Thursday, March 10, 2011

Is Mine Longer Or Yours? Measuring Bob Lokman's Yardstick

Islam is a religion that teaches us that all human are created equal, without prejudice to rich, poor, or even the color of your skin. We saw this past few weeks how local celebrity, Bob Lokman joined Pas to a loud fanfare, trumpeting from north and south and carrying him on their shoulders from one campaign to another. My neighbor's nephew also made the unfortunate choice to join pas, and to further his unfortunate choice, the receptionist at his local pas branch told him to drop his membership form on the counter and check back in a few days. I'm glad pas has nothing to do Islam, despite their poor acting.

There might be some of you who asks "who in the world is Bob Lokman?" I understand, I don't know anything about him either. I was told by a friend a few days back that Bob was the lyricist for the  mega-hit by local rock-band, Search. Maybe that serves me right because I was more into a France-based Malaysian superstar back then. I understand also that Bob was involved in many local shows and was also one of the critics/judge for the reality show, Raja Lawak.

I've read about individuals looking for salvation by converting to Islam, such as cat Stevens. The way Bob lokman described his intention, it was quite strange that a Muslim tries to find salvation by joining a political party. Does that mean that all of those who changed their lives by converting to Islam will be condemned because they never joined pas for salvation? I don't know, I'm not a pas member, I'm just a Muslim. Come to think of it, how does one redeem himself by campaigning for political parties?

The political party known as pas practises a bizarre religion. They pride themselves as either deity or god-like figures where they have the authority to label people as Muslims or infidels. They are even proud to have their supporters bragging that they will go to heaven because they have voted for pas many times in their lives. They have the authority to judge already qualified Imams as unworthy on the basis of political party leanings. They judge anybody who co-operates with non-Muslims as infidels...but of cpourse, if pas works with the anti-Islamic dap, it is considered Islamic. I'm not sure whether this double-standard practise is ever part of Islamic teaching, but I'm sure n.ajis might be able to wiggle his way out of that too. Worse among all, pas is now an ardent supporter of the pluralism king...yes, the back door guy, anwar ibrahim. And this is what Bob Lokman chose to sink his feet in.

A man is judged by his amal ibadat and his duties to God, and not the political party they choose. Pas, mind you, is just another political party. If they are so Islamic, why split Muslims in Malaysia apart just on the basis of political choice? I'm not sure whether Bob is aware, but there are various Islamic organizations that can guide him down the road of righteousness, without having to involve himself in political parties that disguise themselves as Islamic. There are Islamic scholars who provide the guidance needed. Perhaps if he tried to set himself straight first, then he wouldn't be complaining about whether his family might end up in hell or not. Y'know Bob, it might surprise you that many Muslims became better Muslims without having to join or get anywhere near pas.

Nobody has any idea of what his intentions are, it could be noble, it could be political, but only God, and of course, Bob knows on why he chose what he chose. But from his descriptions on why, one might wonder how he measured his yardstick of life. By the way Bob, why not invite people to join Islam instead of splitting Muslims in pas and Muslims in the rest of the world? Now THAT'LL be something noble.

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