Monday, March 14, 2011

Hanging Out With Azizan and His Pas Boys.

'Tis the weekend that Malaysians await with bated breath over what's going to happen in the next few days. Yes, will Mr. Y provide his once-free-flowing DNA sample for justice or not. Well, deep in my heart, I feel that it will never happen. Sources close to PKR have revealed that Mr. Y is having sleepless nights, what with the demos held over several locations demanding that he provides the samples. I think there will be more demos to be held, most probably at the court. Despite most pas members feel the same way like most Malaysians, the party bigwigs are still trying to act as if anwar is innocent. Nice try, pas, but not doing that well, Malaysians know you need anwar despite being a liability.

The past few days, Kedahans have been flocking to the Karnival Kedah Sejahtera. Pas Kedah is currently celebrating their 3-years of ruling Kedah. Many of the stall-owners enjoy the brisk sales. Sadly, pas still had to import supporters in order to fill up the huge space during their ceramahs carried out during the fair. It's not that Kedahans are not interested in their ceramahs; it's just that they don't care. Who, in their right mind, would want to see a stuttering khalid ibrahim talk? Even bob lokman's name is not pulling in the crowd this time.

Words are going around fast in Kedah, and there are many who know that pas is desperately looking for support. An NGO known as Perkasa is gaining support from the Malay masses, and many from pas have joined the organization, much to pas Kedah’s chagrin. Why is that? Perkasa has been responsible for the Malays' return to UMNO, which seems to be kicking pas in the nuts during the previous by-elections. Maybe it's understandable why pas chose to use "Perkasa"kan Kedah Sejahtera" for the carnival, and part of Gelombang Merah's "Masa Untuk Berubah" tagline.

Despite the charade of a united front in pas Kedah, things are not that rosy, and I wouldn't even say that's behind-the-scenes. The person in the center of the quagmire is none other than azizan, the mb himself. By not conforming to pas pusat's wishes, azizan has earned the ire of hadi; and not giving in to the erdogans earned him the wrath of n.ajis and anwar. Anwar? Well, it came as no surprise, Azizan's relatives still remark how much Azizan hates anwar. Among the biggest trait of azizan that made almost everybody in pas hopping mad, is his admiration of Tun Mahathir. Azizan has been known to have met Tun on several occasions for advice. That could've been the last straw. Adding insult to injury is that azizan not only didn't bother when na.jis received the world-wide slap from Tun, he also put his thumbs up.

Azizan's choleric temper is also not helping pas Kedah’s cause...whatever they are. Wisma Darulaman's staffs have stated that azizan's exco meetings are legendary, and his choice of words used in anger pictures him as anything but Islamic. Betting on whether azizan will be using choice words during exco meetings nowadays have been considered lame, and they might expand the business to bets on which choice words he will choose.

Azizan's extreme short fuse and temperamental disposition has kept other Kedah pakatan members away, and only phahrolrazi is the only one willing to be close to him. Azizan has usually been described to a famous European, Rip Van Winkle, while most of his job has been carried out by amiruddin. Understandably, ameruddin has been claiming himself as the "Deputy Menteri Besar" despite there is no such position under the Kedah constitution. Adding to the turmoil is that lately it has been revealed that azizan has hand-picked and grooming
phahrolrazi to be his successor. This definitely does not gel well with amiruddin. That might explain why amiruddin "usurped" azizan's position during DYMM Sultan Kedah's birthday by being the head person to introduce members of the state government to HRH The Sultan of Kedah, while azizan stares from the back.

It's bad enough azizan is at odds with his exco and the other pakatan state assemblymen, it's worse when you know that he is also at odds with Taib Azamudeen. Well, he is also on the worst terms with mahfuz, but like pas always say, "Why bother, it's only mahpoos." If you're a pas Kedah member, maybe you'll understand why pas Kedah regards mahfuz as a comic relief. Great, who knows? Anwar might give Kedahans a clown for an MB like Selangor...not that we're far off at this moment.

It was told by Wisma staffs and media members how azizan was extremely angry after the Kedah flood of 2010, due to his administration in handling it. The inability of his exco members to answer and/or explain their whereabouts (or disappearance) during the flood only fueled the fire. The fuse was really lit when the reporter asked Azizan about his state government's failure. The media only tried to highlight the plight of the flood victims and that's how azizan reacted. Wow!

It is understandable how the fractured state government failed time and time again in dealing with the issues that really matters. With all the in-fighting, power-struggle within pas Kedah itself, we might see its disastrous result popping its head up soon. At this moment, pas Kedah are also roasting in their own juices with the Gelombang Merah, a wave brought by Mukhriz Mahathir. Why does it worry them? The younger generation has been flocking to the wave since it first landed, and they're still losing more. The so-called celebration held at Stadium Darulaman? That's a shameful sham, their 3 year rule is a disaster, judging from their failures in handling anything, from the nitty-gritty, right down to economy.

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