Saturday, February 26, 2011

Anwar, Raw (No DNA Required)

I came across Husin Lempoyang's article dated February 24th 2011 (full article, click here) with much amusement. It seems DNA frightens anwar in so many ways, unlike the many natural ways he might have with his pretty boys. In court, his defense team seems to avoid anything to do with the identity of the owner of the questioned DNA, but there things that he had concealed which we might wonder why he wants to do so.

I have written before in one of my postings on the origins of anwar ibrahim. The trace of his origin seems to be a very tightly sealed history. Even stranger to this, the picture of his father seems to have disappeared from existence from websites...well, that might just be a coincidence. However, his relatives, close or distance from his father's side, knows it too well. Back in the late 80s and 90s, anwar's background seems to have emerged, largely contributed by his uncle, Haji Sulaiman Palestin.

Veterans might know Sulaiman Palestin back in the days when challenged Dato Hussin Onn for the UMNO Presidency. Penangites might know him from his stint as the Speaker of the Penang State Assembly. Those who know him should remember his student days of staying back with the PLO, earning the nickname Palestin. Despite beginning his political career as State Assemblyman in Perak, later in Penang, he resided in Kulim, Kedah, and became an active member of the Sungai Tiang UMNO branch. This is the story, as told by Sulaiman Palestin on anwar to his friends:

Datuk Ibrahim Abdul Rahman
It all started with an Indian (name unknown) gardener whom Sulaiman Palestin befriended in Bukit Mertajam. As desired, he became responsible in converting the Indian from Hinduism into a Muslim, changing his name to Abdul Rahman. Abdul Rahman married Sulaiman Palestin's relative and one of his children is Ibrahim. Ibrahim grew up and became a hospital attendant. He was also an active UMNO member and later joined politics and retired as Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Health. He married a lady from Permatang Pauh by the name of Che Yam and settled in Cherok Tok Kun, mainland Penang. Among his children is, of course, Anwar.

Sulaiman Palestin taught religious studies to his children, anwar and anwar's siblings, and he grew to know anwar's behavior there. It might not be that nice to describe it but, how we see anwar today is basically what he was. How bad is anwar's character? Bad enough to set Sulaiman Palestin calling and urging Tun Mahathir, prime minister of the time to get rid of anwar ibrahim, out of UMNO and if possible, out of the political arena. He had the foresight that anwar will destroy UMNO, Malays and the nation. He never stopped urging, and even he was still doing that in the last days of his life.

It's not surprising if anwar's DNA still carry his original trace. As his grandfather married a Malay, Datuk Ibrahim and anwar became Malays, recognized by state and federal constitution, but DNA tells a different story. It doesn't change when your identity card changes, that's how God created us and that is how we are tagged.

But what's the big deal here? Is it so embarrassing to be an Indian Muslim by origin, or as an Indian? Aren't we supposed to be proud of who we are? Then again, looking back at anwar's movement back in the late 1990s and after being released from jail, we'll always remember the case of the pot calling the kettle black. What's that? Well, anwar, his cohorts and supporters usually refer to Tun as Mamak Mahathir, and this is done in a demeaning way. Now what will happen if he says that and somebody decided to unravel his genealogy right there and then, that might have crap all over his fine expensive jackets. To make things worse, anwar has so far played Malaysian Indians for fools, especially the former residents of Kampung Pala.

It is sad to see how a man like anwar hides his origins as if it is a huge scandal. How bad is it to have yourself descended from a Mualaf? Shouldn't he be proud that he is a Muslim? But I guess, with his 2nd sodomy trial in force, I'm not sure Muslims are proud to have him.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pakatan Rakyat's Desperately Seeking Crisis

Anwar's pakatan rakyat is in a middle of a quagmire at the moment, and it is a crisis they'd never thought they'd have. The crisis is...that they have crisis to fight for. But these fools are no normal fools; they did try and are still trying. Recently they tried to create tensions, first via pas; by having pas branding themselves as Islamic and nationalists as...even I'm not sure how to categorize n.ajis' thinking. At the same time, dap, via karpal poo-singh attempted a character assassination and create tensions by bringing up their very own version of the Ops Lalang history. Their very own version? Well, dap was very naughty back then, resulting in their detentions, you think would want Malaysians to know the actual truth of why they were detained?

Nik Aziz, I guess, received the heaviest blow on the head, in the form of Tun Mahathir's very own reply in his blog. His reply was enough to make any thinking man stop and realize n.ajis' follies, but of course, if only n.ajis is a thinking man. He was never a cleric; he is just a senile political dinosaur, past his extinction date, but still insisting that people follow his straight path while he walks crooked on any given line. Who can forget the heydays on n.ajis when he told voters that anybody who votes any other parties than pas is an infidel? Or that anybody who votes for pas wins a pass to heaven, so to speak. Well, Tun Mahathir's ultimate reply finally sent him crashing down to earth from his "godly" pedestal. He now denies ever branding anybody as infidels or so and wants evidence. Can somebody give him a diary, planner, scheduler or even something like Hansard...please?

Karpal did not fare any better either. His attempt to remind Malaysians of Ops Lalang and assassinate Tun's character was somehow ambushed and he got bushwhacked to pulp by none other than Tun Haniff Omar, the former IGP of Malaysia who was the actual spearhead of Ops Lalang. Tun Haniff not only confirmed, but also minutely explained the details which Karpal tried hard to hide, or even forget. But Tun Haniff is very kind; he never brought up all the reasons why Emperor Lim, Crown Prince Lim and Karpal were actually detained for. Karpal is well known by Muslims and Malays in Malaysia as the Sikh who told everybody, "Over my dead body" if Malaysia is to become an Islamic country. He was also awarded by a tight slap many years ago, compliment of a Kiyai for uttering distasteful remarks about HRH The Sultan of Selangor of the time. Among all, he still feels the brunt of being surrounded by Malays outside the Parliament who demanded an apology from him over lewd remarks that he made about the Malays. According to those who witnessed this, the so-called Tiger of Jelutong looked more like a castrated cat at the vet until his burly son made the overly bollywood dramatic rescue. Even his son looked shocked when he found out that the Malays were never scared of him and his thugonomics.

At times, one might pity pas and dap as the many decades have seen them knocked out cold by Tun Mahathir, again and again. But serves them right anyway, they thought just because Tun is retired, he'll be an easy target...until they got gored in their own decrepit asses while trying.

Since John Mallot blew his horn to signal pakatan rakyat to instigate and start any sort of racial and religious tension in Malaysia so that they can create a crisis, things never got better for them. Wait, you say Mallott's horn tooting was a signal? Of course, that's how soros' network goes about. What, you think he's just writing for fun? The signal has been given but there's no crisis to be displayed yet. Anwar's deep in (title of Shahnon Ahmad's book) for probing into some crap-hole, PKR's in the crapper with all the bigwigs leaving, pas' in-fighting between n.ajis' faction against hadi's, and dap just got caned publicly for their attempts to distort history. They even made enemies of their own strong soldiers like Zulkifli Nordin. Now, pakatan has to pay the piper.

The so-called Masa Untuk Berubah gathering by pas yesterday even left a wide unfilled gap on Saturday 19th of February 2011. It is bad enough paying people to participate and attend, but for hadi to indirectly insinuate that azizan's state government is sleeping, well, that's just rude. You don't come to somebody's house and indirectly sneer the host. I guess, in a way azizan deserves that: he doesn't conform to hadi, never supported n.ajis and hates anwar too much. Worse still, hadi was talking about how the Malaysian government oppresses the people. I agree, it's so downright scary and sad to see people forced to go to work, barred from doing other activities, not allowed to go anywhere else for fear of being shot...wait...hadi must've talking in the wrong country. Who can blame him? Too scared to go to Egypt, so, just talk trash here then.

Why do they need crisis? Anwar and pakatan realize that their chances of winning fairly in the next general election has been downgraded from "a pile of crap" to "my word, what a big cesspool", the only way to wrest the country away is by force - even if it involves violence, murder and pillage. Yes, the old "might is right" strategy. Is it a surprise to see how anwar, hadi, n.ajis and many other pakatan leaders have started to talk about how the movement in Egypt will come to Malaysia? They might not realize that a similar movement is already taking place, and it is to oust them.

It is sad to see that pakatan's state assemblyman is now choosy about helping people in their constituencies. They want only issues that they feel worthy enough to be crisis. Of course, you can ask people in Bangsar for example, everybody is wondering where their MP is? She's still playing "now you see me not, now you don't see me at all."

Attempts to sabotage government's accomplishments are rampant now: the 7.2% growth rate identified by economists has been branded as "non-existent" by opposition. To them, it doesn't exist, just like anwar's brain. The more accomplishments are made by the Malaysian government, the more it hurts pakatan's credibility...if it ever exists.

As I Have mentioned in my previous posting, mahfuz (Anwar's personal choice for pas Kedah) is a bit premature in ejaculating the Selamatkan Malaysia tag on his banners. Kedahans are still in stitches on that. Malaysia needed to be saved from anwar, the deviating pas and the socialist dap; and Kedah needs to be saved from twats like mahfuz.

There need not be any trickle of the movement in Egypt, as the wave of change will be coming to sweep pakatan off the rug, and I wonder if they will ever realize that. By then, they might find it a crisis for them to contend within themselves. In the meantime, anybody got any crisis for pakatan to make a meal of?

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tun M Crossed The Line? Shame On You, Pas

Ever since Tun lambasted nik ajis via his blog (for the full article, read here), not much has been heard from n.ajis. According to close sources, the huge dose of reality really floored n.ajis as he was rendered speechless and having to think hard of how to defuse the embarrassment that seems to be piling on him like shahnon ahmad's book. In Kedah, it was totally quiet on pas' doorstep, but there were huge applause and compliments coming from the public. As can be seen throughout Tun's history as PM, n.ajis was never given much of a quarter whenever he tried to pull a fast one on Tun.

To people who knows Tun style and leadership, Tun's face-smacking reply to the decrepit n.ajis is not really a surprise. It has been well known that Tun despises people who are so set about in splitting Muslims and Malays asunder. Kedahans have always known for a fact that, just because a person never shows his religious knowledge and views, never wears jubah and lebai on the head, you never assume that the person is ignorant in his/her religion. The can of whoop-ass n.ajis received from Tun was largely rated by Kedahans as a big, fat "Padan Muka." Strangely, other pas bigwigs seemed to be tongue-tied along with n.ajis.

It's understandable how n.ajis' fanatical members refuse to have tea at any stalls and restaurants where Kedahans are still laughing at n.ajis. To these fanatical twerps, Tun really crossed the line. Tun has disgraced Islam and defiled their most worshipped guru with that posting on his blog. Well, that's their view, maybe they forgot that ajis is just a man. Also, they will never see the truth in what Tun wrote, as the person they worship will always be right even when he's wrong. Even for n.ajis, considering that he expects everybody to respect him as an elder, chiding Tun in that fashion simply shows that he has no respect for his elders either. That must be Kepimpinan Melalui Teladan then, in his face.

There are too many times pas seems to love authorizing themselves to play "god" by deeming who is a Muslim and who is not among Muslims. Claiming that their party represents Islam and condemning other people as infidels for not joining them is simply deviating. Splitting the Muslims with 2 Imams during Friday prayers,  and pas deviations' list go on and on. Taking in klutzes like mahfuz and mat sapu didn't really help their image.

What is so Islamic about pas? In Kedah alone, it has never been a secret how the anwar-mahfuz faction, the amirrudin faction, all fighting the azizan phahrolrazi faction, tussling for the MB seat. And what about the exco member who took back his contribution of a box of sardines to flood victims during the Kedah floods? The strangely ignorant and dying state government under the forever sleeping Azizan, and well, the ever so financially depleted GLCs of Kedah under pas rule, and that's just to name a few.

Tun crossed the line? Please. N.ajis crossed the line decades ago, and the lambasting he got from Tun was befitting, even most pas members, Hadi and other pas bigwigs know it too well. Maybe N.ajis and his followers should return to Islamic teachings, they might benefit more there, and know where their place in this world. In fact, maybe na.jis should use his knowledge for religious purposes instead of just for winning elections.

P/S: Kedahans are still confused with mahfuz-anwar faction’s banners which always stated “Selamatkan Malaysia.”  This is because most Kedahans believe that Kedah should be saved from mahfuz and Malaysia from the “backing” anwar Ibrahim.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Kito Ase Oghe Kedoh...Really?

I understand that pas will be having a gathering, or a rally on this Saturday 19th of February 2011 at Kota Sarang Semut, supposedly to be a gathering of 30,000. Understandably, the population of Kedah, namely in Alor Setar has increased slightly. I wouls understand if Kedahans who support the deviated party return from the other states for this gathering, but the people I met are indeed northerners, but from a different coast.

It happens every time. Whenever pas holds a rally, ceramah, meeting, or some events that require huge crowds, there'll be buses from the east coast, bringing stacks of Kelantanese into the state. I must say it brings good business to Kedah, but socially, it is questionable. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate Kelantanese, it's just some of the rotten apples that came along. One of the times they were here for the 2008 elections, they destroyed a Kemas kindergarten in Kuala Kedah, much to the anger of Azizan and local pas members, who send their children there.

There was a time I met a group of them during the Anak Bukit by-election after Fadzil Nor passed away. They proudly stated "Kita oghe kedoh!" Wrong dialect, brother...and to go to Alor Setar, you turn right at the junction, not left. That explains why people in Anak Bukit were laughong their socks off as well. Another thing: eating roti canai with dhal and sugar is NOT Kedahan at all. To blend in, go and practice first, for goodness sake.

Looking at the number of chartered buses arriving in Alor Setar and east coast dialect in Alor Setar, one can easily guess who will be the majority crowd during the up-coming rally. Despite pas claiming everybody in Kedah backs them, they still end up with less and less people attending their ceramahs. Perhaps that's why they have to import supporters. Let's hope that they're not here under state's expense. But not to worry there, Kedah state has no money to do so anyway.

Anyway, as expected Datuk Mukhriz' Gelombang Merah Berani Berubah and Masa Untuk Berubah  sure left a mark on pas. They even decided to name their rally cry "Masa Untuk Berubah" as well.

I'm still trying to figure this out: anwar's link with the jewish lobbyists/sponsorers and his noose-tinghtening sodomy trial, pas under the deviating n.ajis splitting Muslims and Malays, dap's anti-Islam stand...what in the world does pas' Masa Untuk Berubah means to change? Change to mahfuz perhaps?

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Throwing The Mallet At Mallott

Some westerners just can't help it, they still think that the rest of the world should, or must listen to them because they hold the powerful their eyes. The former ambassador to Malaysia during the powerful war-loving neo-cons regime in US, John Mallot, in his mind thought he dropped a major bombshell when he stated that there are religious and racial tension in Malaysia, initiated by Datuk Seri Najib Razak and his 1Malaysia vision. Maybe somebody should tell him that the colonial days are over. Some western powers still colonize their former colonies in a different form, Mallot seems to be about 50 years behind.

History has shown us how white man comes, white man takes whatever they want...errr, trade. When they found out China needs nothung from them, they created the opium trade which led to wars and pandemonium. In short, what they want, they get. Anybody gives them a leeway, they'll make a highway out of it. Who became rich from raping Tanah Melayu of its tin, silver, gold, rubber and many other things? They always seem to know how to weaken any group. Unified Indians too strong under Gandhi? Simple, get a party based on religion created and sit down and watch the unification tattered.

Is it a coincidence that he "suddenly" appears...usually wghen anwar's trial pops up? Or even that his statement actually tries to stir and incite tension between races and religions in Malaysia? And with the riots and chaos in Egypt? Malaysians are not as stupid as Mallot and anwar might think. Everybody, including anwar and Mallot know that the only way for anwar to wrest the power of ruling Malaysia is by chaos, and so, geee...who is actually surprised? Malaysians know who's the guy behind Mallot, just like he's behind some other sweet looking guys, literally.

Western journalists believe that anwar is an active member in Soros' network, along with Mallott. Is it a coincidence that Soros' attack on the Ringgit Malaysia was during anwar's reign as Deputy Prime Minister and Mallott the US ambassador? The jig is up, Mallott, being a westerner does not make you an authority in anything, let alone forcing people to panic over nothing just because anwar wants you to do so. Worse still, even the Spokesperson for the US Embassy in Malaysia denounced Mallott as irrelevant and personal in his writings, despite many readers describing Mallot's writings as "senile", "rambling" and "ass-worshiping."

Poor anwar, he's using the remnants of what's left in his circles and Mallott has to be his servant. But then again, anwar will be an interesting showpiece in comparison to Honi Mubarak of Egypt. Mubarak was supported strongly by US and now even he is abandaoned by them after realizing that they cannot fight what Egyptians want. If anwar rules, he'll face that as well. Anwar is already abandoned by many of his supporters after his tragicomedy acting of "criticizing" Israel over the Freedom Flotilla incident. Even his Apology Tour to US failed to regain his spark. With thouysands abandoning his wife's party, even DAP might find him useless in a short while. Oh yes, DAP needs anwar to split the Muslims and the Malays because they know that true
Muslims and Malays simply never trust socialists. Most older generation Malays still refer dap as Communists and they never forgave the May 13th incident in which they have always blamed dap...although I'm not too sure why. It is though anwar that they can control the deviated faction of pas under nik aziz and a smattering of young Malays who has no idea about their own history.

Of course, people like Mallott works only for their own agenda, which has been set for a certain timeline, and anwar is on that timeline, although that's fading fast. Even that one-eye might discard his visions on anwar. Malaysians know their country well, unlike Mallott who writes based on what anwar says. Mallott can take his article, turn it up sideways, and cram it up his western ass. Sometimes I wonder if what he wrote is actually a signal for certain groups to start and incite actual tension in can never trust the US and the western powers, history's the proof.

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