Monday, January 9, 2012

Anwar Freed...Let's Get Back to Work

It's been a few days of suspense, and today is no exception. Nine o' clock came a nd went, and to much of the delight of people in Kedah, Surau Salihiah is still standing despite rumours of it going to be demolished by surprise in the middle of the night. It is such...what? So, people around here don't really care about anwar ibrahim's case, so what? Just because they're more concerned about tanah waqf meant for surau more than anwar's tushee stabbing case don't make them bad people.

Even I was surprised, although as surprised as finding some egg shells in my roti telor, but okay, slightly. This is the judicial; all around the world, we have seen judicial rulings made against what people had hoped for, so what's this one to surprise us about? Just like shouldn't put all his thingy in one behind, we should learn never to put all our eggs in one basket.

Anyway, the verdict for anwar came as a surprise for many, even the western media. Even anwar and his spinners find it difficult to take back their foregone conclusion that they have given to western media and foreign diplomats earlier. Even pakatan find it difficult to have their stop their people from doing any subversive operations. The only thing they managed to stop is the planned riot...although they still have to pay the performers. Anwar's cry for consipracy ended up with his ass getting kicked again when he's freed. So, where actually is the conspiracy...apart from the one that you have been designing.

What will anwar do next? Well, considering he still managed to order Hasan Ali's removal just before his case's decision, we might just see him going on rampage and destroy those who never supported him during the case. Kedah pas might just receive the brunt of it. The MB right down to the excos have a long history of not bothering about anwar, let alone during his sodomy trial, maybe we'll see a "strange" turn of tides and suddenly mahfuz appears as the MB of which time, you just might see Kedahans commit harakiri en masse. Perhaps Azizan, Phahrolrazi, Ameerudin and others will have to watch where they're going and what they're doing, because they might have a video camera on their tail, courtesy of one-eyed brusied ego...

We do understand that with's anwar being set free, many in pkr are quite upset. People like azmin had to bite his lips and remain loyal to anwar as his hopes of being President of the Republic of Malaysia is now gone, and has to settle for second tier. Hopes for others who has been lobbying are now left in ruins, incarcerated.

Well, quoting anwar when he was released, "We have an agenda." He was right, the worry that NED and other western aid might stop once he is incarcerated is now gone. It is time to get back to work, it is time to take Malaysia into The New World Order. He's getting back to work, and once he's done, we'll understand how one man to ruin us all, and in darkness, bind them.

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