Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Anwar Uncovered - The Butt Naked Shortcomings

The year was 1999, I was telling a bunch of young chaps who thinks that they were political aspiring activists about Anwar Ibrahim, his links to the "shadowy" characters in the West, the difference between Israelites and Jews, Anwar's shady activities with his "pals" such as Al Gore and Wolfowitz and many more. But their mind was already made up for the beginning, no evidence in the world, and no bare-naked truth can ever shake them from their belief: Anwar, the purely Islamic hero was framed by Dr Mahathir. They told me, "There is no such thing as Anwar is linked with the Jews." Worse still, they proudly claimed, "A true Muslim would never link himself to the Jews" to which I replied, "A true Muslim and a true blue human never sodomizes either," and that was replied by them with flying teh tariks and a rolling table and left me, who was still sipping my glass of tea. "Twerps, " I thought to my self.

I must admit that the hardest thing to be accepted by people will be the truth, especially when it is not in their favor. That is what Anwar's fanatical hordes are facing right now. Newspapers and blogs have been covering the exposure of Anwar. No, not the court case in which he was accused of using his tool; Anwar has been exposed as being the tool for CIA to exert their control over this country. Hey, what do you expect from a country administered by the same group who has and is still causing mischief on the face of the earth?

Who's undoing is it? Anwar himself! He did go around lambasting Jews and Israel over the freedom flotilla issue, and later went to US on the Apology Tour where he actually apologized over his own remarks and promised to be more careful about what he says next time. That is not surprising as the first person he met on his tour is Malcolm Hoenlein. Malcolm Hoenlein is the executive vice chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations since June 1986. He is the founding executive director of the Greater New York Conference on Soviet Jewry and the Jewish Community Relations Council of New York. Here are some excepts from Elaine Meinel Supkis' blog titled Anwar Ibrahim Made His Own Bad Choices :

Mr. Ibrahim is the leader of the opposition in Malaysia.  He needs allies and friends.  Where should he seek out these friends and allies?

   1. At top secret Bilderberg meetings?
   2. At meetings with US Jewish leaders?
   3. At gatherings in various Malaysian cities and towns, talking to the citizens of this country?

ΩΩIbrahim chose #1 and #2 options.  He made a big mistake doing this.

ΩΩNext: when visiting Washington, when he was told to meet with various top leaders who are Jews in Congress and ‘other Jewish leaders’ what did he do?

   1. Hurry off to these meetings and then apologize and grovel?
   2. Ask for US Jewish politicians to stop killing Muslims?
   3. Tell them to go to hell and turn around and make a public visit to Turkey?

ΩΩThe answer was #1: grovel and apologize.  I didn’t make this choice, HE made this choice.  I didn’t even report on this, the neo-con far right wing Zionist editor of the Washington Post BOASTED about this!  He thought it was funny.  If I were Ibrahim, I would have chosen option #3 or if I was foolish and went off to visit a bunch of very angry Zionists in DC, I would have lectured them about their beastly behavior towards the Turks, the people trapped in Gaza and the West Bank and ethnic cleansing in general.

What a hypocrite. Selling out Islam and the Malays in Malaysia is bad, but Malays being Malays, some of them loved him for it. But to do the same thing to his "powerful friends" who had given him positions, laid out strategies and funding? They are never forgiving. His powerful friends have made leaders rise and fall, and Anwar is just another small fry for them. How small? Insignificant's the word. The eye knows that in Asia (and certain other parts of the world), if they get rid of one Anwar, there are thousand more who can replace him and I am very sure some of the candidates are already lining up for the funding...ooops...I mean, position.

Anwar's Yayasan Aman is on its was to become a scandal as well (Read here: http://www.anwaraidc.com/2010/07/cia-siasat-semua-organisasi-anwar.html#more)

I am quite amused with the blog article titled CIA and Mossad Want Anwar Ibrahim Assassinated. At the same time, I wondered those young chaps who are now definitely be working somewhere and maybe with families of their own. If only they understood what I told them earlier, I wouldn't have to say, "I told you so." Anwar has become a liability to his sponsorers, and I doubt even his own trinity (Albright, Wolfowitz and Gore) will be able to resolve this.

Which way will Anwar spin himself this time? Most probably as a victim...maybe pas can help him on that. One way or the other, CIA and MOSSAD will assassinate Anwar, politically. Looks like Anwar's Nuovo Ordine Malaysia or New Malaysia Order is going down the drain, along with Anwar. Maybe it's time to take arms against his apprentice and successor.

Anwar, Memento Mori...

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