Monday, January 31, 2011

As Tenang Calms Down

There you have it: BN defeated the abomination of anwar called pakatan rakyat with a thumping 3,000+ majority. It could've been more if the floods did not restrict movements of the residents, and I am sure it will be even more if the Chinese voters voted for BN...but they did not, as shown below:

Bandar Labis Tengah (S2&3): PAS - 519, BN - 211

Bandar Labis Tengah (S4): PAS - 209, BN - 90.

Bandar Labis Tengah (S1): PAS - 123, BN - 64.

For full article, click here

I'm sure Chua Soi Lek will be having a tough time trying to unmuddle the quagmire he'll be in. For a guy who returned to the helm of MCA like a prodigal son, his strategy seems to fall flat in his own home.

The rain and the flood will be washing away all the filthy lies and slander that pas brought along. Even the most jovial pas supporter up north had to change his tune with me tonight. From the usual, "Mampuslah umno kali ni" to the more face-saving, "Ala, kalau UMNO letak beruk kat situ pun menang." I must disagree with that sentiment on safe seats, especially when in 2004, their betel-munching macaque lost in Pokok Sena. He did win it back in 2008 and was last seen swinging around in Tenang before getting smacked by hard facts. Sorry Mahfuz, Johoreans outsmart you...and we're talking about kindergarten level here. Seriously pas, sending Mahfuz there? Just like pas to bring a duck to a cockfight...

 I guess most Johoreans still find it amusing to see Muslims waving socialist flags. There are still certain quarters laughing incessantly when pas supporters outside the polling station waving dap flag without the slightest idea of what dap actually stands for, or would they ever know the fate of Muslims under dap rule. I'm sure if they read lee kuan yew's latest book, they might get some knowledge. Then again, knowing that books can damage their brains, let's just leave them be. After all, they are still perplexed at why their concocted do'a to destroy fellow Muslims/brothers from a different political idea did not come true. They'll be thinking about this for a long time...or at least till their brains hurt. 

Anwar got the brunt of...well, to say he was the butt of the jokes going around in Tenang would be a minor slap in the rear. I must admit that I've seen carnival-like activities when anwar is coming to town...locking up their pretty-looking sons at home and...wait, that's the wrong town. His attempt to meet the people in several Felda settlements were met ferociously by the villagers who warned anwar to stay away. It would've been nice already, but to state their intentions seriously by placing banners on anwar was a bit over the top, but hey, it worked. Anwar had to find another place, mostly in non-Malay dominated areas. I have to agree with them Anwar, settle your sodomy case first, man.

Even pas had a torried time. They were blocked by villagers (sans pitchfork and torches) from entering their villages. We do believe in democracy and the right to be heard, but if the villagers don't want you there, consider the parliament passed the bill and enacted as a law...scram!!! This proves that even people in the south doesn't want anything to do with pas, not just in certain areas of Perlis.

And Normala? Well, that poor woman...her husband might just take another few weeks MC, I don't know, maybe because of heartburn, heartbreak or even sakit hati at the loss. With her sordid past reappearing from blog to blog and mouth to mouth, I hope she will be able to return to school, back to her noble profession of giving children the gift of learning. She can only have pas strategists to blame. If they did not hit below the belt during campaigning with all their slanders and lies, her background would've been locked up safe, known only between her, her husband and her ex-husband. I won't expand on the details, but there are already various blogs which explained the full story. Well, that goes to show, what goes around, comes around.

Now that Tenang has been regained, I congratulate the new Yang Berhormat, Azhar Ibrahim for his victory. To the largely UMNO election machinery, well done. To MCA, you have a lot of work to. And now, off to Merlimau...once the water recedes.

Additional notes: At this time, I was made to understand that pas has compiled a list of excuses on their loss in Tenang. It might not sound that weird, but the fact that the list was compiled last week gave this statement a very bizarre turn. I am sure phantom voters will be among the list. I must protest because the phantom voters were actually in pas' camp. As evidence, i submit the picture on the left where Mazlan Alimin campaigning to phantom voters a few nights before, and as you can see, the place was jam packed with phantoms. I'm not sure whther they understand a word he's saying, but I was told that there was a feast of raw eggs and kaffir lime followed shortly.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Constitution Under Siege - The Usurpers

The new year sure starts with a bang: Tenang by-election, Merlimau coming up, Selangor crisis...well, at least pas in Kedah are still hiding away with their tails between their legs after the floods and Kedah SATO fiasco.

The fight for total power (and cash domination) is Selangor is getting slightly...or totally out of hand. The battle that started with Khalid Ibrahim trying to oust the Selangor State Secretary is upping its ante, bit by bit.

I have been waiting for quite some time to see what amendments to the state constitution Pakatan Rakyat is trying to dabble with. For that, I refer to Y.B. Zul Nordin's blog, where he had given an unofficial draft:

"It is hereby encated by the Legislature of the State of Selangor as follows:

1. This Enactment may be cited as the Laws of Selangor (Second Part (Amendment) Enacment 2011.

2. Article 52 of the Second Part of the Laws of the Constitution of Selangor 1959 which this Enacment is refered to as 'the Second Part of the Constitution' is amended -

a. by substituting for the clause (1) the following clause:

1. His Highness shall on the recommendation of the State Service Commission established under Chapter 10 by His Sign Manual and State Seal appoint a person holding whole time office of in the State public Services to be the State Secretary, State Legal Adviser and the State Financial Officer respectively;

PROVIDED that before acting on the recommendation of the State Service Commission His Highness shall consider the advice of the Menteri Besar and may once refer the recommendation back to the State Service Commission in order that it may be reconsidered".*

Finally, it's nice to see that the lawyers and law-makers in Pakatan Rakyat of Selangor finally put their skill to the paper. But even then, their wordy close-one-eye illusion is not really fooling anybody. To YB Zul and to many people, it seems to be a long-winded way of saying that the HRH The Sultan of Selangor has the power to appoint anybody as he State Secretary, State Legal Adviser and the State Financial Officer respectively, AS LONG AS it is the one desired by the Menteri Besar...yes, you guessed it, Khalid Ibrahim, who is stutteringly looking for his balls.

Maybe they can fool this with people like mahfuz, but Malaysians are smarter. Magnify it a bit more: The Sultan can appoint anybody as long as Anwar Ibrahim and DAP states who the person is.

In short, this crisis is beginning to look more as usurping the royal authority of the Sultan. I wonder how long they will take to amend the powers of the Sultan, say, the state can spend the zakat collection to any poor people, as long as DAP dictates so. As everybody knows it already, constitutional crisis by pakatan is usually created by pakatan as a test to see what further damage can be done elsewhere. In the Malay states, the Sultan is the Protector of the Muslims and the Malays, keep trimming their power, we might have nothing to protect us after that.

Anyway, I'm still wondering where anwar is: the challenger to debate by Gobala, Ummi, and a few more are still unanswered...but then again, he never responded to Saiful Bukhary's sumpah laknat either.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mosquito In Da House! Where's The Ridsect?

So, the fight that we'll never see will be between the hide-behind-the-bush anwar ibrahim and the very determined Ummi Hafilda, who had been described by anwar and hahahadi as a mosquito. But in reality, which actually goes deeper than any anal penetration that anybody in pkr/pakatan rakyat has ever felt is that, anwar is a deeply worried man.

More and more people, by the power of God, has seen more and more questionable traits and antics of anwar. Even Ummi stated that, anybody who states anything against anwar will face an attempt to frighten them away with defamation and libel suits amounting to millions of RM, but strangely Ummi and Nallakarupan had made so much statements about the core-rotten anwar but was never sued, not even for a penny.

Then there is running-around-in-circles guy, karpal. I still remember him standing proudly in Dewan Rakyat stating that he has evidence of anwar's homosexual activities, and to which he repeated that statement during the DAP convention. It was Ummi who went to see him with the misconduct allegation, to which he said it should be left to the Prime Minister at the time, assuring her that the PM will know what to do. Strangely, months later, he is the staunch supporter of the "wronged" anwar. What's worse, he is now part of Anwar's defence council, despite at one time remarking, "Anwar Brahim harus bertaubat."

Somebody should tell him that anwar was part of the reason why he and kit siang lost their penang state seats in the 1999 General Elections. I remembered asking my Chinese friend from Penang why they threw both out, to which he meekly answered, "Everybody wants the economy to recover, those 2 old clowns are screaming about anwar ibrahim. Who gives a crap about him?"

Let mosquitos into their bedroom and you'll hear them trying to swat it away, but strangely anwar is too afraid to swat Ummi...or even Nallakarupan. What do they have that scares him out of his arse? Maybe Ummi's cryptic rambling in her blog, Srikandi 7, might provide a clue, as below:

Kalau perbualan provokasi saya dengan dato sng boleh dirakam untuk memerangkap saya, dan saya juga banyak mengacah untuk menduga mereka ketika itu ,secara logiknya kalau saya berzina dengan driver atau balaci atau barua sng tu sudah pastilah video panas tersebut akan di bawa kemahkamah sebagai senjata utama mereka dan  akan memberi kemenangan besar pada mereka, kenapa tak buat, AZMIN JGNLAH MAIN KERJA KOTOR, APA KATA KALAU TO' GURU NALAKARUPAN DEDAHKAN SEGALA YG  PANAS PASAL BINI KAU TU????,SANGGUP KE TERSEMBUR NASI, SETAN DAYUS? APA PUNYA BETINA ,AKU DENGAR MAIN PUN DEPAN NALLA LEBIH DAHSYAT DAN KEJI DARI PELACUR. AKU DAH LAMA SABAR MIN, KAU JGN CARI PASAL PROVOKE AKU,NANTI KAU YG MALU BESAR. Apa dah kebulur sangat ke sampai si dayak yg makan babi, yg ngaku murtad, yg muka pun mcm babi nak jadi pilihan aku, apatah lagi kerja terkutuk mcm tu,nauzubilah minzalik.
 azmin sanggup lakukan apa saje ,walau terpaksa memfitnah adiknya demi menutup dosanya yg dayus sebagai suami,saya harap kalau dia tak bertaubat dan insaf,moga Allah berikan bala yg besar pada dia dan baginda si iban serta anwar yg telah banyak meletakkan saya di tahap paling hina.TUNGGU SAYA DI KELUARAN KHAS BERSAMA IBU SAYA DAN KAKAK-KAKAK SAYA SERTA ABANG DAN IPAR -IPAR SAYA UNTUK MENCERITAKAN SIAPA AZMIN SIDAYUS MAKAN REZEKI LENDIR UNTUK BESARKAN ANAK-ANAK.

For full article, click here.

Even Hadi can be seen not to keen in responding to the statements made by Ummi on anwar and the RM700m suit. But being choiceless when asked in front of anwar, he had to give an incredibly lame and repetetive comment.

Anwar knows that his time is running short, his court trial will resume soon, and he's running out of dramas. We did hear that his final trump card will be dismiss all his council to seek postponement. Even if he is free at them moment, he will face the dangers of 2 or more people exposing the truth about him. Politically, he lost influential allies is his political manouvering in PKR which is now totally submissive to him, what, with the-love-the-ice-cream guy azmin and his wife (still?) wan azizah at the top. Literally, both are just puppets with anwar pulling their strings.

Perhaps anwar shouldn't have pretended to be so sure, the mosquito(s) might just be spread the epidemic that he is so afraid of: TRUTH. Didn't that same mosquito made you lost your chance to be the Prime Minister back them? Whatever it is, anwar, if you pass the debate with Ummi, then only you can proceed to challenge any minister.

P.S: Wow, Ummi called anwar dajjal, and I still refer to him as one-eyed....

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Salve, regi Khalid

There seems to be a never ending battle between the stooges of Pakatan Rakyat and the monarchy, but then again, knowing that anwar always wanted to be the President of the Republic of Malaysia, that's not even close to a surprise. Also, knowing how badly DAP needs to remove any obstacles that smells like Islam or Malay standing in their way from snatching the powers to the country, why do we even act shocked? Khalid really could not have picked the best of times to create this ruckus of the choice of the Selangor State Secretary. With Jeffrey Kitingan leaving the party, collapsing PKR on the Borneo front, the anwar ibrahim sodomy trial, the anwar ibrahim wikileaks, Pas Kedah's disastrous flood outing and so many more.

This is not something new anyway. The then-MB of Perak, the ass-whooped Nizar Jamaluddin did banish Datuk Jamry Sury, the then Director of Jabatan Agama Islam Perak (JAIP) from his position. In his fool-hardy and power-inebriation, he forgot that he is just a Menteri Besar, and powerless as well because the Nga-Ngeh coalition was wielding them. In his one-time show of powere, it was commanded that the order be overturned by the ACTUAL person in charge, the Sultan of Perak. He had to lick and swallow his own spittle. Maybe if actuallystudied the state constituion and organization instead of letting Nga and Ngeh play him around, he could've avoided that particular ass-whooping. The ousting of PR by BN in 2009 didn't have much effect on Nizar. He was powerless before, he's a the same level now. The last we heard from him, except for his obsession for Camry, is the incident where his caroverturned...much like his direction.

DAP did rule Perak at one time, but because Perak is a Malay Sultanate state, the MenteriBesar must be a Muslim, which is a very rare delicacy in a socialist party like DAP. So, in their hurry to rule, they placed a puppet from Pas to be the MB...yes, the pathetically inexperienced Nizar. The puppet master really playd their strings well, until they were outmaneuvered by defections which collapsed the socialist government, much to the relief of Muslims and Malays. You might still find them trying to script the best Bollywood stunt to dissolve the state assembly to anybody who might have time to listen. With luck, they might have some luck of producing a carnival, complete with clowns (most probably from pas) to continue the tradition of "Bubar DUN" drama.

Everybody knows that the scandalous Theresa Kok and her dap cohorts are the actual rulers of Selangor. The lack of direction Khalid, as usual, is just toeing the line and every now and then, trying to show his power(less). He is just that jinxed. His thinly veiled story of "returning the power back to the people" has been labelled as the best stuttering joke of the month. The Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam has the right to appoint and the Sultan consents it. But we understand that Pakatan Rakyat might have their own people that they want to place, and the new appointed might just throw a wrench into their machines.Who actually wants the power? What Khalid wants have nothing to do with the fact, we smell dap there as well. Shouldn't Khalid be educating himself with some knowledge of running the state at this time? Or too busy stuttering up some issues for the future?

The people actually had enough with khalid's bamboozle ever since he became list them might just take more time than I ever have. Anyhooo...somebody needs to remind khalid that he's just a Menteri Besar, but his powers (and balls) are with dap and anwar, he'd better ask for them back. I wonder if his so called Emergency State Assembly can ever be called without the consent of the Sultan...or they might just find another tree to meet under. Until somebody reminds him, Salve, Regi Khalid! (All Hail King Khalid)

Last note: We hope His Royal Highness the Sultan of Selangor, and the people of Selangor take action on the arrogance and despicable words of the Sri Muda State Assemblyman.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

We Wish The Man Would Go Away...Now!!!

Strangely, there were a lot of cheerful folks at lunch this afternoon, and majority of them arre UMNO members. The news came hours before that, Khairy Jamaluddin, the most loathed character ever to appear in UMNO, has confirmed that he will not be defending his Rembau parliamentary seat in the next election. Further to that, KJ will be quitting politics...forever, we hope. Even then, there were murmurs of "why doesn't he just quit now?" No tears, no sullen faces, just cheerful expressions as rounds and rounds of teh ais were ordered.

The Star reported today on the issue, click here

Now that's a guy who is capable of creating betrayals upon betrayals by UMNO Youth delegates during the UMNO Youth Chief election, which ended in his victory despite getting a low number in nominations. The split among UMNO Youth can be traced to him when he came into UMNO. Who can ever forget the historic victory chant over his win, of "KJ Rasuah" booming loud all over PWTC that night?

Hope fully, with this news, UMNO Youth will reunite to win back the new generation who have been sitting on the fence ever since the dark days of Pak Lah and KJ. in Kedah especially, we do hope this will happen as the younger generation seems to be lost and wandering without any alliance. Pas Kedah not doing much to attract them either as the young Kedahans seems to be sick and tired with Pas' attempt to be holier than Islam itself. Yes, to Pas Kedah, every order they command on these young chaps, they made it sound as if it's a commandment from God.

Looking at what is happening now, it seems that KJ really has nowhere to go. Rembau never actually accepted him, the public, that is. He did win a heavily tainted UMNO election to become the UMNO Youth Chief, which saw the UMNO wing slide further down the cesspool. UMNO Youth has been seen as a limp, rigid, unrealistic and without balls under the tenureship of KJ.

The resignation of the incompetent pak lah actually ended his ambition, and he should've called it quits by then. He became worse than a walking dead with the return of Tun Mahathir into UMNO. The closing speeches on the closing day of the UMNO assembly saw thunderous applause at every mention of Tun Mahathir, and sarcastic and pitiful claps at the mention of KJ. The writing was on the wall, but KJ foolishly thought he was brave to go on...let's face it, he was and always is a dumb twat. He won the position, then cold shouldered and given the righful silent treatment. No more back-seat driving the country into tatters like in good old pak lah days.

He did let his people lobby Datuk Seri Najib for cabinet positioned, but i guess Najib outsmarted him, shelving him to the side like a useless furniture.

To attract more youth back into the UMNO fold, people like KJ and his "loyal" followers need to be guided to the exit, fast. The fate of the UMNO Youth's survival depends on that. I have a strange feeling that should KJ announce that he's quitting politics forever tomorrow, there'll be celebrations. Part of the good news is here with his announcement, hopefully more will arrive soon. At this moment, we wish that man would go!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Sink or Swim With Gelombang Merah Berani Berubah?

December 29th saw Gelombang Merah Berani Berubah unfolded in Kuala Nerang, kick-starting a wave of changes slated for Kedah Darul Aman. It wasn't even a road show, but more than a thousand residents of Padang Terap attended thye Pemimpin Bersama Rakyat program, organized by Y.B. Dato' Syed Sobri, the state assemblyman of Kuala Nerang. This was 2 days after Datuk Mukhriz was announced as the Deputy State Liaison Chairman of Kedah. It was a glorious ceremony, with aid and donations given to flood victims and many others.

Glaringly absent from the event were the Padang Terap Ketua Bahagian, his deputy and even the Ketua Pemuda of Padang Terap. Of course, we were informed that they were "called away" on duty to different states...most probably to sulk after the 27th December announcements. So much for daring for a change.

We were told that the Ketua Pemuda did apologize to Mukhriz for not being able to attend, and also apologized if nobody turned up because of his absence. IF what is told is true, then that's sheer arrogance on his part. It has been an open secret (is that really a secret?) that there has always been a three-cornered rialry of the extremes between the Ketua Bahagian, his deputy and the State Assemblyman. Do we need this at a time when Kedahans are ready to rise to the occassion? I guess when the wave hits, they might just be swept away...hopefully. It's a farce that they displayed, and it is time for the Padang Terap UMNO to change.

The large turnout sure will definitely make them frown more than ever. Will there be repercussions? I might think so, because Gelombang Merah Berani Berubah is Kedahan's movement and shall soon be their voice. For Kedah to change, the present UMNO leaders must change: all ships must sail in the same direction. This old outdated fashion of "having to be somewhere else" attitude just because of their petty disagreements must be rid off instead of acting like dinasours who would not extinct.

Kedahans are tired of the constant failures of the state government, and the attitude of certain Kedah UMNO leaders will add up to that. If the people can make that wave and swim with it, why do certain UMNO leaders sink? Aren't they supposed to be the leader of the people?

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