Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bar Council Bashed...Time For Them To Return To The Cocktail Bar.

There are times we face a lot of paradox, or maybe things contradict what they may seem in our lives. To quote an example is, having peace kept by a bunch of terrorists like unit amal pas, or worse, having the law in our country upheld by a bunch of self-centered outlaws like bar council. Now, that's contradiction, and sadly, that's what we Malaysians have to face.

 Malaysians have long known the antics of lawyers, not all of course. Some of them feels that they know everything there is to know about Malaysian law, and yet could never follow it. It is not about knowledge, it is more about attitude and ego...and of course, political leanings. The Bar Council has always placed themselves before others and fight what they feel is wrong, most usually because they feel that,in this world, they are the only ones who are right.

The double standard, self-centered and anti-Islamic stand by the bar council has finally caught the attention of the Parliament. Zulkifli Noordin, as seen in this video, lambasted the petty bar councilover their stands throughout the years. The bar council is actually seething in their own juice when they now know the fact that Malaysians have never been afraid of them. To many, the bar council is nothing more than an organized crime that has joined forces with the opposition. How can the autocratic bar council talk about freedom and democracy when their organization itself has a mandatory membership to all practising lawyers, and never had any consensus among members in their stand?

Many people have already been asking,and Zul Noordin has taken the questions to a new level when he spoke in the parliament. How could bar council even talk about the law when they themselves act like outlaws? Why did bar council jeer and criticize Jabatan Agama Islam Selangor over the Methodist Church issue when it is very clear JAIS acted within the law and the church acted otherwise? Why did the bar council act against its own Muslim members when they supported the lina joy apostacy, and it was done without considering the thoughts and sensitivity of its own members. Still on that insensitivity, why did bar council support the event on the right of apostates? These alone has proven the anti-Islam stand of bar council.

When the court ruled that the Bersih 3 event shall not take place in the locations stated, did bar council uphold that? Did they sympathize the victimsof the riot,or even the traders whose business were wrecked by the paid-event? No, they even supported the jewish-sponsored bersih 3, and thanks to that, the bar council is now nothing but a pariah group trying to achieve greatness through illegal means. Are these the people who actually will help anwar to uphold laws if he ever becomes the President of the Republic of Malaysia? God forbid that we have to listen to those donkeys.

Well done, Zulkifli Noordin, and well done Malaysians, we have shown that bar council is just human,or maybe less. While bar council follow anwar's butt, and let us keep kicking their asses until they actually learn about the law. Maybe we shouldn't blame them too much, we should blame most of it on the bar council president, who, as a leader,proven to make an ass of himself by not knowing whether he's coming or going. With the bar council doing what they do best, it's not a wonder why jokes on lawyers are on the rise.




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