Saturday, February 12, 2011

Throwing The Mallet At Mallott

Some westerners just can't help it, they still think that the rest of the world should, or must listen to them because they hold the powerful their eyes. The former ambassador to Malaysia during the powerful war-loving neo-cons regime in US, John Mallot, in his mind thought he dropped a major bombshell when he stated that there are religious and racial tension in Malaysia, initiated by Datuk Seri Najib Razak and his 1Malaysia vision. Maybe somebody should tell him that the colonial days are over. Some western powers still colonize their former colonies in a different form, Mallot seems to be about 50 years behind.

History has shown us how white man comes, white man takes whatever they want...errr, trade. When they found out China needs nothung from them, they created the opium trade which led to wars and pandemonium. In short, what they want, they get. Anybody gives them a leeway, they'll make a highway out of it. Who became rich from raping Tanah Melayu of its tin, silver, gold, rubber and many other things? They always seem to know how to weaken any group. Unified Indians too strong under Gandhi? Simple, get a party based on religion created and sit down and watch the unification tattered.

Is it a coincidence that he "suddenly" appears...usually wghen anwar's trial pops up? Or even that his statement actually tries to stir and incite tension between races and religions in Malaysia? And with the riots and chaos in Egypt? Malaysians are not as stupid as Mallot and anwar might think. Everybody, including anwar and Mallot know that the only way for anwar to wrest the power of ruling Malaysia is by chaos, and so, geee...who is actually surprised? Malaysians know who's the guy behind Mallot, just like he's behind some other sweet looking guys, literally.

Western journalists believe that anwar is an active member in Soros' network, along with Mallott. Is it a coincidence that Soros' attack on the Ringgit Malaysia was during anwar's reign as Deputy Prime Minister and Mallott the US ambassador? The jig is up, Mallott, being a westerner does not make you an authority in anything, let alone forcing people to panic over nothing just because anwar wants you to do so. Worse still, even the Spokesperson for the US Embassy in Malaysia denounced Mallott as irrelevant and personal in his writings, despite many readers describing Mallot's writings as "senile", "rambling" and "ass-worshiping."

Poor anwar, he's using the remnants of what's left in his circles and Mallott has to be his servant. But then again, anwar will be an interesting showpiece in comparison to Honi Mubarak of Egypt. Mubarak was supported strongly by US and now even he is abandaoned by them after realizing that they cannot fight what Egyptians want. If anwar rules, he'll face that as well. Anwar is already abandoned by many of his supporters after his tragicomedy acting of "criticizing" Israel over the Freedom Flotilla incident. Even his Apology Tour to US failed to regain his spark. With thouysands abandoning his wife's party, even DAP might find him useless in a short while. Oh yes, DAP needs anwar to split the Muslims and the Malays because they know that true
Muslims and Malays simply never trust socialists. Most older generation Malays still refer dap as Communists and they never forgave the May 13th incident in which they have always blamed dap...although I'm not too sure why. It is though anwar that they can control the deviated faction of pas under nik aziz and a smattering of young Malays who has no idea about their own history.

Of course, people like Mallott works only for their own agenda, which has been set for a certain timeline, and anwar is on that timeline, although that's fading fast. Even that one-eye might discard his visions on anwar. Malaysians know their country well, unlike Mallott who writes based on what anwar says. Mallott can take his article, turn it up sideways, and cram it up his western ass. Sometimes I wonder if what he wrote is actually a signal for certain groups to start and incite actual tension in can never trust the US and the western powers, history's the proof.

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