Thursday, February 17, 2011

Kito Ase Oghe Kedoh...Really?

I understand that pas will be having a gathering, or a rally on this Saturday 19th of February 2011 at Kota Sarang Semut, supposedly to be a gathering of 30,000. Understandably, the population of Kedah, namely in Alor Setar has increased slightly. I wouls understand if Kedahans who support the deviated party return from the other states for this gathering, but the people I met are indeed northerners, but from a different coast.

It happens every time. Whenever pas holds a rally, ceramah, meeting, or some events that require huge crowds, there'll be buses from the east coast, bringing stacks of Kelantanese into the state. I must say it brings good business to Kedah, but socially, it is questionable. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate Kelantanese, it's just some of the rotten apples that came along. One of the times they were here for the 2008 elections, they destroyed a Kemas kindergarten in Kuala Kedah, much to the anger of Azizan and local pas members, who send their children there.

There was a time I met a group of them during the Anak Bukit by-election after Fadzil Nor passed away. They proudly stated "Kita oghe kedoh!" Wrong dialect, brother...and to go to Alor Setar, you turn right at the junction, not left. That explains why people in Anak Bukit were laughong their socks off as well. Another thing: eating roti canai with dhal and sugar is NOT Kedahan at all. To blend in, go and practice first, for goodness sake.

Looking at the number of chartered buses arriving in Alor Setar and east coast dialect in Alor Setar, one can easily guess who will be the majority crowd during the up-coming rally. Despite pas claiming everybody in Kedah backs them, they still end up with less and less people attending their ceramahs. Perhaps that's why they have to import supporters. Let's hope that they're not here under state's expense. But not to worry there, Kedah state has no money to do so anyway.

Anyway, as expected Datuk Mukhriz' Gelombang Merah Berani Berubah and Masa Untuk Berubah  sure left a mark on pas. They even decided to name their rally cry "Masa Untuk Berubah" as well.

I'm still trying to figure this out: anwar's link with the jewish lobbyists/sponsorers and his noose-tinghtening sodomy trial, pas under the deviating n.ajis splitting Muslims and Malays, dap's anti-Islam stand...what in the world does pas' Masa Untuk Berubah means to change? Change to mahfuz perhaps?

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