Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Dulcis est mendacium, et conveniens

Well, it must be said that, if there are any anti-climatic scenes in any movie, today must be the pen-ultimate among them all.

There were rumors that the list of new UMNO State Chief Liaison will be out today. There were calls and sms streaming in and out today. The hopes for the wave of changes for the state of Kedah ran sky-high, and it should be. Why? Well, after the non-stop falling flat on their faces performance by the pas-led government, and the all too often sleeping UMNO, too drowsy to jump and tackle any issues that seems to place Kedahans out of their breathing spaces.

The past one month seems to drive most Kedahans to the edge of their seats with much empathy. Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir was reported that he will be able and ready to lead if given the chance. That, I guess, drove many into a high-hope frenzy. Here, finally, an iconic character, a son of another icon of Kedah, finally stated that he is able and ready after much hesitance since 2008. To Kedahans, here is a leader who the general public can always reach out and relate to; a new blood instead of the already worn out state UMNO leaders who Kedahans never bother to think about. Even better than the so-called know-it-all old and useless UMNO warlords who seem to be spending most of their time sharpening their knives to cut away any blossoming flower that might overshadow their old weary and dying petals.

And the dream that Datuk Seri Najib had planted? Wow, Rakyat Didahulukan, Pencapaian Diutamakan. For the first time since the decrepit Pak Lah, people's voice will be heard, and considered too. The Kedah public remembers too well. When the UMNO Youth state candidates campaigned, everybody seems to be "Mukhriz's buddy." Confidence grew when they gave Mukhriz a thumping nomination. Little did they guess that those same people, after winning their respective posts corkscrewed Mukhriz to make him come out last in the UMNO Youth Chief election, where most of them betrayed and "sold" themselves to to the odious Khairy Jambanludin. I think that was the last time ever they ever believed in their so-called state leaders. Najib's banner seems to promise that the people comes first, and their views matter most...that is definitely better than pak lah's terbuang, tembelang...I can't even remember what that was. The people put their trust in Najib. The largely victimized Kedah, has put their trust in Najib's promises.

The list came out around 3.30-4.00pm, and finally...all the fuss and excitement died suddenly to a whimper after it was announced that Dato Bashah is the new UMNO Kedah Chief Liaison, and Mukhriz is the Deputy. Calls and sms of excitement quickly turned to screams and notes of anger and dissatisfaction. The old UMNO warlords laughed contently and pas supporters breathed a few sighs of relief. Well, to pas, they feel that their chances to rule Kedah for another term has been gift-wrapped on a silver platter by Najib.

The new bloods are disillusioned again. Yes, even if BN manages to wrest Kedah again, what chances of improvements will there be? In fact, will Mahadzir Khalid go down in history as the last MB from UMNO? Was Najib ever serious with his Rakyat Didahulukan slogan, or is fast becoming a farce, as stated by a good friend of mine? Don't get me wrong, Bashah is a loyal man, and very affable in his duties. Unfortunately that ends there. Without a clear vision/direction, a leadership quality and credibility and mostly, without respect, he might end up in the same gutters as the incompetent Mahadzir Khalid.

 At a time where Kedahans believe that UMNO Kedah should be revolutionized by new and younger blood, a lame duck was given the task. What a letdown, and with that announcement, more and more youngsters seem to be leaving as they see that the people were never heard or even mattered by Najib, only those who are loyal, competent or not, will be given the crown to the throne. To them, enough is enough. If they want to be screwed in this manner, they would've chosen anwar...

I guess that's the fate of UMNO Kedah so far, haru biru, while the Kedahans can just sit on their garden swing and while rocking themselves to an evening kip, wait for more and more gaffs from the present pas-led state government and UMNO as

well. Well, 2 shows for the price of 1. Thank you Najib, this is where people realize that your slogan is just a bad dream that extended from the scary pak lah days.

There might be silver lining in all this mockery, but with bated breath I will wait.


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