Monday, June 25, 2012

After All The One Eyed's And West' Aid, Why Is Anwar Still The Opposition?

It must be said here that, the Holy Al-Al Qur’an and Hadith have forewarned the Muslims of the days to come. The messages may be cryptic and deciphering them on the whole might require more knowledge than human have now. We can be assured that some theories have been advanced and the world looks in a different way. The wall built to seal off the group of people who “causes mischief on earth" have long crumbled. Those people have already inter-bred with the people mainly in the west, where the sun is rising from now. The one-eyed, at one point of hidden history has met them and collaborated with each other, but each of them keeps a suspicious at each other as both parties want to dominate the world.

With the creation of the illegal secular state of Israel after World War 2, concentrations were given in keeping the security of the state. With US, UK and other European countries keeping an eye on the security, the "people from behind the mountains" that now rules Israel can run the world as it sees fit, by proxy.

The hadith on the end of times chronology stated about these people where God commanded to Jesus to bring his followers to a mountain for shelter from these attacking people, stating that no man can destroy them but God. It can be derived that these people, who originally were cunning barbarians that were feared by almost all civilizations, and were blocked from the world by "He of Two Horns", have now evolved into a civilized, disciplined and intellectual bunch of murderers who will not be defeated until the right time. They have always been smart: in the past, knowing that they could not withstand the might of the Muslim army, they devised an ideological war, which led to in-fighting amongst Muslims.

The west today, still learns and studies any movements, organizations and even countries they decide as a "threat" to their survival. We have seen in the past how "regime changes" came about as "the unbound voice of democracy arises." Somewhere along the line, there's always the west poking their fingers in that particular mess. During the Cold War, the west via CIA tried to assassinate Fidel Castro by so many ways but failed, but they managed to execute President Salvador Allende of Chile, a popularly elected leader who is also a Marxist. Their proxy was General Augusto Pinochet, who was given support and sponsorship to launch a coup de tat against Allende's government. The army under Pinochet "suicided" Allende. This was all done to protect US business interest in Chile, and for this, the country suffered the next 25 years under the brutal regime of Augosto Pinochet, US' proxy.

Even the clergy-powered, hardcore Shiite Iran was not spared. President George W Bush (yes, the hollow drunk) approved more than US100 dollar to NGOs in Iran to support the opposition parties against President Ahmadinejad during the 2009 elections. Sure enough, the Iranian opposition suddenly became grand with riots exploding everywhere, but with the clergies in the driving seat and Ahmadinejad's victory, along with the Iranian parliament calling for the executions for the 2 opposition leaders who have been inciting the riots with sponsored cash, the riots died down. Bush failed in his attempt to overthrow the Iranian government. Bush faced impeachment, where among the listed crimes was Article 21of the Kucinich/Wexler impeachment articles: "the president misled Congress and the American people about threats from Iran, and supported terrorist organizations within Iran, with the goal of overthrowing the Iranian government."

Even the Popular Uprising in the Middle East is not excluded from their prying hands. The two greatest events that took place which captured the global community were the Tunisian Revolution that ousted President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali (Zainal Abidin Bin Ali) of Tunisia and the Egyptian Uprising that finally ousted Hosni Mubarak. The political scenarios were already ripe for revolutions as both leaders of the country had been staunch US allies and supporters, while the majority of the people were not. In Tunisia, the suicide of 26 year old Mohamad Bouazizi by burning himself because his livelihood was confiscated by authorities became the starting point of the revolution. In Egypt, the murder of Khaled Mohamed Saeed by Egypt's secret police culminated into the downfall of President Hosni Mubarak. Basic human rights and fair elections also became the rallying cry in their uprising. Economic conditions were added to these in Libya and Syria.

The uprising took a strange turn in Egypt when Muslims and Coptics (The Egyptian Orthodox Christians) starting clashing over religious intolerance. This is one of the most bizarre points as the Muslims, for hundreds of years, have always respected the Coptics.

It is true that it was the conditions in each country by its respective leaders that led to the uprising, somewhere along the way, the west played their cards as well. Scores of sponsored NGOs and agents have been in those countries, such as National Endowment for Democracy, National Democratic Institute, Young Republicans and many more. For decades they have been seeding unrest by advocating western ideology, or maybe just pretending as humanitarian aid. Their tasks are not military, but more oratory and media-related. With the murder/suicide triggering their cue, hatred and hostility can easily be spread by tongue and received by the angry hearts of the people of the nation. With Mubarak and Ben Ali out, it goes to show that US never even bothered to help the very people they groomed and goes to show further that anybody chosen by the west is expendable.

The current Syrian unrest begs more question than ever. Over time, I have read how many Syrian soldiers and public left the army to join FSA (Free Syrian Army), and how smugglers had a hard job of supplying arms to them.. Their weapons are usually brand new and they are not from the Syrian army depot. Who is the actual group or individual sponsoring the weapons? What is more frightening is that the weapons seem to be more advanced compared to the army.

Will the new leaders of the countries be able to steer their people away from the turmoil? History denotes that each of those countries will face decades of unrest, or at least an uneasy peace. Look at Afghanistan and Iraq, despite the west placing their designed leader there, the fighting continues...just like what the west wanted. I wouldn't cheer for the new Islamist President of Egypt, Mohammed Mossi yet as I will need to read between the lines of whose alliance he is on and which direction he is taking.

These are the basic list of what they fought for in the Popular Uprising:
1) Basic human rights
2) Clean and fair elections
3) Economy

The west has indeed found the best and ultimate way to exercise regime change in countries they deem necessary, without military or any visible hand of theirs, by using the people of the nation. The days of sending snipers and sponsoring disgruntled generals of the army of that particular country may soon be over. What can be cleaner than instigating riots and violence that will oust the leader than by turning the citizens into puppets for their own play? We have seen how they butchered Gaddafi. Still, there are questions that remain unanswered:
a) How come people like Marcos and Ben Ali, among some, can never be extradited to their countries of origin?
b) Is it sheer coincidence that US-sponsored leaders like Hosni Mubarak and Soeharto were suddenly hit by stroke right after they were deposed?
c) How come leaders, who used to be US-allied, like Saddam Hussin were hastily tried and executed. Even the trial became more like a show to the world.

Never give the west an inch, or they'll take over your land. History taught us that, but it seems that even in Malaysia, after hundreds of years under colonization, anwar and pakatan seem to be opening up more space than needed in their lust for power.

In a true template to the west' design, anwar played the same card...although with different results. Along with dap, pkr and the dope among all, pas, they went around sowing seeds of disunity. Mind you, these "seeds of disunity" are the points that the west consider good enough to topple a country if exposed and strategically attacked.

The racial disunity card was played well by anwar and his pakatan. Institutions that help Malays and Bumiputras were condemned as corrupt and self-serving. They even attacked the New Economic Program as "a corrupt program that enriches only politicians."

Religious insensitivity was introduced by pakatan, spearheaded by DAP. Lim guan eng and the dyspeptic kapal sink were loud in making their anti-Islamic stand, followed suit by Bar Council. Worse, ambiga promoted the Inter-Faith Commission and along with pakatan, threw their weight in for the apostasy of Lina Joy.

Polis Diraja Malaysia received much of the brunt of the attack by pakatan. Painted as brutal, corrupt and government's dogs, pakatan even staged several dramas where they provoke police by attacking them, and once the police retaliate, they start taking pictures to be sold to the world. Unfortunately for anwar, he went to the same well one too many times. His stage plays have been recorded during the bersih riots. This is the usual effort to attack any country's public defense. I wonder why anwar never mentioned about the US police and National Guard bashing Occupy demonstrators in Minnesota a month or so ago.

 In another effort to further weaken the defenses of the nation, anwar attacked the army as well (click here for article) by claiming that the army is the hand that ensures Barisan's winning by ordering that all ballot papers must have Barisan Nasional checked beforehand. He also claimed that the army will always be ready to take over the country should ever Barisan lose the general election. This is necessary to create distrust between the public and the army and even among the army themselves. We should always remember, the police and the army played pivotal roles in securing the nation during the May 13th Riots.

Pakatan rakyat has been claiming of how bad the economy in Malaysia has been, with most GLCs facing disaster, i.e. Felda going bankrupt and that sort. But they were left with their mouth open and their cheeks slapped tight when Felda announced huge windfalls for Felda settlers. Even the settlers who have been severely critical of Felda had to force themselves to be unabashed to collect their cheques, while pakatan got bashed. Their red faces of embarrassment glowed so bright that one could swear that it was Chinese New Year.

Anwar and pakatan, along with ambiga and bar council staged the bersih rallies, sponsored by NED via George Soros. By strategic planning of the NGO, and paid spectators, bersih became the ugliest event in the country, causing millions of RM in damages. This move did confuse many, even in the west. With pakatan winning 5 states in the 2008 General Elections, why is anwar claiming that the election was dirty and corrupt? If BN keeps winning all the time with more than 90% majority (like in the case of Ben Ali), it would've been a different question altogether. On the other hand, the bersih rally was a blessing to Malaysians: they get to see how pakatan degraded themselves to be terrorists and became pawns of the west. In return, the final bersih rally threw dirt into anwar and pakatan's face when they had to deal with so much anger from the public. I must say that, despite getting Malaysians to be angry, anwar and pakatan got them on the wrong side of the scale.

Let's see now, anwar and his pakatan rakyat have followed the recipe given by the west and spent the sponsorship freely, but what went wrong? Why are they still the opposition? Why isn't anwar the President of the Republic of Malaysia yet? Didn't the west studied Malaysia's fragile points already and taught anwar properly on how to strategically destroy them? In fact, Malaysia has always been a strong opposition to Israel and has always been vocal about it, shouldn't the west want that threat neutralized?

Maybe anwar should wonder to himself, is the west serious in their attempts to place him as the leader of this nation? Have they forsaken him because he spoke against Israel on the Freedom Flotilla issue? Or because he keeps mucking up by having more and more of his tight secrets being revealed by his once-loyal-supporters and Ummi Hafilda? The latest revelation on his a few billions of RM in his accounts is making him more popular in the wrong way. His support for Israel's security, while it puts a smile on the west, made him enemies of the Muslims and his reputation with Hamas is questionable...although it has always been questionable in the first place. The lack of attendants to his ceramahs is beginning to show how much liability he is to pakatan and to the west. With more videos slated to be released on anwar's slam-bang-thank you-ma'am by his once loyal close aides, the west might have to rethink of their strategies.

History has shown how the west chose less-than-clean individuals to be the replacement leader of certain nations, as they always need skeletons in the closet for controlling factorbut it is not supposed to be that obvious. Even anwar's face demonstrates the diminishing luster and aura. Is the west dumping him? Even if they do, the damage has been done, and it will take time to repair them. Pas might have to look deep into their hearts; their reputation (if any) has been annihilated by their participation with anwar in pakatan. The mega-pig farm, Madrasah Salihiah waqf land, pubs and nite-clubs in Kedah, their support for Lina Joy's apostasy, their non-action on the use of "Allah" by other religions, their shameful act of turning Unit Amal into terrorists and their ever loyal support for a man who supports Israel and supported by Jews despite their so-called Islamic stand, these have so much eroded Muslims' trust in pas. Having anwar, pkr and dap turning their backs on the Muslims and Malays is a grave injury, but with pas joining them to do the same made it fatal.

I don't think the west really cares what happens to anwar after this; the Neo-cons have lost their power base under Obama. To the jews, Malaysia is not located anywhere on the land which they claim is God's promise to Abraham: from the banks of the Nile to the banks of Euphrates. To the one eyed, anwar is just a speck of dust of one wannabe leader whose worth is 5 sen a dozen.

While the Muslims and Malays fight one another in Malaysia, guess who's laughing at the dap hq. Oh yes, by the way, with all of the Muslim countries fighting amongst themselves, including us, guess who's laughing in the conquered land of Bayt-ul Maqdis?

Friday, June 22, 2012

Filthy Foreign Diplomats At The Grotesque Bersih 3.0? Kick Them Out!

This is an interesting article from AIDC, which is as below:

Bersih 3. 0 : Foreign diplomats’ named for alleged involvement
Published by AIDC on June 21, 2012 – The alleged involvement of foreign diplomats during the Bersih 3.0 rally is widely discussed in the Malaysian blogosphere.

Apart from foreign diplomats’ involvement, few blogs also highlighted a special programme purportedly organised in Singapore which is specially designed to interfere with Malaysia’s 13th General Election process.

A blog post at AnwarAIDC named three Singaporean officers from the High Commission office to be involved which includes – its First Secretary (Political) Regina Low and Philomena Aw as well as Deputy High Commissioner and Counsellor Ariel Eunice Tan.

 “The active participation of the three diplomats in moving along with the protesting group from Petaling Street to Dataran Merdeka was clearly in contravention of ethics under ‘Article 41 (1) of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, 1961’, which forbids diplomats from meddling in the affairs of another nation,” the post stated.

The post also linked the speech made by Minister of Foreign Affairs Datuk Seri Anifah Aman during a luncheon with Asean leaders on June 11.

During the speech, Anifah who received reports of the involvement by foreign diplomats during the rally said: “Whether such involvement or participation is truly for information gathering or otherwise, it is definitely not a good move.”

 “I am worried that such a move may lead to some negative perceptions. Worse still, diplomats concerned may get involved or injured in unfortunate incidents, given the unruly nature of street demonstrations,” he added.

Following the allegation, another blog post at MyMassa urged the government to take serious action regarding the involvement of foreign diplomats in Malaysian politics. “

We view this matter seriously. We hope the government will call these diplomats and send a Protest Note to them,” the post read, adding that any inaction by the government will only leave impressions to Singapore that the Malaysian law and the police force is weak.

In another related issue pertaining foreign involvements for the Malaysia’s GE 13, a blog postby MyMassa on Monday published several photos of PACA (Polling Agent and Counting Agent) Training Programme, which allegedly forms the basis for Singapore’s involvement in Malaysian politics.

One of the photos showed a print screen from the PACA Facebook page where it stated that the programme, scheduled on May 19 was intended to teach participants to cheat in voting so that they can stop the cheating during the GE13.

It also stated there will be a shortage of PACAs for non-BN parties as compared to BN due to better machinery and resources during the election.

“However, as a PACA, you may volunteer for any party of your choice to ensure free and fair election,” the statement suggested.

Meanwhile, Utusan Malaysia columnist and deputy editor Datuk Zaini Hassan in his column on Wednesday wrote the authority should not keep allegations away from the public. 

Zaini described the allegations, which showed how foreign power attempts to influence Malaysians and to overthrow the ruling government as shocking. 

“Malaysia has always been nice to its neighbours under the spirit of Asean but it is often ignored. If such allegations are true, Malaysia should not let it persist” he added. Attempts to contact High Commission of The Republic of Singapore for clarifications by The Mole have not been successful.

Well, looks like Bersih 3.0 really blacken Anwar and pakatan rakyat as another one of his secret "pact" was revealed. What were the foreigners for? Nobody can be sure, but with much reference to political manouvres in history, I think they were trying to create an international incident where they were hoping to be "injured" by the Police, so that the medias of the West can burn their headlines with such glee and put a global pressure on the present government. Then again, with those Singaporeans, what do you expect from the people from an island where CIA and Mossad use as their base in South East Asia?

Thursday, June 21, 2012

...And Pas Has Never Been Islamic; But We Always Know That

There are times when people can actually read the writing on the wall. Anwar, I guess, has gotten at least a clue about it with almost empty halls, and more people watching Euro rather than his ceramahs. What makes it worse for him is that Euro starts around midnight while his ceramah is around 9:00p.m. Maybe that's why there is more participation from his allies from and via an island state in the south.

What about the deluded party who claim themselves as Islamic? Do they even realize the road that they took? Or even the consequences of selling their souls to the devil?

We can blame the west for making sure that no ethnic group in any of their colonies can ever unite. Against the united Indians under Gandhi, they made sure religion splits them into India and Pakistan. Then again, maybe we should be grateful to them as well for not giving the same treatment that they did to the Native Americans, Aborogines or even Hawaiians where they chose to "exterminate the brutes." Malaysia was not spared when pas was introduced to ensure a rift among Malays.

The damage was done, pas became a political party that uses Islam only for the sake of winning votes. All the years then saw how they degraded the teachings of Islam and turn their backs on Muslims. With n.ajis and Haji hadi at the helm, they steered the ship into one of the biggest deviation of Islam Malaysia has ever seen.

There was a time when n.ajis instructed that government buildings should not display the picture of the Prime Minister of Malaysia (then Tun Mahathir), reasoning that it lead people to acts of glorification and led astray from the Islamic teachings. But he sure didn't say a word about his pictures being hung up in Kelantan government offices, along with his picture on badges being sold at pas-owned shops. Even today, and during the disastrous Hijau Ke Putrajaya rally in Kedah, one can see the n.ajis factions in pas wearing the badge.

What about n.ajis' saying that it is allowed to swear, curse and use profanities in Islam? Or even saying the same about cooperating with the devil? Or even using money from the jews in order to create chaos and split among the ummah and threaten the safety of a nation?

Perhaps one of the biggest deviations ever by pas is the Amanat Haji Hadi, where in one swoop, pas condemns UMNO as heretics for working hand in hand with MCA and MIC and other components who are not of the Islamic faith. It is a wonder how Malays who had less than 20 cents of knowledge of the holy book can never figure out that hadi edited and chopped the verses of the Qur'an, and most of it, twisted the meanings to his own liking to suit his political agenda. One of the results of this is the rifts created where one mosque with 2 Imams as one of the Imams was considered un-Islamic because he was not from pas.

The biggest error in jedgement by pas must be the support and loyalty they pledged to anwar in his and their lust to be in power, which undid most of the things they have stood for. They even supported the chauvenistic and anti-Islamic DAP and the Bar Council as well. I guess, for pas, as long as it will take them to power, Islam can be stepped on and  kicked out. Of course, in doing so, pas contradicted themselves and hadi's amanat. Now they claim that it is acceptable to join hands with the staunchly anti-Islamic dap but it is still heretical for UMNO to work with MCA and MIC. Now, I still can't find anywhere in Islamic teachings that allows anybody to practice double-standard.

Where can pas put their faces in shame when anwar supported the security of the illegal state of Israel? Even Hamas denies anwar's stand. All the years of putting on great shows against US and Israel became undone when they choose to stick to anwar with such loyalty. Of course, as pas has mentioned, their stand differs from anwar. This is odd, if anwar becomes the President and supports Israel, will pas walk out on him? Perhaps RM20b will discourage them from doing so. Why did pas suddenly lose their balls to stand up for Islam when anwar supported Lina Joy's apostasy? I see, this will be a great nation when anwar becomes President and his strongest allies have different stands.

What is the big fuss that we have to face when pas, along with pkr and dap protest against the building of a religious school (Sekolah Agamka Rakyat) in Gopeng? Consider that a parallelity and in comparison to what's happening in Kedah, where pas decides to get rid of a historic Madrasah and use the waqf land to build a shopping center. None of pas members were present when Muslims demonstrated against the taking of the waqf land. When the parents of the SAR students demonstrated, pas turned their back to them. Worse still, pas mooned them by collaborating with Lee Boon Chye in proposing the destruction of the school.

The Qur'an is right when it said that those group of people who were locked behind a great mountain range always created mischief on Earth. Muslims against Muslims in the Middle East and Asia, Malays against Malays here...and they get to keep Baytul Maqdis and ensure no outside interference when it comes to eradicating Palestinians. One thing for sure, with pas proclaiming itself as "the most Islamic" in Malaysia, they damaged the religion more. They don't seem to care about Islam and the ummah though, all that matters is power. I guess the west succeeded in making them into one-eyed minds. M.ajis' once stated that it is okay in Islam to humiliate other leaders or individuals but went berserk when Tun Mahathir lambasted him silly in his popular blog. That, although a small example, is enough to show the dementia caused by the one-eyed minds of pas. They have now come to a point where they do not care about any criticisms made about them by religious figures of the world.

Anwar, I must say, is smart. By making pas legitimize or branding his actions as "halal", he managed to degrade pas. And knowing pas' arrogance and forever in denial-attitude, anwar used pas to his own benefit, such as turning the unit amal into a bunch of amateur terrorists to be used during bersih 3.0. Worse still, the stupid unit amal pas wore their silly uniforms and attacked the police instead of wearing normal shirts. Though they try to pin the blame on the police, many parts of the world, via alternative media, has seen the aggression made by the unit amal. Anwar, who disappeared early, got off scott-free. Pas joining pakatan for the sake of power and glory is the ultimate betrayal to the Muslims and Malays in Malaysia. They are now nothing but stooges for anwar and his one-eyed allies.

There was a time when Najib apoligized to Malaysia, on behalf of UMNO and Barisan Nasional for the wrongs done in the past...most of all, maybe during pak lah's time. Will Muslims ever see pas apologizing for all the deviations they committed on the ummah? Well, wouldn't it be surprising? Pas has never been Islamic, but we always know that.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bar Council Bashed...Time For Them To Return To The Cocktail Bar.

There are times we face a lot of paradox, or maybe things contradict what they may seem in our lives. To quote an example is, having peace kept by a bunch of terrorists like unit amal pas, or worse, having the law in our country upheld by a bunch of self-centered outlaws like bar council. Now, that's contradiction, and sadly, that's what we Malaysians have to face.

 Malaysians have long known the antics of lawyers, not all of course. Some of them feels that they know everything there is to know about Malaysian law, and yet could never follow it. It is not about knowledge, it is more about attitude and ego...and of course, political leanings. The Bar Council has always placed themselves before others and fight what they feel is wrong, most usually because they feel that,in this world, they are the only ones who are right.

The double standard, self-centered and anti-Islamic stand by the bar council has finally caught the attention of the Parliament. Zulkifli Noordin, as seen in this video, lambasted the petty bar councilover their stands throughout the years. The bar council is actually seething in their own juice when they now know the fact that Malaysians have never been afraid of them. To many, the bar council is nothing more than an organized crime that has joined forces with the opposition. How can the autocratic bar council talk about freedom and democracy when their organization itself has a mandatory membership to all practising lawyers, and never had any consensus among members in their stand?

Many people have already been asking,and Zul Noordin has taken the questions to a new level when he spoke in the parliament. How could bar council even talk about the law when they themselves act like outlaws? Why did bar council jeer and criticize Jabatan Agama Islam Selangor over the Methodist Church issue when it is very clear JAIS acted within the law and the church acted otherwise? Why did the bar council act against its own Muslim members when they supported the lina joy apostacy, and it was done without considering the thoughts and sensitivity of its own members. Still on that insensitivity, why did bar council support the event on the right of apostates? These alone has proven the anti-Islam stand of bar council.

When the court ruled that the Bersih 3 event shall not take place in the locations stated, did bar council uphold that? Did they sympathize the victimsof the riot,or even the traders whose business were wrecked by the paid-event? No, they even supported the jewish-sponsored bersih 3, and thanks to that, the bar council is now nothing but a pariah group trying to achieve greatness through illegal means. Are these the people who actually will help anwar to uphold laws if he ever becomes the President of the Republic of Malaysia? God forbid that we have to listen to those donkeys.

Well done, Zulkifli Noordin, and well done Malaysians, we have shown that bar council is just human,or maybe less. While bar council follow anwar's butt, and let us keep kicking their asses until they actually learn about the law. Maybe we shouldn't blame them too much, we should blame most of it on the bar council president, who, as a leader,proven to make an ass of himself by not knowing whether he's coming or going. With the bar council doing what they do best, it's not a wonder why jokes on lawyers are on the rise.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Hijaukan Putrajaya Garbage In Kedah...And I Really Mean, Garbage

Another day has passed, and much to the delight of Alor Setar residents, the troublesome event known as Hijaukan Putrajaya is over. With today being a holiday, azizan and pas Kedah can be thankful that the event is not held today, or they might just see a revolt bigger than bersih can ever hold and even their terrorists who used to be known as Unit Amal might just leave their balls behind.

We understand that pas is currently patting themselves in the back as they see it as a success. The pas Kedah, on the other hand, has a very daunting mystery to solve, on the absence of Kedahans during the events.But I don't think the Kedah pas leaders really care: azizan is leaving, and the MB wannabes like mahfuz, amiruddin and phahrolrazi are too busy lobbying with the central leaders.

A success to pas? What about for the residents of Alor Setar? There were so much anger created by the event, especially from people who lives within the radius of the stadium. As can be seen in the map, the area marked by the yellow/orange box/circle fared the worst, with vehicles coming from all around Malaysia blocking their entrances. There were many who were blocked from going for their Friday prayers, and there was also a family who were blocked from going off for their holiday. The unit amal twits who were directing traffic didn't even bother to let the drivers know that they were blocking the neighborhood from doing their daily affairs. I was also informed that things almost got ugly in Jalan Tengku Abdul Halim when a participant became angry when a house-owner requested that he park his car somewhere else and not block his house entrance. Luckily the driver moved away when the neighbors came out. Even the unit amal tried to defend the dtiver in blocking the entrance. Well, what do you expect when terrorists control the roads?

There were some residents who questioned the unit amal chaps who seem to be directing people to park directly in front of their gates. I must say that the majority of the people in this area are pensioners who spends their time with their family and grandchildren and doing more ibadah, and the pas supporters might just be too stupid to think about other people...but then again, if they do, they will actually be preaching on Islam, isn't it? The areas in the blue box were affected, although not too bad compared to the other. Most people in Alor Setar had to divert to a longer route in going to places like banks, mosques, kenduris and even hypermarkets. Many were irritated, but there's nothing much they can do because it is their state government who planned it so badly.

Still on the matter of Kedahans being absence from the event, the out-of-state-pas supporters left Kedahans a palpable gift. I took these pictures aroound 4.30pm, and despite the E-Idaman workers cleaning the area since morning, you can still see the gifts lying around, all around the stadium. Curiously, there were pages upon pages of Harakahkahkah lying scattered on the ground. I remember those days when pas used to treat the tabloid as part of their holy of the holies. I guess now pas treats harakah as what we have always known: garbage. We know that E-Idaman has always been slow to pick up garbage from our houses, looks like now we have to wait some more as the litter around the stadium still needs to be cleared.

Wait, with all those crap left by pas (physically, not the program), shall we tell anwar to send his jewish-sponsored bersih team and clean it up? Hey, at least they'll be doing an actual Bersih job compared tothe acts of terrorism they did in KL. It's not that I really want to make this wordplay but, what's the point of "greening" Putrajaya when leave so much pollution, both socially and physically in Kedah?

Kedahans generally are very reasonable and literally quite liberal, as one old man I met at Jalan Mahkota said, "Nak buat apa pon, kalau tak kacau oghang takpa la, ni sampai pi masjid, nak pi kendughi, nak pi tengok anak cucu pon tak boleh, bangsa agama apa depa ni?" ("We don't care what you want to do, as long as it does not disturn people, but barring people from going to the mosque, kenduris and visiting our children and grandchildren, what sort of religion do these people profess?). I overheard One furious old Chinese man was venting his anger at the coffeeshop: he lives off Jalan Stadium on the road that goes to Jabatan Pendidikan Kedah, and he was blocked as well. He was only able to go out after 10:00p.m., and he was heard saying this: "Itu stadium baru kat Suka Menanti ada, lagi banyak tempat, itu kompleks Gunung Keriang ada, sana itu Dewan Wawasan (Jitra) pun ada, lagi mau buat ini tempat. Bagi semua orang susah. Banyak bodo punya orang" (You have the new stadium at Suka Menanti, with bigger area, you have the complex in Gunung Keriang, there's Dewan Wawasan (Jitra) over there, but they still want to do it here. Making people's life difficult. Idiots."

I do understand the anger, but try to look at it from pas' perspective: with Kedah slipping out from their grasp. with problems from logging, ignored infrastructure to the Waqf land issue, pas needed a show of force, and it was really a show manufactured to fool people. I guess pas tried to show that they are strong in Kedah, but in the end, pas was angered by the absence of Kedahans and in return, Kedahans, especially Alor Setar residents, were angered by pas' disregard to Kedahans' daily affairs and religious obligations. Kedahans has now really seen what pas has always been: un-Islamic and self-centered.

Three Wise Men And The Hijaukan Putrajaya Crap

There were a lot of grumblings and complaints today by so many. The traffic mayhem on all roads leading to the stadium was horrendous. The weekend schedules were heavily affected: trips to kenduris, family outings, shopping trips and many more faced delays and interruptions. There was even a complaint that the severe jams caused a groom to arrive almost 2 hours after the scheduled time of the kenduri. What to do? All of this is caused by pas' one-eyed design to capture Putrajaya with their latest scheme known as Himpunan Hijaukan Putrajaya.

Yes, yes, I understand the irony. They have turned the water-catchment area from green to barren brown with their logging activities, now they want to "green" Putrajaya. Of course, we haven't touched on the greens that were involved in their party campaign that led to the victory to the erdogans yet. Perhaps they are trying to cover up the fact that they have so many members who turn up for their greens by Felda despite trying to sabotage it. Of course, it could also be that they have been green with envy with the multi-success of Malaysia in boosting the economy.

By now, everybody has already known the fact that Kedah was chosen as the venue as pas has felt that Kedah is losing from their grip fast after all the debacle the pas-led-state government did to the state.

It's hard for me to accept pas "greening" Putrajaya. A group of people who places politics above religion, uses religion to split the ummah, supports a man who, in his last for power, supports and is supported by the enemies of Islam and whose main agenda in using Islam is just to win votes while the Muslims and Malays fight with each other.

If the venue is in Kedah, why are there so few Kedahans? Did pas snub Kedahans from going to the event? Or did they instruct their members from other states to attend because they already know that Kedahans prefer not to go? I saw about 18 buses with pas banners in front of the stadium and Wisma Negeri, about 7 in front of Wisma Darulaman and 5 more driving around, and none of them are from Kedah. Most cars at the stadium are from Kelantan, some from Pahang, Selangor and Johor. I guess Kedahans, if there are any, park somewhere else. It's a good thing to know that the traders around there are locals. Finally, something to boost economy and tourism.
Let's hope they hang around tomorrow for shopping at Pekan Rabu.

Perhaps pas should learn more about Kedah and its people. Friday is a weekend, they love to stay at home. During school holidays they love to travel, and those who don't, usually spend their time going to kenduris after Friday prayers. They also hate traffic jams on Fridays because it interrupts a lot of their daily schedule. Because of the havoc created by the outsiders, most Alor Setar residents refrained from going out today.

Don't get me wrong, residents of Alor Setar do go about for activities at the stadium, usually taking their family for tea at the park in from of the stadium, or just simply relaxing there. The football season, depending on how well Kedah team did, will see a huge turnout at the stadiums, and these are really locals. The Hari Penyayang by Yayasan Sultanah Bahiyah sees huge turnouts every year. But pas' Hijau Putrajaya is really different: it has nothing to do with Kedah. It was just a performance of an illusion, to show as if Kedahans are behind pas. Well, we know anwar is behind pas too, but that might just worry them.

We can understand pas' worry nationally: The Imam of Masjidil Haram Sheikh Dr Sulaiman Saloomi has stated clearly that pas is nothing more than another political party, garnering a highly suspect method of using religion to win votes while ensuring the ummah remains fighting amongst another. This reflects Sheikh Imran Hosein who stated in the same vein. Pas' methods placed their party as pariahs by their own design. Having the Stadium Darulaman filled with put-of-state fanatics, guarded by terrorists (they used to be known as Unit Amal) is not really what we can term as "voter-friendly."

Early this morning I had a visit by three wise young men dressed in green t-shirts with the Hijau Putrajaya design. They graciously invited me (and the other irritated neighbors) to the event with a tinge of "if you don't go, you are not Muslim" remark. I just told them that, as my responsibility in Islam, I cannot support Jews, which left them stirred. But a further few minutes being lambasted about Islam, anwar ibrahim, the one-eyed's design in what is happening to the Muslim countries seem to left them shaken, chuffed and dumb-founded. They could at least send people with intelligence to go and invite people instead of these boys. I could have sworn I saw those boys popping panadol at the Indian grocery shop as I was driving to the mosque for Friday prayers.

To pas, the game is up. Those who think know that pas has nothing to do with Islam. It is just a party desperate for power, and trying to blind the eyes of Kedahans. The more they follow anwar, bit by bit, feet by feet, mile by mile, the more they become a pawn in the one-eyed's game. To those three twits who came this morning...well, I don't think they read this blog anyway. Based on their intelligence, they don't fit reading Kedah La Nie either. Perhaps they should read the much inferior and less paid Kedah La.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Cloudy And Rain For Pas Kedah

For pas, it has been a few years of discontent in their handling...or some might say, mishandling Kedah. The Kedah exco, led by the iron-fisted azizan alnost went into shambles when phahrolrazi and his cohorts refused to accept the re-appointment of his ecxo position, the destructive state-approved logging activities, the questionable approval on the building of a shopping centre on waqf land, the rotting infrastructure, garbage problems, drainage issues and many more. Many Kedahans have even stated that, with this Pas Kedah state government, the future state governments can't go any much lower.

The scenario among pas leadewrs in Kedah has been tense for the past few months. Everybody in pas suddenly wants to become a candidate in the next general election. Tiffs and quarrels have began taking places. There were even talks among pas members, a few months ago, on how a few of their members have jumped ship to pkr, looking for opportunities to be candidates. There's also one chap, an Ansara member who also is an insurance salesman who is a hardcore pas member, formally revoked his pas membership to be a pkr member, all of this because he wants to be the next candidate to go against Dato Bashah, the Kedah UMNO Liaison Chairman. I guess desperation calls for desperate moves.

The friction among factions in pas is beginning to rear its ugly mug. With azizan ready to drop out and taulan rasul not going for another term, the race for the MB's seat heats up between Phahrolrazi, Amiruddin, Azizan's choice and the odious Mahfuz. We have not seen any demands or calls for any of them, but there are demands for Mahfuz NOT to take his shoes off and put his smelly socks on the adjacent seat at the airport, in Firefly and Air Asia. Even mat sabu has been seen regularly at the Kepala Batas airport and he is seeking for a place to contest in Kedah. I wonder why he is never keen in contesting in Penang, I am sure his former "associates" might just vote for him lovingly.

Pas Kedah has seen the writing om the wall...literally. With grafitti marks of ABAI and slogans of anti-anwar, even the anwar-influenced faction of pas try their best not to mention pkr or anwar's name. After all, they do know that azizan is also a strong supporter of ABAI and TIBAI. We would suggest that the anwar-influenced-pas faction to join the new movement known as Cintai Insan Bernama Anwar Ibrahim. Of course, this is a blog open for all, so I am not going to announce its acronym here.

To add misery to their cause, pas' celebrated Bersih 3.0 catapulted a major backlash for them and the pakatan clowns. The anger directed by the actual peaceful bersih protesters, the fiery reactions from traders and entrepreneurs and the thunderous protests by the majority of Malaysians were loud enough to send pas reeling on their knees. They cannot deny their existence during the paid demonstration as pas played crucial parts in there as well. Their so-called unit amal pas were directed to act like terrorists to attack the police to provoke any sort of what can filmed as police brutality. Unit amal pas can be declared as terrorists-for-hire...well, at least they can do something.

Adding salt to the wound, the Masjidil Haram Sheikh Dr Sulaiman Saloomihas condemned
pas' use of religion to win votes that split the ummah assunder. (Click here for the full article To many pas leaders, they'll be thinking of how could he say something like that as that practice has been the bread and butter of pas. They have even managed to convince people of heaven if they vote for pas. But I always believe that the statement by   will have no effect on pas because, as we all know, pas is never Islam and Sheikh Dr Sulaiman is not a member of pas. Of course, they'll be attackinh him on wahabbi issues...strangely, when they pray at Masjidil Haram, they do follow the grand Imam there, regardless of mazhab or movement.

Where will Kedahans go from here? They are sick and tired of dramas and performances of pakatan in Kedah. The young and old have stated over and over again that Kedah needs a new blood. For years, there have been talks of pulling Mukhriz Mahathir, the Timbalan Menteri Perdagangan Antarabangsa, back to Kedah. This is, in one way, bizarre as Mukhriz is only in his first term as a Member of Parliament. However, it seems that Kedahans are mesmerized by his humble and low profile approach which won him hearts of many. I remember a few years back, how a group of free bloggers approaching Mukhriz and in a way, pleaded for him to play a role in Kedah politics. Even at that time, one can see the demand for a young blood to steer Kedah.

Mukhriz has stated that he is ready for any post but polls come first. He is serious and really committed. We have seen him going around in Kedah almost every weekend. While pas leaders and spinmasters try to dig up any dirt on Mukhriz, pas members, on the other hand, keep inviting Mukhriz to their kenduris, which he obliges without miss.

Pas Kedah's worry is understanhdable. Who among them can fix the present problems created by themselves? As for the present MB, he is not the type who wants to hear advice and goes amok when his decisions are questioned by his own exco members. Phahrolrazi is now seen as Brutus, who stands loyal in front of azizan but with his supporters ready to "dig azizan's grave" at his back. Amiruddin, outside of his constituent and among other factions, has been viewed as an usurper. Mahfuz...well, can somebody tell him to buy new socks at places other than the RM1.99 Store...And with azizan soon going to be out of the way, mat sabu will be contesting somewhere...or anywhere than he can bamboozle himself through. I hope people in that area will keep their wives locked at home.

One can almost smell the desperation in pas Kedah. Pas Kedah will be holding an event called Ijtimak Jentera Pilihanraya Pas on the 1st of June 2012. As usual, Stadium Darulaman is already filled by pas members, and again, most of them spoke with an east coast slang. Why do pas keep importing people for their events, and it seems that are importing more for this event. Well, I'm hoping that this time it will be better than the doomed pakatan konvensyen earlier this year. No, it's nothing political, it's just that the last convention not only failed, the imported supporters didn't even spend much at famous Alor Setar eateries. This time, we hope they could at least spend more at Pekan Rabu, or at least Nasi Lemak Haji Ali.Yes, that's true, I don't care about the ijtimak event.

What will the war-cry be for pas? It has been clear that pas has nothing to do with Islam. Kedahans have seen that state progress were never initiated by the state government. Places which were announced as development such as KUIN in Kuala Ketil remains barren. Logging has come to such a point that several rain-catchment areas can be seen stripped bare. Still on logging, I wonder how much the state made from logging and how come Kedah is still considered broke? There are times even pas members are amazed on how azizan can announce the non-existent progress and development with such a straight face. Of course, rumours that he sucks on a lime or lemon beforehand is still unfounded.

Hypothetically, if Mukhriz becomes the MB of Kedah, it will be a major task to repair the damages that have been inflicted by the present state government. How long it will take is another matter. Kedah is expecting unpredictable weather these next 1 or 2 months, but for pas Kedah, they might just find more rain coming their way.

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