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Fun With Malays: Not The First, But It Sure Could Be The Last

We have read how the Malays fared throughout history. We know, for some strange unexplained reasons, the Western historians hid away a major portion of the Malays' history, but we do know that the Malay civilizations that existed were rich and prosperous. We do know, somewhere in the ancient timeline, the Malays became maritime experts, great traders and industrialists. The discovery of iron smelting industrial area in Sungai Batu, which dates back to the 5th century BC and the recognition of ancient Kedah's one and only iron inggots by ancient Greek records cemented the Malays' reputation for that. Even the discovery of a sunken Portuguese ship that robbed, pillaged and tried to make away with the riches from the Malacca Sultanate was estimated at a value of RM billions.

Whatever happened to these people? Did their civilization simply fell because of the west? Or was it caused by other northern tribes? Or simply by their own hands?

If estimations by archaeologists are correct, the first ever arrival of the historical Maram Mahavansam or Merong Mahawangsa, based on the descriptions given by Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa, was somewhere in the 10th century BC. In a time during the rule of the Prophet Kings, David (A.S.) and Sulayman (A.S.), Merong Mahawangsa arrived at what today is known as Sungai Merbok, and discovered that the Malays were already living there. It is said, his line generated the other Malay kingdoms in the peninsular and the lands north of it, such as Kedah, Langkasuka, later on Champa and Pattani.
(Note: although a lot of references I gave are from Wikipedia, please do not rely too much on them)

Kedah remain as producer and exporter of iron inggots for more than 2,000 years. Malacca rose to become a powerful kingdom from its strategic trading location. Pattani and Champa rose in importance after the decline of Malacca. Sadly, all declined even before the arrival of the European pirates.

Internal bickering, power struggle, rebellions and betrayal spelled doom for the kingdoms, making them vulnerable to other nations and/or tribes who had been eyeing their chances. The willingness of some Malays to let their own kingdom and people collapse and become vassals to foreigners has always been a key to destroy the Malays. In fact, these have also been some of the factors of how the British managed to takeover the Malay States and plunder its riches. These led to the destruction and persecution of the Cham (Malay) people, whose history is almost erased from history books. The Malays of Pattani today become strangers in the land they used to rule.In short, some Malays are willing because of the promise: "We will take good care of you"

Nobody knows how many times all of these have happened, although at times I feel that this circle came around a few times ever since the days of Sundaland, and mind you, I only gave the examples of Malay kingdoms that are related to Semenanjung Tanah Melayu only. I guess we can never guess when the circle of treachery was first committed, but I guess we might just see the final act in play right now, during these final days of the Malay dominance in Malaysia.

Throughout history of post-independence Malaysia, the emergence of the power-lusting anwar ibrahim has been identified as the beginning for the fall of the modern Malaysian Malay dominance. His odious pakatan rakyat; mysteriously well-funded, with "unseen" strategists and well aided by the west now controls 3 states in the peninsular. But truth be said, nothing is what it seems.

Anwar remains the honorary leader of the pack, while the real power is held by the communist dap. Yes, anwar might be the prime minister if pakatan ever wrests control of the country, but he will remain powerless. His track records as Finance Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, especially during the Currency Crisis of 1997/98, is not something that profit-oriented tribes would celebrate. For them, it is beneficial, anwar needs a vehicle to move and he knows pkr is too corrupt and perverted to run anything, and dap...well, in reality, anwar is just a vassal for the actual people with power: dap.

Well, dap has always wanted Malays to join their movement, without having any Malays hold anything important in the party. We have seen through history, how dap tried to gain control of the country since their communist days. They tried infiltrating unions, spreading their ideology through usrahs at suraus and mosques; when that failed, they resort to murder, mayhem and massacre and later on, guerilla warfare. When all those failed, a political party disguised as democratic became the obvious choice. Many can still remember dap's involvement in creating the May 13th riots in 1969. To cover all this bloody past, there is pakatan rakyat, that worked hard to serve their pockets...err...people.

In a political aspect, what anwar and his cohorts did are similar to what befell the Malays back then. They become willing vassals for the sake of having power, selling off their people and lands so that their "masters" will take care of them. It doesn't matter for them if the Malays and Islam get kicked out from the country as long as they have a position and what they think as power. Pkr and pas are obliged to supply the main offence in their assault against the Muslim government of Malaysia, and in return, they will be the front or the veil in a government run by dap, as can be seen in Selangor.

Malays have never been that good defending themselves against outsiders, but excel in the art of attacking their own people.

Through history, we have seen how Malays are always willing to sabotage and destroy their own people out of spite and jealousy. It is a trait so bizarre, considering the fact that they are Muslims. The attacks on Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary for example, was a clearly politically motivated. Although the attacks were mainly vocal by pkr and pas, many could see that it was conducted with dap at the helm, from the Gardenia bread issue to the DRB-Hicom matters. It seems very typical Malay jealousy: they never complained about Chinese tycoons expanding their financial empire, and yet starts attacking because Syed Mokhtar was listed as one of Malaysia's richest people. Perhaps the concept of business jihad is too scary for a communist organization like dap. Perhaps Yayasan Bukhary shouldn't have contributed too much to Islamic orphanages and charity bodies, stop sponsoring poor Muslim students from around the world to universities and start signing cheques over to dap and pakatan, then he will find the opposition and western journalists "suddenly" writing nice things about him.

After the 2008 elections, many Malays have become economically conscious and started supporting businesses of the Malays, which is a great move. To many, it doesn't matter which side of the political divide the business is on, as long as it is a Malay Muslim's, they will support. However, the Malays of pakatan rakyat devised a different strategy: they support their own businesses and conspire any business owned by Malays who do not support them, in short, persecuting and eradicating Muslims who do not contribute to their vision of the New World Order. Again, this is a vintage Malay move. I am sure that, once only a small margin of Malay businesses left surviving in dap's Malaysia, dap will start buying their products because "they will take care of them."

Talk about being taken care of, let's take dap candidate for Telok Intan by-election, Dyana, for example. One would think that somebody who came from UiTM, the very institute that UMNO fought for for the advancement of Malays, who also practices law to be somebody who would stand to protect Malays and Islam, and everything pure about the country. Sadly, she is the first Malay woman candidate for communists. Still, she gave a familiar line, where she said that Lim Kit Siang is very concerned and took care of her. The Malays have heard that before, again and again before their civilizations come crashing and all their riches, land and possessions pillaged and carried away by other people.

Because she is well taken care of, maybe that's why she attacks her own university that she came from, And I guess Uncle Lim takes care of her during interviews too, answering for her. Would Uncle Lim, or would his son, Abang Joseph would ever call or care for her if there was no UiTM in the first place? She might just be another GRO working at some clubs for tips, or at factories completing her shift, would anybody from dap care for her? Well, knowing pakatan, maybe they would, but it will be strictly business...

After more than 50 years, the communists have finally found a Malay lady who is willing to look away from dap's past and present atrocities and racism and stand against the very people and religion that she was supposed to stand for. At this stage, I won't be surprised if, in a few years, dap found some Malay "Muslim" who is willing to live in accordance to dap's standard of a civil society: drinking, consuming pork, committing adultery and many more. It's only a matter of time. We are in the end of days anyway.

I have said it before, these are the last days of the Malays and Muslims in this place they call Tanah Melayu. So, safe to say I am predicting that Dyana will win, although not from Muslims who still could not fathom the thought about supporting communists.The Malays are a dying breed, their vulnerability exposed, everybody's exploiting it, including dap, and that's why we have Malays going against each other, and now, even Malays standing for a communist party. For dap, a lot rides on this lady. Too bad she is a vassal for dap to attack the very ground the Malays and Muslims stand for, with pas dropping their stand on their own Hudud (as usual) to support her. It is sad to see history repeat itself when some Malays chose to be vassals, sacrificing their own people and religion to the northern tribes for the sake of power.

I guess it is time for the Malay Muslims of Malaysia to travel and learn or at least Google beneficial facts and learn more about themselves rather than sharing pictures on social media.

Some young Malays of Thailand will claim that they are well cared for by the Thais; they can ask for anything and the government will try to provide. This might sound familiar to anybody who read Dyana's statement. Yes, this equality is good, but these youngsters also could not figure out why their elders object to the Thais, especially on the part where they are to be identified as Thai Muslims instead of Malays, on being disallowed to learn their native language and many other things. Maybe the Thais should also return the much-prized cannons and the wealth of Pattani that they robbed. Many young Malays of Thailand cannot speak Malay. The refusal of Malays of Thailand to participate in the debacle between the "red shirt and yellow shirt" infuriates the Thais, as the Malays put it, "just fighting among the Thais"

Maybe the Malaysian Malay Muslims will learn how difficult it is to be "strangers" in their own land, like the Chams of Vietnam and Cambodia. Defeated by the northern tribes of Kinh and Khmer, they were hunted down throughout the centuries. Being Malay Muslims and not being anywehere part of the huge northern tribe, the Chams had a different culture, ate differently than the all consuming Khmers, and during Pol Pot's regime, the Chams were almost wiped out as a result.

Anybody from the Malay line did well when they live as strangers in their own land?

Let me introduce you to the cousins of the Malays, the Polynesians, who was believed to have sailed towards the pacific after the demise of Sundaland. I have written these before on the fate of the Hawaiian Polynesians. (Click here)

Looks like the Malays time in Semenanjung Tanah Melayu is finally coming to an end. The circle of treachery might have turned for the final time, and might just return in smaller, unimportant timings once the Malays are displaced and segregated, like how the Malays are dealt with in Singapore. Or it might not even happen anymore once the Malays are forced into assimilation with the others.

Perhaps, by that time, the Malays will be an addition to the pages of history books around the world, whose extinction was triggered and operated by they themselves...only the Malays can destroy the Malays.

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