Tuesday, December 14, 2010

If Mukhriz Returns, Does UMNO Kedah Dare To Change

It is a busy month, but I did manage to attend my niece's birthday last week. My sister in law prmised me that there will be clowns and I was very excited. However, I was utterly disappointed when there were 2 actual clowns; I could've sworn I heard she said there'll be mat sabu and mahfuz, the usual clowns.

Lo and behold, in my times of absence, there were countless sms flying in, buzzing of the return of Mukhriz to the much ravaged state of Kedah, depleted by the savage untrained fingers of pas, denying their failures in helping out the Kedahans.

This is going to be a short article, I am still collecting data from different camps of pas and UMNO. We already know the sweaty-browed reaction by the pas camp, especially from mahfuz after realizing that he might not have the chance to kick azizan in the butt and usurp the throne. In the UMNO camp however, there has been a very busy influx of lobbyibg from the old horse such as det khalid, bashah, tajuddin kentucky and even mat lebai sudin, and the stronger rumor of the return of Mukhriz really making muddied waters murkier for them.

For the time being, if Mukhriz is willing to lead Kedah, will UMNO dare to change from their usual "little boy lost" attitude? We know Kedahans have been wishing for his return for some time already. What about det khalid, jo baharum and the rest of the unwanted crew?

Le chef du peuple est de retour

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