Thursday, March 17, 2011

Anwar, His DNA & Kedah La Nie At The End Of The tether

Is there any where for anwar ibrahim to turn to without somebody shoving the question whether he will submit his DNA sample or not? I guess not, and that's what anwar has been condemned to. Gone are the days where his paid (sponsored) supporters rallied to his cause, which none of them had any idea what they were, and on cue from the cash-controllers, riot through the streets of KL.

Anwar is so incensed that he could no longer sponsor anarchists to riot outside the court where his sodomy case is being tried. His sponsored bloggers are not only running out of steam, but remain flaccid and rigid on this issue. Everywhere there are demonstrations demanding that anwar submit his DNA sample. Everywhere across the country, including in kampung areas, people talk of how scared anwar looks. Well, I guess anwar's acting is not up to par lately, he tried smiling, but his eyes and his body language tells a different story. A senior citizen I met in Kuala Nerang even stated, "You want to know when anwar is lying? When he opens his mouth." To add to anwar's ire, even a number of PKR officials joined the demonstrations.

DAP are trying hard to ignore or be dragged into the anwar issue. Sure, now they'll be saying that they'll be behind anwar all the time...and I'm sure anwar definitely loves that expression. Just like anwar's western sponsors, if anwar is sent to prison, dap will sever all ties as he cannot be of any use to them.

It is just surprising to see that, a party who demands to be known as being "more Islamic than Islam" has been dilly-dallying on this issue. It is understandable that the factions are at odds as the ulama faction agrees that anwar should submit his DNA sample, while the erdogan faction...well, let's look at this: anwar goes, erdogan faction collapses.

I read AloQStaQ's blog (for full article, click here ), on which he takes on another blog known as Kedah La Nie . Kedah La Nie tried to insinuate on how UMNO is trying so hard to ensure anwar's conviction. Gee, I wonder if they realized that pas, via mat sapu is the first to label anwar as Al-Juburi? Of course, just like everybody else, Kedah La Nie knows that there are many pas members who joined the demonstrations as well. In short, they're trying hard to rally a support for anwar and ignore anything about anwar's backdoor life. I think that's far cry from azizan's statement of "you want to do your work, do it in the Islamic way."

Maybe Kedah La Nie has been sitting to snugly and pretty in their office in Wisma Darulaman and receiving their paychecks for too long to see anything with both eyes. In fact, we do know that a few of the team detest anwar, but since the cheques come from the pas government, and pas still has a ring on the nose, tethered by anwar, they simply have no choice but to submit to anwar. Well, it's just too bad, while many bloggers enjoy their freedom to write, Kedah La Nie incarcerated themselves by bowing down to a master that even many in pas hates. I guess bloggers like AloQStaq, Kedah times and many more do enjoy themselves in writing and criticizing who they want, be it on Barisan or the odious Pakatan. The Kedah La Nie office at Wisma Darulaman and the money must be that good for them to sacrifice their freedom to write.

Everything aside Kedah la Nie, wouldn't it be Islamic to ensure justice is carried out? Or did you sacrifice Islam like what pas has done when they sold their soul to anwar?

Oh yes, anwar, before you start bull-crapping the Sarawakians, don't forget to submit your DNA sample.

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