Sunday, January 2, 2011

We Wish The Man Would Go Away...Now!!!

Strangely, there were a lot of cheerful folks at lunch this afternoon, and majority of them arre UMNO members. The news came hours before that, Khairy Jamaluddin, the most loathed character ever to appear in UMNO, has confirmed that he will not be defending his Rembau parliamentary seat in the next election. Further to that, KJ will be quitting politics...forever, we hope. Even then, there were murmurs of "why doesn't he just quit now?" No tears, no sullen faces, just cheerful expressions as rounds and rounds of teh ais were ordered.

The Star reported today on the issue, click here

Now that's a guy who is capable of creating betrayals upon betrayals by UMNO Youth delegates during the UMNO Youth Chief election, which ended in his victory despite getting a low number in nominations. The split among UMNO Youth can be traced to him when he came into UMNO. Who can ever forget the historic victory chant over his win, of "KJ Rasuah" booming loud all over PWTC that night?

Hope fully, with this news, UMNO Youth will reunite to win back the new generation who have been sitting on the fence ever since the dark days of Pak Lah and KJ. in Kedah especially, we do hope this will happen as the younger generation seems to be lost and wandering without any alliance. Pas Kedah not doing much to attract them either as the young Kedahans seems to be sick and tired with Pas' attempt to be holier than Islam itself. Yes, to Pas Kedah, every order they command on these young chaps, they made it sound as if it's a commandment from God.

Looking at what is happening now, it seems that KJ really has nowhere to go. Rembau never actually accepted him, the public, that is. He did win a heavily tainted UMNO election to become the UMNO Youth Chief, which saw the UMNO wing slide further down the cesspool. UMNO Youth has been seen as a limp, rigid, unrealistic and without balls under the tenureship of KJ.

The resignation of the incompetent pak lah actually ended his ambition, and he should've called it quits by then. He became worse than a walking dead with the return of Tun Mahathir into UMNO. The closing speeches on the closing day of the UMNO assembly saw thunderous applause at every mention of Tun Mahathir, and sarcastic and pitiful claps at the mention of KJ. The writing was on the wall, but KJ foolishly thought he was brave to go on...let's face it, he was and always is a dumb twat. He won the position, then cold shouldered and given the righful silent treatment. No more back-seat driving the country into tatters like in good old pak lah days.

He did let his people lobby Datuk Seri Najib for cabinet positioned, but i guess Najib outsmarted him, shelving him to the side like a useless furniture.

To attract more youth back into the UMNO fold, people like KJ and his "loyal" followers need to be guided to the exit, fast. The fate of the UMNO Youth's survival depends on that. I have a strange feeling that should KJ announce that he's quitting politics forever tomorrow, there'll be celebrations. Part of the good news is here with his announcement, hopefully more will arrive soon. At this moment, we wish that man would go!

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