Monday, June 13, 2011

The Impotance Of Wanting Needs

In many parts of Kedah back in the 1970s, people used to know pas as a group of terrorists who stels shoes and slippers when UMNO members were having meeting inside one of their leaders' houses. There was a time when pas claimed that they are more Islamic than Islam. There were times when pas fought for the basic human rights such as freedom to practise their religion, democracy and election...wait, that existed even just before Independence...what the heck were they complaining about? Most times pas kedah showed the people of Kedah that they are nothing but hot air. In 2008, pas began their rule over Kedah and proven themselves to be who they are always: hot air.

Hey, what are you complaining about? You don't expect me to lie, do you? If lies are what you want to hear, you are free to attend anwar ibrahim, mahfuz and/or mat sapu's ceramahs.

I remember the days when pas used to criticize the vice activities and entertainment outlets that sell liquor. Also included was how the state government love to waste money on social activities that encourages vice. Now that they're ruining...oops...running the state, they made the necessary changes that they've always fought for: more karaoke bars, more pubs, more social activities at night and no religious program....hold it! Shouldn't they be doing the reverse of it? Or did I read the program wrong? No, it's corrent. There are more emtertainment outlets and bars under pas than 50 years of Barisan rule put together.

You can drive all around Alor Setar and Sungai Petani and think that you are somewhere in Sadao. Karaoke bars sprouted like mushrooms. You might think they're illegal, but they're not - the state issued permits for them., along with the rights to sell and serve liquor. If UMNO does, there'll be a roadshow by pas, but since it's pas, I guess, in the religion of pas, it is okay.

The explanation by the MB-heir-apparent, Phahrolrazi is quite perplexing when compared to what the scenario in Kedah since 2008. Phahrolrazi said that the karaoke bars with liquor are permitted "in accordance to the needs."

We would love to ask the future head-cheese on the other needs but never given the time by him and the rest of the goons in pas Kedah, but then again, we wouldn't want him to injure himself by thinking, so let's look into some of the basic ones.

We will always need water. Kedah has one of the largest water reserves in the peninsular, and provides Penang and Perlis as well...without them paying a single cent. But why is water supply so bad since 2008? Nobody is asking for better tasting water, or free water (hmmm, why not); all Kedahans want is water, clean and pure, with good pressure flowing through their plumbings for their daily needs. All Kedahans got was an increase by 25% in water tariffs with the same amount of crappy service. Maybe the clowns at SADA should have the water supply to their houses rationed, then they will understand what Kedahans are talking about. Yes, yes, I know that liquors are liquid too, but putting the obvious religios factor aside, I still feel that it's wrong to bathe, wash and clean with anything that is below 90% proof alcohol. The smell might not be tolerayed either and smokers might find themselves in danger of spontaneos combustion.

Many Kedahans felt proud when DYMM Yang Dipertuan Agung made a royal visit to Kedah. Many more are happier to see damages in the road fixed overnight after 3 years of nothingness from the state government. Luckily, the Federal Government allocated funds to the state for the royal visit. Unbelievably, in all the area involved, thrash were taken on time, and in some cases, before the household can even manage to fill their trash can with garbage. Pot-holes disappeared, Uneven roads that used to be puddle-laden disappeared and even illegal stalls that usually litters the area vanished. For those few days, those Kedahans felt like they were back in the times when pas was nothing but a foul stench...although they still are stinking themselves up. Fix the roads, Kedahans are tired having to fix their tyres and suspensions for their vehicles.

We understand that the road from DYMM Sultan Kedah's palace to Wisma Darulaman is well maintained, but we noticed that the road from the MB's house is too. He should be more public-minded, then again, we don't want to rouse him from his 14-hour nap.

Who knows whether the MB-designate Phahrolrazi really knows what he's talking about. The needs and wants of people are 2 different matters. Is karaoke bars a need or a want? Nasic ameneties should be in the prime numeral in following up in what Kedahans needs. A state exco should know what people's basic needs, we don't need mahfuz and/or anwar. The 2 basic needs listed are still nowhere resolved and pas is already in the 4th year of rule. We didn't even touch on crime, economy and religion yet. Well, maybe you are learning so much from your would-be predecessor, or mentor, Azizan. In that case, sweet dreams, and sorry to disturb your sleep. You can always try Azizan's private chambers at Kulim Hi-Tech, the bed is extremely comfy.

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