Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Looking Behind To Move Forward...Will It Work?

These past 1-2 weeks, we've witnessed the gathering days of discontent in Selangor; the cratering issues on the illegal sand-mining and now, Tony Pua's audacious proposal to scrap Bumiputra discounts for ownership of commercial properties and luxury houses in Selangor. Maybe the Malays in Pakatan are dancing to this tune right now, but given a little less than 10 years, they might just realize what has happened after thy actually stop grooving in their low-cost houses. (Read more here)

DAP has always been known to be affiliated with Singapore. What's there to be surprised? Their origin can be traced back to Singapore's People's Action Party (PAP) where Lim Kit Siang was part of Lee Kuan Yew's political secretary group. They still have significant similarities in their logos, and their bond with Singapore has always been strong, while they try to blind-side Malaysians. Why? Here's an example: why won't the Lim dynasty in DAP ever answer the mind boggling riddle of why they criticize ISA so much when Singapore uses it as well without getting a single nag from DAP?

On Pua's proposal, maybe it is just the fact that DAP can't really stand the sight of Malays owning those properties and that they should just remain in low-cost houses, operating business from a push-cart stall. Still, it doesn't matter what his objectives are, the Singaporization of Penang has already been in effect. On Selangor, it all depends on how the recently gutted and stuttering MB Khalid's reaction to the proposal. Never mind Anwar Ibrahim as he is very busy trying to wrest the PM's chair and it doesn't matter whatever happens to the Muslims and Malays in Malaysia, and not to mention, his former allies and sponsor might be looking for his head for stabbing them in the butt...errr...I mean, back.

DAP talks about equality amongst all which sounds very nice and sugar-coated on paper. In practice however, the Muslim Malays will find their fate ranked somewhere in between the natives of America, Australia, Hawaii and who knows, it might just rank close to Palestine as well. Yes, yes, I am sure people might get upset for hinting that domestic policies made by Caucasians (orang putih...are they really white?) are unfair, but hold on, let me give the picture.

As the stories about Native Americans have already been told time and time over, let's take Hawaiians in our case example. Like any other native of the land, they enjoyed their land and its bounty with each other and lived in peace, away from everybody. They keep their wars to themselves.

For the Hawaiians, the downfall began when the Europeans arrived and requested land for farming which were kindly given by the monarch. After seeing how fertile the island were, they demanded more but the monarch refused as he saw that it will be a threat to his people's way of life. As a reply to the kindly gesture of the King, the Europeans overthrew him and requested the Americans to annex the islands. The king died in depose, so did his daughter, leaving their people without a leader, and the early 20th century saw the number of Hawaiian dwindle from hundreds of thousands to thousands. Well, there is no Zulqarnain now to stop these people from creating mischief on earth. Here's the situation back then: if factory union workers strike, the management will sit-down with them to solve the situation whereas, if native Hawaiian workers strikes, they'd usually be shot by the police. Strangely, Caucasians males are allowed to marry native Hawaiian ladies but an act of a native Hawaiian male marrying a Caucasian lady back then constitutes to an act almost sacrilegious.

The 2nd half of the 20th century brought dramatic changes, and human rights are recognized. With all the water under the bridge, everybody is given an equal right to opportunity. Anybody can open up businesses without any prejudice...or so it seems. Aborigines and Hawaiians have been long abused and lived in destitute, the equal opportunity brought them nothing much, they have no land, no properties or anything of value. If they go to the bank to get business loan, what can be used as security? Since they have nothing, they get nothing. They do not have MARA, SME loans for bumiputra or anything close that can help them. As we can see, native Hawaiians didn't actually benefit from these so-called equal right as championed by USA and any other political party who fantasizes in that direction. The equality only exists on paper.

Pua might be talking theoretically; I don't think he has seen how his "highly-valued equal right" has worked another way in history...well, mostly in histories that "white-men" try to erase. The halal-makers of Pakatan, PIS once remarked that the Malays will become more honored and glorious once the Pakatan rules, but now it seemed that, under the Pakatan rule in Penang and maybe later in Selangor, the Malays will be just trampled upon, chewed and spat out by DAP. Perhaps, if DAP's plan works out, the Muslim Malays will be erased from the history of Tanah Melayu...and even Tanah Melayu will never exist either. The Malays in Penang has found out, the hard way that, trusting DAP and the rest of Pakatan, is like building a house on mud.

The call for the abolition is considered a start, who knows what other Bumiputra rights that they want abolished. Knowing the DAP modus operandi; they might just get it their way. Will we see Selangor Malays going the Penang way?

Monday, July 19, 2010

Intermission: A Tribute To Anwar's New World Order - Malaysian Chapter

It has been a very busy week, and it looks like it's going to be another busy week, and I can't find the time to update my blog, but I'll try my best.

In the meantime, let's take a break from reading and enjoy the video which was made and uploaded to YouTube back in July 28, 2009.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Anwar Uncovered - The Butt Naked Shortcomings

The year was 1999, I was telling a bunch of young chaps who thinks that they were political aspiring activists about Anwar Ibrahim, his links to the "shadowy" characters in the West, the difference between Israelites and Jews, Anwar's shady activities with his "pals" such as Al Gore and Wolfowitz and many more. But their mind was already made up for the beginning, no evidence in the world, and no bare-naked truth can ever shake them from their belief: Anwar, the purely Islamic hero was framed by Dr Mahathir. They told me, "There is no such thing as Anwar is linked with the Jews." Worse still, they proudly claimed, "A true Muslim would never link himself to the Jews" to which I replied, "A true Muslim and a true blue human never sodomizes either," and that was replied by them with flying teh tariks and a rolling table and left me, who was still sipping my glass of tea. "Twerps, " I thought to my self.

I must admit that the hardest thing to be accepted by people will be the truth, especially when it is not in their favor. That is what Anwar's fanatical hordes are facing right now. Newspapers and blogs have been covering the exposure of Anwar. No, not the court case in which he was accused of using his tool; Anwar has been exposed as being the tool for CIA to exert their control over this country. Hey, what do you expect from a country administered by the same group who has and is still causing mischief on the face of the earth?

Who's undoing is it? Anwar himself! He did go around lambasting Jews and Israel over the freedom flotilla issue, and later went to US on the Apology Tour where he actually apologized over his own remarks and promised to be more careful about what he says next time. That is not surprising as the first person he met on his tour is Malcolm Hoenlein. Malcolm Hoenlein is the executive vice chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations since June 1986. He is the founding executive director of the Greater New York Conference on Soviet Jewry and the Jewish Community Relations Council of New York. Here are some excepts from Elaine Meinel Supkis' blog titled Anwar Ibrahim Made His Own Bad Choices :

Mr. Ibrahim is the leader of the opposition in Malaysia.  He needs allies and friends.  Where should he seek out these friends and allies?

   1. At top secret Bilderberg meetings?
   2. At meetings with US Jewish leaders?
   3. At gatherings in various Malaysian cities and towns, talking to the citizens of this country?

ΩΩIbrahim chose #1 and #2 options.  He made a big mistake doing this.

ΩΩNext: when visiting Washington, when he was told to meet with various top leaders who are Jews in Congress and ‘other Jewish leaders’ what did he do?

   1. Hurry off to these meetings and then apologize and grovel?
   2. Ask for US Jewish politicians to stop killing Muslims?
   3. Tell them to go to hell and turn around and make a public visit to Turkey?

ΩΩThe answer was #1: grovel and apologize.  I didn’t make this choice, HE made this choice.  I didn’t even report on this, the neo-con far right wing Zionist editor of the Washington Post BOASTED about this!  He thought it was funny.  If I were Ibrahim, I would have chosen option #3 or if I was foolish and went off to visit a bunch of very angry Zionists in DC, I would have lectured them about their beastly behavior towards the Turks, the people trapped in Gaza and the West Bank and ethnic cleansing in general.

What a hypocrite. Selling out Islam and the Malays in Malaysia is bad, but Malays being Malays, some of them loved him for it. But to do the same thing to his "powerful friends" who had given him positions, laid out strategies and funding? They are never forgiving. His powerful friends have made leaders rise and fall, and Anwar is just another small fry for them. How small? Insignificant's the word. The eye knows that in Asia (and certain other parts of the world), if they get rid of one Anwar, there are thousand more who can replace him and I am very sure some of the candidates are already lining up for the funding...ooops...I mean, position.

Anwar's Yayasan Aman is on its was to become a scandal as well (Read here: http://www.anwaraidc.com/2010/07/cia-siasat-semua-organisasi-anwar.html#more)

I am quite amused with the blog article titled CIA and Mossad Want Anwar Ibrahim Assassinated. At the same time, I wondered those young chaps who are now definitely be working somewhere and maybe with families of their own. If only they understood what I told them earlier, I wouldn't have to say, "I told you so." Anwar has become a liability to his sponsorers, and I doubt even his own trinity (Albright, Wolfowitz and Gore) will be able to resolve this.

Which way will Anwar spin himself this time? Most probably as a victim...maybe pas can help him on that. One way or the other, CIA and MOSSAD will assassinate Anwar, politically. Looks like Anwar's Nuovo Ordine Malaysia or New Malaysia Order is going down the drain, along with Anwar. Maybe it's time to take arms against his apprentice and successor.

Anwar, Memento Mori...

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Who's Afraid of Anwar Ibrahim? Maybe The Ones in Green...

Lately, the slew of news seems to be slapping anwar in the...ummm...face. The recent exposures of Anwar revisiting his sponsorers in US have further dented his already battered position.

We have seen the drama queen in action. His rhetoric about the Zionist Aggression during the Freedom Flotilla issue was an example of good acting at work. We know too well that he could not stop the media from publishing the news that will definitely be picked up by the west. His powerful friends in the west must've been floored by it. Now that he thinks that nobody is watching, off he goes to US to bow to this masters again, to seek more...whatever, in his quest to be the ultimate leader of Malaysia, although he is still thousands of miles behind Tun Mahathir. But everything should be okay, his masters would expect some contributions (don't know specifically, financial, soul selling and/or others maybe?) that will definitely make Anwar their prodigal son again, despite being a goy.

Anwar is powerful enough to make anybody who is blind enough to follow him. The end of 1990s saw the emergence of the so-called Reformasi group which, on paper, stresses reforms to the goings-on in the governance of the country. Of course that sounds very nice, but in reality it is just a ploy to get him off the hook from his court case on abuse of power. Stories on conspiracies were abound, which sounded very grand...it should, it was anwar's conspiracies to wrest Malaysia away, told invertedly to the Malaysians who were still infantile towards conspiracy theories. Nothing to be surprised about, in Islam, we have been foretold that during the end of days, fitnahs will fall upon your doorsteps like a deluge. Well, here comes Anwar and...well, there goes the salvage guys.

There are people who have tasted what they thought to be paradise in Anwar's right hand. The villagers, or squattera I might say, were promised by Anwar that once Anwar and his cohorts are established as the government, within 2 weeks "isu ini akan clear." No, Anwar never lied because on this, because after some time, the heavy equipments came and "clear"ed their village. Yes, I was talking about Kampung Buah Pala, Penang. Well, he did say "clear". So, I guess, better watch out what he promises because he delivers...although not in what you might think it would be.

The "saviour" has also declared that single mothers in Selangor will be given an allowance or certain payments to ease their burden. Another sugar-coated promised that was replied by a kick in the candy coated arse. Two years passed and how much have they received so far? Not even a speck of dust. Their excuse this time? They are state government, but they did not become Federal. So much for trusting that saviour instead of waiting for the real one to show up.

Anwar is powerful, and his word is the law, and anybody who opposes shall be condemned...wait, that actually sounds a lot like the Spanish Inquisition...but then again, Anwar learnt from the best, yes, from those people whose past did initiate the inquisition itself. Challenge his powers? I'm sure some ADUN and MP on the Pakatan have already known how it feels to be bundled and disappear in the middle of the night.

That leaves only Pas. Throughout the years, we've seen Pas discarding Islam just to lay side by side in Anwar's bed, along with DAP and PKR. For decades Pas has been harping that members of UMNO are heretics and infidels, but now it is undone as by embracing a guy who's been backed (literally) by the West, who has also been trying to dismantle the power of the Muslim Malays. Where is Islam in Pas? Only at the name but was never practiced one way or the other. Funny how Mahfuz claimed that Pas will wrest the State and Parliamentary seats from UMNO who have "strayed" or deviated from Islam. Then again, Mahfuz is always the motley clown of Pas. What do I mean? Well, it's asimple equation: a party which is Islam by name, never practices it, sold their soul and religion to Anwar, who is backed by Jewish sponsors, trying to label Muslims who never support their devious party as infidels, deviators etc etc.

Pas is a lost cause by now: they don't fight for Islam, nor do they fight for the Malays. So again, I lay down the age old question asked by Pas members again and again: WHAT'S THE POINT OF HAVING PAS? Strangely, Mahfuz, N.ajis, the Erdogans are chillingly quiet on this one. Deemed as the halal-makers of Pakatan, like we have seen in Elly Wong's case, they simply just try to balance every deviations in Pakatan into a justified, Islamically balanced reasoning. We have also seen the Muslim Malays of Penang trying to retaliate to what Lim Guan Eng (yes, Lim the Younger of the Lim DAP Dynasty) is doing to them, such as demolishing their villages and their livelihood vendors. As usual, Pas has already highlighted Lim as "Khalifah Umar Abdul Aziz." Quite strange, because he seems to act more like Abu Jahal...maybe Pas got confused in their characters in Islamic History. Now the Muslim Malays of Penang are more worried ever since reports of Lim Guan Eng having his sights on tanah waqaf came out.

We know DAP holds the balance in Pakatan, if they walk out, out goes the majority in their state governments (except Kelantan). Pas, for their role in destroying the aqidah of its Muslim members, should really turn back to Islam instead of Anwar Ibrahim. Anwar be powerful and a god to the back of his followers, but he is just one of those one-eyed saviours who thinks he can trade even with the devil to get what he wants.

Of course, to the deeply pious anwar devotees, they will always have anwar in their prayers: Nel nome di Anwar, il suo sponsor ebraico e la piramide santo

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