Thursday, January 12, 2012

Konvensyen Pakatan Rakyat 3 - Smoke Up In Their A**es

As predicted, today we can see a lot of arrivals in Alor Setar, and as expected a lot are from the east coast. What's so strange about it? Everytime pas and/or pakatan makes a convention, rally or even the normal ceramah, imported audiences had to be brought in. I saw a number of buses with D plates coming in from the highway this afternoon. Yes, the Konvensyen Pakatan Rakyat 3 is coming to if only they can get the ACTUAL Kedahans to attend.

It has been shown that pakatan never really get any support from Kedah as pas Kedah is too busy wrangling their own problems. The last 100,000 rally (or something like that) did achieve close to 100,000, although only 5-8% are actually from Kedah. Looks like this is going to be an expensive affair again. Paid spectators, having to pay extra for acting purposes on their net tv, food, travel and accomodation expenses etc etc. Looks like Azizan might have to answer to anwar on why Kedah does not support pakatan.

It's not something new. As I have mentioned again and again, pas Kedah has no time for anwar. They need the win, but they do not need the tushee-stabbing sword. Most of pas Kedah were just waiting for anwar to be thrown in jail, some even would be happy if they can kick him in themselves. When anwar was freed, there was a commotion at Wisma Darulaman, and strangely, there were no cheers of joy, most were shocked by the release and many of them were asking WHY he was released.

For azizan, the convention will be quite a relief for him. Issues of over-logging, non-maintenance of infrastructure, downward-spiralling economy and zero-development are haunting him. What worries him and Amirrudin more is that people of Kedah know the truth about the "clean" process in dealing with the waqf land, and how pas is trying so hard to demolish a 102-year old surau. They have tried all their best to divert the issue by condemning the surau, its purpose, structure and use and try their best to stray the people's mind away from the actual issue: using the waqf land to build a shopping complex when the waqf was to be used as a surau. By  support shown from the sponsored audiences, it might just relieve him of the headaches...maybe his heart, blood pressure and sugar level too.

I am not sure whether the dingbat known as mahfuz will be there, but since anwar is there, maybe he will as anwar is the only key factor for him to topple azizan.

The convention will be a great opportunity to veil the eyes of Kedahans, especially when everybody knows the tension is flaring between pakatan's leader with the other.

The attendance of anwar, as expected, will be his roadshow trying to show how he worked hard to free himself, despite the fact everybody saw him cowering behind evereybody and desperately launching the violent bebas anwar 901. Kedahans know for a fact that Azizan detests anwar, and he wouldn't even look at him during their last meeting, let alone try to touch him with a big stick. Is it really worth the acting when everybody knows?

Even if Haji hadi attends, there is no actual purpose. Hadi has the old grudge where azizan cooly swiped him off for instructing Kedah to implement pas' hudud. Of course it makes no difference if n.ajis comes. Azizan has never been a conformist to these two laurel and hardy. He has always remarked the same way to the two by stating that they should look and take care of their homes first before telling other people. Not being a conformist to pas, and even seeking advice from Tun Mahathir really drew flak, especially from green-stomachs like mahfuz, who vengeance for not being able to defeat Tun in anyway whatsoever still burns. Anyway, with the sacking of Hasan Ali from pas for defending Islam, hadi and n.ajis might just find themselves stepping into a pile of bull...crap.

Lim Kit Siang makes the strangest name in the list. How would a so-called-Islamic party like pas accept a socialist like kit siang...or malam. DAP has a bigger grudge on azizan. The sole dap rep has always been kicked around by pas Kedah, usually being left out to dry in the dark. Yes, yes, it's quite similar to what dap does to pas in Selangor and Penang, but that is okay because dap is doing it. Even the usual threat by dap over the demolition of the illegal pig processing center was simply squashed by azizan. That particular dap rep (I don't even know his name) has so far yelled, shouted, jumped and made so much noise, but nobody still bothers about him. With dap so far supporting movements against Islam, I don't think they'll be welcomed anywhere near Surau Salihiah, but we know they'll be welcomed more at the new shopping complex site.

So, is the convention really for the people? Judging from the laughter heard around Kedah when anwar said that his victory is prople's victory, I would take a stab at saying it's not. Each of them has their own agenda, and with each of them having something to stab azizan about, I don't think azizan should even be there. I am not sure about the rumour that azizan might step down on that day as MB, but I know Phahrolrazi is bringing a lot of his people to the convention. Amirrudin too, will be bringing his people...although I'm not sure whether they'll be men or the men's spouses.

Well, within pakatan, and even within pas Kedah, Azizan could not find refuge. Maybe it's his wrong moves, maybe because he chose the toe-twinkling che had as economic advisor, or maybe it's just retribution for his decision on Surau Salihiah.

I received word that security will be tight there. Anybody who brings in anything about Surau Salihiah will be severely dealt with, and anybody who questions anwar's morality will be dealt with even worse. Well, what do you expect? This is democracy, anwar-style. There are talks of heads going to roll as well. Whose? Don't know, we'll see.

Maybe we should all go to the convention, but don't forget to bring the "Save Surau Salihiah" and "Anwar Peliwat" posters and banners. Bring along the "Welcome To The New World Order" t-shirt as well. Oh yes, please lock your sons and daughters at home before leaving for this event.

Say No to Pakatan Rakyat
Ridding Malaysia from The New World Order of Anwar and his one-eyed conspirators.

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