Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What's With The Attacks On Syed Mokhtar's Daily Bread?

Kedahans are mostly perplexed and flabbergasted to hear how Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary has been politically targeted by the opposition. Latest, Nurul Ezzah, the daughter of PKR's own Mahdi, anwar ibrahim, attacked Syed Mokhtar during a ceramah.

Unlike most of the Sayyid families in Malaysia which are Ba'Alawi, Alawiyins (Family of Alawi), the Al-Bukhary are from an earlier branch of the genealogy known as Ba'Musawi (Family of Musa). Many of them traveled along the Silk Road as traders, and settled in Bukhara province, in the present Uzbekistan, hence their qabila name, "Al-Bukhary", or "Of Bukhara." Among the earliest known Al-Bukhary in Malaysian history is Syed Ghulam Al-Bukhary, who went looking for areas with tin ore perspective and found the Batu Bersurat Terengganu by chance.

Even among the Sayyid families of Kedah, the Al-Bukharys are relatively the newest family to arrive in Kedah compared to the Jamallulail, Shahabudin, Al-Jeffry, Barakbah, Al-Idrus and Alkaff. It was understood that the Al-Bukharys of Kedah came to Semenanjung Tanah Melayu in the early 1900s as traders from Bukhara via Pattani.

Now then, Syed Mokhtar came from a poor family. He worked his way up, just like many businessman. Government contracts or not, he has proven he has the nitty gritty of proving his mettle in the business world. Sure, the government can help, but if you are incompetent, the business is most likely going to die with you. When the government wanted a port in Tanjung Pelepas, scores of developers shrank away at the sight of impossibility of developing an area filled with muddy mangrove swamps. When Syed Mokhtar was developing it, he can virtually hear the laughter coming from the island state across the straits. In the end, he had the last laugh when he managed to secure prominent shipping companies to his side, such as MAERSK. Who can forget his brash success when he went to Singapore and bought MPH.

Lately, the opposition seems to gang up on him. Last year, he bought over Gardenia Bakeries (KL) Sdn Bhd. With the worries of Halal status of the then flour supply, the company decided to switch flour suppliers. This seems to irk certain quarters of the non-Muslim population of Malaysia, who then rallied to the aid of the Hong Kong based tycoon to boycott Gardenia. Although DAP's teresa kok seemed concern over the racist rally, it was in vain. The whole boycott move looks very much orchestrated by none other than pakatan itself: branding Syed Mokhtar as a crony and so many other things. Strangely, they claim that Robert Kuok subsidizes products. It's worth to note that Robert Kuok lives in Hong Kong and all the money he makes goes there, and while he gets richer, he never spent a cent on subsidies. He did make money from making flour for the subsidy category and made tons of cash.

Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary and Robert Kuok are no strangers. They have shares and interests in Malaysian sugar production companies. Lately Robert Kuok has sold off his shares and exited the Malaysian sugar industry and bought a majority stake in an Australian sugar manufacturer. In short, now Robert Kuok sells raw sugar to Malaysia at market price, while Malaysian manufacturers had to buy, depending on price, and produce it under the subsidy category. Who's the subsidizer now? Kuok doesn't care. Even Syed Mokhtar has ceased all sugar-cane plantation operations, replacing them with rubber in Padang Terap, Kedah.

Syed Mokhtar was the "Man With The Midas Touch" in Malaysia, although during Abdullah Badawi's time, they try to paint Syed Mokhtar as a pariah of the business world. He has turned sickly corporations into profit-makers. His acquisition of Pernas, GPT, Bank Muamalat, DRB-Hicom and many more, and his ability to make them churn profits annually have proven his worthiness.

His expansion of business seems to worry pakatan so much. The acquisition of Proton triggered "concerns" over his overly vast empire. Of course, pakatan's actual agenda was on the massive land banks owned by Proton, which they claim to be "safe-guarded by transferring them to Syed Mokhtar."

It's just weird, pas and dap has always talked trash about Proton, just like they did about any government project, and now they're concerned about it? Really. I don't think any of them will actually bother if a Singaporean bought over Proton.

Even Pas Kedah keeps a good relationship with Yayasan Al-Bukhary. In fact, Syed Mokhtar's double tracking project by MMC-Gamuda makes pas look good. They make it look as if pas is developing Kedah even though most of them are asleep...almost all, mahfuz got lost in the Kepala Batas Airport, somebody should show him the way out of the bathroom.

The callous statement by YB Ghani that Kompleks Al-Bukhary is built on the former site of Masjid Alor Malai waqf land was purely misguided. He was lambasted for that statement wherever he went, worse because he thought Kedahans were stupid. Now he wished he never grew up and stayed at Neverland.

The projects in Yan, Bukit Kayu Hitam, the immigration complex in Durian Burung and infrastructure upgrading for the projects will bring a lot of benefits to Kedah once completed. Pas knew too well that Syed Mokhtar's company GPT has been almost solely responsible for the elevating social standards in Padang Terap.

Kedahans know Syed Mokhtar, and one of the many reasons why he is making such drastic moves in business is this: In Alor Setar, between Jalan Langgar and Jalan Tun Abdul Razak, stands Kompleks Al-Bukhary, a landmark project by Syed Mokhtar. The complex comprises of a mosque, administration offices, orphanage, an Islamic medical center, a university and its campus. Nearby is the Souq Al-Bukhary, with Giant as its anchor tenant. The university is already in operation, with a few hundred students from Islamic countries as the pioneers. These students come from poor families in Islamic countries, and are reputedly sponsored by Yayasan Al-Bukhary. Even the daily operations of the complex are handled and paid by Yayasan as well. It is rumored that the foundation spent RM200,000.00 monthly for the maintenance of the mosque alone. These operations are not cheap, but for the benefit of Muslims, Syed Mokhtar will definitely need to make money to keep it going.

In addition to the complex and bazaar, Syed Mokhtar was also responsible for the construction of the mosque in Akar Peluru, Pokok Sena, Pantai Johor, Anak Bukit and Padang Senai, and also contributed for the construction of the surau at the PDRM Headquarters in Jalan Stadium. The Masjid Al-Bukhary itself, for the Arabic-Spanish mixture of architecture, is now considered one of the sights to visit in Alor Setar.

Perhaps it's the fact Syed Mokhtar contributing a lot to help the Muslim population worry pakatan to the core. The vast fortune to be made, more and more Muslims will be helped...oh no, how can the New World order stand for this?! It is well known that anwar has tried again and again to entice the corporate world to jump to his side, but businessmen like Syed Mokhtar doesn't seem to give any time to anwar, and I guess that irked him too much. And the success of a Malay businessman doesn't really sit well with dap...not when it cuts off a Chinese multi-billionaire.

Leave Syed Mokhtar alone, he's not interested in your politics. He's a corporate trader and player, he'll know what to do when the time comes.

Pakatan is up to something, and whatever they're cooking can't be too good for Syed Mokhtar and Malaysia. Do you think an Israeli defender like anwar and the socialists like dap will let Syed Mokhtar expand his business empire and help more Muslims?

Nurul Ezzah's strategy to attack and label Syed Mokhtar as Tun Mahathir's proxy is a good move...if she's talking to imbeciles. It's like the blind leading the blind...although the blind has better chance than nurul ezzah. While nurul ezzah talks with her ass, like her dad, I'll just stay at home laughing, while munching away on my Gardenia bread. If that nurul ezzah or any of her comrades come to you and speak, always remember this:

..O you who believe! if an evil-doer comes to you with a report, look carefully into it, lest you harm a people in ignorance, then be sorry for what you have done.[49;6]

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Anwar Ibrahim - Anugerah Tuhan, Mahdi Atau...II

Good grief! Anwar must really be the "Anugerah Tuhan" his wife harped about, or at least the "Mahdi" Badrul Amin tooted about.

Anwar has so far put himself in the news by relating himself in alliance with some groups of people the Quran has mentioned before. Glory be to him, then, but are these the people whom we expect to bring Islam to power as prophesied by the Qur'an and Hadith during the end of times? Let's see who they are:

1. There was a time when a tribe of people wandered the earth from a place up in the north. Powerful, barbaric and cruel where their trophies are made up of human heads with the skull removed, and they drink their enemies' blood in victory celebrations. They brought destruction wherever they go, causing much grief to any village, town or civilization on earth at the time. By divine decree, these people destroyed the Kingdom of Jerusalem and the Israelites were doomed to be stateless:

"There is a ban on a town (i.e. Jerusalem) which we destroyed (and whose people were expelled) that they (the people) can never return (to reclaim that town as their own) until Gog and Magog are released and they spread out in all directions (thus taking control of the world while establishing the Gog and Magog world-order).”
(Qur’ān, al-Anbiyāh’, 21:95-6)

Then came a just King, the "One With Two Horns," who traveled much of the known world, and when he arrived at a pass between two mountain barriers, theorized as the Caucasus range. The people there pleaded for his help, which he did when built a dam-like barrier which prohibits the barbarians from ever climbing over or tunneling under it for a time until the promised day by God when the barrier shall crumble to pieces.

What happened to the barrier can be seen below:

“Narrated Zainab bint Jahsh: One day Allah’s Apostle entered upon her in a state of fear and said: None has the right to be worshipped but Allah!
Woe to the Arabs from the Great evil that has approached (them). Today a hole has been opened in the barrier of Gog and Magog like this.

The Prophet made a circle with his index finger and thumb.

Zainab bint Jahsh added: I asked: O Allah’s Apostle! Shall we be destroyed though there will be righteous people among us?

The Prophet said: Yes (it will come to pass) when wickedness increases (i.e. scum, evil, disgusting conduct, sexual perversity, etc., overtakes the world).” (This indicates not only political, economic and military oppression of Arabs but also, they would be demonized in every conceivable obscene and malicious way.)
(Sahīh Bukhāri)

The barrier's gone, those people have descended from their high places, converted to Judaism along the way, and inter-bred with Europeans and certain parts of Asia. The battle against Islam via mind games began. It was not long when the Europeans came to power, establishing Pax Britannica, followed by the current Pax America. Looks like anwar ibrahim made an early pledge for the coming Pax Judaica, by when the world will be ruled from Jerusalem by these people's actual leader: the one-eyed liar.

These people are not Israelites, or Semitics. They never came from the lineage of Sem bin Noh but from another line. On their march to Jerusalem, they collected the Israelites and returned them to Jerusalem, especially after World War 2.

“There is a ban on a town (i.e. Jerusalem) which we destroyed (and whose people were expelled) that they (the people) can never return (to reclaim that town as their own) until Gog and Magog are released and they spread out in all directions (thus taking control of the world while establishing the Gog and Magog world-order).”
(Qur’ān, al-Anbiyāh’, 21:95-6)

Has there ever been a Semitic Prime Minister of Israel? Don't be surprised, most of them are jews from somewhere near the Caucasus region. These are the group of people who shall unleash their fury once their leader, the one-eyed liar, is killed by Isa bin Mariam, who God described as cannot be destroyed except by God. They are now in power, and anwar's not wasting any time tapping from them.

2) This next group...what can be said about them that we do not know from the Qur'an and Hadith? They comprise about 21% of the population of Israel, which is ironic as the state uses their name. Despite being a prominent race chosen by God, with prophets after prophets being chosen from them, they became a wily, whiny, hard-headed, forever misleading and selfish. I guess they must've started the trend that religion follows them for their benefit, instead of the other way around. There have been prophets murdered by them for trying to change their ways. The last attempt was on Jesus son of Mary for trying to rid usury and money-lending activities and for announcing that the final prophet will be an Ishmaelite (Arab).

It is prophesied that the Mahdi will discover the Ark of Covenant somewhere at the banks of the River Tiberius, and once opened, it will reveals secrets that will lead to the conversion of Jews and Israelites to Islam. Will anwar find it...or will he simply plunge his bent sword into somebody's river back?

3) His choice of people to woo couldn't have been worse than his first two. History dictates these people first appeared in towns by the Dead Sea, or where the Dead Sea is today. There once stood Sadum and Amura (Sodom and Gomorrah). Despite having their own kings, the country cities were ruled by the Elamite King s.

Were they nice people? Well, there are historical documents stating that messengers sent from respective trading countries were found raped and killed. They were inhospitable, with an ardent taste for thievery, and homosexuality was rampant, the people were obsessed with orgies. How bad? They even want to make a move on the Angels who came to visit the Prophet Lot when they saw very beautiful people there.

For their transgression against God, and their abominable sin of homosexuality, the punishment upon them was divine and severe: both cities and others similar to it, were rained brimstone hard as baked clay, layer upon layer, putting a horrific but just end to the people who had chosen life against the natural order set by God.

It is strange but anwar really wants them by his side...actually, does that surprise anybody in the first place?

Seriously, are these three groups combined be the "horsemen of apocalypse?" If they are, then their leader has not shown his face yet. We do know that these peoples will show up again in force during the end of days, and at this time, they are rampant enough.

Anwar's sudden disregard towards the sentiments of Muslims in Malaysia brings a new question: Is he trying to be President of Malaysia without having to win any election? Will he be "carried" to his throne by people who are considered to be "The World's Kingmakers?"

With all the data about who anwar's chosen "army" is, what do you think? Is anwar "Anugerah Tuhan," The Mahdi, or...

I wonder...

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Konvensyen Pakatan Rakyat 3 - Smoke Up In Their A**es

As predicted, today we can see a lot of arrivals in Alor Setar, and as expected a lot are from the east coast. What's so strange about it? Everytime pas and/or pakatan makes a convention, rally or even the normal ceramah, imported audiences had to be brought in. I saw a number of buses with D plates coming in from the highway this afternoon. Yes, the Konvensyen Pakatan Rakyat 3 is coming to town...now if only they can get the ACTUAL Kedahans to attend.

It has been shown that pakatan never really get any support from Kedah as pas Kedah is too busy wrangling their own problems. The last 100,000 rally (or something like that) did achieve close to 100,000, although only 5-8% are actually from Kedah. Looks like this is going to be an expensive affair again. Paid spectators, having to pay extra for acting purposes on their net tv, food, travel and accomodation expenses etc etc. Looks like Azizan might have to answer to anwar on why Kedah does not support pakatan.

It's not something new. As I have mentioned again and again, pas Kedah has no time for anwar. They need the win, but they do not need the tushee-stabbing sword. Most of pas Kedah were just waiting for anwar to be thrown in jail, some even would be happy if they can kick him in themselves. When anwar was freed, there was a commotion at Wisma Darulaman, and strangely, there were no cheers of joy, most were shocked by the release and many of them were asking WHY he was released.

For azizan, the convention will be quite a relief for him. Issues of over-logging, non-maintenance of infrastructure, downward-spiralling economy and zero-development are haunting him. What worries him and Amirrudin more is that people of Kedah know the truth about the "clean" process in dealing with the waqf land, and how pas is trying so hard to demolish a 102-year old surau. They have tried all their best to divert the issue by condemning the surau, its purpose, structure and use and try their best to stray the people's mind away from the actual issue: using the waqf land to build a shopping complex when the waqf was to be used as a surau. By  support shown from the sponsored audiences, it might just relieve him of the headaches...maybe his heart, blood pressure and sugar level too.

I am not sure whether the dingbat known as mahfuz will be there, but since anwar is there, maybe he will as anwar is the only key factor for him to topple azizan.

The convention will be a great opportunity to veil the eyes of Kedahans, especially when everybody knows the tension is flaring between pakatan's leader with the other.

The attendance of anwar, as expected, will be his roadshow trying to show how he worked hard to free himself, despite the fact everybody saw him cowering behind evereybody and desperately launching the violent bebas anwar 901. Kedahans know for a fact that Azizan detests anwar, and he wouldn't even look at him during their last meeting, let alone try to touch him with a big stick. Is it really worth the acting when everybody knows?

Even if Haji hadi attends, there is no actual purpose. Hadi has the old grudge where azizan cooly swiped him off for instructing Kedah to implement pas' hudud. Of course it makes no difference if n.ajis comes. Azizan has never been a conformist to these two laurel and hardy. He has always remarked the same way to the two by stating that they should look and take care of their homes first before telling other people. Not being a conformist to pas, and even seeking advice from Tun Mahathir really drew flak, especially from green-stomachs like mahfuz, who vengeance for not being able to defeat Tun in anyway whatsoever still burns. Anyway, with the sacking of Hasan Ali from pas for defending Islam, hadi and n.ajis might just find themselves stepping into a pile of bull...crap.

Lim Kit Siang makes the strangest name in the list. How would a so-called-Islamic party like pas accept a socialist like kit siang...or malam. DAP has a bigger grudge on azizan. The sole dap rep has always been kicked around by pas Kedah, usually being left out to dry in the dark. Yes, yes, it's quite similar to what dap does to pas in Selangor and Penang, but that is okay because dap is doing it. Even the usual threat by dap over the demolition of the illegal pig processing center was simply squashed by azizan. That particular dap rep (I don't even know his name) has so far yelled, shouted, jumped and made so much noise, but nobody still bothers about him. With dap so far supporting movements against Islam, I don't think they'll be welcomed anywhere near Surau Salihiah, but we know they'll be welcomed more at the new shopping complex site.

So, is the convention really for the people? Judging from the laughter heard around Kedah when anwar said that his victory is prople's victory, I would take a stab at saying it's not. Each of them has their own agenda, and with each of them having something to stab azizan about, I don't think azizan should even be there. I am not sure about the rumour that azizan might step down on that day as MB, but I know Phahrolrazi is bringing a lot of his people to the convention. Amirrudin too, will be bringing his people...although I'm not sure whether they'll be men or the men's spouses.

Well, within pakatan, and even within pas Kedah, Azizan could not find refuge. Maybe it's his wrong moves, maybe because he chose the toe-twinkling che had as economic advisor, or maybe it's just retribution for his decision on Surau Salihiah.

I received word that security will be tight there. Anybody who brings in anything about Surau Salihiah will be severely dealt with, and anybody who questions anwar's morality will be dealt with even worse. Well, what do you expect? This is democracy, anwar-style. There are talks of heads going to roll as well. Whose? Don't know, we'll see.

Maybe we should all go to the convention, but don't forget to bring the "Save Surau Salihiah" and "Anwar Peliwat" posters and banners. Bring along the "Welcome To The New World Order" t-shirt as well. Oh yes, please lock your sons and daughters at home before leaving for this event.

Say No to Pakatan Rakyat
Ridding Malaysia from The New World Order of Anwar and his one-eyed conspirators.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Anwar Freed...Let's Get Back to Work

It's been a few days of suspense, and today is no exception. Nine o' clock came a nd went, and to much of the delight of people in Kedah, Surau Salihiah is still standing despite rumours of it going to be demolished by surprise in the middle of the night. It is such...what? So, people around here don't really care about anwar ibrahim's case, so what? Just because they're more concerned about tanah waqf meant for surau more than anwar's tushee stabbing case don't make them bad people.

Even I was surprised, although as surprised as finding some egg shells in my roti telor, but okay, slightly. This is the judicial; all around the world, we have seen judicial rulings made against what people had hoped for, so what's this one to surprise us about? Just like shouldn't put all his thingy in one behind, we should learn never to put all our eggs in one basket.

Anyway, the verdict for anwar came as a surprise for many, even the western media. Even anwar and his spinners find it difficult to take back their foregone conclusion that they have given to western media and foreign diplomats earlier. Even pakatan find it difficult to have their stop their people from doing any subversive operations. The only thing they managed to stop is the planned riot...although they still have to pay the performers. Anwar's cry for consipracy ended up with his ass getting kicked again when he's freed. So, where actually is the conspiracy...apart from the one that you have been designing.

What will anwar do next? Well, considering he still managed to order Hasan Ali's removal just before his case's decision, we might just see him going on rampage and destroy those who never supported him during the case. Kedah pas might just receive the brunt of it. The MB right down to the excos have a long history of not bothering about anwar, let alone during his sodomy trial, maybe we'll see a "strange" turn of tides and suddenly mahfuz appears as the MB of Kedah...by which time, you just might see Kedahans commit harakiri en masse. Perhaps Azizan, Phahrolrazi, Ameerudin and others will have to watch where they're going and what they're doing, because they might have a video camera on their tail, courtesy of one-eyed brusied ego...

We do understand that with's anwar being set free, many in pkr are quite upset. People like azmin had to bite his lips and remain loyal to anwar as his hopes of being President of the Republic of Malaysia is now gone, and has to settle for second tier. Hopes for others who has been lobbying are now left in ruins, incarcerated.

Well, quoting anwar when he was released, "We have an agenda." He was right, the worry that NED and other western aid might stop once he is incarcerated is now gone. It is time to get back to work, it is time to take Malaysia into The New World Order. He's getting back to work, and once he's done, we'll understand how one man to ruin us all, and in darkness, bind them.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Mahdi Cometh...Sorry, Wrong Number!

In Islamic teachings, the Mahdi, or The Guided One is the prophesied redeemer who will lead the Muslims' uprising and rule for seven, nine or nineteen years before the Day of Judgment alongside Isa or Jesus, where they will rid the world of wrongdoing, injustice and oppression. His appearance will be somewhere within the end of days, meaning, anytime. He shall be the prophesied one to receive the return of the prophet Isa upon his return at the mosque in Damascus.

The Sunnis and Syiah differ on who the Mahdi will be, Syiah doctrine believe that the Mahdi is their 12th Imam, Muhammad Al Mahdi who disappeared at the age of 5. They believe that he is hidden by God, in the same way as Jesus and will return during the end of days. The Sunnis also believe that the Mahdi comes from the Prophet Muhammad's lineage, Ummi Salamah said, "I heard the Messenger of God say: "The Mahdi is of my lineage and family" Who he will be, nobody can answer but God. Another interpretation relates that the Mahdi will be from both Hassan and Hussein (Prophet Muhammad's grandchildren) families, or an Ahlul-Bayt.

Some scholars believe that the Bible and old testaments too prophesied the coming of the Mahdi, as from The Book of Revelations, the Book of Revelation says: “And I saw and behold a white horse. He that sat on him […] went forth conquering and to conquer.”

But lo and behold! The Mahdi is already here. Although he didn't ride a horse...well, he did ride, but both cases are still on going, so let's keep it down. I guess at the moment, apart from the Sunnis and Syiahs' beliefs, pakatan rakyat has their own interpretation of who the Mahdi will be. What's so surprising, considering that n.ajis is their prophet, Penang is ruled by Khalifah Lim Guan Eng and not to mention, PKR has already painted anwar as "God's gift", although we are not sure whether it's a gift to the jews or just to the LGBT.

There is truth when people said that there is a type of stupidity where nothing can be taught into that thick skull, and I guess that goes to the dingbat who tries to, or simply imply that anwar is the prophesied Mahdi.

Let's take a simple look on the similarities, if there are any. of Mahdi (The Guided One) and Anwar (Forever Misguided):

1) Mahdi: prophesied to be from Prophet Muhammad's descendants.
Anwar: despite having a short Indian Muslim and Malay background, his lineage seems to be a very tightly guarded secret.

2) The Mahdi will be a man who God reformed in one night.
In Anwar's case, 10 plus years have passed, he seemed to be doing the same thing which led him to court again, and in some more advanced, with video.

3) The Mahdi is hesitant and does not really want to be a leader until an allegiance is plead to him in Mekah.
Anwar's lust for power targets the Prime Ministership in any way possible.

4) Some versions relate that the Mahdi will discover the Ark of Covenant somewhere near the banks of the river Tiberius, revealing the relics such as the actual Taurat, and will cause many Israelites and Jews to convert to Islam.

In anwar's case, it's difficult to say. He could've left some treasure at the tumeric store for the forensics to find.

5) Mahdi fights against the Jews and the soldiers of Dajjal alongside ISA A.S.

anwar condemns Israel and then goes on a US Apology Tour to beg for forgiveness and support from jewish lobbyist. Imagine that, a self proclaimed Mahdi bowing to the jews...

5) The rule of Mahdi rids the world from injustice and oppression.
Another point which boggles me, but I do remember anwar and his horsemen of apocalypse went to Kampung Pala in Penang to rid the injustice there. He offered cool, sparkling clear stream in his right hand and a burning hellfire in his left. The people of Kampung Pala accepted the right hand and too late, they were burnt to crisp in his left hand. Yes, they were bamboozled. Wait, thats not the characteristic of the Mahdi, that's more of another character who appears during the end of days to deceive people, and he sees with only one eye...never mind, thats a different story.

Anyway, how do we agree with such a leader who supports US' oppression on Afghanistan and Iraq, and doesn't even blink at the plight of the Palestinians? In fact, why are his good friends such as Al Gore, Wolfowitz and Madeleine Albright strong supporters of Israel and its atrocities on the Palestinians?

So, I have lined up 5 points which I feel simple enough to compare anwar and the prophesied Mahdi. It is odd to see that flaming fool who implied that anwar is Mahdi could say such things when he has so many references available. You have internet, books, prominent and learned scholars such as Imran Hoesin, and so many others, and yet he talks blindly. Does he view things with only one eye?

The Mahdi comes to unite the Muslims, but anwar seems to shatter the Muslims in Malaysia into factions. Actually, if those people who claim that they're most Islamic in Malaysia know, they would've recognized who anwar is; and if they do, they would've stayed away from him instead of conspiring with him.

Don't get me wrong, I believe in the coming of the Mahdi, but I don't think he's the one waving a bent sword, riding a fair china doll, stabbing somebody's...ummm...back and currently waiting for the 9th of January 2012 to see his own fate. Looking at how things are going, the self proclaimed Mahdi might just ride his horse (yes, a real horse) into the sunset and rest his blade (yes, a real sword) and look back to his glory days.

In truth, anwar should really face up to his deeds. He should be able to stomach it and stop bellyaching about it, he should have more guts and accept what's coming, good or bad for him.

To those who are joining the Bebas Peliwat 901, please be informed that rehearsals have been carries out. Please make sure that:

1) If police are keeping calm, provoke by attacking them
2) Once police retaliate, take a lot of pictures (we do hear that western media pays a lot for these pictures)
3) Look for any reason to fall, when you do, make it look as if something violent happen and take a lot of pictures.
4) If not sure what to do, please look and study from those who orchestrates, produces and stars in this type of drama, such as tiang chua, azmin (don't stand in front of him), and maybe some other clowns from pkr.
5) If not enough fake blood supply, please contact mahfuz and ask him to spit some of the sirih pinang juice.
6) Once all done, please collect your payment

If you have time, ask them where the money is from...well, you might just know it already anyway.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Madrasah Salihiah: Ghani's Excuses Full of Tripe

I was reading again the article from Sinar where the Kedah State Exco, Abdul Ghani was giving statementys on why Madrasah Salihiah should be demolished. Below are the points simplified from his rambling excuses:

1) Surau won't be lost - demolish 1 and get 2 in the shopping complex

2) No congregation, no prayers were held in jamaah

3) Surau only open at Zohor and Asar

4) Surau is not 102 years old

5) Madrasah Salihiah is NOT a House of Allah because it doesn't meet the requirements

Based on the points derived, it's clear that he was trying to downplay the status of the surau there and divert attention from the actual matter: the waqf land.

The waqf land where the Madrasah stands was bequeathed more than 100 years ago with the niat for a surau or a mosque to be built there. Even without the surau, buildings meant for other than Islamic religious activities are not permitted.

Ghani's attempt to blindswipe the public by comparing the project to Al-Bukhary Complex was downright stupid...which is not that surprising. The actual waqf land where the original Masjid Alor Malai stood is now empty, surrounded by the Muslim cemetery. Souq Al-Bukhary is NOT located there.

Let me give you another example. Pas supporters love to go to Masjid Al-Irfan, or better known as Masjid Derga as they feel that the friday sermon there is a bit more political than the others which are too religious. As they come in the entrance gate, they will notice that the entrance is semi-circle in shape, with pavement and with seats, other than that, the wide entrance has nothing, oh yes, a very small area parking. The entrance to the parking in front of the mosque is actually where the original Masjid Derga used to stand before it was demolished and a bigger mosque was built. Tell you what, Ghani, why don't you take that waqf land and  use it either to sell kacang putih, your load of tripe or better yet, open a karaoke pub & grill, maybe you can pray that Haji Hamid won't chase you out with a huge stick.

My point is: it is a waqf land, how do you justify building a shopping complex all the way right down to the waqf land? The 2 examples given show that even after demolition, the land was left empty, no shopping complex, no markas pas etc. Ghani has not given any reasonable justification, just the usual gibberish on how the end justifies its means. Still with the "matlamat menghalalkan cara."

So how much did the developer ACTUALLY pay for the land which a portion of it was used to compensate the heirs? RM1.48m is too little for a prime land located in the city under the commercial zoning, isn't it?

Anyway, why the surau? How come the church is not involved? Is the old surau sticking out like a sore thumb outside the modern-designed shopping complex? Will the call to prayer sound too odd for the shoppers in the mall? It is strange that Ghani condemns the surau in almost each and every statement that he made, but deviates away from the status of the waqf land. He can condemn, spit, lie as usual and even huff, puff and blow his own cheap toupee down, but the actual status of the waqf land has been breached by PIS so that they can have a development that they can show during the elections.

So there's no 24/7 jamaah activity, the status of the land remains the same.

So the building's not 102 years old, but the status of the land is

Even if Madrasah Salihiah is not considered a surau proper by PIS' standards, there are still religious activities going on there, and the status of the waqf land remains the same.

With all that, which mosque would you like to compare your project to now?

We have just received news that Persatuan Kerabat DiRaja Kedah (PKDK), led by Datuk Tengku Zainol Rashid Tengku Yahya has joined the wagon to oppose the demolition of Madrasah Salihiah. Here are the excerpts from his statement:

"Saya dilahir dan dibesarkan di bandar raya ini dan saya rasa sejak kecil lagi Madrasah Salihiah sudah wujud di Kancut.

"Apabila kerajaan negeri mahu merobohkan madrasah ini, saya sebagai anak jati Alor Setar berasa sedih kerana kerajaan negeri langsung tidak prihatin dengan nilai sejarah yang ada pada madrasah tersebut.

"Madrasah Salihiah patut dibiarkan beroperasi ditapak asal jika kerajaan negeri tetap mahu meneruskan projek pembangunan di kawasan tersebut.

"Di dalam kompleks beli-belah pihak pemaju memang perlu sediakan surau, jadi jangan jadikan alasan surau yang akan dibina ini menjadi ganti kepada Madrasah Salihiah yang telah lama wujud di Kedah,"
- Tengku Zainol Rashid

I guess by now, Azizan, Ghani and the whole PIS-led state government are really PIS-sed off, but they are still being PIS-sed on.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Madrasah Salihian: PIS' Dressing Up Act Gets A Dressing Down

When they announced the redevelopment of the Tengku Yaakob Plaza, everybody was quite pleased to see that finally the 35+ year old abandoned project has finally given a new light, albeit with a developer whose credentials are quite well known in Penang which drove him here. The developer has vowed to create the plaza as "The O)rchard Road" of Alor Setar...hopefully without the transexuals...

Where is the actual project? Here's a google satellite image to further illustrate:

1) The area marked in yellow is the land belonging to Tengku Yaakob.

2) The area marked in light blue is the area taken over by the developer and PKNK to develop as part of the shopping complex

3) The red dot marks the location of Madrasah Salihiah

It's quite strange to see that the original complex has nothing to do with the areas outside of Tengku Yaakob's original plan. Still, whatever it is, PIS is very determined to demolish the 102 year old Madrasah Salihiah. In fact, their exco, Ghani has given the excuses on why. Most of what he said are rhetoric and formulaic, but I find these statement quite boggling. Here are the excerpts:

Exco perjelas isu madrasah (Click here for the full article)
Tarikh : January 1, 2012


“Masjid Alor Malai pernah dirobohkan untuk bangunkan kompleks Al-Bukhari, yang menempatkan kompleks perniagaan. Sebuah masjid baru dibina bukan atas tapak lama, tetapi di lokasi lain dengan kaedah istibdal, sama seperti kaedah Madrasah Salihiah,” katanya.

Menurutnya, ianya tidak dijadikan isu kerana ketika itu Kerajaan Barisan Nasional (BN) memerintah, dan Pas selaku pembangkang tahu hukum hakam dan tidak membantah.

This statement really caught my attention: “Masjid Alor Malai pernah dirobohkan untuk bangunkan kompleks Al-Bukhari, yang menempatkan kompleks perniagaan. Sebuah masjid baru dibina bukan atas tapak lama, tetapi di lokasi lain dengan kaedah istibdal, sama seperti kaedah Madrasah Salihiah,” katanya.

As usual, pas tries to justify its means by relating the issue to something which sounds similar but not even close to being the same. For this, allow me to illustrate with the picture below:

Above is a satellite image of Kompleks Bukhary...no, mahfuz, looking at a satellite image DOES not make you an ANGKASA-1!!!

Circled in white is the actual site of Masjid Alor Malai. The land was made waqf by Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar's grandfather, with the niat for an Islamic worshiping place, in short, a surau or a mosque. The waqf land is the mosque a part of the surrounding Islamic cemetery, and that's it. The claim by Ghani stating that a building for commercial activity (shopping complex) was never built on the waqf land. Souq Al-Bukhary is built on a patch of land which was once a wet market, bought by Yayasan Al-Bukhary from the former Majlis Perbadaran Kota Setar. In short, it was already a place of commercial activity, enhanced by Yayasan to be a bigger and more prominent business complex. You can find Giant, Bank Muamalat, DRB-Hicom and retail outlets there.

The Kompleks Al-Bukhary consists of the Al-Bukhary Mosque, administration complex, an orphanage dormitory and the Al-Bukhary International University, and these too, are not built on the waqf land. The complex, the mosque and the university is not connected to the shopping complex either.

There is no business activity at the complex, so how can an Exco for Kedah State Government cannot recognize the difference between the mosque, the complex and the souq? Or is it really he couldn't recognize. So, is this another one of pis' method of informing people by misinforming them? Or is this another one of pis' "menghalalkan cara?" Or maybe pas just had to keep the money?

By the way, if the surau is replaced as a seperate building, why demolish it in the first place? If the new shopping center is as shown, where will the surau be? Basement? Or is it in the parking bay? Don't you think religious activities other than praying with the congregation be affected? Will there be any teenagers joining the congregation with all those shopping mall activities going on? If there are musical events there, will it affect the religious activities there? I thought PIS always promote religious events, but maybe the next tilawah will be organized by pas in a karaoke lounge, next to the cocktail bar.

By the way, Ghani said that those who came to protest are from Taman Wira Mergong. Does he know that a number of descendants of the man who left the waqf land actually live there? But as an exco, I don't think he spends his time researching.

The Kompleks Al-Bukhary and Souq Al-Bukhary were never an issue. It is true that it was done in the istibdal way, where the old Alor Malai mosque was demolished so that a bigger, Al-Bukhary mosque was built but, no part of the complex and the shopping bazaar/souq were ever built on the waqf land. To PIS (Party Islam Se-Malaysia), never ever justify your wrongdoings with issues that never were. Stop blinding people in one eye, that is just un-Islamic...but then again, whoever said that PIS was Islamic ever? All we know now is that, the PIS-sed off Parti Islam Se-Malaysia Kedah is getting PIS-sed on.

Where is that Imam Mahadi of Permatang Pauh with his bent sword? Is he coming to serve justice by ramming his sword into people's...err..back?

Hey look, the New World Order is coming...

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