Friday, December 24, 2010

The Days Of Bile and Daggers For Anwar

Was it so strange that an insipid clod like khalid ibrahim actually banned 1Malaysia logo from being on any billboard or even sight in Selangor? Beaten in every turn, and even check-mated by Azmin at party level, Khalid seems to choose a childish move for his fast-dying MB days. Of course, we're sure that he prefers a logo of anwar's choosing of his lords and masters to be displayed all over Selangor...pending DAP's approval of course...what, you think he's actually powerful?

The butt-faced anwar, on the other hand, seems to have daggers sticking into his back in every corner he turns. Unlike the good old days of back-stabbing potential threats to his position and "back"-stabbing the other kind, he finds himself at the mercy of...the truth of course. Well, what he started as a spin for his own agenda became a twisting chokehold on himself.

My friends did say once that, when Saiful Bukhary took the "Sumpah Laknat", anwar actually ridiculed it, instead of denying or otherwise. Anwar went sliding down the edge of the razor after that.

He once announced that on 16th September 2008, Malaysia will be his. To him, at least, it seems so. After a new PM was sworn in, a cabinet reshuffle, a few more by-elections, his strong supporters ran off to the Independent caucus, anwar is still sitting uncomfortably in the Opposition chair in the parliament. Even at this time, the public has grown tired of his comedy in his court case...poor Karpal looks really tired by now. Talk about karpal, I find it very strange to see that anwar is being defended over a crime by somebody who brought the first issue up in parliament in 1997.

Perhaps the lowest point of his career was his attempt to portray himself as the "hero" of the Muslims. In a true bollywood style, he actually criticised Israel and the jews over the Freedom Flotilla incident. I guess your lords and masters did not take that too kindly. Even anwar's compassion tour to the US could not salvage his much blotched situation. You know, we used to wonder why anwar loved to meet up with Al Gore so much, but after Al-Gore was discovered having a torrid gay affair which led to his divorce from his wife, it really says a lot about anwar's friends.

At one time, anwar made a claim in parliament that the 1Malaysia was devised by APCO, based on their so-called close association with Edud Barak's 1Israel campaign. This was lopsided. Why? Well, he never explained the association between Pas' dubious :Pas For all and Israel For All tagline and not to mention PKR's eye logo similarity to their bigger lords and masters...yes, the All Seeing Eye. But anwar always thought he was good at covering up, but looks like he's come undone with the latest event which unravelled in p[arliament yesterday. A statutory declaration by an US political adviser, Robert M Shrum.was read out yesterday, which ruled out APCO's involvement with the 1Israel campaign and leaving a huge dagger up in anwar's butt...err, back. Yes, anwar was lying in parliament. Maybe the opposition should stop carrying cardboard banners in their schoolboy mannered show. The public has been in stitches, some even falling off their stool, laughing their heads off.

The WikiLeaks leaks didn't help him further. I don't truth WikiLeaks that much, but at the same time, do you actually other countries' intelligence are that stupid and simply believe what anwar claims? They might support him (or simply humour him) for another agenda of theirs...well, at least that's what they always do. Yes, I don't trust Singapore and Australia either. As usual, anwar retaliates to this, venting his anger by suing Tun Mahathir...what?

Like a friend of mine said, Anwar, you should never made that Sumpah Laknat trivial or even question it. Looks like you have to pay the piper now. There is a certain providence even in fall of a sparrow. Let's see how you get out of this divine intervention then. But anwar should be happy. He was not listed in Simon Wiesenthal Center’s 2010 list for the top anti-Semitic slurs, unlike Tun Mahathir. Maybe it shows how much the jews still love him...or so it seems. Do you still have wolfowitz to cry on, Anwar? Or off you go to see good ol' Al.

When the daggers strike, I guess Karpal has the best quote: Anwar Ibrahim harus bertaubat.

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