard to question anwar on why he accused the Government of slander when it was revealed that he planned on an arab spring-style riot, despite the fact that it was wel reported when he said it in France. One agenda, huh?

How do we get surprised anymore? Just like the bersih riots, the western media gets most of their reports and “juicy” pictures from questionable sources, usually from pakatan’s sponsored media.

Tonight, as the hours come to a close, in many states, there were processions by pakatan, doing as much provocations as possible. In Alor Setar alone, most of the provocations were targeted towards women, which is not surprising because most men will fight back. What might be different this election is the fact that pakatan uses a lot of teenagers, mostly not even qualified to vote.

An obvious question surfaces…or maybe n old clich├ęd question: where the devil are the dap people during the processions? I understand the procession deployed an almost similar style to the procession back in 1969, only this time, almost all of them are Malays. Maybe dap just follow their own style shown during the riots by anwar: stay at home and cheer as Muslims go against Muslims.

What are all these all about?

The way the pattern goes, it seems to be obvious they are using one of the methods used in the Middle East to trigger Arab Springs. For years, pakatan uses their allies in the western media to portray them in a positive light, selling their image as “freedom fighters” fighting against “a regime” which strangely was elected by Malaysians. I am so sure that there will be pictures of the procession in tomorrow’s edition of the western medias’ headlines, potraying how “popular” pakatan is. For those across the globe who has no idea of what is going on, or the truth, they will think those stories as facts. Once pakatan loses, they will launch a revolt for a coup de tat, and their act will be “justified” as a people’s uprising. Of couse, for those who see with both eyes, how could pakatan launch a people’s uprising when they have been operating with jewiish funding?

For pakatan sponsors, the old days of having to send their mercenaries and assassins to get rid of nation’s leaders are over. Check out Libya, all they had to do is just fund the rebels through “NGOs” such as NED and Young Republicans, which ended with Gaddafi being butchered by the hands of his own people, leaving the west’ hands clean.

The One Eyed has weaved his “power” throughout the world, including the Middle East, the methods might be similar, but not the same, but it will always need a trigger. For Malaysia, the trigger might just be the elections. Bear in mind, this is the 13th General Election, in the year 2013, in the Chinese year of the Serpent. We are living in the end of days, mind you.

There have been those who stated to me that the New World Order can be a better place, a western-influenced era with freedom. Of course, if they understand, they would realize that the Qur’an stated that the Jews and Christians will never  quit until we follow their way of life and religion. How is life under the NWO? Remember how anwar said, “You repeat and I’ll sue”, how those who criticizes any pakatan leaders find their accounts either hacked or blocked, or how blogs and Facebook accounts hacked for spreading the truth, those are just a miniscule example of how life is under the New World Order. In short, you read what you’re told to read, listen only to what they tell you to listen and think within the limitations given.

It all started when a power-lust man was sacked in 1998, and he officially revealed the eye in 1999, under much pretense. Notice how peaceful Malaysia was before that? Anybody realize how Malaysia was peaceful again when he was jailed, only to face worse times when he was released?

So, at the moment, we enjoy what might be the final hours before pakatan establishes their New World Order, and by that time, our official religions is scrapped, the monarchy kicked out, our special privileges gone, while Muslims in pakatan cheer.

Once that happens, then we will have to wait until the Mahdi and Isa Al-Maseh arrive to free us.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Ilusi Kedah Sejahtera - Shattering The Nightmare

For 5 long years, Kedahans live under the illusion of pas' Kedah Sejahtera. It was supposed to benefit all, develop Kedah to new heights and Kedahans' social welfare will be taken care of. It was a vision of grandeur, it was a mountain to was not to be. With Kedah's resources torn to shreds by pas, its bountiful resources reaped, with pas looking away from their own problems, and the typical blame game by pas, will Kedahans still let them commit more mischief on this earthh? Shattering the illusion, break the walls down.

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