Sunday, December 19, 2010

If Mukhriz Returns II: The Old Warlords Will Be Coming Or Going?

Things may get ugly before they get better...well, maybe not for anwar. It got pretty for him when he came close to snatch the premiership of Malaysia from the incompetent pak lah back in 2008. Since then it went seriously downhill for him, what with the sodomy trial and currently being sodomized by the expose by WikiLeaks and serious butt-stabbing from certain  members in the Singaporean government. I guess he'll be the butt of the jokes passing around in coffee shops and watering holes accross the nation for the next few months. Well Anwar, told you not to offend the hand that's been feeding you.

Kedah on the other hand, might witness a flurry of acrid comments and cynical snides with the heavy rumours on the return of Datuk Mukhriz to the Kedah UMNO leadership. On the grassroot and normal folks's side, they seem to be happy with what they heard, and most of them are wishing that it is FINALLY true. How many times have they heard this? None has materialized so far, so, hopefully this time, it will bear a true fruit.

Salvos have been fired from certain quarters of UMNO since that day. Certain comments were made questioning on the experience of Datuk Mukhriz himself. "He's too young", "He doesn't stay in Kedah", "He's very inexperienced" However, we did manage to smell the stench of old UMNO warlords, and methinks I saw them running in the shadows behind the unsavoury comments. These useless old warlords should be made to understand that they shouldn't rage to the dying of the lights in their careers, that is what the people want; just accept it.

We do understand that it is not cheap for these old warlords to lobby themselves for the Ketua Perhubungan Negeri for UMNO Kedah, having to spend on so many things such as bloggers, PR events and so on to boost their image. But performance and results should have been made their primary concern. Yes, I agree that the UMNO leaders did very well to contain the situation during the 2010 flood, but we're talking about the overall. Why didn't we hear anybody (including the mysteriously disappearing Pas state assemblymen) stand up for the people for the failure of the state government during the floods in the state assembly? In fact, whatever happened to the Kedah UMNO since losing the state in 2008? They seem to go into shock and never recover from it. They do stand out in activities that wreak disunity, such as fighting over the nefarious KJ, Khir Toyo and Mukhriz during the race for the Ketua Pemuda UMNO, where everybody saw Mukhriz almost discriminated by Kedah UMNO bigwigs during his campaign.

But we also know that some old warlords are quite sure of themselves. One or two of them, we knolw are quite cocksure and very confident that this feathered duck upstart named Mukhriz can be rid of. Why not? Hey, if those two can eliminate his dad from winning a delegation seat in Kubang Pasu, why not his son? Quite a pity, one of the two, I knew his dad, a very accomodating former Customs and Immigration officer. Too bad his son, who landed in several deputy minister portfolios (still is) is also eyeing the top Kedah seat, both in UMNO and state, and seems to be hell-bent in doing so.

To Kedah UMNO, the only salvo we can fire on them is what many Kedahans have accepted: they have Dared To Change. Only Kedah UMNO seems to be lagging in their mentality. Always forever stuck in their "that's my seat, don't you dare." They forgot about what the people want. These old wardogs, if they are not even be able to dare themselves to change, just put them to sleep. Not that Kedah developed much since the past 6 years or so. The major shift in Kedah's development was under Syed Nahar Shahabudin's MB-ship. He set up the master-plan, executed it and left, and Kedah grew ever since. Of course, his successors couldn't steer as well as he did. The last UMNO MB for Kedah was a total washout, and the present one is actually fast becoming a burden to the people and to Pas themselves. Of course, to have mahfuz as MB might be an insult to Kedahans' intelligence.

It is strange that the old Kedah UMNO warlords claim that the UMNO leaders should follow and respect the wants and wishes of Kedahans, but they themselves never did, and from the way it is going, they never will. If they were to actually follow what people want, they would've resigned.

The rumours on the return of Mukhriz have generated interest and excitement that can be heard from one place to another and the changes it might be bringing. As for the old useless UMNO warlords, at this moment, nobody knows whether they're coming or going.

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