Thursday, September 9, 2010

At This Moment

Today is the last day of Ramadhan, and as the final hours and minutes of this holy month goes by, we should look back at the achievements of the muslims in Malaysia...maybe in a short span of time.

We can do that tomorrow as well, while at the Hari Raya congregation at Pakatan's open-for-all congregation center in Shah Alam (no, not the mosque), listening to the sermons given by Al-Ustaz Lim Guan Eng Al-Khalifatul Pinang, about the evils of the injustices of having the Malays given so much priorities, and how fair it will be if NEP is removed. Or maybe Anwar making a point of how important it is for the Muslims to ally themselves with Gog and Magog rather than Muslim UMNO counterparts. Once done, everybody will be entertained by Namewee, telling everybody should go back to Indonesia. But then again, the congregation might be full of Indonesians already, probably imported from Bandera, who are still flagging up the wrong pole.

Young Nurul Izzah might be sending raya cards detailing on how the Malaysian submarines which she never saw, doesn't work. Hey' don't blame her, she studied on a prestigious "mat salleh" scholarship, so she will always been patriotic to them.

The fate of the Muslim Malays are always in their hands, but a united Malay is always an impossibility. Unity is always broken down by so many things, right from political ideologies right to village groupings...but hey, how do you think the Europeans manage to squeeze all the riches out through the Malays themselves?

Will this Hari Raya promise any changes for the Muslim Malays? Or have they been blinded deep in one eye and condemned to view the world like their master?

Bapak3 wishes all a Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir dan Batin to all readers. Drive carefully and have a safe festival.

P.S.: Don't sweat it, Azmin will win the PKR post, he has anwar at his back...literally. Hey, they still share one thing(?) in common...

Monday, September 6, 2010

Apanama-namewee : Sliding Down The Razor's Side...

I've been away, and it seems more and more meaty issues propping up here and about.One of the amazing things I read while away was on this kid, Wee Meng Chee, who created a stir when he in a way provoked racism and anger by his video.

Among the noise, the suprising choice will be Azizan, the MB of Kedah. He accused the Malaysian government of being too lenient in this matter and should act swiftly as this is the second time the lowly-rated rapper wannabe has landed himself in hot water.

The first was his Negaraku parody which was finally resolved with the aid of Chua Soi Lek. Not that I disagree totally with the message, but provocations are quite disturbing for many. He could at least offer some solutions too, but he's too rude at that as well, and mostly (I think this is a must), get thee to a vocal/singing school.

Why am I surprised with Azizan? Ok, so wasn't really surprised. Here's an old man who sits in the Kedah MB's chair...well, he dozes off most of the time, but concious enough to realize the tactics of anarchists such RPK and even Namewee in inciting tension between religion and races. Of course, that rebel yell might cost him a lot as Pakatan has resolved in their meeting that Namewee is to be defended at all cost. Unsurprising as Pakatan always needed anarchists.It is still unknown what Azizan's fate will be, but I'm sure pakatan might just arrange some scandals or two just to see him off.

Azizan's statement might just be the tonic that the Pas/PKR factions needed. We understand that so far there are 3 factions who would like to kick Azizan out and rest their own asses on the MB's chair. With Azizan's statement slamming the very person they're supposed to defend, well, they might just sit down and wait until pakatan hand them the position on a silver platter.

Azizan not toeing the lines set by Pakatan is not something new:

1) In 2008, after winning the election, the hardcore pas supporters from the east coast went on a rampage tearing down Kemas buildings, but was stopped and criticized by Azizan, which eventualy angered one half of the hardliners.

2) Also in 2008, when Hadi stated that all states under Pas MUST implement Hudud (yes, the one he never implemented while governing Terengganu) but Azizan defied Hadi as well. This riled the 2nd faction of the hardliners.

3) His hatred for Anwar Ibrahim has always been well-known, and he has always been quoted as saying, "Tengok muka pun tak lalu." about Anwar Ibrahim.

4) Despite his earlier views on Tun Mahathir, everything changed when he went too meet Tun himself after becoming the Menteri Besar Kedah. He admitted the kindness and honesty, and the hospitable nature of Tun upon returning.

5) Unlike PKR who were promised large sums of resources, Azizan admitted that the state has no money (which brings into question what happened to the balak money?) and could not give much to constituents, dissatisfying the Pas/PKR factions.

Those are just a few, most of the factions involved are usually labelling Azizan as another UMNO politician. Even that's not much of an impossibilities because, according to his relatives Azizan is the only sibling who went into Pas, and even that as a non-conformist as he's always on the fence.

I don't know what fate belies Azizan but I sincerely thank you for standing up to the knock-kneed joints of a certain minister who seems to be very slow at taking action but very swift in apologizing (such as for being a Malay who kisses a keris). Somebody needs to do that.

Now that I've mentioned that, where in the world are the old warlords of UMNO Kedah? Sleeping, or just gutless? An old non-conformist pas leader spoke out against an element of racial tension, and those who profess about defending their religion and ethnicity are currently too busy to say anything.

I would like to suggest to these Pinkus Floydus (a living dinosaur that has gone past its time) to relinquish their seats and positions. Even if you don't, why can't you just protect the people you're supposed to, in stead of defending your seats and position? Shame on all of you.

Paging for Det Khalid, Tajul Urus, Ali Yahya, Ajeez Rahim, Rozai, Bashah, Mat Lebai Sudin, Jo Pak Om, Tajudin Kentucky, Suhaimi Jerai and Rahman Padang Serai, PLEASE BE INFORMED THAT YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO LEAVE WHEN THE JESTER STEPPED DOWN LAST YEAR!!! By the way, you might realize by now that your balls are missing. At a time when the Muslim and the Malays are being endangered, you had to be cowards...

Un occhio scende su tutti

Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Nice Apa-nama Namewee Rap

Here's a nice rap on Namewee...

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

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