Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Dulcis est mendacium, et conveniens

Well, it must be said that, if there are any anti-climatic scenes in any movie, today must be the pen-ultimate among them all.

There were rumors that the list of new UMNO State Chief Liaison will be out today. There were calls and sms streaming in and out today. The hopes for the wave of changes for the state of Kedah ran sky-high, and it should be. Why? Well, after the non-stop falling flat on their faces performance by the pas-led government, and the all too often sleeping UMNO, too drowsy to jump and tackle any issues that seems to place Kedahans out of their breathing spaces.

The past one month seems to drive most Kedahans to the edge of their seats with much empathy. Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir was reported that he will be able and ready to lead if given the chance. That, I guess, drove many into a high-hope frenzy. Here, finally, an iconic character, a son of another icon of Kedah, finally stated that he is able and ready after much hesitance since 2008. To Kedahans, here is a leader who the general public can always reach out and relate to; a new blood instead of the already worn out state UMNO leaders who Kedahans never bother to think about. Even better than the so-called know-it-all old and useless UMNO warlords who seem to be spending most of their time sharpening their knives to cut away any blossoming flower that might overshadow their old weary and dying petals.

And the dream that Datuk Seri Najib had planted? Wow, Rakyat Didahulukan, Pencapaian Diutamakan. For the first time since the decrepit Pak Lah, people's voice will be heard, and considered too. The Kedah public remembers too well. When the UMNO Youth state candidates campaigned, everybody seems to be "Mukhriz's buddy." Confidence grew when they gave Mukhriz a thumping nomination. Little did they guess that those same people, after winning their respective posts corkscrewed Mukhriz to make him come out last in the UMNO Youth Chief election, where most of them betrayed and "sold" themselves to to the odious Khairy Jambanludin. I think that was the last time ever they ever believed in their so-called state leaders. Najib's banner seems to promise that the people comes first, and their views matter most...that is definitely better than pak lah's terbuang, tembelang...I can't even remember what that was. The people put their trust in Najib. The largely victimized Kedah, has put their trust in Najib's promises.

The list came out around 3.30-4.00pm, and finally...all the fuss and excitement died suddenly to a whimper after it was announced that Dato Bashah is the new UMNO Kedah Chief Liaison, and Mukhriz is the Deputy. Calls and sms of excitement quickly turned to screams and notes of anger and dissatisfaction. The old UMNO warlords laughed contently and pas supporters breathed a few sighs of relief. Well, to pas, they feel that their chances to rule Kedah for another term has been gift-wrapped on a silver platter by Najib.

The new bloods are disillusioned again. Yes, even if BN manages to wrest Kedah again, what chances of improvements will there be? In fact, will Mahadzir Khalid go down in history as the last MB from UMNO? Was Najib ever serious with his Rakyat Didahulukan slogan, or is fast becoming a farce, as stated by a good friend of mine? Don't get me wrong, Bashah is a loyal man, and very affable in his duties. Unfortunately that ends there. Without a clear vision/direction, a leadership quality and credibility and mostly, without respect, he might end up in the same gutters as the incompetent Mahadzir Khalid.

 At a time where Kedahans believe that UMNO Kedah should be revolutionized by new and younger blood, a lame duck was given the task. What a letdown, and with that announcement, more and more youngsters seem to be leaving as they see that the people were never heard or even mattered by Najib, only those who are loyal, competent or not, will be given the crown to the throne. To them, enough is enough. If they want to be screwed in this manner, they would've chosen anwar...

I guess that's the fate of UMNO Kedah so far, haru biru, while the Kedahans can just sit on their garden swing and while rocking themselves to an evening kip, wait for more and more gaffs from the present pas-led state government and UMNO as

well. Well, 2 shows for the price of 1. Thank you Najib, this is where people realize that your slogan is just a bad dream that extended from the scary pak lah days.

There might be silver lining in all this mockery, but with bated breath I will wait.


Monday, December 27, 2010

Senarai Pengerusi dan Timbalan Pengerusi Perhubungan UMNO Negeri 2011

From Berita Harian On-line:

Senarai Pengerusi dan Timbalan Pengerusi Perhubungan UMNO Negeri 2011

KUALA LUMPUR: Berikut senarai Pengerusi dan Timbalan Pengerusi Perhubungan UMNO negeri 2011 yang diumumkan Setiausaha Agung UMNO, Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor di sini hari ini.

Pengerusi: Datuk Seri Md Isa Sabu
Timbalan : Datuk Seri Dr Shahidan Kassim (muka baru)

Pengerusi: Datuk Paduka Ahmad Bashah Md Hanapiah (muka baru)
Timbalan : Datuk Mukhriz Tun Mahathir (muka baru)

Pulau Pinang
Pengerusi: Datuk Zainal Abidin Osman (muka baru)
Timbalan : Datuk Musa Sheikh Fadzir (muka baru)
Pengerusi: Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir
Timbalan : Datuk Seri Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah

Pengerusi: Datuk Seri Najib Razak
Timbalan : Datuk Seri Noh Omar

Wilayah Persekutuan
Pengerusi: Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin
Timbalan : Datuk Raja Nong Chik Raja Zainal Abidin

Negeri Sembilan
Pengerusi: Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan
Timbalan : Datuk Shaziman Abu Mansor

Pengerusi: Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam
Timbalan : Datuk Wira Abu Seman Yusop

Pengerusi: Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman
Timbalan : Datuk Dr Latiff Ahmad

Pengerusi: Datuk Seri Adnan Yaakob
Timbalan : Datuk Mohd Sharkar Shamsuddin

Pengerusi: Datuk Seri Ahmad Said (muka baru)
Timbalan : Yahya Khatib Mohamad (muka baru)

Pengerusi: Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed
Timbalan : Datuk Dr Awang Adek Hussin

Pengerusi: Datuk Seri Musa Aman
Timbalan : Datuk Seri Salleh Said Keruak

My Take: Thank you, Datuk Seri Najib, at a time when Kedahans expect a strong rooster for the cock-fight, you placed a lame duck. Rakyat didahulukan is fast becoming  a farce and a dying dream....

Friday, December 24, 2010

The Days Of Bile and Daggers For Anwar

Was it so strange that an insipid clod like khalid ibrahim actually banned 1Malaysia logo from being on any billboard or even sight in Selangor? Beaten in every turn, and even check-mated by Azmin at party level, Khalid seems to choose a childish move for his fast-dying MB days. Of course, we're sure that he prefers a logo of anwar's choosing of his lords and masters to be displayed all over Selangor...pending DAP's approval of course...what, you think he's actually powerful?

The butt-faced anwar, on the other hand, seems to have daggers sticking into his back in every corner he turns. Unlike the good old days of back-stabbing potential threats to his position and "back"-stabbing the other kind, he finds himself at the mercy of...the truth of course. Well, what he started as a spin for his own agenda became a twisting chokehold on himself.

My friends did say once that, when Saiful Bukhary took the "Sumpah Laknat", anwar actually ridiculed it, instead of denying or otherwise. Anwar went sliding down the edge of the razor after that.

He once announced that on 16th September 2008, Malaysia will be his. To him, at least, it seems so. After a new PM was sworn in, a cabinet reshuffle, a few more by-elections, his strong supporters ran off to the Independent caucus, anwar is still sitting uncomfortably in the Opposition chair in the parliament. Even at this time, the public has grown tired of his comedy in his court case...poor Karpal looks really tired by now. Talk about karpal, I find it very strange to see that anwar is being defended over a crime by somebody who brought the first issue up in parliament in 1997.

Perhaps the lowest point of his career was his attempt to portray himself as the "hero" of the Muslims. In a true bollywood style, he actually criticised Israel and the jews over the Freedom Flotilla incident. I guess your lords and masters did not take that too kindly. Even anwar's compassion tour to the US could not salvage his much blotched situation. You know, we used to wonder why anwar loved to meet up with Al Gore so much, but after Al-Gore was discovered having a torrid gay affair which led to his divorce from his wife, it really says a lot about anwar's friends.

At one time, anwar made a claim in parliament that the 1Malaysia was devised by APCO, based on their so-called close association with Edud Barak's 1Israel campaign. This was lopsided. Why? Well, he never explained the association between Pas' dubious :Pas For all and Israel For All tagline and not to mention PKR's eye logo similarity to their bigger lords and masters...yes, the All Seeing Eye. But anwar always thought he was good at covering up, but looks like he's come undone with the latest event which unravelled in p[arliament yesterday. A statutory declaration by an US political adviser, Robert M Shrum.was read out yesterday, which ruled out APCO's involvement with the 1Israel campaign and leaving a huge dagger up in anwar's butt...err, back. Yes, anwar was lying in parliament. Maybe the opposition should stop carrying cardboard banners in their schoolboy mannered show. The public has been in stitches, some even falling off their stool, laughing their heads off.

The WikiLeaks leaks didn't help him further. I don't truth WikiLeaks that much, but at the same time, do you actually other countries' intelligence are that stupid and simply believe what anwar claims? They might support him (or simply humour him) for another agenda of theirs...well, at least that's what they always do. Yes, I don't trust Singapore and Australia either. As usual, anwar retaliates to this, venting his anger by suing Tun Mahathir...what?

Like a friend of mine said, Anwar, you should never made that Sumpah Laknat trivial or even question it. Looks like you have to pay the piper now. There is a certain providence even in fall of a sparrow. Let's see how you get out of this divine intervention then. But anwar should be happy. He was not listed in Simon Wiesenthal Center’s 2010 list for the top anti-Semitic slurs, unlike Tun Mahathir. Maybe it shows how much the jews still love him...or so it seems. Do you still have wolfowitz to cry on, Anwar? Or off you go to see good ol' Al.

When the daggers strike, I guess Karpal has the best quote: Anwar Ibrahim harus bertaubat.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Kedah Bakal Berubah (Teaser)

Kedahans have seen, felt and were even hurt and disappointed with the failure after failure of the pas-led government of Kedah in handling major issues. Kedahans have now vied for a change and its wave shall arrive. Wait for it...

Sunday, December 19, 2010

If Mukhriz Returns II: The Old Warlords Will Be Coming Or Going?

Things may get ugly before they get better...well, maybe not for anwar. It got pretty for him when he came close to snatch the premiership of Malaysia from the incompetent pak lah back in 2008. Since then it went seriously downhill for him, what with the sodomy trial and currently being sodomized by the expose by WikiLeaks and serious butt-stabbing from certain  members in the Singaporean government. I guess he'll be the butt of the jokes passing around in coffee shops and watering holes accross the nation for the next few months. Well Anwar, told you not to offend the hand that's been feeding you.

Kedah on the other hand, might witness a flurry of acrid comments and cynical snides with the heavy rumours on the return of Datuk Mukhriz to the Kedah UMNO leadership. On the grassroot and normal folks's side, they seem to be happy with what they heard, and most of them are wishing that it is FINALLY true. How many times have they heard this? None has materialized so far, so, hopefully this time, it will bear a true fruit.

Salvos have been fired from certain quarters of UMNO since that day. Certain comments were made questioning on the experience of Datuk Mukhriz himself. "He's too young", "He doesn't stay in Kedah", "He's very inexperienced" However, we did manage to smell the stench of old UMNO warlords, and methinks I saw them running in the shadows behind the unsavoury comments. These useless old warlords should be made to understand that they shouldn't rage to the dying of the lights in their careers, that is what the people want; just accept it.

We do understand that it is not cheap for these old warlords to lobby themselves for the Ketua Perhubungan Negeri for UMNO Kedah, having to spend on so many things such as bloggers, PR events and so on to boost their image. But performance and results should have been made their primary concern. Yes, I agree that the UMNO leaders did very well to contain the situation during the 2010 flood, but we're talking about the overall. Why didn't we hear anybody (including the mysteriously disappearing Pas state assemblymen) stand up for the people for the failure of the state government during the floods in the state assembly? In fact, whatever happened to the Kedah UMNO since losing the state in 2008? They seem to go into shock and never recover from it. They do stand out in activities that wreak disunity, such as fighting over the nefarious KJ, Khir Toyo and Mukhriz during the race for the Ketua Pemuda UMNO, where everybody saw Mukhriz almost discriminated by Kedah UMNO bigwigs during his campaign.

But we also know that some old warlords are quite sure of themselves. One or two of them, we knolw are quite cocksure and very confident that this feathered duck upstart named Mukhriz can be rid of. Why not? Hey, if those two can eliminate his dad from winning a delegation seat in Kubang Pasu, why not his son? Quite a pity, one of the two, I knew his dad, a very accomodating former Customs and Immigration officer. Too bad his son, who landed in several deputy minister portfolios (still is) is also eyeing the top Kedah seat, both in UMNO and state, and seems to be hell-bent in doing so.

To Kedah UMNO, the only salvo we can fire on them is what many Kedahans have accepted: they have Dared To Change. Only Kedah UMNO seems to be lagging in their mentality. Always forever stuck in their "that's my seat, don't you dare." They forgot about what the people want. These old wardogs, if they are not even be able to dare themselves to change, just put them to sleep. Not that Kedah developed much since the past 6 years or so. The major shift in Kedah's development was under Syed Nahar Shahabudin's MB-ship. He set up the master-plan, executed it and left, and Kedah grew ever since. Of course, his successors couldn't steer as well as he did. The last UMNO MB for Kedah was a total washout, and the present one is actually fast becoming a burden to the people and to Pas themselves. Of course, to have mahfuz as MB might be an insult to Kedahans' intelligence.

It is strange that the old Kedah UMNO warlords claim that the UMNO leaders should follow and respect the wants and wishes of Kedahans, but they themselves never did, and from the way it is going, they never will. If they were to actually follow what people want, they would've resigned.

The rumours on the return of Mukhriz have generated interest and excitement that can be heard from one place to another and the changes it might be bringing. As for the old useless UMNO warlords, at this moment, nobody knows whether they're coming or going.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

If Mukhriz Returns, Does UMNO Kedah Dare To Change

It is a busy month, but I did manage to attend my niece's birthday last week. My sister in law prmised me that there will be clowns and I was very excited. However, I was utterly disappointed when there were 2 actual clowns; I could've sworn I heard she said there'll be mat sabu and mahfuz, the usual clowns.

Lo and behold, in my times of absence, there were countless sms flying in, buzzing of the return of Mukhriz to the much ravaged state of Kedah, depleted by the savage untrained fingers of pas, denying their failures in helping out the Kedahans.

This is going to be a short article, I am still collecting data from different camps of pas and UMNO. We already know the sweaty-browed reaction by the pas camp, especially from mahfuz after realizing that he might not have the chance to kick azizan in the butt and usurp the throne. In the UMNO camp however, there has been a very busy influx of lobbyibg from the old horse such as det khalid, bashah, tajuddin kentucky and even mat lebai sudin, and the stronger rumor of the return of Mukhriz really making muddied waters murkier for them.

For the time being, if Mukhriz is willing to lead Kedah, will UMNO dare to change from their usual "little boy lost" attitude? We know Kedahans have been wishing for his return for some time already. What about det khalid, jo baharum and the rest of the unwanted crew?

Le chef du peuple est de retour

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Was The Week Supposed To Be Like This?

While anwar is playing a lot of bollywood comedy in the court this week, there was a lot of giggling going on when the MB of Kedah, Azizan stated that the state is considering its own dissolution of the State Assembly. The giggling? Oh right, well, many people knew that this was another hard attempt on distraction from any issues on what is the state up to right now in assisting the flood victims.

I might sound narcistic in keeping this "old" issue of the Kedah floods, but now that the water has subsided, nothing much has been done. Maybe Azizan and his cohorts are breathing a few sighs of relief, but the aftermath has been a constant burn in his sleep. The flood waters brought so much debris that became clogs in the drainage system. Sure the rain is not as heavy and constant as before but every time a heavy thunderst6orm decides to pass by, the drainage system fails to divert the incoming volume of water, which in turn causes flash floods and more traumatic woes to the victims who have already suffered. Well, Azizan, despite the weather outside, it's not all bright and sunny day yet, and don't fall asleep yet.

Another reason for azizan not to fall asleep is a person who might just threaten his seat and successor. Yes, we're talking about the all wind and mouth, but no brain mahfuz. Yes, despite pas members have been laughing at him behind his back (lucky it wasn't anwar), he is back, lurking around and his eyes are really fixed on the seat of Azizan's. It has always been an open secret that azizan has no desire (or wits) to be the MB for a 2nd term, and he has already hand-picked and groomed his successor, much to the aghast of his hard working "Deputy." Mahfuz' casting himself into the much murky pool might just threat the succession plans. On the other hand, anybody replacing him can never go any lower after that, because we already had mahfuz as mb. Boy, when you think you can't go any lower after Pak Lah...

I don't have much confidence in Bashah, Det Khalid and many more in UMNO Kedah, but still, I mist take my hat off and give the respect deserved for the tireless efforts on their part during the floods. Yes, I keep bumping into them on the roads and areas during the floods. Keep up the good work. We'll deal politics with you after this...yes, yes, get ready for bantering.

Now we turn to one of the most loathed individual ever to exist in Malaysia. No, no, we're not talking about mahfuz again, we're talking about the other loathsome one, though slightly useful, Khairy Jamalludin. This is the guy who won the Ketua Pemuda UMNO Malaysia after a gutsy 10(?) hour vote counting, followed by the rhythmic, victorious chant of "KJ RASUAH!" We have seen this week on the talks of a cabinet reshuffle and/or not, and the most worrying among all, and dreaded by almost every single Malaysian, is that rumors are spread that KJ might be a Deputy Minister. On the other hand, rumors also stated that Mukhriz will be a full Minister (good rumor, that). We can almost hear everybody getting to arms with the KJ news. Well, unless Najib has a political death wish or a wildly bizarre sense of humor, we hope this will never happen. Of course, we hope Mukhriz would be a Minister, although we feel that he's in an even better position if he returns to lead Kedah.

Why not KJ? Do I have to explain? Someone branded this guy as "Anwar's Apprentice" once, and how surprising can it get? He rose through the ranks just like anwar, much to everybody's chagrin, and became one of Malaysia's back-seat ruler during pak lah. God knows what will happen if this feathered-duck upstrart gets to be a minister. Then again, his loyalists have been lobbying and campaigning for KJ for a ministrial post for quite some time already, which shows how insensitive they are the wishes of fellow Malaysians.

Well, who would ever believe it? On the state level, you have a clown vying for the highest seat in Kedah and on a federal level, you have an unwanted has-been trying to claw his way in. It has been a week, it could've been better.

Oh yes, you might notice I use old pictures...

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Voices Up North - Pas' Credibility Flooded & Washed Away

My my, it has been a week wrecked with water, and with revelations to boot. It was the week that wrecked the credibility of azizan and his pas government, I was extremely busy during the floods, helping out moving things and even at one small portion of a time (less than a day), joined Mercy Malaysia volunteers in distributing aid to flood victims.

This is the time to look back and witness the hardship suffered by everybody who was affected by the flood waters, as the water barges through premises and other places without any bearing on ethnicity, religion or even political leanings - it's all fair game. The losses are huge and the traumas...well, this will be something that will repeat every time it rains heavily in Kedah.

It has been raining every one or two days since last Friday, but mainly in the Alor Setar area and not in the water-catchment region of Padang Terap. Furthermore, the rain has not been that frequent, nor has it been that heavy, giving everybody in Alor Setar sighs of relief as nobody can predict what's going to happen next.

Why am talking about Padang Terap and Alor Setar area? Ok, let me be a bit detailed: Alor Setar is one of the lowest geographical points of area in Kedah and the river in Padang Terap is of a higher point. The heavy downpour causes the river to swell and flood areas in Padang Terap. Next, the water flows downstream to Alor Setar where the water meets the sea. Of course, other places along the river will be flooded if the river breaks its bank. The on-rushing water however, fails to be released into the sea totally, due to the high-tide and this causes the river to spill all over the low places in Alor Setar. In some places, the paddy fields become natural retention ponds, delaying the spread of water, but those located next or near to the river didn't stand much chance.

For azizan to add that the Electrified Double Tracking Project (EDTP) worsened the flood...well, I lost count of how many engineers were laughing at the statement...never actually improved his credibility, and many flood victims wished that Azizan would actually go back to sleep. I must disagree on that, as his house was also flooded, how in the world would that man get any sleep? In 2005, Padang Terap recorded a rainfall of an average of 140-160mm that spewed flooding in places along the river all the way to Alor Setar. This year, the recorded rainfall was between 250-270mm, so with or without the double tracking rail project, Alor Setar was doomed to flood on a greater scale. Common sense prevails that massive on-rushing water from the river meets the high tide from the sea, the river will definitely break its bank and engulf any low lying areas. Due to this, 80% of Alor Setar was flooded. Maybe Azizan was poorly informed, or maybe he was asleep. On the other, why Guan Eng has been so against EDTP for the past few years? Well, that's a different story.
Azizan was very upset with the media for stating that the state government did not help those who were affected by the flood. The cocked-up job done by Syarikat Air Dato Azizan...oops, Darul Aman (SADA) didn't help, and the disappearance of Pas Assemblymen only broke the camel's back. Azizan's burst of temper served nobody, and his barring of mainstream media from covering the State Assembly only created more whispers even from the pas camp. Thanks Azizan, you took so much action except in helping the flood victims. Anyway, we understand that Azizan just came out from a "mb-exco bashing" session" during the State Exco Meeting where all matters relating to the flood cannot be formulated or resolved and the glaring evidence of state government's short-comings during the great flood are too obvious. It is understandable that he came to the press-conference already in choler, and the journalists' barrage of questions on why the state never helped was the last straw which gave azizan a good excuse to vent his fury.

The SADA business that didn't help much I mentioned? It's like this:
As the water plant in Bukit Pinang was flooded as well, water supply to most parts of Alor Setar was disrupted, including those which were not affected by the floods. A report received from one of the housing areas in Mergong stated that, after 2 days of having no water supply, and despite SADA promising to send water, nothing came. However they found out that SADA has been sending water 3 times a day to an all-female dormitory for students of a MARA Polytechnic, without bothering to give any to the residents on the same street. This, and with more than 40 families on that particular street having no water to wash, cook and bath with. This resulted with the SADA lorry drivers and supervisors to be on the receiving end of verbal abuse. Luckily the issue was resolved when some of the residents decided to accompany and escort the SADA water truck to refill and return with water to the area.

I have to admit that it is unfair to say that pas/pkr state assemblymen were not around. While the water was rising in an area located in an area on the way from Alor Setar to Kepala Batas, the pas assemblyman turned up at several houses which were being engulfed by the rising water. The house owners were given some money to ease their burden. I wonder what will the money buy for them during that time? Anyway, he was scoffed at and given a severe tongue-lashing by the residents and was not seen again for the next few days. There is also another report of another young pas state assemblyman who sent out a pick-up truck laden with boxes of mineral water in the morning to relief centers and returned in the evening with the same amount. What about the pas assemblyman who took back his contribution after feeling that the relief center has enough of it already?

The biggest irk among all was during the peak of the flooding when the water reached the junction of Lebuhraya Sultanah Bahiyah-Jalan Langgar-Alor Setar Utara Toll Plaza. All day long a truck with a big DAP flag was seen driving around, empty except for the driver. Nobody knows what it was up to, it never went to help anybody, nor did the truck go to any relief centers; it seems to be circling the Lebuhraya Sultanah Bahiyah-Jalan Tun Abdul Razak area. That actually drew the ire of the 95% Malay population there, where one flood victim stated, "Kalau tak mau tolong beghambuih la, satgi oghang semua penampag muka hang baghu nak tau" (If you don't want to help then leave, or we'll slap you good). It is strange that it is the only vehicle that carried a political flag. The fleet of Putra and Pemuda UMNO's relief efforts never carried any flag nor were there any indications that they came as a political party. So, to DAP, all we can say is, "Take that flag of yours, roll it down, turn it up sideways, and cram it up your...well, to where it doesn't actually belong."

It is sad to hear from volunteers such Mercy Malaysia who were nagged at, and in certain places, even turned away from distributing aid to flood victims. This happened in relief centers controlled by idiots (no, not mahfuz) from pas. I guess their ideology and their far-away distance from understanding Islam is to great that they would rather let victims who had to shelter there be deprived from necessary assistance. Ok, that was Alor Janggus, but most of the relief centers which were controlled by pas could not stop the flood victims from demanding aid from Mercy, and in most pas-controlled relief centers, even pas controllers themselves could not resist the aid given, such as the "much-talking, less brain activity ustaz" at Sekolah Agama Mergong. Mercy Malaysia distributed specially packed hygiene kits to ensure the health and sanitary beings of flood victims as the waters will bring many types of disease. Merci, Mercy, for braving such an endearing and thankless feat.

And now for something worse than the floods...yes, you guessed it: mahfuz. Yes, yes, he finally came back after the waters receded to visit a few places which were affected by the floods. It caused quite a sensation when he gave out some sort of aid to victims in an area in Telok Wan Jah. Sensation? Yes, he chose to contribute some relief to a number of houses who he knew as his supporters, leaving out the others, including those who might really need help. It's strange because the flood was indiscriminate in choosing which house to submerge, and the Federal government was indiscriminate as well, but mahfuz? Ah well, it's mahfuz. Maybe somebody should try to explain to him the concept of charity in Islam.

Talking about mahfuz, it seems strange that he also accused the double tracking project as being the conduit in making the floods even worse. Funny nobody seems to notice how the weather was and how much water actually came down, and how in the world did the double tracking caused an even worse flood in areas such as Kepala Batas, Jitra and/or even Padang Terap? But then again, let me quote a line from Pas supporters themselves. "Be serious, it's only mahpus (mahfuz)."

A huge thanks must be extended to Perak and Syabas for supplying water to the citizens of Alor Setar. We saw them coming day and night, and this assistance should bring relief to the over-worked employees of SADA. After Sunday last week there were more water-tankers from Syabas and Perak sending water to affected housing areas. To them, along with SADA, we owe them so much.

Ok, everybody now knows that nobody should complaint to the state about the hardship suffered because of the floods, or they'll hear the reply of "Shhh...nanti azizan mengamuk!" But seriously, azizan should stop pretending behind that dramatized fury and the heavily staged media-barring act because Kedahans know that he's trying to create a distraction. Why don't you come out to the areas affected and listen to what the people that pakatan rakyat conned last time to win have to say. Be frank, if they hurl verbal abuse, take it like a man...and never take it like mahfuz. But stop acting the goat, you look ridiculous, and worse, it gave no comfort to the victims whose life and property were ravaged by the oncoming slew of muddy water. Maybe because of that, azizan, along with his assemblymen, have water in their brains.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

...And Let Loose The Dogs of War!!!

The candidates are ready, all parties have geared up, all pkr supporters disguised as pas supporters have gathered their weapons, and we are set to go.

The two by-elections, one state and the other parliamentary will be hotly contested.

In Sabah, the parliamentary seat of Batu Sapi pits 3 candidates, 1 from Barisan Nasional and 2 from Pakatan Anwar. BN fielded Datin Linda Tsen Thau Lin, of Parti Bersatu Sabah, who is also the widow of the late MP for Batu Sapi. Datuk Edmund Chong Ket Wah.

PKR has placed Ansari Abdullah, one of their lawyers as their candidate while Datuk Yong Teck Lee from SUPP is the 2nd candidate from Pakatan.

The Galas DUN meanwhile will witness a straight fight between Tengku Razaleigh and Nik Ajis via their candidates, the secretary for UMNO Gua Musang, Encik Abdul Aziz Yusof, a local boy while pas fields Dr Zulkefli Mohamad, a medical practitioner.

We understand that, despite Ku Li's pledge to have the campaigning process to go smoothly, mudslinging and personal attacks have begun. Well, what's new with pas?

Anyway, I am more attracted to the situation in Batu Sapi. It seems that PKR supporters were "upset" with anwar for selecting Ansari instead of the more popular Thamrin Zaini. There were complaints of Ansari being too proud and arrogant, but I don't know, I never met da guy. As a result, 3/4 of the audience who were at Anwar's announcement left the hall.

Really? With anwar, one cannot take things straight, always try to read between the lines. We know anwar needs more of a win in Sabah as a headway to gain Putrajaya. Yong Teck Lee is just a device to split the Chinese and non-Muslim majority, and his blue eyed boy cum lawyer is to collect its spoils. Isn't it strange that everytime there is a by-election, there seems to be a tiff within the pakatan leaders? This bollywood scenario has been played over and over again, and I'm sure by now, people are so aware of it.

Yes yes, I don't touch a lot on by-elections, and I really don't intend to much. However, I'd like to take this opportunity to wish the BN candidates all the best and also to the candidates of pakatan, you can take the 1All-Seeing-Eye and stick it to where it shouldn't belong.

Say, looks like the factions in PKR who are not satisfied with Anwar's choice are really going at it, with reports coming in about scuffles between Thamrin and Ansari supporters banging heads. Well, looks like PKR might be ready to change its name to World Wrestling Entertainment. But beware, the fights in WWE is always carefully rehearsed too.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Voices Up North : Whispers In The Wind

Well, those pakatan twerps are still doing the work of 3 people: Larry, Curly and Moe. They were seen a few days ago placing banners of themselves on the road to parliament, in protest of an UMNO banner which was
placed somewhere there as well. It's nice to see the Malays of pas and pkr hanging up the posters and banners of dap and pas, while the Chinese and Indians also hanging up the dap materials. It's amusing to see the Chinese and Indian pakatan members not even touching pas posters and banners, not even with a 10 foot stick. I am still wondering why. Maybe that's why they still worship Anwar's 1-All-Seeing-Eye.

Anyway, let's leave the red monkeys flying banners and posters up their respective... ummm... wherever they want to stick it and return up north. Since last year, there were whispers of a new Ketua Perhubungan Negeri for UMNO Kedah to replace the present Shafiee Afdal. But all of the rumors seem to die down after time. Every few months, you'll hear this again and again, and the UMNO warlords had to go all out to put out this fire. Alas, nowadays, the whispers are not whispering anymore, it's getting louder. And the wind carrying the whispers seem to blow faster and faster and you can almost smell the whiff of fear permeating in the air, mostly coming from the camps of the old UMNO warlords.

At this moment, nobody can attest to the authencity of this new Ketua Perhubungan Negeri. Even at that, in so many places, one name has been cropping up, and that will be Mukhriz Mahathir. I wouldn't be scratching my head if Jerlun and/or Kubang Pasu talks of him, but to have areas such as Baling, Sungai Petani and even Jerai? Now that's a name that spells change for Kedah and the state UMNO.

If it is true, if Mukhriz is the UMNO Kedah's Ketua Perhubungan Negeri, then finally the grassroots, instead of their state leaders, will finally get what they have always wanted, and that's maybe the first time since pak lah. Some people did declare that they did wish Najib would listen to the grassroots instead of the Ketua Cawangan or Bahagian. If this happens, maybe he did. And if he did, it's about time. Kedahans are sick and tired of the dundering blockheads...no, not mahfuz, that have been running the state from one disaster to another, to which the water problem sees no solution. It doesn't matter what pas supporters say because, all their defenses will still give no water to those affected areas. And of course, we are also sick to the stomach with old umno humpty dumptys (the warlords), who are scrambling to get positions for themselves, and most of Najib's men could never put all these humpty dumptys together again.

It must also be said that it will not be an easy road for Mukhriz if the rumors are right. He will have to work hard to establish his own footing, away from the shadows of his father in Kedah. Support from grassroots might not be much of a problem but he still needs to prove his worth. To achieve all of these might prove to be a road full of treachery for him, as we have seen what happened to his father in Kubang Pasu in the nomination to be a delegate last time. Most treacheries might be from within the state, and there might be one or two from somewhere in-between the country's capital and it's southern neighbor. Mukhriz might also find that the son of his father's closest neighbor in Kedah to be such a noisy fly. Well, it will be more noisy with the MB's chair up for grabs in a few years.

The hesitant icon of Kedah shall return? Will we see drastic measures of change sweeping up UMNO Kedah? It is about time those useless UMNO warlords find the exits waiting for them. While waiting for this, I'll just brush up on this nice 70s song by a group called Steam called Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye...

Ok, altogether now, "nanana, nanana, hey hey hey goodbye..."

And once we're done, let's recap at Kedah Sejahtera (?)

Monday, October 25, 2010

From GAP: A Good Video To View

Courtesy of GAP, I present to you, in the true spirit of World Wrestling...oops, Parti Keadilan Rakyat, the incident that took place during the PKR Kota Raja elections.

For me, it's not something surprising. Pas has been complaining about PKR members dressing up as Pas supporters to create havoc and pandemonium, this is just another day under their All-Seeing-Eye.

Just to get into the spirit...IF YOU SMELLLLLLLL......WHAT ANWAR'S CROCK IS COOKING??!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

KJ's Crap Here, Crap There, Crap, Crap Crap!!!

We could've had the soft spoken, charismatic and iconic Mukhriz Mahathir, we could've had the out-spoken, experienced but slightly condescending Khir Toyo, but no....they had to climb into kj's cave of gold. In the end, Khairy Jamaluddin is the UMNO Youth Chief, and UMNO Youth crumbled in spirits, guts spilled and gored. Not dead, but in the painful limbo, between life and death. To all who fancies the supernatural, here's an example of how, ever since KJ's victory as UMNO Youth Chief, not to believe too much on the subject of life after death. As you can see, with KJ leading the Umno Youth, there is not much life before death itself.

It's amazing to see kj on TV last night, delivering a speech to a crowd of 98% sleeping (or least listening to MP3 or playing games on their hand phones), to which the crowd erupted to a few seconds of silence and a handful of sarcastic clapping. what was stranger to me was his claim that they (The UMNO Youth) are a group who wants to no position in party and government. I might be getting old, but the memory of KJ lobbying for ministerial post via his Pemuda cronies hasn't really dissolved away from my mind.

Of course, his speech was much praised and well liked. And of course it has...what? Who praised it? Oh yes, I forgot...who else, but his father in law, Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. Please allow me to reiterate: Pak Lah
 has always been an icon of a sleeping...no, not giant, just a sleeping fellow. The internet is rich of his pictures depicting him sleeping at almost every government function, rivaled only by Kedah's MB, Azizan. The question remains: was he actually awake to see his beloved son in law delivering the sleepy speech? The mystery deepens.

To add salt to the wound, an UMNO Youth delegate from Kedah actually criticized KJ. No, not asking KJ to resign like everybody wanted, but to "politely" scold him for not coming to Kedah often. For the record, KJ only came to Kedah twice...and that's already too much. To that delegate from Kedah, somebody should get a galah and tolong jolokkan...no, we're not going to ask anwar ibrahim to that either. Who in their right mind wants kj to come to Kedah? The frivolous harbinger of doom, here? Why not ask Tun Abdullah to be economic advisor to Kedah while you're at it?

The time had come for Pemuda UMNO to stop this ass-worshiping attitude and get on with what the youths actually want: kick KJ out; out of the youth movement and out of UMNO. To the delegates, ketua bahagian and cawangan, remember that the more you stick with an unwanted rogue for a leader, the more grassroots’ support you lose. But still, we know that you'll never hear what we say, you can hear of tinkling sounds from the top. Not that there'll be any candle-light vigil when Pemuda is dead, but close, since it's already in an ICU state, just like UMNO Kedah's old warlords. Just like Kedah, Pemuda UMNO must dare to change before it's too late, before The Apprentice takes an even bolder step.

Update 24th October 2010:

I read an article in a Malay daily yesterday where KJ criticized those leaders who are in a category known as "Syok Sendiri." Ok, so I might agree to that statement as it actually describes the UMNO Kedah's old warlords...yes, yes, opposition too, but we're not talking about mahfuz today.

What I find most amusing is that KJ's statement seems to run off the back of him and his bunch of cronies. Not true, you say? Let's see: winning suspiciously after a more than 5 hours of ballot counting of less than 1000 votes. Claims that the whole UMNO Youth supports him but actually non-existent when looked from the grassroots' point of view. Hmmm...he goes everywhere with his own personal people to greet and show, at least, a crowd, KJ is doubt a pariah of his own design. The way things are going, UMNO Youth at the moment, will remain without balls till the day the rightful challenger kicks him out of UMNO forever. At the moment, he can go and syok sendiri...maybe along with the old warlords of UMNO Kedah.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

CLEARING THE GARBAGE..Rubbish!!! It's Anwar's Thrash

My my!!! What a blow up. Again, another part of the truth is laid out in the open. Such that anwar and cohorts had to send thugs to gag his former aide, Rahimi Osman from talking to the media. How scared can one get into having to hide behind rough-assed mobs?

News today quoted that Latheefa Koya, PKR's information chief rubbished the whole allegation made by Rahimi. Fancy that, rubbish trying to call others rubbish. I must say that this allegation by anwar's ex-aide is not something new and not even the least surprising.

While the lawyers for anwar and the coy latheefa demand an apology from Rahimi, and while we wait for more bombshells of truth heading our way, let's look into a past case that those lawyers should be taking action.

Back in February this year, anti-anwar/pakatan blogs have been abuzz about the actual identity of a teenage girl, allegedly to be of anwar and shamsidar's. Among the articles, one of the examples can be seen here, at The Unspinners:

Looking at the way it was written, I don't think it's an allegation anymore but a downright accusation. I wonder where in the world are anwar and his team of decrepit lawyers on this issue? Shouldn't they be suing these bloggers for slander, and finally, dismiss this entire tarnishing debacle? They say Anwar used azmin's eldest daughter's DNA, falsifying the results to show that Afifa is not anwar's daughter.

I say enough of this monstrosity, anwar and get your lawyers the task of cleaning you up, anytime like, right now. Is it a wonder that people everywhere are wondering why you favor the odious azmin so much and why he's been directed to be winning everywhere?

At the same time, I'll be wondering whether you'll be taking any action on matters that concern you most at all, rather than peddling yourself to be next President of the Republic of Malaysia...

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fractured: Not All That Quiet On The Northern Front

Alhamdulillah, all blessings be to Allah; Tun Mahathir has been discharged from the hospital in Australia and is currently resting at a hotel. This news might just frustrate Azmin and many pas supporters who had throughout the years, failed to inflict any negative impact on Tun, politically and religiously. Even N.ajis feels safe making potshots from the safety of his chambers.

Anyway, these past few months, we have traveled to many places, attending many functions by all parties and observing the political scenarios of the time. All I can say so far is, by far, it's not pretty...well, so's mahfuz.

Kedah has so far been very lucky when Pas took over the state government in 2008 by installing Azizan as the Menteri Besar. Azizan was more of an accidental choice as he was never that aspiring. The actual aspirant was the king-sized bean by the name of Mahfuz, who had been eyeing the seat since the 1999 elections. He did lobby for a state seat but the state pas committee was wise to give him parliamentary.

Hey, it's mahfuz we're talking about. Who can ever forget his noise-making in the parliament during the Budget 1998, live on TV, challenging the legality of Tun Mahathir's position of Finance Minister? And who can EVER forget on that same transmission, 15 - 20 minutes later, a camera shot of Mahfuz dozing peacefully during the session. Well, at least now we know how much understanding he has about anything on that particular budget.

A lot has been said about Azizan's hatred towards Anwar and cohorts, and news has leaked out that Azizan will not be returning as MB if pas wins the next general election, and we can see the contest is heating up. This is not something new: the Kota Seputeh seat issue is still undecided by the courts, but the battle within pas members has been long running for more than a year already because everybody in there wants to be a YB. Each faction wants their respective candidates.

With an open view and non-conformance to Nik Ajis' rules and Pakatan's standards, Azizan's seat is being vied by 2 other factions within pas. Leading the way is mahfuz', in cohorts with the secular minded and support of PKR and DAP. Why anwar would choose mahfuz for this faction, I have no idea, but Kedahans might just shiver at the very notion that a clown-sized clunk like mahfuz might be the next Menteri Besar of Kedah. But he might just get it with Anwar and Husam pulling the strings of puppetry. Although this faction is quite huge in size, the number is usually comprised of PKR members wearing pas headbands and banners to cause riots.

Talking about mahfuz, he was so vocal back in 2006/7 when he led the people to the MBAS over the issue of uncollected garbage in Kedah. Now that he's in power, the garbage collection is still messed up, where the hell is he? Shall we collect all the garbage in our houses and take it to his? But this might be redundant as his words have always been thrash.

What made the situation a bit messier is now that Azizan's loyal "deputy" is in the fray by jumping into another faction. Well, formally we know that Kedah has no Deputy Menteri Besar, but this "professional" has carried out task after task without question since Azizan's installment as MB, only to find out that Azizan is grooming somebody else as his replacement. Although he seems very very out of place, I guess N.ajis' faction is the only way for him to go, as he's not exactly eye-to eye with Mahfuz...and perchance to wrest Azizan's seat away. The N.ajis' faction in pas has been widely known for having their own religion...or mostly deviations from Islam. Yes, the religion is known as...pas. Maybe you should try reading Na.jis' hadiths and judge it yourself. For example, letting a non-muslim like Nga use the Al-Qur'an to divide Muslims and Malays in order to bring down an Islamic state government is considered Halal by Pas. Of course, to these people, whatever N.ajis says is such a revelation for them.

Believe it or not, there is another faction which has been keeping to themselves. They are much feared and loathed by the Anwar's and N.ajis' factions. You might have guessed it: it is Hadi & Nasharudin Mat Isa's group, or famously known as the unity government faction who are still negotiating terms with the Federal government. Sure, sure, anwar made contradicting statements of them, but who's going to believe anwar? The jews lost faith in him for disappointing them after years of aid and assistance, the west is starting to kick him in the butt around, and the list grows.

Its 2010, the fight is already on. Pas members feel that now pas stands a lot of chances to win seats and even establishing a state government, so it's not surprising to see a lot of back-stabbings and arguments between members who would like to stand as candidates in by-elections and perhaps, the coming General Elections in 2013. Both factions have 2 1/2 years to complete this tomoi championship.

Let us hope that these 2 factions keep in mind that whatever their fate is, or whichever faction between the two (Hadi's faction excluded) that they choose, they have one destiny. Maybe they forgot that everything in Pakatan Rakyat is being and will always be controlled by Anwar Ibrahim, the self-claimed (cue Lord of the Rings soundtrack here) "One ring to rule them all, and in darkness, bind them."

Gee, all that, and we haven't even included Umno into the fray. And we can see how hardworking the Kedah Umno warlords are at the moment...zzzzzz....okay, so at least, if Kedah Umno wants to be in the fray for 2013, they really really have to buck up. The old warlords? Well, incarceration might not be a good idea. Kedah Umno needs fresh faces and new leaders, and while Kedahans have an iconic leader at Federal, they should go and lure him back. If the next lineup consists of the same old faces and/or their clones, Umno can kiss goodbye to Kedah as anwar ibrahim will be the supreme ruler of the state, over whoever he designed to be the MB.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Voices Up North: Slippery When Wet…and Dry

Kedah is a land of contrasts...that might sound nice if it were an advertisement for Tourism Malaysia, but considering how jam packed it was at the Juru (Penang) Toll Plaza, Penang Bridge Toll Plaza and the (yawn) close to smattering of vehicles coming out from the highway to the Alor Setar Selatan Toll Plaza, it actually shows how popular Alor Setar itself. The disturbing banner of Mr. Bean...no, not that Mr. Bean, this is the useless but accidentally funny Mahfuz after the toll plaza is really not helping Alor Setar as a tourist destination. 
Somehow there are some people who seems to link that banner and the reason of why cars passing by seems to move even faster to Bukit Kayu Hitam, but never mind.

Don't get me wrong, mahfuz is the type of guy who does not know the meaning of the word "Fear." We did try giving him a Thesaurus, but he doesn't know the meaning of that either.

Historically, Kedah has been long established as the rice bowl of Malaysia. Yes, Mahfuz too, but he's more of a swinging bowl (mangkuk hayun) of Pas...hey, not my call! You really should go to pas members' kenduris, that where they always make fun of mahfuz. Anyway, back to the history lesson, Kedah padi season recognizes the hot dry spells of draught and rainy season at the end of the year. After Malaysia's Independence in 1957, the Federal government and Kedah state embarked on a beneficial project known as Pedu Dam in Padang Terap. The completion of this project spawned Muda Dam and Muda Irrigation Program or Rancangan Pengairan Muda. This project has ensured that no padi fields in their program suffer the destruction of their crops by drought ever again. That reminded me of last year's news where padi farmers complained of their crops destroyed by drought, and how MB's secretary replied that it was caused by draught. As those farmers were in the Muda Program, and since water levels at Pedu and Muda didn't even budge, his remarks were met with riotous laughter at restaurants and coffee-shops in Kedah. Sensing that, he gave another remark of how the past government is at fault. Maybe Azizan should try hiring an actual Kedahan as his secretary.

Kedah has been naturally rich in water and despite what we see on TV, mahfuz' "Mr-Bean" condition has no bearing whatsoever with the waters of Kedah. Kedah supplies Perlis and Penang with raw water, and both states enjoyed it free of charge. Perlis is a small state and its consumption is quite average. Kedah's water to Penang, on the other hand, supports Penang's industrial, tourism and so many aspects in the development of the island.

It's quite strange how Pihak Bekalan Air (PBA) once claimed that there is no such thing as water coming from Kedah. Their claim is Sungai Muda is in no-man's land (borderline) of Kedah-Penang and the water is free to be claimed. That's a nice take on it, but if they actually learn how to read the map at Pejabat Tanah, they will notice that the border of the land they call Butterworth/Penang starts right on the riverbank on their side, minus the river. The river and the riverbank on the other side belong to Kedah. But, as a friend of mine from Penang says, "The epitome of Penangites: What's mine is mine, what's yours is mine." Hopefully, one day, Kedah might reroute the river to cover other padi fields within the state that is not covered by the Muda Program.

Since 2008, people of Kedah experienced a new government which they elected out of anger, and sadly the replacement could never bring the state any notches up at all. Despite boasting that they cut down costs deemed excessive for the development and up keeping the water storage and treatment plants, water pressure dropped tremendously, causing many areas without water. This, in a state that has been naturally blessed with water. Certain places in Sik, Jeniang, Pendang and even several villages in Pedu endured months and years waking up early in the morning just to get water for the household. It is not a secret but pas and pakatan pro-bloggers did try to suppress this issue, and when it popped up right on their noses, they placed the blame on the previous state government. That usually serves as a good cover-up from getting their asses kicked.

It was bad enough with having many parts of Kedah celebrating Eid-ul-Fitri last year and this year without the necessary supply of water, the Menteri Besar, Azizan took another step forward (depending on which side you look from) by increasing the water tariff between 22 - 45%. Of course, we will have twerps like Det Khalid calling foul, but was brushed off by Azizan stating that it is not his fault but Federal's. If Det Khalid actually looks into a microscope of that issue, he could've rephrased into another way of blaming the state government, such as "how did it come up to this resolution?", "why and who requested Federal aid?", "why did the Federal require structuring of debt?"...but no, well, I guess he didn’t want to ask about how that debt gets there in the first place either. But ultimately, the state government has the absolute jurisdiction on whether to increase the water rates or not. Say, Azizan, did you try taxing Penang and Perlis for the consumption of Kedah's water first? Even Kulim Hi-Tech Park never had a supply of quality water compared to what Penang is getting.

Since early this year, we saw Lim Guan Eng trying to raise the water rates in Penang under the pretense of "avoiding wastage of water." What was that all about? Your water is free, and free-flowing, unlike Kedah, Penang doesn't have to do a huge maintenance of a few dams and one huge dam whereby a mini-submarine is needed. Anyway, we're not talking about Emperor 
Lim and his singaporized Penang. The quality of water is also in question. In many areas, people still long for clear fresh water instead of water corroded with muck and rust. I remember a friend of mine complaining that he now has to change his water filter every one to two months. This might be good to regenerate economy of the state with increase in demand for water filters, but why not find something that doesn't actually force people into doing it?

Pakatan supporters did try to attack this truth. They claim that they have been enjoying high quality and abundance of water supply in their house. On one hand, that is good for them, but nobody is talking about them. What about those people who are not getting water?

The water problem caused a lot of problems whereby it affected religious ceremonies, kenduris and so much more.

Wait a minute...where are the Umno Kedah warlords? Yes, so Det Khalid did open his empty mouth but that's about it, then it's all quiet on the northern front. Where's the over-talking Tajuddin Kentucky? Or the regal Tajul Urus? I think I saw Ajis Rempit doing maximum impact out of here...

Kedahans are getting fed-up with the state government while pro-pakatan bloggers are still busy pulling fairy tales out of their asses for people to see. The gutless Umno Kedah and their toothless UMB team are like the quality of water Kedahans are getting: slow and rusty. 
Perhaps it is time to change, Kedahans must dare to change. With so many problems with the state, it's no surprise to see that whenever pas representatives drop by any kampung area to indirectly force people to attend their ceramah, children usually run to the kitchen and tell their mum this, which is equivalent to what European children shouted when Nazi supporters come around: Mutter, der Mann mit großen Lügen hier, translation? Here's a nice PG13 translation:

Mak, tukang karut dah mai.

Hey. that's a nice PG13 translation, it could've been worse. Yes, they could've said, "Mak, Mahfuz mai" which might just cause pandemonium and riot...and the circus might have to leave town and look elsewhere to make some money.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

At This Moment

Today is the last day of Ramadhan, and as the final hours and minutes of this holy month goes by, we should look back at the achievements of the muslims in Malaysia...maybe in a short span of time.

We can do that tomorrow as well, while at the Hari Raya congregation at Pakatan's open-for-all congregation center in Shah Alam (no, not the mosque), listening to the sermons given by Al-Ustaz Lim Guan Eng Al-Khalifatul Pinang, about the evils of the injustices of having the Malays given so much priorities, and how fair it will be if NEP is removed. Or maybe Anwar making a point of how important it is for the Muslims to ally themselves with Gog and Magog rather than Muslim UMNO counterparts. Once done, everybody will be entertained by Namewee, telling everybody should go back to Indonesia. But then again, the congregation might be full of Indonesians already, probably imported from Bandera, who are still flagging up the wrong pole.

Young Nurul Izzah might be sending raya cards detailing on how the Malaysian submarines which she never saw, doesn't work. Hey' don't blame her, she studied on a prestigious "mat salleh" scholarship, so she will always been patriotic to them.

The fate of the Muslim Malays are always in their hands, but a united Malay is always an impossibility. Unity is always broken down by so many things, right from political ideologies right to village groupings...but hey, how do you think the Europeans manage to squeeze all the riches out through the Malays themselves?

Will this Hari Raya promise any changes for the Muslim Malays? Or have they been blinded deep in one eye and condemned to view the world like their master?

Bapak3 wishes all a Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir dan Batin to all readers. Drive carefully and have a safe festival.

P.S.: Don't sweat it, Azmin will win the PKR post, he has anwar at his back...literally. Hey, they still share one thing(?) in common...

Monday, September 6, 2010

Apanama-namewee : Sliding Down The Razor's Side...

I've been away, and it seems more and more meaty issues propping up here and about.One of the amazing things I read while away was on this kid, Wee Meng Chee, who created a stir when he in a way provoked racism and anger by his video.

Among the noise, the suprising choice will be Azizan, the MB of Kedah. He accused the Malaysian government of being too lenient in this matter and should act swiftly as this is the second time the lowly-rated rapper wannabe has landed himself in hot water.

The first was his Negaraku parody which was finally resolved with the aid of Chua Soi Lek. Not that I disagree totally with the message, but provocations are quite disturbing for many. He could at least offer some solutions too, but he's too rude at that as well, and mostly (I think this is a must), get thee to a vocal/singing school.

Why am I surprised with Azizan? Ok, so wasn't really surprised. Here's an old man who sits in the Kedah MB's chair...well, he dozes off most of the time, but concious enough to realize the tactics of anarchists such RPK and even Namewee in inciting tension between religion and races. Of course, that rebel yell might cost him a lot as Pakatan has resolved in their meeting that Namewee is to be defended at all cost. Unsurprising as Pakatan always needed anarchists.It is still unknown what Azizan's fate will be, but I'm sure pakatan might just arrange some scandals or two just to see him off.

Azizan's statement might just be the tonic that the Pas/PKR factions needed. We understand that so far there are 3 factions who would like to kick Azizan out and rest their own asses on the MB's chair. With Azizan's statement slamming the very person they're supposed to defend, well, they might just sit down and wait until pakatan hand them the position on a silver platter.

Azizan not toeing the lines set by Pakatan is not something new:

1) In 2008, after winning the election, the hardcore pas supporters from the east coast went on a rampage tearing down Kemas buildings, but was stopped and criticized by Azizan, which eventualy angered one half of the hardliners.

2) Also in 2008, when Hadi stated that all states under Pas MUST implement Hudud (yes, the one he never implemented while governing Terengganu) but Azizan defied Hadi as well. This riled the 2nd faction of the hardliners.

3) His hatred for Anwar Ibrahim has always been well-known, and he has always been quoted as saying, "Tengok muka pun tak lalu." about Anwar Ibrahim.

4) Despite his earlier views on Tun Mahathir, everything changed when he went too meet Tun himself after becoming the Menteri Besar Kedah. He admitted the kindness and honesty, and the hospitable nature of Tun upon returning.

5) Unlike PKR who were promised large sums of resources, Azizan admitted that the state has no money (which brings into question what happened to the balak money?) and could not give much to constituents, dissatisfying the Pas/PKR factions.

Those are just a few, most of the factions involved are usually labelling Azizan as another UMNO politician. Even that's not much of an impossibilities because, according to his relatives Azizan is the only sibling who went into Pas, and even that as a non-conformist as he's always on the fence.

I don't know what fate belies Azizan but I sincerely thank you for standing up to the knock-kneed joints of a certain minister who seems to be very slow at taking action but very swift in apologizing (such as for being a Malay who kisses a keris). Somebody needs to do that.

Now that I've mentioned that, where in the world are the old warlords of UMNO Kedah? Sleeping, or just gutless? An old non-conformist pas leader spoke out against an element of racial tension, and those who profess about defending their religion and ethnicity are currently too busy to say anything.

I would like to suggest to these Pinkus Floydus (a living dinosaur that has gone past its time) to relinquish their seats and positions. Even if you don't, why can't you just protect the people you're supposed to, in stead of defending your seats and position? Shame on all of you.

Paging for Det Khalid, Tajul Urus, Ali Yahya, Ajeez Rahim, Rozai, Bashah, Mat Lebai Sudin, Jo Pak Om, Tajudin Kentucky, Suhaimi Jerai and Rahman Padang Serai, PLEASE BE INFORMED THAT YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO LEAVE WHEN THE JESTER STEPPED DOWN LAST YEAR!!! By the way, you might realize by now that your balls are missing. At a time when the Muslim and the Malays are being endangered, you had to be cowards...

Un occhio scende su tutti

Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Nice Apa-nama Namewee Rap

Here's a nice rap on Namewee...

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Selamat Berpuasa

Salam, again, it has been an extremely busy week, although the desire to write with all the new interesting news around, such as 2 DNAs found in Anwar's sodomy trial and suicide note on Teoh Beng Hock's case, time really shackled my hand away. I should be back, Insya'Allah in a few days.

In the meantime, I would like to wish all my Muslim friends, Selamat Berpuasa. May the fasting season reminds us all on the hardship and misery of the people who might not be so lucky, especially the oppressed ones around the world.

And speaking of the oppressed, I hereby embed this video, actually my first video ever on YouTube, titled Hidup Palestin, song and lyrics by Aimen:

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Looking Behind To Move Forward...Will It Work?

These past 1-2 weeks, we've witnessed the gathering days of discontent in Selangor; the cratering issues on the illegal sand-mining and now, Tony Pua's audacious proposal to scrap Bumiputra discounts for ownership of commercial properties and luxury houses in Selangor. Maybe the Malays in Pakatan are dancing to this tune right now, but given a little less than 10 years, they might just realize what has happened after thy actually stop grooving in their low-cost houses. (Read more here)

DAP has always been known to be affiliated with Singapore. What's there to be surprised? Their origin can be traced back to Singapore's People's Action Party (PAP) where Lim Kit Siang was part of Lee Kuan Yew's political secretary group. They still have significant similarities in their logos, and their bond with Singapore has always been strong, while they try to blind-side Malaysians. Why? Here's an example: why won't the Lim dynasty in DAP ever answer the mind boggling riddle of why they criticize ISA so much when Singapore uses it as well without getting a single nag from DAP?

On Pua's proposal, maybe it is just the fact that DAP can't really stand the sight of Malays owning those properties and that they should just remain in low-cost houses, operating business from a push-cart stall. Still, it doesn't matter what his objectives are, the Singaporization of Penang has already been in effect. On Selangor, it all depends on how the recently gutted and stuttering MB Khalid's reaction to the proposal. Never mind Anwar Ibrahim as he is very busy trying to wrest the PM's chair and it doesn't matter whatever happens to the Muslims and Malays in Malaysia, and not to mention, his former allies and sponsor might be looking for his head for stabbing them in the butt...errr...I mean, back.

DAP talks about equality amongst all which sounds very nice and sugar-coated on paper. In practice however, the Muslim Malays will find their fate ranked somewhere in between the natives of America, Australia, Hawaii and who knows, it might just rank close to Palestine as well. Yes, yes, I am sure people might get upset for hinting that domestic policies made by Caucasians (orang putih...are they really white?) are unfair, but hold on, let me give the picture.

As the stories about Native Americans have already been told time and time over, let's take Hawaiians in our case example. Like any other native of the land, they enjoyed their land and its bounty with each other and lived in peace, away from everybody. They keep their wars to themselves.

For the Hawaiians, the downfall began when the Europeans arrived and requested land for farming which were kindly given by the monarch. After seeing how fertile the island were, they demanded more but the monarch refused as he saw that it will be a threat to his people's way of life. As a reply to the kindly gesture of the King, the Europeans overthrew him and requested the Americans to annex the islands. The king died in depose, so did his daughter, leaving their people without a leader, and the early 20th century saw the number of Hawaiian dwindle from hundreds of thousands to thousands. Well, there is no Zulqarnain now to stop these people from creating mischief on earth. Here's the situation back then: if factory union workers strike, the management will sit-down with them to solve the situation whereas, if native Hawaiian workers strikes, they'd usually be shot by the police. Strangely, Caucasians males are allowed to marry native Hawaiian ladies but an act of a native Hawaiian male marrying a Caucasian lady back then constitutes to an act almost sacrilegious.

The 2nd half of the 20th century brought dramatic changes, and human rights are recognized. With all the water under the bridge, everybody is given an equal right to opportunity. Anybody can open up businesses without any prejudice...or so it seems. Aborigines and Hawaiians have been long abused and lived in destitute, the equal opportunity brought them nothing much, they have no land, no properties or anything of value. If they go to the bank to get business loan, what can be used as security? Since they have nothing, they get nothing. They do not have MARA, SME loans for bumiputra or anything close that can help them. As we can see, native Hawaiians didn't actually benefit from these so-called equal right as championed by USA and any other political party who fantasizes in that direction. The equality only exists on paper.

Pua might be talking theoretically; I don't think he has seen how his "highly-valued equal right" has worked another way in history...well, mostly in histories that "white-men" try to erase. The halal-makers of Pakatan, PIS once remarked that the Malays will become more honored and glorious once the Pakatan rules, but now it seemed that, under the Pakatan rule in Penang and maybe later in Selangor, the Malays will be just trampled upon, chewed and spat out by DAP. Perhaps, if DAP's plan works out, the Muslim Malays will be erased from the history of Tanah Melayu...and even Tanah Melayu will never exist either. The Malays in Penang has found out, the hard way that, trusting DAP and the rest of Pakatan, is like building a house on mud.

The call for the abolition is considered a start, who knows what other Bumiputra rights that they want abolished. Knowing the DAP modus operandi; they might just get it their way. Will we see Selangor Malays going the Penang way?

Monday, July 19, 2010

Intermission: A Tribute To Anwar's New World Order - Malaysian Chapter

It has been a very busy week, and it looks like it's going to be another busy week, and I can't find the time to update my blog, but I'll try my best.

In the meantime, let's take a break from reading and enjoy the video which was made and uploaded to YouTube back in July 28, 2009.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Anwar Uncovered - The Butt Naked Shortcomings

The year was 1999, I was telling a bunch of young chaps who thinks that they were political aspiring activists about Anwar Ibrahim, his links to the "shadowy" characters in the West, the difference between Israelites and Jews, Anwar's shady activities with his "pals" such as Al Gore and Wolfowitz and many more. But their mind was already made up for the beginning, no evidence in the world, and no bare-naked truth can ever shake them from their belief: Anwar, the purely Islamic hero was framed by Dr Mahathir. They told me, "There is no such thing as Anwar is linked with the Jews." Worse still, they proudly claimed, "A true Muslim would never link himself to the Jews" to which I replied, "A true Muslim and a true blue human never sodomizes either," and that was replied by them with flying teh tariks and a rolling table and left me, who was still sipping my glass of tea. "Twerps, " I thought to my self.

I must admit that the hardest thing to be accepted by people will be the truth, especially when it is not in their favor. That is what Anwar's fanatical hordes are facing right now. Newspapers and blogs have been covering the exposure of Anwar. No, not the court case in which he was accused of using his tool; Anwar has been exposed as being the tool for CIA to exert their control over this country. Hey, what do you expect from a country administered by the same group who has and is still causing mischief on the face of the earth?

Who's undoing is it? Anwar himself! He did go around lambasting Jews and Israel over the freedom flotilla issue, and later went to US on the Apology Tour where he actually apologized over his own remarks and promised to be more careful about what he says next time. That is not surprising as the first person he met on his tour is Malcolm Hoenlein. Malcolm Hoenlein is the executive vice chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations since June 1986. He is the founding executive director of the Greater New York Conference on Soviet Jewry and the Jewish Community Relations Council of New York. Here are some excepts from Elaine Meinel Supkis' blog titled Anwar Ibrahim Made His Own Bad Choices :

Mr. Ibrahim is the leader of the opposition in Malaysia.  He needs allies and friends.  Where should he seek out these friends and allies?

   1. At top secret Bilderberg meetings?
   2. At meetings with US Jewish leaders?
   3. At gatherings in various Malaysian cities and towns, talking to the citizens of this country?

ΩΩIbrahim chose #1 and #2 options.  He made a big mistake doing this.

ΩΩNext: when visiting Washington, when he was told to meet with various top leaders who are Jews in Congress and ‘other Jewish leaders’ what did he do?

   1. Hurry off to these meetings and then apologize and grovel?
   2. Ask for US Jewish politicians to stop killing Muslims?
   3. Tell them to go to hell and turn around and make a public visit to Turkey?

ΩΩThe answer was #1: grovel and apologize.  I didn’t make this choice, HE made this choice.  I didn’t even report on this, the neo-con far right wing Zionist editor of the Washington Post BOASTED about this!  He thought it was funny.  If I were Ibrahim, I would have chosen option #3 or if I was foolish and went off to visit a bunch of very angry Zionists in DC, I would have lectured them about their beastly behavior towards the Turks, the people trapped in Gaza and the West Bank and ethnic cleansing in general.

What a hypocrite. Selling out Islam and the Malays in Malaysia is bad, but Malays being Malays, some of them loved him for it. But to do the same thing to his "powerful friends" who had given him positions, laid out strategies and funding? They are never forgiving. His powerful friends have made leaders rise and fall, and Anwar is just another small fry for them. How small? Insignificant's the word. The eye knows that in Asia (and certain other parts of the world), if they get rid of one Anwar, there are thousand more who can replace him and I am very sure some of the candidates are already lining up for the funding...ooops...I mean, position.

Anwar's Yayasan Aman is on its was to become a scandal as well (Read here: http://www.anwaraidc.com/2010/07/cia-siasat-semua-organisasi-anwar.html#more)

I am quite amused with the blog article titled CIA and Mossad Want Anwar Ibrahim Assassinated. At the same time, I wondered those young chaps who are now definitely be working somewhere and maybe with families of their own. If only they understood what I told them earlier, I wouldn't have to say, "I told you so." Anwar has become a liability to his sponsorers, and I doubt even his own trinity (Albright, Wolfowitz and Gore) will be able to resolve this.

Which way will Anwar spin himself this time? Most probably as a victim...maybe pas can help him on that. One way or the other, CIA and MOSSAD will assassinate Anwar, politically. Looks like Anwar's Nuovo Ordine Malaysia or New Malaysia Order is going down the drain, along with Anwar. Maybe it's time to take arms against his apprentice and successor.

Anwar, Memento Mori...

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