Sunday, January 23, 2011

Constitution Under Siege - The Usurpers

The new year sure starts with a bang: Tenang by-election, Merlimau coming up, Selangor crisis...well, at least pas in Kedah are still hiding away with their tails between their legs after the floods and Kedah SATO fiasco.

The fight for total power (and cash domination) is Selangor is getting slightly...or totally out of hand. The battle that started with Khalid Ibrahim trying to oust the Selangor State Secretary is upping its ante, bit by bit.

I have been waiting for quite some time to see what amendments to the state constitution Pakatan Rakyat is trying to dabble with. For that, I refer to Y.B. Zul Nordin's blog, where he had given an unofficial draft:

"It is hereby encated by the Legislature of the State of Selangor as follows:

1. This Enactment may be cited as the Laws of Selangor (Second Part (Amendment) Enacment 2011.

2. Article 52 of the Second Part of the Laws of the Constitution of Selangor 1959 which this Enacment is refered to as 'the Second Part of the Constitution' is amended -

a. by substituting for the clause (1) the following clause:

1. His Highness shall on the recommendation of the State Service Commission established under Chapter 10 by His Sign Manual and State Seal appoint a person holding whole time office of in the State public Services to be the State Secretary, State Legal Adviser and the State Financial Officer respectively;

PROVIDED that before acting on the recommendation of the State Service Commission His Highness shall consider the advice of the Menteri Besar and may once refer the recommendation back to the State Service Commission in order that it may be reconsidered".*

Finally, it's nice to see that the lawyers and law-makers in Pakatan Rakyat of Selangor finally put their skill to the paper. But even then, their wordy close-one-eye illusion is not really fooling anybody. To YB Zul and to many people, it seems to be a long-winded way of saying that the HRH The Sultan of Selangor has the power to appoint anybody as he State Secretary, State Legal Adviser and the State Financial Officer respectively, AS LONG AS it is the one desired by the Menteri Besar...yes, you guessed it, Khalid Ibrahim, who is stutteringly looking for his balls.

Maybe they can fool this with people like mahfuz, but Malaysians are smarter. Magnify it a bit more: The Sultan can appoint anybody as long as Anwar Ibrahim and DAP states who the person is.

In short, this crisis is beginning to look more as usurping the royal authority of the Sultan. I wonder how long they will take to amend the powers of the Sultan, say, the state can spend the zakat collection to any poor people, as long as DAP dictates so. As everybody knows it already, constitutional crisis by pakatan is usually created by pakatan as a test to see what further damage can be done elsewhere. In the Malay states, the Sultan is the Protector of the Muslims and the Malays, keep trimming their power, we might have nothing to protect us after that.

Anyway, I'm still wondering where anwar is: the challenger to debate by Gobala, Ummi, and a few more are still unanswered...but then again, he never responded to Saiful Bukhary's sumpah laknat either.

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