Wednesday, March 2, 2011

May The Farce Be With You, Hindraft and pakatan

The stage was already set; it might have been the greatest stage show on the earth...well, maybe on a patch of cow-dung, at least, Mallott's signal could've been answered, it could've been something to talk about at Kerdau and Merlimau, and it could've given anwar and pakatan the crisis they needed. Plus, it might have been the storyline they needed for the puppet-masters to provide them the middle-east-style riots for pakatan to "champion" for. But in a blink of an eye, hindraf became the chumps they never thought they would be.

PDRM pulled the rug from under hindraf when they arrested more than 100 supporters and their leaders. These self-claimed leaders of the Malaysian Indians were even jeered when they were taken that's pure dung falling on their heads. To make matters worse, more and more Indian NGOs denounced these fools, stating that hindraf were never their champions, nor do they have any right to talk for the Indian community. Well, hindraf, the gig is up. Who is hindraf trying to fool anyway? Everybody knows that they're championing somebody, but Indians were never in their mind. Being one of the tools in the complex structure of pakatan's sly armaments, hindraf champions the pakatan, and being so, in their Top 10 list of what-to-do, championing Indian community falls at number 65.

When anwar and dap ordered them to back their asses up back during pak lah's time, the timing was impeccable, there were a lot of disgruntled voices. At this moment, the disgruntled voices were about them. Their dramas were romantically bollywood at best; the detained leaders claiming that they were not treated for ailments...until it was revealed that they refused to take medications. Well, if those diabetic ones get gangrene from their refusals, don't blame us for having your legs chopped off. Even today they claimed a similar storyline. Unfortunately, PDRM has everything on camera...hmmm, those bollywood wannabe superstars forgot they were on camera. Well, you have to always learn that storylines must be kept fresh, using the same storyline again and again might not bring the blockbuster result that you want.

There were those who saw hindraf protesters making provocations which they hoped will result in police brutality, but with a sad ending. The western media cameras were rolling but nothing of the sort happened. I guess not only pakatan was upset with the peaceful ending, even their western media friends who are hoping to create more story-selling riots, middle eastern style, were hopping mad as well.

Where were they when anwar and guan eng bull-crapped the residents of Kampung Pala in Penang? While most Indians rejoiced when Najib announced the formation of Little India in Brickfields, they never thanked him, yet tried to denounce what had happened. That is just the tip of the iceberg, but it has clearly shown that hindraf hinders the Indian community. They only bow to their pakatan masters.

Let's see: pas' attempt to create crisis using religion, well, they were given a public caning so severe that it might take them a few years to find their balls. dap tried to incite racial tension by distorting the Ops Lalang history received a failed when their butts got medievaled by Tun Haniff and Tun Mahathir. It seems that hindraf's attempt to create a crisis with a grand spectacle, the greatest bollywood show on earth were doused with an anticlimactically ride to downtown without the much needed violence and brutality. Back to the drawing board with anwar, n.ajis, lim kit siang, guan eng, kapal poo-singh and many more. I guess this lack of crisis for them to champion is really a crisis for pakatan and their sponsors.

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