Friday, November 16, 2012

The De-Contruction Of Malaysia

1,434 years ago, the Prophet Muhammad made a journey that changed the fate and course of Islam. After years of persecution in Mecca, delegates from a prosperous but self-decaying town of Yathrib met and invited Muhammad to lead their city and converted into Islam. Thus begins the migration of persecuted Muslims to a city more than 300 kilometres away. Little do the persecuting Meccans realize that in years to come, the Muslims return in a bigger number and victorious in their occupation of Mecca.

I saw on Facebook today, a posting stating on how the Hijrah changed everything, how it made things better, and how Malaysians should take the "hijrah" by placing pakatan onto the ruling pedestal of Malaysia...something I totally find disgusting.

How would getting pakatan to rule make it better? We spent hundreds of years being colonized, decades fighting the colonizing pirates off our shores, and when we actually got them off, the nation was a poor one, having most of its resources spirited away by the British. When Tun Mahathir turned Malaysia into a developed and an overspoken yet critical Islamic country, the western powers suddenly found Malaysia to be such a pain that they want it to be theirs again. With their appointed hollow men waiting in the wings, they began their attacks to topple the government: riots, demonstrations, economic sabotages and even attempts to force Malaysia into debt with IMF. Yet they failed and their hollow man was imprisoned.

Almost a decade later, with their man freed, the west started again with a slightly different strategy. Even the National Endowment for Democracy was brought in to provide strategies and funding came in in millions. The de-construction of Malaysia began and the 2008 General Election was the closest they came to power.

Among the most consistent strategy involve the Malays and Islam. The attacks to keep them disunited kept onm coming. This is basically the same strategy used in Singapore when they pulled out of Malaysia back then where the Malays were splintered up and segregated into sub-groups such as Javanese, Bugis, Arabs, Mendeleng and many - all forced to live in segregated areas to avoid the Malays from ever being united again.We have seen the Malays attacked by anwar and his jewish-sponsored pakatan for years. They have attacked the Malay Sultanates Institution, the Malays Special Rights and of course, the dap's favorite: attacks on New Economic Policy. Anything the Malays get, you will find pakatan barking up its heels. When Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary is succesful, you can expect pakatan trying their best to sling mud at him from their million dollar jewish-funded jet plane and millionaire bus.

Any organizations that have Malay majority have been attacked, and Polis Diraja Malaysia and Angkatan Tentera Malaysia are included. For years, pakatan drew a picture that these two organizations are corrupt and chauvenistic. Just like in any strategy, name-killing is always the first.

The attacks on Islam in not recent either. Pakatan brought in Inter-Faith Commission years back, demanding such things as all new-born must not have religions (especially Muslims) but free to choose, and inter-religious marriages should be allowed. The Shi'ites (or Khawarij) in pas has long caused split among the ummah for decades, and with pas political leaders pretending to be ulama like n.ajis has ensured that not only the ummah is split, faith also perverted in any way pas wants. As pas found it difficult to influence (or scare) the Alawiyyins of Malaysia into supporting them for decades, it is not surprising that some pas members have started attacking them. Pas is always the great equation in pakatan. Whatever perversions of faith that pakatan spreads, rest assured that pas will condone it. The recent activities of religiously-ignorant nurul izzah, abby abadi and even dayangkui intan invited total silence from pas. They took no action, nor try to repair the perversions caused on Muslims. Whatever happened to pas who at one time stated that apostates must be killed?

Pas consider the nurul izzah statement issue as something small and insignificant...of course, if UMNO says that, then pas dramatize pretend that they are "pro-Islam" stand. Nurul Izzah has so far failed to defend her statement outside of the church, usually spinning her tale around, and now, daddy had to come to her rescue. This goes to show that, on nurul izzah, one can have the looks, graduated from a university after being sponsored, and yet, totally an idiot at religion. Pas just kept quiet until today. Truly, pas is fast becoming the party that will bring the rise of the munafiqoons.

The question now remains that, what is the point for pakatan to do all this? Where will this deconstruction of Malaysia lead to? We know that anwar will only appoint his wife, daughter and close "friends" into positions. The chauvenistic dap will be attempting to topple anwar so that Singapore can rule Malaysia and pas will never taste any power at all. Muslims and Malays will start running havoc for the losses they imposed upon themselves: no land ownership, no rights, in short, none in their name.

We have seen how Muslim countries that have been deconstructed via the west, none of them have improved in any way. Have Afghanistan, Libya and Iraq prospered in any way? Are countries that are being deconstructed by the west such as Syria facing any good times? Just like Egypt and Libya, they'll be facing riots, havoc, economic disaster and even murders, and what's worse, it will continue even after the present government is toppled.

I must state here that the events in the Middle East might differ compared to here. The destruction of those countries are done so that the jews can fulfill their own "prophecy" of greater Israel that stretches from the Nile to the Euphrates. Whether the conquest is done physically or via their proxy, we're yet to see.

I guess the same method is needed for world domination; placing a proxy, or their agent to act as the leader of the country but having the reigns for ruling held by somebody else in another part of the world. This is a necessary component of the One World Government, under the New World order. Will there be peace once anwar, or anybody from pakatan rules? We have seen the Middle East, and then there's always the statement by Thomas R. Marshall, the Vice President of America in 1913, "The World Government will never permit the establishment of peace."

Are Malaysians ready to sacrifice their identity, religion and their rights to a group of desperate politicians funded by western powers in their race for world domination? Are we ready to for the deconstruction of Malaysia and its reconstruction designed by foreigners? For pakatan, it is not surprising as they might just sell their parents for the taste of power. The loser will definitely be the Muslims and the Malays.

So, doing the spiritual hijrah to inflict harm on the ummah and nation? That's no hijrah, selling our souls to the one-eyed is suicide, and that's wrong.

P.S.: We must understand that the New world Order requires total anarchy as their "messiah" is supposed to return as a "Savior."


  1. totally agreed..engrossed with our endless internal bickering, compounded with strategically planned attack on mainly security forces or any organization dominantly malays are parts of conditioning process to instill public wraths/hatred.

    the blitz eventually blinded many of us hoping waves in changing malaysia's politic.

    thus in the land of the blinds, one man eye is the king...

  2. Bapak3,
    Baru2 ni terbaca paper kes pembalakan berleluasa oleh Kejaan Kedah di empangan Pedu.Tapi x ramai pun blogger Kedah yg mengupas isu ni. Saya sedih sebg anak negeri KEdah kawsan tadahan air terpenting dirompak dgn balak behektar2,sedangkan itula kawasan empangan yg mengairi sawah2 padi di KEDAH dan patut dipelihara tanpa apa2 alasan utk memusnahkannya.

    Dolo zaman arwah Tunku/Tun Razak depa buat sistem pengairan yg baik amik air dari empangan Pedu la pesawah bg memakmurkan negeri Kedah sbg negeri JELAPANG mai puak2 lebai2 ni lingkup sat saja hutan kawasan tadahan tu. PELAHAP!!

    Saya sedih tp apakan daya x ada apa yg boleh dibuat sebg rakyat KEdah..boleh tengok sajala KEROSAKAN di buat depan mata hasil dari Tok Lebai2 yg kopiah aja besaq dok atas kepala.

    Rakyat Kedah amanahkan depa memakmurkan negeri Kedah..ini balasan depa. Jawap la esok di akhirat. Saya memang sgt2 marah dan rasa ralat.

    1. Saya setuju dgn pendapat sdr Sal. Sememangnya Kedah mempunyai salah satu rancangan pengairan yg terbaik di Msia, dan Kedah juga mampu membekalkan air kepada Perlis dan P.Pinang dlm masa yg sama. Kegiatan pembalakan yg semakin berleluasa, dgn izin dari MB, hanya akan menghancurkan kehidupan petani dan mereka yg bergantung kpd pengairan ini. Industri di Kedah juga bergantung kpd bekalan air yg baik juga. Kerosakan yg dibuat di bumi Kedah oleh pas akan menghancurkan banyak aspek kemajuan dan kehidupan di negeri ini...atau adakah pas memang sengaja berbuat demikian?

  3. yang bagi puak-puak depa itu undi pada 2008 kenapa?

  4. Anon 1:49AM,

    Soalan tu kena tanya pada pucuk pimpinan kejaan BN sendri kenapa pada 2008 sokongan depa merosot? Kesalahan x boleh diletak pada rakyat semata2, mungkin ada kepincangan2 dalaman BN sndiri yg disedari rakyat KEdah pda masa tu. Dan rakyt sentiasa memrhati apa yg dibuat pemimpin mereka.Cuma diharap kalo BN dapat kembali memerintah Kedah..jagalah AMANAH yg diberikan pada rakyat.Jangan biarkan rakyat spt.lari dari mulut rimau masuk mulut BOYA plak! Bekerjala dgn AMANAH semoga diberkati ALLAH.

    1. Salam. Pas takkan menang jika UMNO sendiri kuat dan amanah dalam menjalankan tugas semasa zaman Mahadzir Khalid. kita tidak dapat menafikan kelemahan mereka, tetapi akibatnya, Kedah jatuh dari satu takok ke takok yg lebih rendah: tanah waqf diberikpd bukan Islam utk pembinaan loji najis shopping complex, infrastruktur yg semakin mereput, ekonomi yang merudum, pembangunan yg semakin mendatar, hutan simpanan kekal yg semakin hancur dll, apakah yg Islam tentang pas? Jika kepimpinan UMNO sedar kesalahan mereka yg lama dan bersedia utk memperbaiki kerosakan yg dibuat oleh pas di mukabumi Kedah, Insya'Allah.


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