Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tun M Crossed The Line? Shame On You, Pas

Ever since Tun lambasted nik ajis via his blog (for the full article, read here), not much has been heard from n.ajis. According to close sources, the huge dose of reality really floored n.ajis as he was rendered speechless and having to think hard of how to defuse the embarrassment that seems to be piling on him like shahnon ahmad's book. In Kedah, it was totally quiet on pas' doorstep, but there were huge applause and compliments coming from the public. As can be seen throughout Tun's history as PM, n.ajis was never given much of a quarter whenever he tried to pull a fast one on Tun.

To people who knows Tun style and leadership, Tun's face-smacking reply to the decrepit n.ajis is not really a surprise. It has been well known that Tun despises people who are so set about in splitting Muslims and Malays asunder. Kedahans have always known for a fact that, just because a person never shows his religious knowledge and views, never wears jubah and lebai on the head, you never assume that the person is ignorant in his/her religion. The can of whoop-ass n.ajis received from Tun was largely rated by Kedahans as a big, fat "Padan Muka." Strangely, other pas bigwigs seemed to be tongue-tied along with n.ajis.

It's understandable how n.ajis' fanatical members refuse to have tea at any stalls and restaurants where Kedahans are still laughing at n.ajis. To these fanatical twerps, Tun really crossed the line. Tun has disgraced Islam and defiled their most worshipped guru with that posting on his blog. Well, that's their view, maybe they forgot that ajis is just a man. Also, they will never see the truth in what Tun wrote, as the person they worship will always be right even when he's wrong. Even for n.ajis, considering that he expects everybody to respect him as an elder, chiding Tun in that fashion simply shows that he has no respect for his elders either. That must be Kepimpinan Melalui Teladan then, in his face.

There are too many times pas seems to love authorizing themselves to play "god" by deeming who is a Muslim and who is not among Muslims. Claiming that their party represents Islam and condemning other people as infidels for not joining them is simply deviating. Splitting the Muslims with 2 Imams during Friday prayers,  and pas deviations' list go on and on. Taking in klutzes like mahfuz and mat sapu didn't really help their image.

What is so Islamic about pas? In Kedah alone, it has never been a secret how the anwar-mahfuz faction, the amirrudin faction, all fighting the azizan phahrolrazi faction, tussling for the MB seat. And what about the exco member who took back his contribution of a box of sardines to flood victims during the Kedah floods? The strangely ignorant and dying state government under the forever sleeping Azizan, and well, the ever so financially depleted GLCs of Kedah under pas rule, and that's just to name a few.

Tun crossed the line? Please. N.ajis crossed the line decades ago, and the lambasting he got from Tun was befitting, even most pas members, Hadi and other pas bigwigs know it too well. Maybe N.ajis and his followers should return to Islamic teachings, they might benefit more there, and know where their place in this world. In fact, maybe na.jis should use his knowledge for religious purposes instead of just for winning elections.

P/S: Kedahans are still confused with mahfuz-anwar faction’s banners which always stated “Selamatkan Malaysia.”  This is because most Kedahans believe that Kedah should be saved from mahfuz and Malaysia from the “backing” anwar Ibrahim.

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