Friday, February 22, 2013

Pas Going Green...with Envy

Statement right from the horse's arse
“Orang yang menawarkan wang kepada orang, sama seperti kalau kita panggil ayam nak suruh ayam datang dekat, kita tabur hampas kelapa, tabur padi. Kalau nak panggil lembu kita bubuh jerami. Tapi kalau nak beri Islam, kita nak panggil ayam cakap nak ceramah, mana ayam datang, nak panggil lembu mana datang, jadi kalau kita beri barang kepda orang, beri RM10, RM50 orang akan ambil.”

And those were straight from the horse's ass: N.ajis, returning home from performing Umrah decided to liken every Malaysians who received the Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia (BR1M) to chicken and cows. How low can one get, to be likened to animals. We have always understood that the term "cow" is usually referred to Mahfuz by Kedah pas supporters, but never mind.

They are all cows and chickens?
Yes, yes, I know many other bloggers have investigated this story to the core, and yes, we know, n.ajis might just say that his words were taken out of context, that's his usual defence anyway, or maybe he could never remember what he said earlier. So, I won't go in that deep, I think the other bloggers have already done a smashing job on pakatan again.

Learning from the past, we can almost understand n.ajis' statement. For a long time, he and the rest of pas have been, out of desperation and frustration, branding those who never voted for them, or caused them every chance to lose as infidels, or heretics. This is simply just the the same vein, without using their usual keywords such as Islam and infidels. Pas has always been green, but the green flag has never been about Islam. Pas has always been green with envy at the success of their hated brother, UMNO in running and administering the country for more than 50 years. Pas did hold Kelantan for more than 20 years, but progress there has been going south so far. Kedah under pas? Never mind about the infighting to replace azizan, the natural resources of Kedah have so far gone full-frontal nudity as a result of pas' greed and self-preservation for the future.

Pas did a Green Rally...minus the green mostly
A small note, again on this green stuff: Gerakan Jaringan Gelombang Merah held a Save Kedah Earth Rally on the 9th of February this year where they installed the awareness of preserving the nature and rainforest of Kedah, especially the Permanent Forest Reserve in Pedu. They planted seedlings in the already barren deforested area. It is not surprising that pas Kedah watched, green with envy and decided to have their own rally, a Perhimpunan Hijau in a similar area. What's so green about it when the area became brown, red and barren after pas cleared the area? What's worse, they even destroyed every single tree planted by the previous rally. Maybe that's why Kedahans say that pas is like "siam perut hijau."

Sorry Pakcuk, your boss called you a cow
Let's go back to the comparison given by n.ajis. Is it so bad? I wouldn't say so. The BR1M was given by the government to lighten the burden of people whose income is not up to a certain level. The government has no bias in handing them out, all those who qualified, whether from pas, pkr, dap etc, are eligible. Even pas knew there was no way to stop the aid from being distributed, not even when pas branded it as dirty or even haram. Well, despite branding it so, there have been several pas branches who demanded their members who receive the BR1M to "donate" the money to them. Maybe they're still wondering why nobody bothered to show up to do so.

So, needy and burdened Malaysians are chicken and cows for receiving BR1M. Really. Condemned for taking money from the people to the government and back to the people. That's not bad, isn't it?

By the same yardstick, what is pas and the pakatan like when they hand-out D1OBD (Dana 1Orde Baru Dunia) to their rioters and rabble rousers to create chaos during their demonstrations? In fact, what is pakatan when they received fundings from the Soros and the west with the intention of deconstructing the country and redesign it the way the one-eyed wants?

I guess, as all the Makciks, Pakciks, Uncles and Aunties who receive BR1M are likended to cows and chickens, it is just that pakatan and their followers who receive funds for destruction be likened to pigs and dogs.
By comparison, pakatan receive sleazy and shadowy fundings, so they're like pigs and dags then
N.ajis can say and brand anything he wants, he can even claim that every one of the recipients as infidels, it will make no difference for the needy Malaysians.

I think pas is turning green suddenly...

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Taking A One Eyed View With Both Eyes Wide Open

I wonder what’s happening to the Drama and Special Effects Department of Pakatan Rakyat today. Their works and talents have so far gone down the toilet bowl; shoddy, low class (that’s surprising?) and illogical. Not saying that they were any better years ago, but you can see how their works have been not up to the usual rubbish.

Take the so-called “ARE YOU READY FOR BN – NO!” video, popularly hyped by pakatan's paid bloggers and social network users. The video has always been dubious since it first appeared. Even more doubtful, many who went to the Psy performance in Penang never even heard anybody shouting No when Najib said, "Are you ready for BN?" Of course, to strangthen their claim, pakatan's paid bloggers even linked a more "honest" source, which is a news segment by a Singapore News channel. Yeah,sure...very honest as their sincerity to join Malaysia back then.

Before that, let's take a look at the very first video on the matter:

It was quite strange as many groups were proven correct when they predicted, many days earlier, that pakatan will plant several of their supporters into the crowd to humiliate Najib. But with the huge number of the turnout made it virtually impossible for them to do so. The only thing left to do, or salvage was to create this video. Judging from the sound, that "No" sounded like less than 10 persons crowding behind the camera. However, even with that, it only made their voices audible, with the roar of the crowd disranced away as a result. In fact, you can try the same method in a fully packed stadium. But the effect is, it will only make several voices be heard while the background sound, no matter how loud, slightly muffled.

The fact that the video surfaced on social networks barely minutes after it happened made it more suspicious. It was simply further proof that the humiliation attempt was planned...poorly.

I noticed pro-pakatan Facebook users keep repeating the video posting almost hourly throughout the whole day which made their claim more and more suspicious. But I guess they never expected that their video will be scrutinized by people who actually watch with both eyes open, and they really hate that.

To show that their video is authentic, pakatan bloggers linked a Singapore news segment as follow. Watch and listen closely:

Anybody notice how the audio was suspiciously choppy, or trimmed down the moment after Najib's "Are you ready for BN?" before hastily cut off? For years I have read Singaporean media attacking the Malaysian government, so, sorry if I do not trust their reportings. After all:

O you who believe! If a Fasiq (liar — evil person) comes to you with any news, verify it, lest you should harm people in ignorance, and afterwards you become regretful for what you have done.
(Al-Quran Sura Al-Hujraat - Verse 6)

So far, this is the video that corresponds and perfectly confirms in comparison with other private mobile phone videos that my friends took that I have watched:

Maybe that's why pro-pakatan bloggers never want to play the video in full. It takes too much oftheir time to edit it.

After it has been exposed and highlighted on pakatan's video manipulation job...amd by their foreign ally as well, pakatan's paid bloggers have begun a smole-screen exercise by posting articles saying that the true video is edited, which is quite natural to cover-up their follies or whenever the truth is revealed.

Okay, can we ever term what pakatan did that day (and many times before) a Black operation? After all, it seems to fit the bill: clandestine, negative overtones, seemingly not attributable to any of the opposition but having seemingly negative impact on the government or the individual targeted, and as always, deceitful.

What is this new-fangled thing we're talkin' here? Are we talkin' about plantin' Osama binLaden to areas we wish to conquer to create good excuses to annex? I wouldn't say it is a Black Ops per se, as it does not seem to involve any outside military (or so it seems), but still, it serves its purpose to deceive the masses. Perhaps these deception can be termed as a more of a mini Black Ops, or perhaps guerilla ops.

Who doesn't know what Black Ops are. We have seen one of the major Black Ops ever carried out when 2 passenger planes crash into the World Trade Center a few years back, which triggered major Islamophobia and the annexation of Afghanistan and Iraq. See? It's simple: blow up 2 obsolete towers, blame your own creation and get what you want. People who dies? They're just collateral damage.

But what are we saying here? As far as I have seen, this is nothing new. Pakatan has been known to create deceptive scenarios to create an impact, or an advantage on their side.

Of course, just like major Black Ops, there are questions and revelations that can be found, much to the chagrin of the one-eyed and his disciples, and that includes all those that pakatan designed.

The VK Lingam tape case was one of the many early works of these so-called Black Ops or deception.

The video above was shot by Loh Gwo Burne, who later became an MP, famous for not doing anything...anyway, the story goes that Loh was there with somebody to meet VK Lingam, somebody he stated he never met or knew. Loh also stated that he was irritated that VK Lingam was on the phone for a long time and Loh was "fiddling" with his handphone, so he started to record Lingam. I find his story even more incredible than anwar's claim that somebody wanted to shoot him. A very bored and irritating young man, fed up of waiting, used a major chunk of his memory card to record more than 10 minutes of somebody talking about something he "did not understand" and later "realized its significance", used it as a major expose for a political party which he suddenly joined and suddenly become an MP. But I understand that Gwo has directed another revelation in Malaysian politics and will be available for Malaysians during campaign season, known as Conspiracy Theory 2: Elly Wong & The Lords of Flatbush...

The result of the Royal Commission on this issue was a point of frustration as it failed to bring any impact on both government and pakatan. Worse for anwar, after all those planning, there were no impeachment, no riots, no vote of no confidence and themost insulting, anwar was still not the prime minister..

Who can ever forget Tiang Chua? He is an extraordinary man. Why? Well, it is quite strange for me to find out that  some of my friends in dap told methat even the Chinese never trusted tiang chua. Why? I never knew, I never asked. Anyway, I always remember him making claims that the police attacked demonstrators during the Bersih rallies without any provocation, and how he goes around drumming the same song. But for a man whose faith lies in his bull-crap stories, God sure opened our eyes to the truth:

It was Tian Chua who provoked the police. Check out the video above:

1) Notice the police were standing guard, not even advancing towards the rioters
2) Tian Chua and his group started counting, at the count of 3, you can see Tian Chua charging with his group towards the police, mocking an attack. He can also be seen very unsure, most probably afraid that he might be charging alone.
3) Police defended themselves by shooting tear gas towards the charging crowd
4) Amidst the chaos and smoke, it can be heard clearly, pakatan supporters shouting, "Ambil gambar! Ambil gambar!" (Take pictures! Take pictures!) to their photographers. No surprises on what picture appeared in international news the next day.

Final charge of the red-shirted air-heads
At one time, there were a number of copies of this video available on YouTube, strangely some of them were either flagged or taken down. Okay, so it was not that strange. This method was repeated again and again, and among the obvious was the charge of the terrorists-formerly-known-as-Unit-Amal-pas during Bersih 3. In fact, these terrorists suffered more frustration as police did not even bother to retaliate as the terrorists never knew that this time, hundreds of cameras were trained on them. This time...Ambil gambar!

Among the carefully choreographed move was the "Saya nak bagi surat, apa salah saya" drama by pakatan. Despite the fine script, it was poorly acted and ridiculously timed and badly placed.

This video is 2 years old...and basically I have no idea who in the world all the actors are. The storyline is, supposedly, the round guy in yellow was "unfairly" arrested when he tried to pass a letter to the Prime Minister. It is interesting, check it out:

1) Just before minute 2:17, you can see the Prime Minister's entourage and security walking in, notice that the camera never panned to its right to reveal the round guy waiting next to the cameraman?
2) The round guy in yellow suddenly dashed into the security at minute 2:18, crashing into several bodyguards in the process.
3) He was restrained by the police, shouting a very badly-dramatized script of "Apa salah saya?" Boy, his acting was so poor, he could've won the Anugerah Beruk Kayangan if anwar didn't win it already when he fled to the Turkish embassy...

Let's look at the whole thing from different perspective.

Physically, a short, round guy, with crew-cut hair, wearing bright yellow shirt, carrying a backpack. If he wanted to pass a letter, why did he dash and charge into the entourage...well, maybe after all the fundings by the one-eyed, he has no manners left. His movement was too stealth-like, which reminds me of Jack Ruby dashing out from the crowd and shot Lee Harvey Oswald. Of course, nobody said anything about that round guy trying to assassinate anybody here. He was designed for provocation: bright yellow, fast moving, intentionally crashing into people and a backpack as well. A backpack? Why, in US, anybody doing the same action as the round guy, carrying a backpack, dashing the President, will end up with a bullet behind his skull by the Secret Service.

It is obvious that there was never any intention to pass a letter to the PM, his objective was to provoke and get arrested in order to portray a very "unapproachable PM" and "police brutality" to the people and of course, the world. It was a plot designed to deceive the public, as usual.

There has been so many examples of pakatan's attempted deception, or their "black ops", if it fits. In fact, the list is very tiring as it is the same tactic and the same method repeated over and over again.

Just last month, an incident at UUM catapulted a socialist student by the name of Bawani to fame...despite the fact I have no idea who she is, over her rude intrusion during a seminar with the moderator Sharifah Zohra. I am not saying that this is a Black Ops, or something planned on a national level, but the same tactic was there. I was curious why there are so many videos on YouTube start only when bawani is talking about the great cow...err...ambiga and fail to display the earlier part.

So, what is missing in the early part of the video? Yes, those with keen eyes are correct: Bawani herself. She was not around during the seminar and the the Q&A session, and this was corroborated by witnesses at the seminar itself. She walked into the hall and straight to the microphone and started her rant. Whoever she was involved in planned this wholething up. The victim of the set-up? Sharifah Zohra of course, and the government(?). As the video was very useful to pakatan, their paid bloggers were instructed to promote it.

The greatest special effect...also the most illogical...
The above examples are just a small portion of what pakatan have designed, and they specifically designed them for those who watch but never see, and never ask, and end up watching with a one-eyed vision. Too bad there are people who fell into their trap.

Just a small note on pakatan's drama and special effects department: if you have no talent, don't quit your daytime job. The picture of "100,000" spectators at Stadium Merdeka was such a joke, and worse, they couldn't even remove the image of a cross from another picture properly.
So,is pakatan paying their special effects guys enough?

With all the fundings, those were the best you can do? Oh deary, deary me...

But it's unfair to say that their work have been shoddy all the time. They did come out with such a magnificent poster for the Himpunan Kebangkitan Rakyat 2013, as shown below:
The most perfect poster by pakatan so far...for their masters

Well, maybe for this poster, they really really had to make it nice...or be sacrificed.

How do we see beyond what we see? I am no superman, nordo I possess any powers other than being a normal human being. But to those who believe, they always know that Allah provides his servants protection from the one eyed and his fitnas, and to this, the hadith states:  

If anyone learns by heart the first ten verses of the Surah al-Kahf, he will be protected from the Dajjal. (Sahih Muslim: Book #004, Hadith #1766)

The knowledge is there. Let us look, see, watch, question and never accept things at face value.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Rali Selamatkan Bumi Kedah #savekedah

Kedah Darul Aman is a state blessed with natural resources, like water. Not only it can supply homes and industrial areas water for personal, commercial and industrial, Kedah also supplies water to Perlis and Penang, despite the island state trying to deny the fact. Padang Terap was chosen because, of all places, it is the most geographically strategic. Before the 2nd World War, there was a village located in one of the valleys that is now the Pedu Lake, but abandoned during the Japanese attack.

The lush forest and vegetation was considered the most suitable for being a water catchment area. In 1952, the Pedu Forest was gazetted as a Forest Reserve. However, for years, the encroachment of illegal loggers and poachers threatened the integrity of the forest in relation to the dam, not to mention the dwindling number of animals in the forest. To counter this, the Menteri Besar of the time, Dato Syed Nahar Shahabuddin gazetted Pedu forest and certain locations around the lake as a Permanent Forest Reserve and Animal Sanctuary.

For years since then, logging activities only involve the non-gazetted areas, but beginning in 2008, things took turns for the worse.

An interesting point: for many years before 2008, pas has always been harping, criticizing the state for the logging activities, accusing the state government of stripping the environment dry.

It seems that the pas government of Kedah has realized that logging, illegal or not, is the biggest cash cow ever, and seemingly addicted to it. For many years people have reported the logging activities happening in gazetted areas, but they were not taken seriously. It was finally revealed that, despite running out of non-gazetted areas, pas still tenders out logging concession areas, and they are not bothered whether the area is protected or not.

Of course, many people still ask; with all those massive income from logging concessions, where is the money? And why do the state's finances going further down? But that's another story.

Somebody please tell azizan, the plant he's watering, is long dead.
We understand that pas kedah's guard-dogs of media, the expensively paid but cheaply worked Kedah Lanie has been defending the state. Of course, it would have been nice if they actually take pictures from the stated area instead of going somewhere else. Maybe they were afraid to go out from their air-conditioned car to stand under the sun.

Pas state government has so far refused to stop any of the logging activity as they have an "agricultural" industry going on there. So, big huge trees felled, to be replaced by mangoes and grapes...grapes? We understand that even the state Exco was against this idea but as usual, azizan's shouts and screams of obscenity ensured that it is his way or the highway, no matter how stupid and absurd his plan was. They didn't even wait for the Environmental Impact Analysis, simply destroy first, study later and see whether they care or not. Why would they care? Money coming in, man.

Here are some latest pictures of the water-catchment area that fell victim to pas' greed.
The massive unnatural destruction, the sign of mischief on earth by pas?

To save the natural heritage of Kedah, and the importance of keeping the destruction of the water catchment area in relation to Kedah's main water supply, the will be a rally by the name of Rali Selamatkan Bumi Kedah to be held on Saturday, February 9th 2013 at 10:00 a.m. at Charok Batang Padi, Tasik Pedu Kedah. Here are the objectives, I apologize for not having the time to translate them:

Sebuah kempen sosial media

Bertujuan menyedarkan rakyat Kedah khususnya terhadap kepincangan dan kelemahan pentadbiran kerajaan Negeri dan sekutunya

Tidak hanya terhad kepada satu-satu isu; #savekedah merangkumi pembalakan, pengurusan air, ketidakcekapan pentadbiran kerajaan negeri, rasuah, pembohongan dan pelbagai isu terkini.

#savekedah adalah hashtag untuk kempen di twitter, instagram dan facebook

6 jurucakap dari kalangan pelajar, mahasiswa, NGO, wakil penduduk setempat dan parti politik

Turut bersama adalah penyanyi Zainal Abidin-ikon alam sekitar

Digerakkan oleh Jaringan Gelombang Merah Kedah

Jangkaan kehadiran minima 5,000 peserta

Membawa masyarakat melihat sendiri kemusnahan yang berlaku atas nama pembangunan dan tanaman semula hutan balak dengan pokok buah-buahan

Kerajaan Negeri bercadang untuk lakukan lagi atas 1000 ekar:

PADANG TERAP 30 Dis. – Di sebalik kebimbangan banyak pihak terhadap kerakusan aktiviti pembalakan di negeri ini, Kerajaan Pas Kedah merancang meneroka sekurang-kurangnya lebih 1,000 hektar lagi hutan bagi tujuan pembangunan tanah.

Menteri Besar, Datuk Seri Azizan Abdul Razak berkata, keputusan itu diluluskan dalam mesyuarat Exco kerajaan negeri dan Jabatan Perhutanan Kedah telah memaklumkan kepadanya bahawa mereka sedang mengenal pasti kawasan yang terlibat di sekitar negeri ini.

Dalam mewajarkan tindakan berkenaan, beliau mendakwa, langkah itu selaras dengan keputusan Wilayah Ekonomi Koridor Utara (NCER) yang mahu menjadikan Kedah sebagai jelapang makanan negara.

“Jadi orang yang tidak reti (tahu) jangan duduk melompatlah,” katanya ketika berucap pada majlis penerangan ladang buah-buahan Charok Genting Bunga yang terletak berhampiran Tasik Pedu di sini hari ini.

Come and witness for yourself, the unnatural destruction done by pas in less than 5 years.

Here's one of the many impact of the disruption in the balance of nature in the water catchment area of Pedu:
It's shocking to see how debris created by logging, combined with the unnatural strength of the flood water carried the bridge away, and the bridge was only 27 days old.

If you think the flood of 2010 was bad enough after all these illegal logging and sand excavation in Padang Terap, you might dread on what's going to happen after you see the area for yourself. The impact will be devastating. There have been many areas around Padang Terap and Sik which were hit by mudslides during heavy rain. If this goes on, the Rancangan Pengairan Muda will be damaged, further damaging the agriculture sector of Kedah as well.

Yes, the Envoy of Environment will be there!!
Bear in mind that the Pedu Permanent Forest Reserve is also a Wildlife Sanctuary. The deforestation by pas will disturb the balance in the ecosystem, now with more and more trees being felled to satisfy pas' pockets, where will the elephants, seladang, pelanduk, rusa and wild boar go?

Of course, we would also wish that, since they love to protect environment so much, we wish the anti-lynas would be there as well, but so far, we have not sighted any pigs with far. That's understandable because the rally is for the ACTUAL environment, not the dap sponsored one.

So, come to Charok Batang Padi, Tasik Pedu on the 9th of February and be a part of the movement to save Kedah from the ravages of pas' greed. Make that change, stop pas and the rest of pakatan from creating further mischief on Kedah's earth.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Pakatan's A Bit Confsued...ForTheir Sake, They Shouldn't

No, I didn't misspell that title.

What in the world is going on with pakatan lately? They have been going off the rocker for quite some time...although that's not really a surprise, and it seems that with Najib's announcement that election is anytime in this short span of time, pakatan went into a frenzy, with their media churning one nonsense after another, while internal spats happening within a party and alliances. Let's see now:

The election-jitters caused much confusion in Kedah too; the cracks between pkr and pas has turned into an all out spat and virtual brawl between the two groups over who should stand as candidate in DUN Bakar Bata, the seat currently occupied by Dato Bashah. Can it be a surprise? This issue has been around since 2011, when we received news that an ANSARA member, who is an insurance agent, jumped parties from pas to pkr for the sake of being a candidate there. So far, we have seen spats on-line, but I have a strange feeling we might just see a Royal Rumble, with a few pkr members layeth the smacketh down on pas, and a few tombstone-piledrivers laid around. If that happens...hey, who needs WWE? If you smelllllll.....!

It's either diplomacy, or azizan confused between his medications and his date for dialysis again, as he was pictured with Dato Bashah, at times, hand in hand...or was Bashah assisting Azizan during a state program, and with the biggest sin, wearing a IM4U t-shirt. If Nasharuddin Mat Isa was kicked out of Majlis Syura for helping Palestinians via Yayasan Aman Palestine, I wonder what will happen to azizan. Rumours that the heavily medicated azizan confused of which party he belonged to still remain unfounded. And we must also state that, with reference to our constitution expert, azizan's declaration of the dissolution of the Kedah State Assembly is not legal in any way whatsoever, mainly because declaring it while being flushing in the public toilet of Wisma Darulaman is definitely not constitutional.

Even the thugs who were constantly hired by pakatan are getting confused as well. The days of splashing paint on pakatan's own vehicles or acting as "victims of police" are certainly gone, and they are now left to a more actual thugonomics work, such as berating and try to scare off the youth in Jelajah Anak Malaysia. Gone are the easy money days of bringing red paint or bricks to splash or throw at pakatan's members vehicles and blame UMNO for it.

The old adage, all work and no play is really led by example
Anwar and his pakatan must have really confused the meaning exposé. Ever since the days when they planted Gwo Loh Burne to entrap VK Lingam in a video exposé, the message seem to blur from there. We have only seen other things being exposed...although not the one pakatan and their masters expect such as Elizabeth Wong and her lords of the flatbush, anwar ibrahim-chinadoll and his double exploding crooked spear of density, azmin and his "I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice-cream" and it seems that other bloggers have uncovered more...but that, we'll have to wait for the exposé. At this rate, even Gwo Loh might find himself Burne-d by his own method.

Do these boys know whether they're coming or going?
But I must say, credit must be given to all those who joined the recent flop year opener, the Himpunan Kebangkitan Rakyat, attended by the pakatan-paid-public. As the research by many indicates, most who attended had no idea what the event was all about, with many leaving the stadium while the pakatan leaders start talking, while many can be found loitering around shopping complexes while the event is going on. The state of confusion among the participants were almost artistic. I am guessing that some youths thought that when anwar supported the security of Israel means that he is patriotic...or maybe he was carrying the wrong flag...or perhaps the shop ran out of Palestinian flag. Of course, the award for confusion-gone-wild surely has to be the groups prayers with multi-qibla in the stadium. Four jamaahs, four imams, and none of them could figure out where the qibla is...which strangely reminds me of the story of the Tower of Babil, where Nimrod wanted to build a mighty tower to reach God, only to have his architects, engineers and builders abandon the project when they could understand eachother's language.

Pas is still confused over their role. There are times they thought they are gods on earth, there are times when they thought they are a supreme political party where every Muslim must bow down to them. So when the Prime Minister was well received and celebrated during the first ever official visit to Palestine, pas, and even anwar went ballistic. Well, anwar understandably confused his job, he is still in a stupor thinking that he is a prime minister. The praises from Hamas and Palestinians for the ever present helping hand of Malaysia basically drove many in pas insane. Being Malays, those in pas were green with envy. Nasruddin Hasan even condemned Najib's visit as selfish, and he tried to create impression that Malaysia has a back-door diplomatic relation with Israel. With sourness taunt-towing him, he basically got a lemon from his social network followers where they condemned him for un-Islamic actions. Maybe he got confused...the one who had anything to do with Israel is his big boss, yes, the one who supported the security of Israel. Statement that nasharudin is currently having a mental alignment at the tire shop is still considered a rumour.

However, the confusion in pas is still rampant:

i) They couldn't figure out a logical reason why they needed to sack Nasharudin Mat Isa from the Majlis Syura. It is a well known fact that anwar and his flower boys in pas have been trying to get rid of Nasharudin for a very long time. The time was ripe: Nasharudin was in Palestine for his foundation, assisting the Prime Minister and helping the Palestinians who had been persecuted for decades, and for this, he was removed. Not only that, he will not be contesting in the next General Election as well. However, there is still confusion amongst pas members: one says Nasharuddin has been kicked out of  pas altogether, and another says no. The debate rages on despite our advice for them to ask the President went unheeded.

ii) Pas could not figure out in which category the Kalimah Allah should stand. Differing from the ummah's view, pas chose to be god's representative on earth by announcing that pas allows the name Allah to be used byother religions. While their social network supporters went on a rampage telling everybody this news and defending it with such spirit, the Majlis Syura announced that the kalimah CANNOT be used by any other religion than Islam. It was a confusing move forpas supporters who had been crusading on the social network. Their silence and avoidance in this issue till todays reflects the deep confusion among them...and total embarrassment. Lucky for the Malaysian Muslims as they follow Islam, not pas.

iii) The confusion over kalimah Allah is surely deepening. Pas commanded everybody to stop discussing the issue and claim that it is over...and so the party who thought they control everybody thinks. Karpal Singh has been barking that the issue is not over, and far from being settled. This also shows the confusion that pas transfered to dap. Even dap thought the kalimah Allah issue is political and can be decided by a committee in a political party.

iv) Despite harping around, telling people that the government aid, BR1M is haram, pas supporters came out in droves to claim and collect it. Even certain branches of part tried to decree that donating the BR1M money to pasis Wajib...although that part was never received well. But hey, the pas religion is simple: haram or not, when it is about money, all the haram will be halal...okay,that's confusing even for me...

There are many more but I might run our of brain cells trying to describe all. So, that's enough examples. Let me introduce you to who doesn't seem to be confused over anything. You might recognize this group from their global and local handiwork such as the Malaysian currency attack of the late 1990s, the funding of pakatan and their media associates, the Great Depression of 1927...okay, that might be too old to remember, but hey, these are the work of the Luciferians, or Illuminati, or whatever fanciful name they use throughout the centuries.

Why do I involve these people? Well, Najib announced in Kota Bharu last week that the election will be called any time, and it is a short time span. Barely 3 days pass by and on the 22nd of January, the FBM KLCI saw a40+-point plunge that puffed away RM35b worth of shares. Amazing, it had been long predicted by those who have been watching the movement of these groups. It isdefinitely not a coincidence when anwar appeared almost a week later, beaming and smiling like never before stating that pakatan will win the elections. Well, now they had to. It has been an expensive affair for pakatan, and to repay huge investments with another loss for pakatan is virtually unforgivable.

Unforgivable? Well, you don't get these groupsto invest in you and your group and give them crap in return. It IS 2013, and it IS the 13th General Election, the number 13 must NEVER be used in vain for these people. Hey, these people refer themselves as the 13th tribe of Israel too...although we know that will be genealogically impossible. What price is there if pakatan still fail in the auspiciously numbered year and election? I would like to say that life is cheap with reference to their people like Saddam and Benazir, but let's go a little deeper:

There are some Islamic scholars and writers who theorized that the Mayer Amschel Rothschild is the only man in the modern world who met the one eyed and became his main disciple in establishing the foundations for the targeted New World Order. However, as a disciple, the family, for generations must adhere to strict principles which must not be broken.

As the Rothschilds rose to the top of Europe in the 19th century, the unthinkable happened.

Hannah Mayer Rothschild, a 3rd generation, broke the principles by marrying a goyim, or a non-jew. It is a strict practice where the Rothschilds never marry outsiders as their businesses are protected, and are run only by jews. Despite marrying a noted man, Henry Fitzsimmons, a Christian who holds a respected Secretariat position in Queen Victoria's government, she was rebuked and expelled from the family. In just a few years, Henry lost his job in 1852. Six years later, their son died when he fell off a horse and a year later, Henry died of mysterious circumstances. In 1864, Hannah herself began having swellings on her back, her face paled and wrinkled, and in just a fewmonths, she died at the age of 49. Oh yes, anybody who wishes to check this story out on Wikipedia, it has been mysteriously replaced by the biography of her grand-niece, Hannah Primrose, a more faithful, loyal and obedient Luciferian.

Even the odd one out is not tolerated. The generations of Rothschilds have always been vicious in their nature, especially when it comes to business, always with a "killer instinct", so to speak. It was unfortunate that Amschel Mayor James Rothschild had none of the above. A man best described as "gentle", he didn't even join the family business until his early 30s. In contrast to other Rothschilds, he is jovial, friendly, sociable and enjoys his farm, his family and almost always a family man. In July 1998, he was found dead, and it was claimed that he committed suicide, apparently over the death of his father.

The one-eyed's representative on earth even has his children killed or sacrifice for not toeing theline, what mercy can one who is a non-jew (goyim), and in a rank much much lower than their janitor can ever get? You can't repay their investment, but with your soul already pawned to them, they can do anything with you. No confusion there.

So, anwar and his pakatan are putting a brave face to the media, trying to hide away all the in-fightings and confusion within the coalition. All the help, assistance, planning and even funding have been delivered well for them, and now they have no choice but to win the election. Maybe it makes sense why anwar stated last year that, on election day, he will ask (force?) the SPR Chief to declare him a winner before voting can be completed. Maybe it also makes perfect sense why there are those who predicted that the New World Order will be established in Malaysia this year, even if pakatan loses all seats. With all the confusion happening right now, pakatan might need a more "divine intervention" to win anything. Dap seems to be the only one who is steady and seriously ready, but then again, they are the ones who are primed to takeover Malaysia.

Little do Anwar and pas know that their time might be up earlier than scheduled, maybe the confusions were deliberate. Or maybe they were thrown into confusion by the fact that they are going nowhere and they are beginning to see one eye looking at them...and it is not pleased...

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