Thursday, June 21, 2012

...And Pas Has Never Been Islamic; But We Always Know That

There are times when people can actually read the writing on the wall. Anwar, I guess, has gotten at least a clue about it with almost empty halls, and more people watching Euro rather than his ceramahs. What makes it worse for him is that Euro starts around midnight while his ceramah is around 9:00p.m. Maybe that's why there is more participation from his allies from and via an island state in the south.

What about the deluded party who claim themselves as Islamic? Do they even realize the road that they took? Or even the consequences of selling their souls to the devil?

We can blame the west for making sure that no ethnic group in any of their colonies can ever unite. Against the united Indians under Gandhi, they made sure religion splits them into India and Pakistan. Then again, maybe we should be grateful to them as well for not giving the same treatment that they did to the Native Americans, Aborogines or even Hawaiians where they chose to "exterminate the brutes." Malaysia was not spared when pas was introduced to ensure a rift among Malays.

The damage was done, pas became a political party that uses Islam only for the sake of winning votes. All the years then saw how they degraded the teachings of Islam and turn their backs on Muslims. With n.ajis and Haji hadi at the helm, they steered the ship into one of the biggest deviation of Islam Malaysia has ever seen.

There was a time when n.ajis instructed that government buildings should not display the picture of the Prime Minister of Malaysia (then Tun Mahathir), reasoning that it lead people to acts of glorification and led astray from the Islamic teachings. But he sure didn't say a word about his pictures being hung up in Kelantan government offices, along with his picture on badges being sold at pas-owned shops. Even today, and during the disastrous Hijau Ke Putrajaya rally in Kedah, one can see the n.ajis factions in pas wearing the badge.

What about n.ajis' saying that it is allowed to swear, curse and use profanities in Islam? Or even saying the same about cooperating with the devil? Or even using money from the jews in order to create chaos and split among the ummah and threaten the safety of a nation?

Perhaps one of the biggest deviations ever by pas is the Amanat Haji Hadi, where in one swoop, pas condemns UMNO as heretics for working hand in hand with MCA and MIC and other components who are not of the Islamic faith. It is a wonder how Malays who had less than 20 cents of knowledge of the holy book can never figure out that hadi edited and chopped the verses of the Qur'an, and most of it, twisted the meanings to his own liking to suit his political agenda. One of the results of this is the rifts created where one mosque with 2 Imams as one of the Imams was considered un-Islamic because he was not from pas.

The biggest error in jedgement by pas must be the support and loyalty they pledged to anwar in his and their lust to be in power, which undid most of the things they have stood for. They even supported the chauvenistic and anti-Islamic DAP and the Bar Council as well. I guess, for pas, as long as it will take them to power, Islam can be stepped on and  kicked out. Of course, in doing so, pas contradicted themselves and hadi's amanat. Now they claim that it is acceptable to join hands with the staunchly anti-Islamic dap but it is still heretical for UMNO to work with MCA and MIC. Now, I still can't find anywhere in Islamic teachings that allows anybody to practice double-standard.

Where can pas put their faces in shame when anwar supported the security of the illegal state of Israel? Even Hamas denies anwar's stand. All the years of putting on great shows against US and Israel became undone when they choose to stick to anwar with such loyalty. Of course, as pas has mentioned, their stand differs from anwar. This is odd, if anwar becomes the President and supports Israel, will pas walk out on him? Perhaps RM20b will discourage them from doing so. Why did pas suddenly lose their balls to stand up for Islam when anwar supported Lina Joy's apostasy? I see, this will be a great nation when anwar becomes President and his strongest allies have different stands.

What is the big fuss that we have to face when pas, along with pkr and dap protest against the building of a religious school (Sekolah Agamka Rakyat) in Gopeng? Consider that a parallelity and in comparison to what's happening in Kedah, where pas decides to get rid of a historic Madrasah and use the waqf land to build a shopping center. None of pas members were present when Muslims demonstrated against the taking of the waqf land. When the parents of the SAR students demonstrated, pas turned their back to them. Worse still, pas mooned them by collaborating with Lee Boon Chye in proposing the destruction of the school.

The Qur'an is right when it said that those group of people who were locked behind a great mountain range always created mischief on Earth. Muslims against Muslims in the Middle East and Asia, Malays against Malays here...and they get to keep Baytul Maqdis and ensure no outside interference when it comes to eradicating Palestinians. One thing for sure, with pas proclaiming itself as "the most Islamic" in Malaysia, they damaged the religion more. They don't seem to care about Islam and the ummah though, all that matters is power. I guess the west succeeded in making them into one-eyed minds. M.ajis' once stated that it is okay in Islam to humiliate other leaders or individuals but went berserk when Tun Mahathir lambasted him silly in his popular blog. That, although a small example, is enough to show the dementia caused by the one-eyed minds of pas. They have now come to a point where they do not care about any criticisms made about them by religious figures of the world.

Anwar, I must say, is smart. By making pas legitimize or branding his actions as "halal", he managed to degrade pas. And knowing pas' arrogance and forever in denial-attitude, anwar used pas to his own benefit, such as turning the unit amal into a bunch of amateur terrorists to be used during bersih 3.0. Worse still, the stupid unit amal pas wore their silly uniforms and attacked the police instead of wearing normal shirts. Though they try to pin the blame on the police, many parts of the world, via alternative media, has seen the aggression made by the unit amal. Anwar, who disappeared early, got off scott-free. Pas joining pakatan for the sake of power and glory is the ultimate betrayal to the Muslims and Malays in Malaysia. They are now nothing but stooges for anwar and his one-eyed allies.

There was a time when Najib apoligized to Malaysia, on behalf of UMNO and Barisan Nasional for the wrongs done in the past...most of all, maybe during pak lah's time. Will Muslims ever see pas apologizing for all the deviations they committed on the ummah? Well, wouldn't it be surprising? Pas has never been Islamic, but we always know that.

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