Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Into The Puddles With Mr Y And Friends

There are reasons why the old adage goes that you must be careful in choosing friends. I just remembered a few of anwar's good friends...or are they good-time-friends? Anyway, whatever happened or, where in the world are some of his friends? They pulled so many string, and stepped on so many toes just to build anwar's image on the global scale...although it didn't do much good anyway, what with all these sexual-oriented cases involving both sexes with anwar. While we await for further spins and saliva business from anwar, maybe we should look around for two of his best friends.

Who can ever forget the sharp-dressed, impeccable looking Al-Gore, the former Vice President of the United States? He came, he saw, and he pissed on Malaysia in anwar ibrahim's name in 1998. He was present at the ASEAN Conference, gave a speech and deliberately offended his hosts by supporting the so-called reformasi rabble, and then straight away leaving the event. It was dramatic attempt to snub the then Prime Minister, Tun Mahathir Mohamad for what happened to anwar. Unfortunately, his shallow talent in drama only angered Malaysians, especially those who remembers what colonialists used to do. Maybe that same shallow talent cost him the Presidency later on as well.

Since losing the Presidential race, Al-Gore utilizes most of his time campaigning for the environment. He now travels all over the world by plane and cars (shouldn't he be cycling?) in his effort to preserve Earth's natural treasures. He also appointed anwar to the Board of Advisors for his company, General Investment Management Group, also known as GIM. Among the many investments by GIM is the Jewish Research Center, located in Beit Dagan, Israel.

Do great minds think alike? I don't know. Anwar and Gore always portray a waxy slideshow of the "perfect family". The year 2010 brought a lot of things for both. While anwar faces his sodomy case, Al Gore was discovered to be having a gay affair which led to the devastating divorce by the flabbergasted Tipper Gore. I must say that Al really got Gored. I guess Tipper found out that Gore's defence on same-sex relationships wasn't always platonic. Maybe anwar really brought bad influence on gore...

Hey, where is Paul Wolfowitz? The once so powerful spectre of the neo-con Wolfowitz seems to have eclipsed of late. At one time, he was the US Ambassador to Indonesia, ironically, during the time when the "reformasi" movement started. He was also the Under-Secretary of Defence for United States, was the main architect for the "liberation" (really, it's a colonization) of Iraq which saw the death of so many. He was then nominated by the hollow-headed Bush Jr to head the World Bank. With Obama reigning supreme as the President and neo-cons kicked out of power temporarily, Wolfowitz is now the Chairman For US-Taiwan Trade Committee. I guess he's lying in wait for the return of neo-cons to power.

Wolfowitz landed into boiling water when he got his girlfriend, Shaha Riza into a more cushy job at the World Bank, with a 35% increase in pay coompared to her old job. What made it so noticeable even more? Anwar had his hands in it by writing to the World Bank recommending Shaha Riza to that position. Ahh, the things they do for love and a knick-knack paddywhack...always get anwar to write something so that your loved one can get into a better position, which is not lying down in bed, or it might just fancy a little slap and tickle.

Actually, by this time, I'm not sure whether anwar should choose his friends wisely, or is it gore and wolfowitz should? Maybe dopes like mahfuz too, should be careful in choosing who the best person to back him up for the Kedah MB's seat. I wonder if it is a coincidence that Recip Tayyip Erdogan's party in Turkey is suddenly drowning in a sex-video scandal as well...

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

From AIDC: Anwar's Chronic Disease

There's a very good article from AIDC, fresh off the rack. In a way, anwar's troubles culminated from this, and brought upon by none other his present council, the spinning karpal:

AIDCNews – 24/05/11 – Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s former sodomy victim, Azizan Abu Bakar had at one time exposed his employer’s level of lust, which he considered as bordering that of a chronic disease.

He made that statement in a sworn affidavit filed on August 5 1997.


In the name of Allah The Most Compassionate and Most Benevolent, I, AZIZAN BIN ABU BAKAR, I/C No. 5980324, hereby, take oath and state that I have been the victim of homosexual acts by Anwar bin Ibrahim, who is now the Deputy Prime Minister.

The cursed deed was committed several times in 1992 without my consent. It often occurred at luxury hotels such as PJ Hilton, Hyatt Saujana and Holiday Villa without the knowledge of his wife or the public.

For the record, I am the former personal chauffer to his wife Datin Seri Wan Azizah.

Throughout my employment, Anwar had often summoned me to commit the cursed act, although I had on several occasions refused. His greed clearly indicated his mind – a condition that is so chronic and adversely affecting his soul and mental state.

He was finally consumed by guilt whenever he looked at Datin Seri Wan Azizah, a lady with high morals.

I have finally made the decision to resign rather than to continue being a slave to the homosexual lust of Anwar bin Ibrahim.

And again, in the name of Allah The All-Knowing, I swear that I make this confession without harbouring any ulterior intent or motive, whether personal or political to bring him down.

This confession is made on the basis of my realisation and desire to uphold truth for the sake of those similarly victimised. I am willing to be called up for detailed explanation.

Finally, I sincerely hope the relevant authorities will seriously take into consideration what I have said so that this particular leader is suitably punished as an example to others.

In the name of Allah, again, I, Azizan bin Abu Bakar do solemnly swear that the above admission is made willingly without demand or duress from any parties. Everything I have said are the truth in order to safe my people and the nation. Amin.

A Sworn Affidavit:
Azizan’s (5980324) Signature,
54, Jalan Bersatu 48000 Rawang
August 5, 1997.

This sworn affidavit was used as evidence by Karpal Singh in Parliament on October 22 and December 18, 1997 when implicating that Anwar was a leader without morals.

It was proven what Karpal said about Anwar had strong basis when the latter was tried at the High Court in 1999 for sodomising his wife’s former chauffer.
Kuala Lumpur High Court Judge Datuk Ariffin Jaka found Anwar guilty and sentenced him to nine years imprisonment, while his accomplice, who was also his adopted brother, Sukma Darmawan was sentenced to six years jail and four strokes of the rotan for sodomising Azizan at Tivoli Villa one night in March 1993 at 7.45 pm.

Anwar was, however, released from the Sungai Buloh Prison on September 2, 2004 following the Federal Court’s 2-1 majority verdict, although on principle all three judges believed that Anwar did commit the act at Tivoli Villa, where the apartment owned by Sukma was located.

So, has anything changed so far?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The X Factor In Mr Y's Case

There you have it: the court has decided that anwar has a case to answer...well, we know he has a lot to answer to Malaysians as well, but let him get there one step at a time.

It's interesting that, despite the negative comments and attempts to smear Saiful Bukhari's image and credibility by internet "lawyers", empty headed oppositions and anwar's supporters, the court actually found Saiful's testimony credible. That really irks anwar's supporters. This is usually because, you guessed it, if anwar's supporters claim that a person is not credible, even divine powers cannot prove them wrong. Ah well, like I said earlier, empty headed. We would love to advice them to get a deeper knowledge in law, but then again, it might just hurt their heads.

For more than a decade, we have seen anwar's supporters never evolve that much. To them, anwar is more of a demi-god to them. What he says is the ultimate truth, even when he states 2+2=5. Not surprising, his strong supporters are of such people. Hey, why do you think mahfuz is there? Now anwar is stating that the judge's decision is dictated by Datuk Seri Najib...and as usual, anwar supporters lapped it up dry like a thirsty dog. Hmm, I just remembered that, on another case, video analysts in the US has confirmed that the sex video starred by a horse resembling anwar" has been confirmed as pure and u ntainted in any way. I wonder if that stud will start blaming US after this. If justice is what anwar is concerned about, he sure never complained about having the most comfortable lifestyle while being incarcerated back then, much to the chagrin of the other prisoners.

There are certain factors that might just give anwar sleepless nights. Firstly, the court has found that all witnesses (20 or more I believe) have given testimonies which are not just credible, but also consistent. On Saiful's credibility, he was unmoved even at the sight of the decrepit defence attorney...yes, the rigid lawyer currently known as poo-singh. Saiful's description on the time, place and date were reliable and relevant to the chronology of the case. Evidences presented by the prosecutors were strong and actually showed Saiful's presence during the time it happened, and along with forensic evidence that the defence never actually touched on.

The case will proceed again in June 2011. That might give him time to prepare any explanations that can prove that he is not the person involved in the sex video.

By the way anwar, your tactics' stale. The so-called reformasi is now either refor-basi or refor-mati. How long can his sponsors stand by his side with all these mounting setbacks caused by acts of passion? Nobody really knows, but the distance pof anwar and the seat of the Prime Minister of Malaysia...getting farther. Good night anwar, see if you can sleep.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

In Mahfuz We Thrust

Kedahans are quite relieved to see their favorite Hijau Kuning team getting back on track...well, at the moment, they're at the 5th place in the Super League Table. They're no Arsenal but hey, it definitely is much better than one or two months ago when they were ranked between "My grandma can kick better" and "Go home and join netball team".

There have been talks lately of a plot to takeover the Kedah FA (KFA). Secret meetings were held, moves plotted, positions targeted. That sounds normal, but what worries Kedahans more is the quality of the mastermind...yes, none other than the betel-munching, red spitting mahfuz omar. He already held a few meetings with a few minor KFA officials at Restoran Mama in Jalan Sultanah...well, mahfuz might think it's a top secret meeting, but having the meeting at a packed restaurant with people in KFA uniforms? Go figure. Quoting from a Hijau Kuning fan, he said that with a greaseball like mahfuz helming the KFA, the Kedah team will soon be playing in the estate league.

Maybe mahfuz should realize that he should at least know something about football before plotting a takeover. Rumours of mahfuz getting lost in the stadium football field remains unfounded so far.

But who is he fooling anyway? With MB Azizan's men taking a beating at pas kedah's divisions elections  and Amiruddin busy planting his people into various positions in the state, mahfuz wouldn't want to be left behind in the race to boot Azizan out and be the next Menteri Besar. No surprises there...he's been attempting to wrest that seat since 1999, but Pas Kedah keeps bundling him out to parliament.

Kedahans know for a fact that you can never put mahfuz, azizan and amiruddin in the same room without a free-for-all. While Amiruddin is backed by anti-Azizan-Phahrolrazi faction, mahfuz is much promoted by the pro-pkr faction of pas...or in short, anwar ibrahim and his cohorts.  That might be something Kedahans might find hard to swallow.

For mahfuz, wresting the KFA seat will be a first firm grip on Kedah. A position in Bina Darulaman has proven that he cannot simply get what he demands. But how far this new road will take him, nobody can guarantee anything.

Maybe he should try getting to know the people first. Kedahans love leaders who are close to them. Maybe he can explain to them why he could not be contacted when his constituents called for help during the floods of 2010, and maybe explain where in the world he was during that time. There are some of his constituents who would like to know why he only gave out aid to selected flood victims in that particular area only. At least we can see other State Assemblymen showing themselves during the floods, like the state assemblyman in Kuala Kedah area who goes out daily during the floods with boxes of mineral water and returns every evening with the same amount, or the other one who sends boxes of sardines as aid...and taking them back.

We understand from the constituents of Pokok Sena that Mahfuz appears only every now and then, and even then only at selected places. There are many who never sees him at all, only during elections.

To be an MB, maybe he needs to win the hearts of Kedahans first; maybe he needs to understand local politics first...and maybe go get more education first. With the development and economy of Kedah going to tatters, what can a jabber-mouth like mahfuz bring? KFA is just a bridge for him, nothing more.

Whether Kedahans will ever let the anwar ibrahim-backed Mahfuz is left to be seen. Of course, having mahfuz as MB can be quite an insult to Kedahans' intelligence. But for the moment, the race to topple Azizan as MB is heating up, and mahfuz has joined the fray. It's quite strange that pas used to make remarks about UMNO candidates' notorious methods during party nominations, because now they are complaining that pas candidates use dirtier tactics, with money politics and backstabbing only being the tip of the iceberg. That's understandable: ever since winning in the state of Kedah, pas leaders in the state has started turning on each other's throats, from positions, projects, GLCs and many more.

How much lower can pas in Kedah get? Grab a bag of popcorn, and sit down and watch. And somebody get mahfuz out of here.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Christian Hidden Movement? How About Something We Don't Know?

I read with much bated breath the headline of Utusan Malaysia (6th May 2011) and bigdog's article on this issue. They claim that certain factions of Christians want to make Christianity the official religion of Malaysia and a Christian as the leader of the country. I must say, this is not something new. This movement is something I have heard of ever since I was in secondary school.

Even back then I heard that in Malaysia, the Malay Muslims are considered to be of a Prime grade if they are converted away from Islam. Being a Syed, I was always advised to be careful, deepen my knowledge on Islam and increase my amal ibadat to guard myself against this hidden movement. If what I heard was true, the particular church that manages to convert Malays will get financial allocations if a Malay Muslim is converted, but will get extra bonus if they convert a Haji, mosque committees and/or Syeds/Sharifahs. How true are these? I do not know.

My experience with this movement, or at least something of this movement was when I was studying abroad. A Singaporean Indian approached me on a pretext to do an interview me for his Socialogy project. In the middle of the interview, he started asking me questions with Christian intonations. Then he immediately asked me to close my eyes for a minute and listen to Jesus' voice calling my name. I was young but Alhamdulillah, I knew where I stand. We bantered for about 5 minutes. In the end, I left him while he struggled and stammered trying to answer my 3 = 1 question.

What is 3 = 1? Well, it's their claim of praying to the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost. Which one is God? They say that God is omnipotent, God is one, but Jesus is the son of God, and Jesus is God. So, which one is it? He was telling me that Jesus is the lord, but why does Jesus pray to God always? Is he praying to himself? Who is the holy ghost? Is he God or Jesus? How do you logically justify trinity as one? Those are the basic things that that young converter wannabe could not answer, so I told him to take his questions, turn it up sideways, and cram it up his candied...errr...bottom part of the body.

At times I wish stories of these hidden movements are not true. But if it's not, why are there still Malay priests being sent to Malaysia every now and then. Rumours of holy water disguised as mineral water have been rampant for decades, not to mention Paulean bibles printed in Arabic to blindside Muslims.

We must always remember that the Christian brands that are supposedly involved in this movement are the Paulean sect, which has nothing to do with the Christian brands that started in the Middle East. The actual Nazarenese (Nasrani) do not eat pork, never drinks and are circumsized as well. Pauleans, well, they let it all hang out. Then again, hey, Pauleans seems to have destroyed the Middle East Christians with their brands.

The answer to this question actually lies with the Muslims themselves: How will they defend themselves, how do they ensure that their future generations do not fall into that dark trap? The erdogan faction of pas has already been promoting pluralisme since 2008, and they are not defending Islam in Malaysia at the moment.

It is a tricky situation: if this issue comes to the fore and the Muslims react strongly, Malaysia will be branded as an extremist country, persecuting other religions. Strangely, when Christians in Ambon started culling Muslims years back, US was carefully quiet about it. If the Muslims do nothing about it, it doesn't take that long to reduce the Muslims majority. Why I say not that long? Well, have you ever seen the social problems of the new Malay generation? Teen pregnancy, casual sex, mat rempit and many more. The young Malays seem to worship the west with all the freedom they think they are entitled to. It's quite bizarre to see how pas seems to ignore these problems and blame the Barisan government, even when the social problems are happening in the states that they rule.

The answer has always been in the Malays' hands, but with anwar ibrahim making sure the Muslims remain split and in endless fighting among each other, we surely sliding into the slimy pit that The One Eyed, the Al-Masikh has been planning.

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