Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Into The Puddles With Mr Y And Friends

There are reasons why the old adage goes that you must be careful in choosing friends. I just remembered a few of anwar's good friends...or are they good-time-friends? Anyway, whatever happened or, where in the world are some of his friends? They pulled so many string, and stepped on so many toes just to build anwar's image on the global scale...although it didn't do much good anyway, what with all these sexual-oriented cases involving both sexes with anwar. While we await for further spins and saliva business from anwar, maybe we should look around for two of his best friends.

Who can ever forget the sharp-dressed, impeccable looking Al-Gore, the former Vice President of the United States? He came, he saw, and he pissed on Malaysia in anwar ibrahim's name in 1998. He was present at the ASEAN Conference, gave a speech and deliberately offended his hosts by supporting the so-called reformasi rabble, and then straight away leaving the event. It was dramatic attempt to snub the then Prime Minister, Tun Mahathir Mohamad for what happened to anwar. Unfortunately, his shallow talent in drama only angered Malaysians, especially those who remembers what colonialists used to do. Maybe that same shallow talent cost him the Presidency later on as well.

Since losing the Presidential race, Al-Gore utilizes most of his time campaigning for the environment. He now travels all over the world by plane and cars (shouldn't he be cycling?) in his effort to preserve Earth's natural treasures. He also appointed anwar to the Board of Advisors for his company, General Investment Management Group, also known as GIM. Among the many investments by GIM is the Jewish Research Center, located in Beit Dagan, Israel.

Do great minds think alike? I don't know. Anwar and Gore always portray a waxy slideshow of the "perfect family". The year 2010 brought a lot of things for both. While anwar faces his sodomy case, Al Gore was discovered to be having a gay affair which led to the devastating divorce by the flabbergasted Tipper Gore. I must say that Al really got Gored. I guess Tipper found out that Gore's defence on same-sex relationships wasn't always platonic. Maybe anwar really brought bad influence on gore...

Hey, where is Paul Wolfowitz? The once so powerful spectre of the neo-con Wolfowitz seems to have eclipsed of late. At one time, he was the US Ambassador to Indonesia, ironically, during the time when the "reformasi" movement started. He was also the Under-Secretary of Defence for United States, was the main architect for the "liberation" (really, it's a colonization) of Iraq which saw the death of so many. He was then nominated by the hollow-headed Bush Jr to head the World Bank. With Obama reigning supreme as the President and neo-cons kicked out of power temporarily, Wolfowitz is now the Chairman For US-Taiwan Trade Committee. I guess he's lying in wait for the return of neo-cons to power.

Wolfowitz landed into boiling water when he got his girlfriend, Shaha Riza into a more cushy job at the World Bank, with a 35% increase in pay coompared to her old job. What made it so noticeable even more? Anwar had his hands in it by writing to the World Bank recommending Shaha Riza to that position. Ahh, the things they do for love and a knick-knack paddywhack...always get anwar to write something so that your loved one can get into a better position, which is not lying down in bed, or it might just fancy a little slap and tickle.

Actually, by this time, I'm not sure whether anwar should choose his friends wisely, or is it gore and wolfowitz should? Maybe dopes like mahfuz too, should be careful in choosing who the best person to back him up for the Kedah MB's seat. I wonder if it is a coincidence that Recip Tayyip Erdogan's party in Turkey is suddenly drowning in a sex-video scandal as well...

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