Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Can Any Law, Divine Or Man-Made, Contain PIS..err...Pas?

What can we be surprised about when it comes to a coalition of fanatics, with one of the parties full of zealots? Worse still, despite their name, they have nothing to do with Islam. Yes, I'm talking about partai Islam se-Malaysia, or PIS...sorry, Pas.

Two days ago I met a friend who works at a local private hospital in Alor Setar and he told me that by chance he was in the same elevator with mahfuz who was there to visit somebody. It's his conversation with his friend that caught my friend's attention. This is among what he heard: (translated as closely as possible)

Mahfuz' friend: So YB, what should we do about the saman ekor?
Mahfuz: need to pay! It is wrong to issue summons!
Mahfuz' friend: What if they arrest us?
Mahfuz: If they arrest, then we get our lawyer. We go to court and win!

With statements like that, sometimes I'm beginning to understand why such lawlessness is rampant among pas supporters. And maybe that's why the present MB, Azizan despises him. Like I have written before, Mahfuz has always been known as a guy who knows not the meaning of the word "fear", along with other words such as "wrong way", "idiot", "jack-ass" and 95% of any words listed in the English dictionary, and if he paid attention in school, he might've gained a bigger vocation. But you have to understand: mahfuz has never been big on religious matters. Pas supporters not aligned to him laughed for about 5 minutes when I asked them on whether mahfuz ever preached Islam.

Pas has always been a troubled breed; Memali, the Perak constitutional crisis, the anti-ISA riots to name a few. Some people say, evil begets evil...Mahfuz begets...never mind. How do they administrate their lives without any single basic understanding of the law that preserves and protects the sanctity of this country? And why do I sound like a lawyer right now?

It's a question that never really needs answering: where were dap and pkr members during the riots and chaos they created? Why were there only pas? Is pas the perfect donkey for dap and pakatan to ride on?

Pas' role in pakatan is very dubious, apart from being the halal-endorsers for for the racist dap and the one-eyed pkr, they are now the pom-pom cheerleading girls for anwar ibrahim. If anwar supports apostasy, of course it's kosher. If anwar says pluralisme should be adapted, pas will nod. If anwar wants a riot, pas will have to sponsor them. Islamic law by pas? Don't even dream about it. What happened in their school in Perlis simply shows disregard to the basic law not just in Islam but basically in any religion, as shown below:

KANGAR 5 April - Pas Perlis memohon maaf kepada rakyat Malaysia ekoran kematian seorang pelajar tujuh tahun dua hari lepas yang dikaitkan dengan tindakan hukuman seorang ustaz yang berlaku di Sekolah Rendah Islam Al Furqan kelolaan parti itu di Jejawi dekat sini.

Pesuruhjaya Pas Perlis, Hashim Jasin berkata, pihaknya juga memohon maaf kepada kaum guru berhubung peristiwa yang telah mencalar imej dan persepsi umum terhadap warga pendidik.

Saiful Syazani Saiful Sopfidee meninggal dunia di Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah Alor Setar pada Ahad selepas dipercayai dipukul seorang ustaz yang juga warden asrama sekolah itu pada Khamis ketika menyiasat kes kecurian.

"Kejadian ini sesuatu yang amat memeranjatkan setelah lebih 25 tahun mengelola institusi pendidikan milik parti,” katanya selepas menghadiri persidangan Dewan Undangan Negeri Perlis di sini hari ini.

Hashim, yang juga Anggota Dewan Undangan Negeri kawasan Sanglang berkata, Pas Perlis berharap proses siasatan dan perbicaraan dilaksana secara rapi dan mendalam bagi menegakkan keadilan kepada semua pihak terbabit.

Pengerusi Lembaga Tadbir sekolah itu, Rus”sele Eizan berkata, pihaknya telah mengambil langkah sewajarnya bagi memastikan semua institusi pendidikan milik parti itu beroperasi dalam suasana pembelajaran yang selamat dan lancar.

Ketua UMNO Bahagian Arau, Datuk Seri Shahidan Kassim berharap sekolah agama rakyat seperti itu melantik hanya guru-guru bertauliah bagi mengelak kejadian seumpama itu daripada berulang.
"Setiap guru yang dilantik perlu melalui proses latihan perguruan meskipun mereka memiliki kelayakan akademik yang tinggi,” katanya.


It's very easy to apologize, what if it's a school run by the government? I'm sure pas will be banging on the door demanding a royal commission...although they're fighting tooth and nails not to have that for anwar's alleged sex video scandal. The pathetic pakatan demands royal commission when Beng Hock died, but anything to cover themselves, an apology will suffice.

Take the Solat Hajat for example, why do they pray for the truth, and deny it when truth arrives? Do they expect God to endorse only whatever they deem as truth? Surely they misled themselves. But these are the people who have supported a man who brought in pluralisme, sown discord among Muslims and Malays, supports apostasy, creates riots and chaos at the drop of a penny, what more can we ask of them? Never mind about human-made laws, all their promises of Hudud went out of the window with dap, so, how religious do you call yourself now? Those who see with both eyes see that pas and pakatan are just a bunch of barbaric, lawless degenerates, one step shy from being terrorists.

No surprises on whose side pas rally to on the alleged anwar sex video issue. But then again, the anti-anwar sentiment seems to get louder and louder in pas. It was reported that at Wisma Darulaman, a senior pas kedah leader stated on the alleged sex video scandal: Berani buat, berani tanggung la (Dare to do it, you must dare to face the consequences)

Bapak3's Within These Walls would like to express our sincere condolences to the family of Saiful Syazani

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hello, Is That Mr Y - Part 2

News broke out early this morning that the alleged anwar ibrahim sex video has been flagged and removed from Youtube. Strange that it was removed to "nudity and adult content" when the guy and the girl in the video has their towels on. Well, maybe later they'll post a slightly not too naughty version for youtube. The photo stills survive though, and these pictures have been posted for comparison.

With much thanks to AloqSetaQ Blog, I present below the pictures of comparison I was talking about. At this point, I must say that we still are not sure who the man in the video is, maybe it's too early to tell...and too early to come. So, the comparisons will remain at that until we have a deeper penetration into the full video.

I understand pas tried to make this video issue as part of their ceramah at Telok Kechai, Kuala Kedah last night, by none other than Mat Sapu...oops, Sabu. Pas are hypocrites, but that might be double for Mat Sapu as he is the original creator of the popular term for anwar, "Al-Juburi" (means nothing in Arabic, but an arabicized Malay lingo meaning "Ass-Man"). So, Mat Sapu wants to talk about injustice towards anwar? And outside ceramahs, he himself gives one of the biggest anwar-bashing among his circles...boy, that's mat sapu. Hey, it could've been could've been mahfuz!

To those who performed the Solat Hajat, are you ready to face the truth that you prayed for?

Hello, Is That Mr Y?

To those who had been searching on Google or Yahoo for the past one week or so, today brought their wishes to a reality. A fraction of the sex video allegedly of anwar ibrahim has finally cropped up on Youtube and linked by several blogs. Due to overwhelmiong exposures done by other blogs already, so I won't be putting any links to it. For those who are curious, please feel free to choose the links of my blogger friends on the right to find the video link.

The video is a bit too short to tell who the person is, but the hint is there, Maybe we shouldn't jump to conclusuions yet. By now, the pakatan bloggers will tell all of would listen on the difference in the tummy area. Of course, I am reminded by Zulkifli Nordin's blog that anwar wears a "barut" or a type of corset under his shirt because of his bad back. That usually gives anybody a slimming figure, but like I said, it's too early to tell, we should wait for the rest of it. Click on the pictures and see if you recognize him.

Let's see now, who is the guy? Tried to enlarge the picture without breaking up the resolution, and that's all I got. I'm just wondering why pakatan bloggers are suddenly so incensed today? Why is anwar quivering?

P/S: Shouldn't those who prayed for the truth be thankful to God that the truth is about to be unveiled?

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sex Tape: Ripples From The Political Tear Duct

The first 3 months of 2011 has proven to be a year of living...I wouldn't say dangerously, inconveniently is more precise for anwar ibrahim. The admission of the three items for DNA samplings and now, the sex video that allegedly linked to him. Linked? Well, it was alleged to involve him doing the...umm..hunk-a-chunk-a, or the wild mambo, or whatever one might term it as.

Talking to a bunch of anwar supporters in Kedah is not really going to help anwar's case. As one of his hardcore supporters said, "This is pure (cow's droppings), anwar is gay! How can he be (ring-a-ding-dong) a woman?" Really? Anwar is married with kids, how can his own supporter be such a klutz?

Anyway, back to the main story, the reports on the sex video was hardly that hot when anwar suddenly called for a press conference and categorically denied that he was the stud in the video. As usual, he made light of the event, telling everybody that the man was physically different than him, especially in the tummy. Johari Abdul corroborated in his own press statement about anwar's skin tone and ass...I wonder why. Come to think of it, has johari abdul seen anwar naked before? That might just put me off my dinner...and supper...and the next morning's breakfast. But somehow, as residents in Sungai Petani have always stated, "It's johari abdul, since when has he ever said anything that's true?"

So incensed are the pakatan leaders and supporters that they even held a Solat Hajat session at Stadium Malawati. Well, to those who prayed for the truth to reveal itself, PDRM has confirmed that the video is legit, undoctored. That's part of the truth that has arrived, but of course, pakatan being pakatan, that'll sure be thrown out of their windows because it does not favor them. Like a friend of mine said, "pakatan's Solat Hajat's objective is to pray that God approves whatever they want to be deemed as the truth as the ultimate truth, and it has to be on their side always." They should realize that truth favors no-one and God chooses how the truth should prevail on God's own terms.

About the tummy, anwar demonstrated how his tummy is flat unlike the man in the video. That should end there, but Zulkifli Nordin's blog revealed that anwar wears a "barut" or a type of corset that is worn to protect one's injured back. It's true he demonstrated to the media, but he never took his shirt off. Of course, we have to wait until the police finish their investigation, now that the video and the watch are in their hands. Wait...if the watch has been submitted to PDRM, what about wan azizah? Isn't she supposed to be the one holding it safe? Tweetering? Anwar has yet to explain his absence for 2 hours or so from the tweeting room. The world also awaits his answer to Syazril Eskay's 5 questions. Don't sweat it, anwar won't be answering in any time soon.

The ripples created by the sex video seem to hit everybody in pakatan. There are already a large number of pas leaders who wanted a Royal Commission to handle the investigation...well, their days of being pas leaders might be numbered because of this. Still, pas has to face the reality, the anti-anwar faction has made their voices louder.The dyspeptic DAP seems to be hit even worse than pkr for standing up for anwar. In reality, dap has always been the true one-eyed people. They look but they never see. They jumped up and down like a monkey with its tail burnt when they were told that they did the same thing before. Yes, I was talking about the infamous DP Vijendran (of MIC) video case more than 20 years ago. When the issue cropped up, as usual, the comedy duo of kit siang and karpal were at the fro, shouting how the video was a matter of public importance. Now, because it involves a man honored by his wife as "God's gift"...we still don't know to whom...the sex video is deemed "gutter politics." Funny they demanded that the Datuk Trio be arrested at once, but said nothing when they came out with Vijendran's sex video. But hey, that's dap, yes, those people whose struggles have been like the drains in Georgetown, what more can we expect from them? Double standard is a norm for them. Surprised? Don't be...why? Karpal is the same person who brought the anwar sex-scandal in the 1990s to the fore in the first place...and now he's in anwar's defense team.

Sex tape, the watch, Tweeter, corset, tummy etc etc...anwar's spin might be too much for him to handle even for himself. At first he said he never anybody called Syazril Eskay, then a press statement revealed that he does...I don't know, maybe anwar is not sure what he has stated and he has spun which led him spinning round and round. Maybe that's why he started talking about religion in his blog out of a sudden.

Truth will prevail.

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