Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Madrasah Salihiah: Ghani's Excuses Full of Tripe

I was reading again the article from Sinar where the Kedah State Exco, Abdul Ghani was giving statementys on why Madrasah Salihiah should be demolished. Below are the points simplified from his rambling excuses:

1) Surau won't be lost - demolish 1 and get 2 in the shopping complex

2) No congregation, no prayers were held in jamaah

3) Surau only open at Zohor and Asar

4) Surau is not 102 years old

5) Madrasah Salihiah is NOT a House of Allah because it doesn't meet the requirements

Based on the points derived, it's clear that he was trying to downplay the status of the surau there and divert attention from the actual matter: the waqf land.

The waqf land where the Madrasah stands was bequeathed more than 100 years ago with the niat for a surau or a mosque to be built there. Even without the surau, buildings meant for other than Islamic religious activities are not permitted.

Ghani's attempt to blindswipe the public by comparing the project to Al-Bukhary Complex was downright stupid...which is not that surprising. The actual waqf land where the original Masjid Alor Malai stood is now empty, surrounded by the Muslim cemetery. Souq Al-Bukhary is NOT located there.

Let me give you another example. Pas supporters love to go to Masjid Al-Irfan, or better known as Masjid Derga as they feel that the friday sermon there is a bit more political than the others which are too religious. As they come in the entrance gate, they will notice that the entrance is semi-circle in shape, with pavement and with seats, other than that, the wide entrance has nothing, oh yes, a very small area parking. The entrance to the parking in front of the mosque is actually where the original Masjid Derga used to stand before it was demolished and a bigger mosque was built. Tell you what, Ghani, why don't you take that waqf land and  use it either to sell kacang putih, your load of tripe or better yet, open a karaoke pub & grill, maybe you can pray that Haji Hamid won't chase you out with a huge stick.

My point is: it is a waqf land, how do you justify building a shopping complex all the way right down to the waqf land? The 2 examples given show that even after demolition, the land was left empty, no shopping complex, no markas pas etc. Ghani has not given any reasonable justification, just the usual gibberish on how the end justifies its means. Still with the "matlamat menghalalkan cara."

So how much did the developer ACTUALLY pay for the land which a portion of it was used to compensate the heirs? RM1.48m is too little for a prime land located in the city under the commercial zoning, isn't it?

Anyway, why the surau? How come the church is not involved? Is the old surau sticking out like a sore thumb outside the modern-designed shopping complex? Will the call to prayer sound too odd for the shoppers in the mall? It is strange that Ghani condemns the surau in almost each and every statement that he made, but deviates away from the status of the waqf land. He can condemn, spit, lie as usual and even huff, puff and blow his own cheap toupee down, but the actual status of the waqf land has been breached by PIS so that they can have a development that they can show during the elections.

So there's no 24/7 jamaah activity, the status of the land remains the same.

So the building's not 102 years old, but the status of the land is

Even if Madrasah Salihiah is not considered a surau proper by PIS' standards, there are still religious activities going on there, and the status of the waqf land remains the same.

With all that, which mosque would you like to compare your project to now?

We have just received news that Persatuan Kerabat DiRaja Kedah (PKDK), led by Datuk Tengku Zainol Rashid Tengku Yahya has joined the wagon to oppose the demolition of Madrasah Salihiah. Here are the excerpts from his statement:

"Saya dilahir dan dibesarkan di bandar raya ini dan saya rasa sejak kecil lagi Madrasah Salihiah sudah wujud di Kancut.

"Apabila kerajaan negeri mahu merobohkan madrasah ini, saya sebagai anak jati Alor Setar berasa sedih kerana kerajaan negeri langsung tidak prihatin dengan nilai sejarah yang ada pada madrasah tersebut.

"Madrasah Salihiah patut dibiarkan beroperasi ditapak asal jika kerajaan negeri tetap mahu meneruskan projek pembangunan di kawasan tersebut.

"Di dalam kompleks beli-belah pihak pemaju memang perlu sediakan surau, jadi jangan jadikan alasan surau yang akan dibina ini menjadi ganti kepada Madrasah Salihiah yang telah lama wujud di Kedah,"
- Tengku Zainol Rashid

I guess by now, Azizan, Ghani and the whole PIS-led state government are really PIS-sed off, but they are still being PIS-sed on.


  1. how' about state mufti..???
    firstly they issued first fatwa clearly said that don't demolish the madrasah.. but 2nd fatwa was issued n then they said OK to demolish!! kindda flip flop decision..

  2. Well, let's see how things go from here, now that pas kedah has to face an increasing opposition to the demolition project. Their lies uncovered, their shadow play enlightened...pas is going down.

  3. http://www.e-fatwa.gov.my/fatwa-negeri/pembangunan-di-tanah-tanah-wakaf-khas-di-bawah-kawalan-majlis-agama-islam

    1) Tanah-tanah wakaf khas di bawah kawalan Majlis Agama Islam Kelantan seperti tanah wakaf al-marhum Tengku Kaya Pahlawan dan lain-lain, boleh dibangunkan dengan bangunan kerana tidak menghilangkan ain (harta benda) yang diwakaf. Walaubagaimanapun kehendak atau syarat pewakaf hendaklah dijaga dan dihormati kerana para fuqaha" menyebut syarat pewakaf adalah seumpama nas syara'.

    2) Usaha pembangunan yang dilaksanakan di tanah-tanah wakaf khas itu hendaklah tidak menyebabkan hilang sifatnya sebagai harta wakaf atau manfaatnya, bahkan menambahkan lagi manfaatnya hasil dari pembangunan yang diusaha di atas tanah tersebut.

    3) Pembangunan boleh dilakukan secara usahasama oleh pihak-pihak yang terlibat iaitu pemaju projek pembangunan dan nazir tanah wakaf khas yang menjaga kepentigan pewakaf dan mauquf alaih dengan syarat projek usahasama ini akan berlaku adil kepada kedua-dua pihak.

    4) Pihak yang membangun tanah tersebut tidak boleh diberi hak kekal ke atas bangunan. Mereka hanya berhak untuk mendapat pulangan balik modal pelaburan kerana pemberian milik akan menyebabkan hilang ain ke atas tanah wakaf dan bertentangan dengan hukum syara'.

    5) Pulangan pelaboran kepada pemaju di atas projek pembangunan di tanah-tanah wakaf khas ini boleh dilakukan samada :

    i. Pemaju mendapatkan dahulu pulangan balik pelaboran, setelah selesai mendapat pulangan balik pelaboran, bangunan tadi dijadikan sepenuhnya sebagai harta wakaf dan segala pendapatan diurus mengikut apa yang dikehendaki oleh pewakaf.

    ii. Pihak yang bertanggungjawab mengurus harta wakaf tersebut boleh mengambil kos pengurusan secara berpatutan dan selebihnya diagih sebagaimana kehendak pewakaf.

    6) Majlis Agama Islam Kelantan sebagai Nazir yang menjadi pengawal tunggal
    ke atas tanah wakaf aam atau khas yang terletak hak kepadanya, tiadalah boleh melakukan pemindah hakkan atau penyerah hakkan kepada mana-mana pihak lain samada mauquf alaih (pewaris si pewakaf) atau individu atau syarikat terhadap pengurusan tanah dan harta wakaf yang berada di bawah kawalan dan tadbiran Majlis Agama Islam Kelantan.

    7) Dalam usaha Majlis Agama Islam Kelantan memajukan tanah wakaf khas
    Al-marhum Tengku Kaya Pahlawan di Lot 2136 Mukim Panchor, Kota Bharu dengan membina kompleks Islam yang mengandungi Maahad Tahfiz Al-Quran, rumah anak yatim, markaz saudara baru dan beberapa lot gudang perniagaan, mesyuarat membuat keputusan bahawa pembangunan projek ini diharuskan dan tidak bercanggah dengan hukum syara'.

    4) Pihak yang membangun tanah tersebut tidak boleh diberi hak kekal ke atas bangunan. Mereka hanya berhak untuk mendapat pulangan balik modal pelaburan kerana pemberian milik akan menyebabkan hilang ain ke atas tanah wakaf dan bertentangan dengan hukum syara'.
    -POINT NO 4 NI POINT YG PENTING...kalau state gov nk bina Surau Dalam Shopping complex tu mcm mana??? Shopping complex tu HAK siapa?? SURAU yg dlm supermarket tu pulak HAK SIAPA??? supermarket atau MAJLIS agama Islam?? SURAU tu dah kira mcm MENUMPANG dlm supermarket jer??? dan TANAH WAKAF tu pulak pergi kemana????


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