Monday, June 6, 2011

Viva Partai Anwar Semalaysia - Erdogans Have Landed

Two years ago, at the end of the muktamar, we did predict that Erdogans will never stay put after their defeat.

Looks like they did it. I wouldn't say much of a clean victory with anwar's sticky fingers shoved up deep in their campaign. For weeks we have heard it from almost every state, pas grassroots complaining of money politics and malicious tactics being used at the divisional and state level party nominations. This time, they threw so many candidates to break up the votes, and even the dap-backed jabberwocky...yes, nizar was in the fray. I refer to news article :Mat Sabu is new PAS deputy

Even mahfuz is now in the central committee, which Kedahans know too well that he'll be using that heavily in lobbying for the Kedah Menteri Besar seat. Still, Azizan is also there, so, expect a torrid bashing between them soon, which of course, will be joined Amirudin as well.

We are still wondering how a guy like mat sabu can be a a deputy president of a party that supposedly stands for Islam...but then again, we did stress the word "supposedly." Mat sabu, the very man who bestowed the title of "Al-Juburi" to anwar is now anwar's service provider. That must be one of the biggest things that make people go "Hmmm..." An Islamic party with a deputy president whose knowledge on Islam is like a puddle in the desert, but hey, the end of days are coming up, how can that surprise us.

By now we can say goodbye to pas' fight for Islamic nation. How now brown cow? Well, with the erdogans victory, pkr and dap can be assured that pas will never ever be an obstacle in their path again. Dap's anti-Islam rally can proceed without any mosquitoes buzzing in their ears. Of course, they might've forgotten the might of devout Muslims in Malaysia.

Is it surprising that with their victory, one of their first war rally is to condemn the sex video which implicated anwar ibrahim (allegedly)? In fact, we can expect more violent demos participated by pas at the behest of anwar after this...pkr members might not have to disguise themselves anymore.

Anwar can pat himself on the back now, he is now controlling the fast-diminishing pkr and the fast-becoming-non-Islamic pas. Quite an achievement for a guy who is not even a member of both parties. All in good time for a pakatan which is controlled by dap. For pas, they have kissed Islam goodbye and take the plunge with anwar and his sponsors, along with the one-eyed.

Update 6th June 2011

I met a friend who had just returned from Kuala Lumpur/ He is a staunch pas supporter ever since we were back in our high school days. Despite all that, we are still the best of friends as both of us believe that politics should never interfere relations among Muslims. Being one of some committee member under pas Kedah, he was the observer during the division and state nominations. As I suspected, even he was totally shocked at how the Mulktamar went.

"Now even Hadi has to bow to anwar," he told me, still shaking his head, "Left and right, Nasha was attacked on the basis of the unity government talks."

He was also bitter on how the nominations went, which he described as "the dirtiest tactics ever employed, and in many ways, even UMNO can never top that."

"With the erdogans on top, how will pas ever fight for Islam and the Muslims?" he said.

"What do you mean by that?" I asked, although I already suspected his answer.

"Mat Sabu as VP? He can only talk, but what does he know about religion? That's like telling a truck driver to pilot a plane."

The ulama faction are still in a state of disbelief with the results, and they have a strage collective feeling that they will be ousted sooner or later. The erdogans have championed rights which so far, have gone against what Muslims in Malaysia want. The use of Allah's name by other religions, right to Muslims to convert; I wonder what other things will carried out by anwar through his group, now that the ulama faction is slowly drowning their way out.

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