Saturday, February 26, 2011

Anwar, Raw (No DNA Required)

I came across Husin Lempoyang's article dated February 24th 2011 (full article, click here) with much amusement. It seems DNA frightens anwar in so many ways, unlike the many natural ways he might have with his pretty boys. In court, his defense team seems to avoid anything to do with the identity of the owner of the questioned DNA, but there things that he had concealed which we might wonder why he wants to do so.

I have written before in one of my postings on the origins of anwar ibrahim. The trace of his origin seems to be a very tightly sealed history. Even stranger to this, the picture of his father seems to have disappeared from existence from websites...well, that might just be a coincidence. However, his relatives, close or distance from his father's side, knows it too well. Back in the late 80s and 90s, anwar's background seems to have emerged, largely contributed by his uncle, Haji Sulaiman Palestin.

Veterans might know Sulaiman Palestin back in the days when challenged Dato Hussin Onn for the UMNO Presidency. Penangites might know him from his stint as the Speaker of the Penang State Assembly. Those who know him should remember his student days of staying back with the PLO, earning the nickname Palestin. Despite beginning his political career as State Assemblyman in Perak, later in Penang, he resided in Kulim, Kedah, and became an active member of the Sungai Tiang UMNO branch. This is the story, as told by Sulaiman Palestin on anwar to his friends:

Datuk Ibrahim Abdul Rahman
It all started with an Indian (name unknown) gardener whom Sulaiman Palestin befriended in Bukit Mertajam. As desired, he became responsible in converting the Indian from Hinduism into a Muslim, changing his name to Abdul Rahman. Abdul Rahman married Sulaiman Palestin's relative and one of his children is Ibrahim. Ibrahim grew up and became a hospital attendant. He was also an active UMNO member and later joined politics and retired as Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Health. He married a lady from Permatang Pauh by the name of Che Yam and settled in Cherok Tok Kun, mainland Penang. Among his children is, of course, Anwar.

Sulaiman Palestin taught religious studies to his children, anwar and anwar's siblings, and he grew to know anwar's behavior there. It might not be that nice to describe it but, how we see anwar today is basically what he was. How bad is anwar's character? Bad enough to set Sulaiman Palestin calling and urging Tun Mahathir, prime minister of the time to get rid of anwar ibrahim, out of UMNO and if possible, out of the political arena. He had the foresight that anwar will destroy UMNO, Malays and the nation. He never stopped urging, and even he was still doing that in the last days of his life.

It's not surprising if anwar's DNA still carry his original trace. As his grandfather married a Malay, Datuk Ibrahim and anwar became Malays, recognized by state and federal constitution, but DNA tells a different story. It doesn't change when your identity card changes, that's how God created us and that is how we are tagged.

But what's the big deal here? Is it so embarrassing to be an Indian Muslim by origin, or as an Indian? Aren't we supposed to be proud of who we are? Then again, looking back at anwar's movement back in the late 1990s and after being released from jail, we'll always remember the case of the pot calling the kettle black. What's that? Well, anwar, his cohorts and supporters usually refer to Tun as Mamak Mahathir, and this is done in a demeaning way. Now what will happen if he says that and somebody decided to unravel his genealogy right there and then, that might have crap all over his fine expensive jackets. To make things worse, anwar has so far played Malaysian Indians for fools, especially the former residents of Kampung Pala.

It is sad to see how a man like anwar hides his origins as if it is a huge scandal. How bad is it to have yourself descended from a Mualaf? Shouldn't he be proud that he is a Muslim? But I guess, with his 2nd sodomy trial in force, I'm not sure Muslims are proud to have him.


  1. I wonder what was his name before the conversion...Muniandy?

    1. To answer that question, you need to find anwar's relatives, or the children of Haji Sulaiman Palestin

    2. TYhe fgather's name was Raja Pandiyen.


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