Friday, June 10, 2011

Of 4 Witnesses and Pas' Dense Mentality

Since the first anwar sodomy case back in 1998, pas and pkr kept demanding for 4 witnesses, claiming that by having 4 reliable witnesses is the only true Islamic way. Even though explained by some in the past, they keep turning a blind eye and a deaf ear, claiming that the person explaining is not a "person qualified".

Anyway, below is a video of Ustaz Kazim Elias Al-Hafiz explaining the whther one can be accused or prosecuted of "Zina" without 4 witnesses. We would invite pakatan members to watch this, although we know there are those who have already rejected this even before they listen to the explanation. Maybe they should try putting religion in front of political ideology, then maybe they have a shred of a clue to what is being explained.

I know, I know, the first question that comes to pas/pkr's minds is: From which party is this Ustaz Kazim from? If he is nowhere from pas, then Ustaz Kazim will be rejected, not on the basis of religion, but on politics. We've seen that before anyway. Strange thing; how come pas never asks for 4 credible witnesses if anybody from UMNO is accused? In fact, why do they bother about anything Syariah, they're not an Islamic party anymore, what with the erdogans holding the reins of the party.

Don't you think that somebody who claims to be ulamas such as n.ajis and hadi (no. no mahfuz!) should already know what Ustaz Kazim is talking about?

Maybe that's why most of pas kedah members flock more to the ever increasing number of karaoke bars in Alor Setar and Sungai Petani. Hey, they say that the karaoke bars are Islamic because they at least have karaoke songs of Raihan and Rabbani.

Every now and then, I do wish pas members would start thinking with their head, instead of their...errr...part located behind where waste is expelled...they should know what it is, they're ruled by somebody who loves it.

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